Goofy White Folks

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Goofy White FolksIt was first year at university and I rented a room from this older couple right near the campus. Her name was Lauren and his was John. They were very nice and I felt at home. Things went smoothly. Every so often we would play cards or a board game with adult drinks to help every body unwind from a busy week. Well this one evening we may have drank a little more than usual and the talk turned to the differences between black people and white people. This was fun until John brought up that black people have bigger dicks than white people. “Every body has the same size dick.” John proclaimed proudly. Now as for myself, like most guys, love my cock and measured it almost every day as I went thru puberty. It is just under nine inches and is very thick and I am a heavy cummer. I mean I am proud of my body, I take care of myself and work out often as a stress relief, so I am pretty buff. “Lets compare dicks, Charles pull yours out and I will get mine out and let Lauren be the judge.” John said. I think John thought that because of my age mine would not be large. As I said I had no problem showing my cock off to two old people. So I dropped my pants. Both of them gasped. They both knelt down and starred at my dick. “John, it is not even hard.” Lauren said as she touched my cock. Her soft touch made my cock start to get hard. “Oh look! it is getting bigger.” Lauren said excitedly. “Dang, Lauren, güvenilir bahis how bout you take off your clothes and see how big it gets.” John said. Lauren did as she was asked and removed her clothes. She was not half bad looking. A petite Five foot tall, small pointy tits, cute beaver, cute ass, flat tummy. For a woman in her early sixties she was in good shape. I was surprised she was standing there naked in front of me. My cock was now at full hard on. “Well, do you think you can take that with out splitting in two?” John asked. “Well I have never seen one that big, I don’t think it will fit.” Lauren replied. “Well try it, I want to see you try it, I dare you.” John said. “Are you serious John?” Lauren quizzed. “Yes! Do it.” John commanded. Lauren started to stroke my cock slowly, I liked it. And it had been some time since I was balls deep inside a woman, so I was game to let Lauren try and take me. She laid on her back on the coffee table and spread her legs wide. She was dripping wet and I could smell her sweet pussy. I moved in and pushed my cock against her cunt and rubbed it up and down her slit to get it all lubed up and then pushed it into her hole. I had to work it alot to get it in her as Lauren was so tight. “Oh my goodness, it is going in, he is inside me.” I could only get my cock a little over half way in before I bottomed out against the top of Lauren pussy. John had his face right there güvenilir bahis siteleri watching as my cock sank into his wife’s cunt. “Wow, I did not think that monster cock would fit inside you Lauren. Well I guess black guys do have big dicks.” John said. “John, he needs to finish, we can not let him just stay hard his balls will turn blue.” Lauren said. “Well hells bells go for it Charles finish inside Lauren.” John said with his face still down there. He did not need to tell me twice.I started to slowly fuck Lauren, John goofy face still right there. I feared if my cock slipped out of Lauren I would poke John’s eye out. I picked up speed and soon had a large load ready to pump into Lauren. I pushed deep into her and let it flow, about the third rope of cum over flowed Lauren womb and cum started soaking her bush and mine. I finished and Lauren had cum also. I pulled my semi limp cock from Lauren. “Oh my that is alot of cum. Look at that John.” Lauren said. John stood up and got between Lauren’s legs and dropped his pants. John’s cock was not even six inches and pretty thin and a set of small balls hung beneath. He pushed his cock into Lauren and started pumping. “John, what are you doing? Let me clean up, I am full of Charles’ cum.” Lauren exclaimed. But John was cumming at this point and quickly pulled his limp cock from her. “John, now I have two men’s cum inside me.” Lauren said as she iddaa siteleri stood up and more cum leaked from her. “Well it is just sperm, you should like that.” John said. We did this the next week too. I liked fucking Lauren, Lauren liked fucking me and John liked to watch us fuck and then to get sloppy seconds. He even started to clean Lauren up a little after I finished. I found fucking John’s wife in front of him to be a huge turn on for me. Then one day Lauren and I were home alone and she begged me to fuck her which I gladly did. She was a different woman without her husband there watching. But I was uneasy about fucking her too much when John was not around. Then one day Lauren had a friend of hers over. They were drinking and staring at me and whispering. Next thing I know Lauren is asking me to show this woman my cock which I proudly did and next thing I know she is on top of me riding me to an orgasm. I pumped a full load deep inside her. A few weeks later that woman was back over at the house with her husband and Lauren and John. And you guessed it, I was fucking both white women with their husbands right there watching my cock go in and out of these wonderful pussies. I came in both women and their husbands both went for the sloppy seconds. Lauren had a few other friends I ended up fucking too. Seems these older goofy white women like young black cock. I still can not get over their husbands getting off on me fucking their wives. Any way I stayed there until I finished university, it was a nice place and plenty of high end pussy. Having a few husbands watch as I nut in their wives was not so bad. What can I say-goofy white folks.