Good Girls Go to Heaven Ch. 05

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Amber smiled conspiratorially as she closed the door behind Jacob, who arrived in a gentle cloud of incense smoke and clove cigarettes.

“She just got out of the shower,” she whispered, gesturing toward Christie’s closed bedroom door. “And don’t worry. I’m not listening and won’t hear a thing.” She tipped a caddish wink before returning her ear buds to her ears and striding purposefully toward the kitchen and a miniscule stack of dishes.

Christie paced back and forth along her bed, scrutinizing three carefully selected outfit choices that now lay arranged across the rosette dotted duvet. The red silk was lovely in its simplicity. Spaghetti straps, a rather daring cut that left her back exposed, not to mention a generous amount of cleavage, thigh, and compact ass if she bent over far enough. The white tank and shorts was cute and casual, and fitting as summer drew to a close. Then there was the dress she picked up at one of the more trendy downtown shops.

It was such a contrast to her normal look that she was fascinated the first time she slid the sumptuous velvet over her skin in the dressing room. It was held up by black satin ribbon that tied behind her neck, the skirt tight and knee length with a slit up the left side, the bodice very low cut and back dipped nearly to her waist. Just the sight of herself in it aroused tingles up her spine, and she could just imagine the impact she’d have if she put on dark lipstick and emphasized her eyes with liner and mascara. Pure vixen.

With a thoughtful pause, Christie picked up the velvet dress, pressing the warm fabric against her bare skin. Just this sensation alone was dangerously erotic, and she slowly drew the garment down over her pert breasts and erect nipples, shuddering as she closed her eyes. How would Jacob react when he saw her? Would that carefully controlled lust surface in the verdant depths of his eyes like a tiger crouched upon the edge of an uncharted jungle? A brisk knock startled her out of her thoughts.

“No, you can not borrow that blouse! The last time you brought one back it was missing three buttons!” Christie exclaimed as she toweled her hair.

“Too bad. I just adore the one with those proper little pearl buttons.”

“Jacob!” she jumped and dropped the pale peach towel over her face, her eyes flashing with surprise that soon turned to modesty as her cheeks began to flame. “Oh my God! You’re early!”

“Really?” he sauntered in, softly closing the door behind him. “I hadn’t even checked the time.” One thin black brow lifted in classic sarcastic mirth. “I really wanted to see you and left as soon as I was ready. Damn, you look so hot when you’re blushing.”

Tonight he was wearing what she thought of as typical Jacob clothes. Heavy black boots, supple leather pants, a black tee, and unlined leather jacket. The look was more’ bad boy’ tonight than she’d seen in a while, and would have been complete if he’d come roaring into the parking lot on a motorcycle. Christie’s blush deepened as she crossed her arms over her breasts.

Without a word, Jacob moved closer to her and she tensed, teeth sinking into her lower lip to stifle a gasp as the edge of his sleeve brushed her hip. He stood before her bed, thoughtfully examining each outfit in turn. A soft moan more like a purr caught in his throat as he picked up the white tank and shorts. His bright eyes moved from it to Christie, and then back to the outfit once more, his brow piercing gleaming in the soft yellow light of her room.

“You know what would look really hot with this outfit, angel?” he asked, putting the clothes down and turning to trail a fingertip down her jaw. She winced with a sharp intake of breath as his fingertip lazily trailed down her breast to her already erect nipple. Christie shook her head, damp golden hair brushing against her face as Jacob stepped closer, hands going to her hips to softly caress them before cupping her ass.

“Amber-” she objected, but his mouth closed over hers, the slow undulation of his hips forcing her thighs apart. The leather of his pants was warm against her skin, and she spread her legs a little further, arching her hips.

Jacob deepened the kiss, basking in her baby softness and the mint taste of her mouth. Her tongue was cool and tentative, but his was hot and searching, slipping deep into her mouth as he squeezed her ass harder. Christie, unable to help herself, let the tip of her tongue circle his piercing, endlessly fascinated by its warmth and hardness in his soft, sensuous mouth. Thoughts of being heard by Amber began to drift out of her head and her nipples were growing painfully erect under the tender assault of his shirt against her breasts.

“Oh God…” Christie gasped, breaking the kiss as her head fell back. It had been too long. Only a week, but that week had felt like forever and a day.

“That feel good?” He breathed against her neck, putting more pressure behind his thrusts. Christie whimpered, her silken cleft beginning to throb with need and arousal. She made the best attempt she could to try and keep her escort ataşehir distance for fear of leaving some evidence of her excitement on his pants. He sighed in understanding, his lips still locked to her throat as he put enough distance between them to unfasten his pants.

“You smell so good, angel. All soapy and clean… God, I could just taste you for hours. You know that, princess?” Her heart was pounding as Jacob’s kisses began to descend the slope of her chest, ending at her right nipple with a soft bite and flick of his tongue. At that same instant, Christie felt an insistent nudge against her belly and recognized the velvet-wrapped steel of his cock brushing against her skin.

“She’ll hear us!” Fingers slid up her thigh and brushed over her tender folds.

“Let her. Mmm… Christie. You’re soaked. Do you want to come?” He ran a fingertip up over her clit and she whimpered. “Yeah. Right there… Oh sugar, I need to get inside you. Fuck…”

With hungry kisses, he caught her around the waist in a needy squeeze before pushing her back onto the bed, falling with her just shy of the pile of clothes. Christie tried to wriggle out from under him, her body aching for release but overruled by the fear of being overheard. In an instant, his palms found her shoulders and held her still as he delicately edged forward, the head of his cock gently pushing inside her as he moaned and shuddered atop her luscious body.

“Shhh, baby…” Jacob’s cock was huge and demanding, and bathed as it was in her slippery nectar, she was still deliciously tight and even a bit tense, her parted lips and breathy moans stirring his senses.

Christie was frantically grinding her hips against him, his pants be damned. It felt delicious to be stuffed so full of him, but she needed something… She longed for anything to create the right sensation against her clit and help her come with him. The sharp pain of desire unfulfilled cut into her libido and she grew frustrated, trying to push one delicate hand between their bellies. Jacob winced, shutting his eyes.

In an instant, he caught her wrists, pinning them above her head as he showered her face with kisses. She inhaled the sultry incense of his cologne and the pheromones that filled the air like chemical electricity.

“Be still,” he urged, pushed all the way inside her warm tightness as she squirmed beneath him in frustration. “Baby… Be still. Wait.” Slowly, inch by inch, he began to pull out of her to leave behind a hollow ache. “You should see how you look right now. At this very instant, your cheeks are flushed, your skin is almost feverish, and when I look into those beautiful eyes, they’re saying one thing. I want all the guys who look you up and down to read that in your eyes when we’re out tonight, and then I want to watch the passion overtake that look as I make you come as much as you can stand.

“But right now, you look perfect. Put on the white outfit and forget the make up. You look like Aphrodite. Make up would only ruin it and you don’t need any as it is.” A gentle scrape of his fashionably maintained stubble as he kissed her throat made her wince. Then he slid off her like a shadow, easing himself back into his pants, lashes lowered, before turning and slowly walking out of her bedroom; the absolute physical incarnation of lust and tease with his casual stride and cool façade. “I know you want to get rid of the tension, my love, but trust me. Waiting will only make it better.” His parting words were uttered in a soft murmur as he leaned against the doorway, his face in profile, one hand smoothing his jet black hair before he opened the door and calmly left the room, starting into a friendly conversation with Amber.

Christie positively ached. She made an effort to close her thighs and her swollen sex immediately flooded with warm tingles and a keening throb deep inside her that demanded satisfaction. She fell back into a helpless sprawl, closing her eyes as sweat beaded on her brow.

“Damn it, Jacob,” she hissed, arching her back in an effort to stand on her feet without pressing her thighs together. “You asked for it, and you’re going to get it tonight.”

With a wicked smile, she gazed at herself in her full-length mirror. Her cheeks were still rosy, nipples contracted into hard little pink points, and the infrequent appearance of animal hunger in her eyes gave them a smoldering and sooty quality.

Christie hurriedly sifted through her lingerie drawer; trying to decide which panties she’d wear on their date. She absently ran cool fingertips over her right breast, visualizing how each set of bra and panties would look. Then an idea occurred to her and she paused. Jacob wanted to watch the desire to get a good fucking in her body language, face, and mannerisms as her arousal was stoked by the lusty glances from other men. He was a professional when it came to the art of seduction, and she decided that it was time to move up from the rank of ingénue to his accomplished and wanton kitten.

Christie picked up a bottle of one of her more kadıköy escort bayan sultry perfumes, cradling it in slightly shaking hands as she removed the cap, then began applying it to pulse points and places she knew she’d be kissed. Then, she returned to the bed, picked up her shorts, and carefully slid them on. The top followed, and she was immediately excited over the foreign feel of clothing rubbing against her bare skin with no obstructing undergarments to get in the way. She ran a brush through her wavy hair, stepped into a basic pair of white high heels, then went to her bedroom door, shoulders back and compact ass swaying enticingly under her shorts.

Jacob was leaning against the kitchen doorway in that casually arrogant stance she adored, talking with Amber as she put on a fresh pot of coffee. Christie slinked over to him, leaning in to give him a sideways embrace, her breasts a delightful yielding pressure against his arm. He looked down at her, raising an eyebrow as she disengaged herself from him, walking over to grab a light jacket that matched her outfit.

“I’m ready to go when you are,” she cooed, cocking a hip and then putting a hand on it in a contrived posture like that of a tolerant parent humoring the indulgences of a capricious child. Jacob’s back straightened and he peered at her as he brushed his bangs away from his eyes. “Bye, Amber. See ya later. Are we taking my car or yours?”


One of the many qualities Christie possessed that Jacob found not only unusual but also perfectly wonderful was her love of just driving with the music up and a comfortable silence between them. She didn’t try to calm herself with giggly chit chat or discuss every detail of her life, even down to the not entirely interesting minutia of what she had for lunch or all the shopping she’d done that week. She’d simply either recline in her seat and people watch as they traversed the busy streets, or study him while he was driving, occasionally leaning across the console to slip a slender arm around his neck and rest her cheek against his shoulder.

Tonight, as the last golden and rose fingers of the setting sun caressed the darkening skies, she was positively electric in her silence. They left the parking lot and she reached down and turned up the Wolfsheim CD he’d been playing, settling against him in a warm weight of succulent flesh and provocative spicy perfume.

“What are you thinking of, baby doll?” Jacob kept his hands at ten and two on the wheel as they navigated the considerable traffic that moved like thick syrup. “Or do I even need to ask?” Christie merely sighed, eyes closing as she snuggled closer.

“I’m hungry. Do you want to get dinner?” Her presence was wrapping around him like an invisible silky web of promised heat. Jacob’s cock, which had never gone completely flaccid after being inside her, began to renew its needs with sharp urgency.

“What do you want?” His fingertip caught her chin as they paused at a traffic light. Tilting her face up to his, he stole a quick kiss, his tongue briefly mingling with hers as she sighed. “An actual restaurant where we could go sit down or something quick for a car picnic?” Her eyes lit up at the latter suggestion. “Okay. Let’s just stop and grab something.”

They pulled up to a drive through and Christie got a salad and yogurt topped with berries for dessert. Jacob couldn’t stop smiling at his proper young lady with her sensible dinner and bird-like eating habits, and often felt much more the man of the relationship with his hearty hamburgers and large sodas.

The lot for the fast food restaurant was crowded, but they found a space near one of the more dimly lit areas and settled in, he turning down the music as they started to eat.

“So when you officially get back into all those classes this fall, can I tag along for all your study sessions and get up to no good with you in the library stacks? I’d love to read some of ‘The Perfumed Garden of Sensual Delights’ or ‘Banquet of Chestnuts’ into your ear while you sit on my lap.” Jacob managed to ask the question while keeping a straight face. Christie smirked.

“Maybe, but I won’t pose in a school girl outfit for you, so don’t even think of asking.”

“The school girl look is over-rated. I’d rather see you in your nudist colony outfit.” Christie laughed.

“You had your chance earlier.”

“Does that mean the honor has been revoked?” His fingertips traveled slowly up her thigh and she primly pressed them together. He met her eyes in innocent surprise

“I’ll have to think about that,” she smiled, spearing some chicken on her fork. “Do you think I should let you see me in my nudist colony outfit?” He laughed, finishing the last of his food.

“Oh. I see. We’re still unhappy with me for denying us earlier, are we, my lady?” Christie shook her head, blonde hair tumbling into her face before she brushed it back with a careless gesture. “Two can play at this game, my love.” Christie picked up her yogurt and removed the top, offering a mischievous smile as she lifted escort bostancı a spoonful to her lips.

“We’ll see about that.”


The unexpected talent Christie had for playing pool totally surprised Jacob, and though he would have preferred going dancing during a New Wave or Industrial night at one of the less crowded and popular clubs in town, he had to admit seeing Christie dance to some of the top pop and hip hop flavored songs was pretty fucking hot for two reasons.

The first was her ability to dance. He remembered how she’d undulated and swayed to the beat of the belly dancing music at the festival, and how that same sultry rhythm had translated when he’d held her in his arms both under the cloudy skies as well as when she sat astride him in her bed. Her pristine beauty made each sway and thrust simultaneously pure and salacious. He felt the urge to snuggle her in his arms and brutally ravish her all in the same instant.

The second was the confirmation of his suspicions when she’d hugged him before they left her apartment. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts were firm enough that she likely only wore them for cosmetic or arousal purposes, but the soft wiggle of her curves as she danced drew his eye. The impact over his current game of pool with a fellow admirer of Christie’s dancing was obvious, manifesting as many lousy shots and balls that missed pockets by inches out of his sheer distraction. The little minx knew the effect her clothing (or lack thereof) would have on him, and she was completely successful in making him wish he’d fucked her before they left.

“Sorry man.” The player across the table chuckled good-naturedly when he won their game. His clean-cut good looks and jovial smile marked him as an obvious frat boy. “If it makes you feel better, she was distracting me, too. She’s fucking hawt! Look at those tits!” Clearly Frat Boy had not noticed their arrival together.

“Yes, she is,” Jacob concurred with a soft and knowing smile. His opponent grinned.

“I’m going to ask her to play a game. Do you mind?” Jacob put the pool cue down and stepped back, curious to see how the event would unfold.

“Not at all. I kind of suck at pool anyway.”


The young man left, adjusting his tee shirt as he approached Christie. She stood in the center of a loosely forming circle of men, some whistling and cheering as she executed an amazing sway and thrust, then an incomplete arc, her tank top riding dangerously high up her torso before she stood up, lowering her head and obscuring her face beneath the golden veil of her hair. If this is what he’d be in for by engaging in a bit of coitus interruptus, he thought as she held his gaze with her movements, maybe he should do it more often. She practically radiated sex from the sultry look in her eyes to each tensely controlled movement of her body. Jacob never would have guessed she would be the type who’d enjoy drawing everyone’s attention out on the dance floor. But she appeared to be doing just that, effortlessly holding court as she danced, all the while maintaining her ever-aloof and demure charm to its fullest extent. The nascent coquetry was enough to slice right to his libido, drawing a rush of blood to his cock and making his effort to draw breath more conscious than it should be.

The frat kid approached, stepping between a couple guys who were lost in rapt conversation, every now and again shooting glances at Christie. Her suitor walked straight up to her, chatting her up as he joined her in dancing to an Usher song. In an instant, Christie was laughing and favoring him with a coy smile as he offered his hand. She took it, blowing kisses to her admirers as she left the dance floor to play pool.

Most men may have been uncomfortable or downright angry if another man put his hands on their woman, but Jacob merely took a seat on a near by bar stool to watch the game. There wasn’t any doubt in his mind that she’d be leaving with him, and the more aroused and excited she got by the attentions of the club patrons, the sweeter the conquest would be when they left.

Not only that, but she seemed to be unfurling like a delicate spring bud as they spent more time together. And yet, she still retained that naiveté Jacob found so damned arousing. There remained some secrecy to her thoughts, and he felt that whether Christie shared that part of herself with him tonight or ten years from now, it wouldn’t impact his feelings or increasing craving for her each time she graced his fantasies when he was alone and missing her in his arms.

Christie got another drink from the bar, and then reached into her pocket to pay for the game. The young man emphatically shook his head before putting change into the table and handing her a cue.

Jacob leaned back against the bar, savoring the fragrant smoke of his clove as Christie leaned forward to carefully nudge a ball into the corner pocket. That was when he noticed another surprise. There was absolutely no trace of panty lines. She didn’t own any thong panties that he’d seen yet, preferring the adorably conservative bikini style in most cases. And she was known to skip a bra from time to time when just hanging around her apartment or when the cut of a shirt or dress didn’t make wearing one practical. But no panties? That was a definite first.