Good Neighbors Ch. 1

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It all started with an errant e-mail from a neighbor. Somehow a link meant for some like-minded friends ended up in our possession. It ,the link ,being to a swingers club located nearby. At first I wondered what he was suggesting. Thinking maybe he noticed how much I had been staring at his wife lately. She sure is an eyeful, long dark hair, long legs, pouty lips and a very full chest. Which is usually what I find myself staring at , until her smile breaks the stare. Then my thought shifted to Robert , and how he maybe wants my wife. They do get along very well , as my wife seems to flirt with him endlessly. Perhaps the message was meant for her to see. So after tossing it about in my head for awhile, I left it alone.

Until that weekend.

We were both out doing yardwork the next day and I called over to see if he wanted a beer. After a few cold ones I asked him about the e-mail. Not to put him on the spot. He said, ” Oops …that wasn’t supposed to go to you” , “I have a friend who lives in another city and both his girlfriend and he swing . Ginny and I have done a little bit as well , and they wanted another contact”. Well at least he was being honest I thought. Then my thought shifted to those full pouty lips of Ginny’s …and how they would feel wrapped around my pole.

Her soft eyes looking in mine…” Have you two ever toyed with the idea before?” Rob’s voice snapped me out of fantasyland. It took me a second to respond. “Uh…we talked about it once or twice semi-seriously, I laughed. The other times were when Crystal (my wife) and her girlfriend had been drinking , and this happened more than once. They would start goofing around and really get me worked up by talking about how a “Todd” sandwich would be fun” .

Nervously laughing , I said, ” But it never went any farther…unfortunately” “Well ” Robert said, “Ginny and I have had tried quite a few things over the last 8 months, and we’re looking to try some other stuff soon “. I gulped. “Oh yeah”…agreeing with Robert. He grinned like a clever cat That’s when he asked if I’d like to watch.

Well not exactly front row stuff, but watching just the same. He said his wife wanted to have someone watch them , only she didn’t want to be told when they were being watched.

He asked if I’d be “game”, and of course I accepted. Even if it was from next door, I couldn’t wait to see those two lovely breasts. So …from there we devised a plan. To start off with he was going to get casino siteleri Ginny into their bedroom at 8:00 that night and dare her to fuck with the lights on. And he was sure she would accept. He’d tell her to pretend that they were being watched and that she should put on a show for their watcher in the dark. That afternoon couldn’t have taken longer to go by.

My mind started to race and I had to start planning to get Crystal into our bedroom for the “show”. But as fate would have it, she unexpectedly had to go out of town to visit her sister. *damn*

After Crystal left I found a pair of binoculars, even though it’s less than 60′ between houses. Then arranged the blinds to give me the best view. Then I waited. In the dark. Eight o’clock came and went. I knew they were home. They had pulled into the driveway about 45 minutes before. 8:09. Nothing yet . *damn* maybe she didn’t feel like it or maybe Robert was messing with me, knowing I’d be waiting here. 8:17. Yup …I think I’d been had when …*bing*…on came the bedroom nightstand light. There she stood in a short summer dress. Legs and tits were all I was seeing. She bent down giving me a good look at her long legs . Then she stood up and looked out the window.

At first I leaned back out of view, then thought there was no way she could see me sitting here in the dark. She turned and looked over her shoulder at Robert entering the room carrying two rather large candles. Both lit. “Thank you buddy” I half whispered. He really was helping set the stage. After he strategically set the candles between myself and their bed, Robert went to work. They embraced and had one long kiss, then broke away and he said something out loud to her. She responded by facing the picture window and in one smooth motion her little dress fell to the floor.

There she stood in bra and panties. She quickly slid out of her panties and then fumbled for a second with her bra strap. And *gulp* there they stood …two beautiful tits jutting straight out on her chest. Her hands brushed them for a moment then ran down her tummy to the top of her hips …then something stopped her. She spun around , I’m guessing Robert had said something to her. He had taken off his shirt and appeared to be wearing only jeans.

She took a step and sat on the bed in front of him where she unzipped him and let his cock spring forward. His cock looked to be at about 7-8″, which I noticed only for a second, because Ginny started sucking canlı casino on that prick like a porn queen. She was giving just the knob on the end a real workout. Roberts jeans had but hit the floor when she started squeezing his balls and swallowing the better part of his hard on. She slowly maneuvered herself , while keeping the tongue workout going, till she was now on her knees. From here I could see her pussy lips and ass as she moved her hips around as she sucked . Robert leaned forward and gave her ass a quick slap , which made her slurp and choke down more cock.

With the show in front of me, I had almost all but forgotten my own very hard prick . Which I let loose from my shorts and slowly started to stroke. Robert pulled his prick from Ginny’s mouth and sat down on the bed, he said something to her and she went to the dresser and pulled out a bag which she put at Roberts side. And then she laid across Roberts lap, making sure her legs were spread wide, which fortunately gave me a perfect view. Robert again smacked her ass, this time harder, leaving a red hand mark on her. She squirmed but stayed put. Again…*smack* another one across her ass.

She seemed to not only be enjoying it …but with her body language …wanted more. It was after 4 more slaps that Robert opened the bag and took out some kind of lotion or oil and squirted some on Ginny’s ass. He started massaging her and kneading her ass cheeks together. With a few long strokes on her inner thighs his fingers worked there way into her pussy. I grabbed the binoculars and zeroed in, he had two fingers pumping rhythmically into her cunt and the other hand was massaging her asshole. Which, with the manipulation was getting had her sticking her ass high in the air to get the most she could of Roberts hand. He rewarded her by poking his thumb into her oiled asshole. She moved her head up for a moment , I guess from the sudden intrusion in her butthole. He again got into a rhythm, she squirmed across his lap , taking the pleasure in. My cock raged by now the head a shiny coat in purple.

Robert took his thumb out slowly and again reached to the bag and pulled out a long dildo which looked like a corkscrew. It was about 16-18″ . Ginny turned around and looked to his hands and put her head back down. After oiling the dildo stick he slowly fed it into Ginny’s cunt, her legs opening wider to accommodate the huge plastic cock. Again he got a rhythm going and slowly eased his thumb back to it’s kaçak casino home in her ass. Ginny’s head turned to the side and she looked like she was in some kind of heaven, her smile and eyes shut tight a giveaway. Robert , had at some point, started talking to Ginny. This was making her gyrate to Roberts rhythm. He withdrew from her ass and again gave it a smack. She opened her legs even wider yet and Robert gave her more cock.

My hand was rubbing up and down so quick by now on my own cock. It was about then that I decided I had to have a taste of that big titted neighbor. Staring at Ginny’s twat I almost missed Robert giving me the thumbs up sign. I didn’t know what he had planned but I sat there in the dark one hand on my cock, watching him fuck his wife with a rather large dildo. After a two minute plugging of her cunt with the plastic monster cock, he moved her onto the bed and pulled out the dildo.

Replacing it with his still hard prick he fucked her from behind , leaving me fumbling with the binoculars to see if he indeed was fucking her cunt. He plowed on fucking her hard making her thrash her head about, her arm bent under her body, with her fingers rubbing her clit to keep up with Roberts fuck rhythm. My hand was rubbing my cock raw, trying to get my own precum to lubricate. I gave up and spit on it to help. Robert pulled out and motioned Ginny to turn over, she did and pulled legs up high.

Again, Robert went at it fast and furious, not giving Ginny time to allow for the few seconds of being without it. Ginny by this time looked rather flushed and in a moment or two suddenly picked up a pace Robert couldn’t follow. She let out a scream which I heard from my little hiding spot in my bedroom. Robert caught up as Ginny slowed down and really started fucking hard. After two minutes of watching this I let loose my spunk going wherever , I didn’t really care.

Robert kept going , fucking and fucking. Relentlessly…then when he appeared to run out of energy. He pulled out and Ginny scrambled to grasp on to his prick, but she took it into her mouth and he face fucked her till he tensed and let loose his own orgasm Not once did she move her mouth from his cock. Swallowing every drop, I sat there dumbfounded. Never having that happen before I felt jealous for a sec to lucky Robert. She kept it in her mouth till he softened slightly, and he laid down beside her touching her body with a few caresses. An hour later my wife came home and we made love, the “neighbor way” . Only without the lights on . But that came later on…

A day or two later Ginny was outside and said “Hi” and winked, leaving me to imagine what was to come next…

To Be Continued…