Gran and her boys

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Gran and Her Boysby Jena121© This story has quite a lead up to explain the circumstances. Please read through the story and you will be rewarded. I have lived with my Gran since my parents were killed in a plane crash when I was just 15 years old. I was now in my late 30’s with a son of my own and back living with Gran. She has made it so easy for me. She gave me all the love that a person could give. I was only away from her home for about 3 years when I got married, but that only lasted for those 3 years. My wife left me with a baby boy of just 7 months. As a father I didn’t have the first clue on how to look after him. His name was Tim. A beautiful baby who would have made any mother proud. He had the same gray eyes that I did and eventually blonde hair. My Gran offered to take us back in her home again as soon as my wife left me and after trying Nannies and trying to work, nothing seemed to work. The nannies only ever stayed a few weeks, even though Tim was a good child. I decided to take Gran up on her offer, firstly making sure that she would be all right looking after Tim while I went to work. At 24, when Tim was 1 year old, I moved back in with her, baby and all. She was very happy looking after Tim and stated that she wasn’t that old – yet. So for the next 17 years we lived in the house with Gran. I went to work every day and made sure that none of us ever did without istanbul travesti anything. Gran’s house was situated a few miles out of town but it didn’t stop Tim from mixing with his friends over the weekends. I had better describe Gran. She was 58 year old and all that anyone would love in a Gran. She had a full, voluptuous body, large breasts that overflowed her blouses and dresses, and very large derriere (ass). Her hips were so soft and round and she was just so cuddly. After I had been living with her for about 6 years, I came home from work one afternoon, a little earlier than usual, as I had finished the job I had been working on and didn’t want to start a new one before the weekend. I walked in and strode upstairs and heard a noise coming from Gran’s room. Wondering if she was alright, I called out to her but got no answer. “Gran, Gran are you alright.” I asked. Still no answer so I decided that she may have fallen over or something. I opened her door and what a surprise I received. There lay Gran on her bed with a large dildo in her hand and working it in and out of her pussy. She was naked and her legs were spread out showing all her hairy pussy. She had long hairy pubes that were a dark brown with silver hairs spread throughout, you could almost get a brush and comb to them. She opened her eyes and screamed. “Allan, what are you doing istanbul travestileri in here,” she cried. “I did call out Gran, but got no answer, and I thought you had fallen or something. I’m so sorry.” “Never mind, darling, it has happened now, nothing we can do about it.” “OK Gran, I’m going to have a shower now and clean up now I have finished work for the week.” “Alright Allan, I’ll go and start getting something ready for dinner. Tim will probably be home from school soon. Tim arrived home about an hour later – we sat down for dinner a couple of hours after that. Nothing unusual happened in the next few weeks. Another Friday I knocked off work early as it had been so hot. I had a couple of beers at the local and then headed home. When I got there, Gran informed me that Tim’s friend had invited him over for the night and he was going straight from school. I called his mother to check that this was all right and she suggested that Tim stay for the weekend, so that Gran could have a break. I thanked her very much and knew that he would be safe there. I told Gran that we would have the weekend to ourselves and asked her if she wanted to do anything in particular. She suggested that we go out for dinner somewhere while we had the chance. We could then have a couple of wines and take our time without having to worry about Tim getting tired. travesti I said, “Alright Gran, go pretty yourself up and I will escort you to a lovely restaurant.” While she went upstairs, I quickly looked up the restaurants in the area and made a booking for 8.00pm. I also booked a taxi so that I didn’t have to drive. “Take your time Gran, we don’t have to be there for about an hour. I’m going to have a shower and get dressed myself.” We got to the restaurant and over the next 3 hours we both relaxed, enjoying a couple of bottles of wine. Gran looked so lovely dressed in a lilac frock that swirled around her legs and also had a beautiful cleavage. I could sit and look down into the depths of her bosom which drew my eyes constantly. After seeing her naked on her bed a few weeks before, I had been thinking of her body and even while knowing she was my Gran, I wanted to help her with her desires, so that she didn’t have to rely on a dildo, and of course get rid of my frustrations as well. When we finally left the restaurant, Gran staggered a bit but then pulled herself up. “Sorry, Allan, I think I have had a few too many.” “Don’t worry Gran, we are going home now, the taxi should be here within minutes. I will look after you.” We arrived home and Gran again staggered as she got out of the taxi. I held her arm after I had paid the fare and led her up the pathway. I unlocked the door and she almost fell in. I grabbed her, inadvertently grabbing a handful of her breasts at the same time. She wriggled under my hands but didn’t pull away’ “I think I better get you up to bed straight away Gran, I don’t want you passing out down here.” I half carried her upstairs to her room.