Gracie 06 – Bruce and Kerin

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Gracie 06 – Bruce and KerinGracie and I went to Gizmos. I couldn’t go back to LeStat after fucking Brad in the toilets there. I don’t know if I can ever go back there. I wore another low cut blouse and I’m starting to feel much more comfortable showing off some tit now. Being with Gracie helps a lot. The first thing anyone notices about us when we go out is our tits. “Four great tits” as Gracie described us.My drunk act works a treat and it’s kind of exciting and kind of sad how many men are predatory enough to want to take advantage of a drunk woman. I have never had so many men show such an interest in me. Well, not in ‘me’ because everything that makes me, me is wiped away during my drunk act. Gracie was pretty quiet until she’d had a few drinks and then she brightened up and we played our own predatory role. I’d told Gracie I just wanted to practice my drunk role because she wasn’t keen on going out but now she had cheered up and wanted to play.We still hadn’t talked about what to do if one of us found a guy so I waited for another Tag Team to come along. A few did and I was surprised how guys come to clubs in groups and then split into pairs to go hunting. It was Tribal, or even more primitive. Bruce and Kerin were the most promising. Bruce in particular was desperate for a fuck, he had it written all over him and he zeroed in on Gracie. He was outgoing and full of jokes and laughter and he and Gracie hit it off right from the start. Kerin was quieter and just looked at me with a predatory eye. Bruce was Fuckable, only just, but Kerin was definitely only a drunk Fuckable. So I ordered another drink. Damn I miss my Blue Lagoons. Clancy’s is the only place that makes them properly and I needed a few Blue lagoons in me if I was going to fuck Kerin.We moved to a booth where we could be cozy and I practiced all of Kelly’s moves on Kerin. I laughed, smiled, giggled, kept touching him and leaning against him, I talked complete shit, whatever came into my head, and he loved it all. It was ironic that he was probably thinking “You’re mine, bitch’ and I was thinking the exact same thing. I told him I was a typist, recycling my pest joke and it seems a typist is a much sexier occupation than an accountant.By the time we got back to my place there wasn’t the lightest pretence that we were there to do anything but fuck. This was a double one night stand with two tag teams both getting lucky. I was so excited I was trembling all over and struggling to maintain my drunk Vicky act. Kerin was all over me, kissing me and groping me like a crazy man. Gracie and Bruce were both getting into each other. We went inside and I locked the door giving Gracie and Bruce a head start. They went straight to my bedroom without a word, groping each other and kissing their way up the hallway. Kerin was feeling my tits and trying to get to my cunt while I was locking the door and we had a long passionate kiss against the front door and I took off my jacket, blouse and bra. He stopped and stared at my tits and I felt so fucking… I don’t know. Triumphant? Exultant? I had a guy in the palm of my hand and all I had to do was act like I was drunk. And he loved my tits. He just stared as if he were afraid to touch them … as though he might spoil their beauty. I grabbed his hand and dragged him down the hallway into my bedroom. Kerin stopped when he saw Gracie and Bruce on the bed fucking. They were both naked already and Bruce was on top fucking her missionary. Gracie’s chubby little canlı bahis thighs were sticking straight up in the air and her little feet were waving about happily. Bruce had his left hand on one of Gracie’s tits, his right hand on the side of her face and he was kissing her while he fucked her. Kerin stared for a moment then said. “Um, is there another bedroom?””No.””No? The lounge?”Kerin’s attention was divided equally between me and Gracie and Bruce fucking on the bed and when Bruce stopped kissing Gracie, she turned her head towards us reached out her hand and patted the bed beside them.Kerin’s eyes went wide and he looked at me like he was stunned. I giggled. For real. I’ve become a giggler. I slowly undid my skirt and let it slide down my legs to the floor revealing my black lace panties and thigh high stockings. I slowly swivelled my hips and turned around so Kerin could see all of me. I knew I looked good. Then he raised his eyes to my tits and I knew he loved my tits. He was wavering though. The prospect of fucking me in the same bed as Gracie and Bruce were fucking was freaking him out. I was surprised and a bit disappointed that they’d apparently never tag teamed a woman before.I hooked my thumbs in my panties and slowly eased them down, stopping just above my cunt to make sure I had Kerin’s complete attention. Then I slid them down exposing my smooth, hairless cunt and Kerin bent over for a closer look. I let my panties drop to the floor, stepped out of them and reached out to take hold of Kerin’s cock which was bulging out the front of his pants. I undid his belt buckle, and his pants and then remembered to take off his shoes first. I knelt down and took off his shoes and socks then pulled his pants down, then his underpants, gave his cock a quick suck, then took off his jacket and shirt. I took hold of his cock and actually led him to the bed by the cock. I started giggling and the few drinks I’d had and my excitement about fucking these guys with Gracie bubbled over and I couldn’t stop giggling. I sat on the bed and leaned back, still holding onto Kerin’s cock and he seemed to just suddenly snap. He jumped on me and I backed up the bed so I was laying right beside Bruce and Gracie and Kerin got on top, shoved his cock in me without ceremony and began to fuck me.That cured my fit of giggles. I wrapped my legs around his waist and said “Oh yeah, fuck me.” And he was off like a 50M sprinter.Gracie reached out to touch me and she felt around for my hand and she took it and held my hand while we both got fucked side by side in the same bed. It was SO fucking exciting and Gracie holding my hand and giggling made it almost unbearably so.Bruce came and him and Gracie watched Kerin and I fucking until Kerin came. Kerin was a very ordinary fuck but the whole situation was just exciting beyond belief. I was SO excited I thought I was going to explode. So there we were, Gracie and I lying on our backs, side by side with Bruce and Kerin on top of us with their cocks still inside us. Awkward moment for the guys. But not for us. Gracie was struggling to suppress a giggle. I was trying not to explode with excitement.Gracie exploded though. Into an explosion of Giggles. A giggle explosion. It turned to laughter and she was rolling to and fro underneath Bruce. Then I started to laugh. Then Bruce, and then we were all laughing hysterically like lunatics. For me laughter was a good way to release my pent up excitement and much better than exploding into bahis siteleri a million pieces.We all laughed for a very long time and it took a long time to die down. Every time I thought it was over someone would start again. Then it died down and Kerin said in this strange voice.”We’re all in the same bed.”And we were all off again.Gracie pushed Kerin off of me, lay across me and kissed me passionately. Then she began to suck my tits and Kerin and Bruce both sat up to watch. Then she rolled over on top of me and got into a 69 and I tasted Bruce’s cum in her cunt and by then both Kerin and Bruce were becoming VERY agitated.Gracie rolled off and began to suck Kerin’s cock, taking him completely by surprise and Bruce looked on in shock. Gracie knows how to suck cock and Kerin began to moan. Bruce looked at me and tentatively reached out to touch my tits. I rolled over and began to suck his cock.Gracie stopped sucking Kerin’s cock and got on her hands and knees in the doggy position so I did the same and Bruce and Kerin fucked us doggy and now they were both into the situation. Gracie reached out and held my hand again while we were getting fucked doggy and Bruce and Kerin gave each other a high five which made me laugh. Men!God this was good. This was SO fucking good.Gracie crawled forward off of Kerin’s cock and pushed him down onto his back with her tits looking magnificent. She got on top of him and rode him and I did the same to Bruce. This time WE did a high five and the boys just looked at each other when WE did it. HahahaThen things got a little crazy. Gracie got up off Kerin and gestured to me and we swapped partners. Kerin rolled me off and did me doggy again, prompting Bruce to do the same with Gracie. Then they swapped and Kerin stopped fucking me and began to fuck Gracie and Bruce moved from Gracie to me. Then Kerin and Bruce kept jumping back and forth between us, fucking one of us for a while then changing. It was incredibly exciting being fucked by one guy then the other. Feeling one cock in me, then being dragged out only to be replaced with another cock moments alter. So there we were, Gracie and I side by side on our hands and knees with Gracie’s hand on mine, with two guys jumping from one of us to the other fucking us doggy. It was so decadent and so fucking kinky and SO fucking exciting. Gracie was loving it too. And the boys certainly seemed to be loving it. They were going psycho. I didn’t even know who it was when he came in me. I felt hand pull back on my hips, a cock shoot deep inside me and a body tense. I looked over my shoulder and saw it was Bruce. So they both shot a load into each of us. That seemed perfect.It was all over so quickly though. Too fucking quickly. I would have liked the boys to spend the night so we could have a night of fucking but I could tell by the look on Gracie’s face she was tired and ready for sleep. So I bundled the boys out and got them dressed and headed to the door.I didn’t get dressed. I stayed naked and loved the way they kept staring at me while they got dressed. From tits to cunt and back again. Up and down, up and down. I walked them to the door still naked and they both kept touching me as we walked to the door. Hands on my thighs, my ass, my tits, my cunt. Groping me, caressing me, touching me all over. I had trouble getting them out the door. They didn’t want to leave. They kept touching me and staring at me, at my tits and my cunt and they both seemed eager for some more action. bahis şirketleri We were in the darkened hallway just inside the front door which I’d opened but they were reluctant to go through. It was OK though, they were both happy, both laughing and joking just reluctant to leave. Then Kerin grabbed one of my tits and I wondered what they would do. So I stopped trying to push them out the door and Bruce grabbed my other tit.Then they both started groping me in the doorway. Oh my God their hands were all over me and I was loving it. Two guys groping me at the same time, hands running all over my naked body. In the open doorway where anyone walking past could see us, not that that was likely at this time of night. But still.A quick 3some in the hallway would be a great way to round off the night and Gracie would probably be asleep by now anyway but I wondered if either of them would be able to get it up again. They just kept running their hands over me and the feel of two hands on your cunt is an amazing feeling. I whispered. “You can do anything you want with me.”I was really lost in it all. Out of control. I dropped to my knees and sucked their cocks in turn. They began to take off their clothes and I thought ‘Oh no, I didn’t think this was going to be a full scale production’.It’s an incredible feeling sucking two cocks at the same time. So fucking kinky and wicked. So fucking slutty. I deep-throated them one after the other and they both moaned loudly and stretched up onto their tiptoes. Their cocks were getting hard again. Now I was glad they were both naked and I could see them naked. See both their naked bodies. I shut the front door.Kerin went around behind me and rubbed his cock on my bare ass. I got down on my hands and knees and he fucked me doggy while I sucked Bruce’s cock. This time he was fucking me much, much harder then he had before. He was really fucking me this time and it felt fucking good. Bruce began to fuck my mouth and I felt like I was being fucked at both ends, being double fucked. It felt so fucking good having a cock in my mouth and a cock in my cunt at the same time. I fucking loved it.Then they changed places and Kerin began to fuck my mouth. I had a cock going in and out of my mouth and in and out of my cunt at the same time. Fucking glorious. I was SO glad I hadn’t thrown them out.I thought if only we were on the bed now and if only Gracie were with us. But then I thought ‘No, this is better having them both to myself. And getting such a good, solid fucking at both ends without the distraction of Gracie.'”I want you both to cum in my mouth.” I said breathlessly.Kerin came almost the moment I said that. He thrust his cock down my throat and I backed off so he’d cum in my mouth and my mouth was suddenly full of cum and his cock throbbed and pulsated in my mouth. Bruce pulled his cock out of my cunt and came around in front of me, pushed Kerin out the way and shoved his cock in my mouth. I sucked it hard, just sucking the head of his cock and he groaned like a dying man as he came in my mouth, filling my mouth with cum and I felt delirious to have two men’s cum in my mouth mingling together. Bruce cum and Kerin cum. Then Kerin pushed Bruce aside and shoved his cock back in my mouth. Then Bruce pushed him aside again and shoved his cock back in my mouth.I’d swallowed most of their cum by then and I was sorry I hadn’t had more time to experience having two loads of cum in my mouth at the same time. Now the boys looked like they’d had enough. They both looked all fucked out. What a great night. And now I have THREE guys’ phone numbers. Soon I will need a Little Black Book like Kelly and Maxx.I am becoming quite the slut though. At last!