Grateful daughter in law

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Grateful daughter in law••••• This is fiction, but it could be reality, if I pushed a little bit ••••••2019 was a terrible year. My wife was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in February and passed away by the middle of June. Then our only son was killed in an interstate accident involving an 18 wheeler. I found myself 55 years old and suddenly very alone, while my daughter in law became a single mom at 25. Their son Nicky was a shining light for both of us, and since Megan found herself returning to the workforce for the first time since she found out she was pregnant, she came to lean on me for help with him whenever her schedule got in a crunch. Friday was one of those nights. My job had become a work from home the last few months, so I usually don’t have any responsibilities after 5:00. Sure enough, Megan called about 5:30 and asked if I could pick up Nicky from daycare, because her boss was asking her to work overtime, and she really needed the overtime. If she doesn’t get to the daycare by 6:00, she has to pay extra. I assured her it wasn’t a problem, and I took him to a local park where he could run and play with other k**s until I heard from Megan.Sure enough, she called around 6:45 and said she was on the way, and could I bring him to her apartment? We stopped for a soda on the way there, and she arrived just a few minutes later, as we waited in my car. She only apologized about a thousand times as we all walked to her door, and went inside. Nicky went to his room to find a picture that he wanted to show me and Megan asked if I would stay for dinner, since she owed me for helping out again and again. I laughed it off and said she didn’t owe me anything, but I could only stay for a few minutes anyway, since I still have a dog at home who gets restless when she’s alone.She asked about bahis siteleri the weekend coming up, and I offered to take them out to a drive in movie on Saturday. She thought that was a great idea, and let Nicky know what we were planning. Megan pulled me close and gave me a pretty intense hug, close enough to get a real good whiff of her perfume while feeling her very plush boobs pressing into my chest. I’d always thought that Megan had an attractive body, but tried to repress those ideas, because she’s family. I backed away from her quickly, when I realized that my cock was starting to swell, hoping she didn’t notice. But then again, Megan seemed to have a slight smile on her lips and I swear her nipples were getting stiffer under her thin shirt. I drove home wondering how much of that actually happened, and how much was my overworked imagination. After two cold beers, my erection hadn’t gone away and I was forced to relieve it, with Megan on my mind, guilt be damned. In my old man dirty mind, I was sitting on the couch while she was on her knees topless, her boobs squeezing and massaging my cock to a mind bending orgasm.Could I find a way to cancel the upcoming plans without offending Megan, or upsetting Nicky? I was so afraid that I might embarrass myself, and drive them away in the process. Try as I might, there didn’t seem to be a graceful way to back out, so I better figure out a way to keep those ideas tucked away in the back of my brain.Saturday came, and I found that the drive in had a family-friendly double feature starting right at sundown, and the weather looked good too. But not as good as Megan. She walked out to my SUV looking better than any damned wet dream. Megan was wearing a snug black tank top t-shirt that displayed plenty of cleavage, and denim Daisy Duke shorts with white canlı bahis siteleri running shoes, so her curvy hips and legs were looking positively full and delicious. Nicky held her hand and in his free hand he had a small drawstring bag with some toys to keep him from getting bored.Thankfully, I was behind the steering wheel and wearing my favorite sunglasses so neither my erection or my eyeballs trying to pop out of my head were visible. But I must have been smiling, because Megan returned my smile as she belted Nicky in the backseat and then slid herself into the front passenger seat. The drive to the theater was only about 15 minutes, and we chatted about a cartoon that Nicky had watched earlier and thought was just hilarious. The lady at the ticket booth gave me and Megan a funny look, then she noticed the 5 year old in the backseat and chuckled. In my mind I was slapping that judgemental old bitch into next week while I found a parking spot near the concession stand.I offered to go get snacks and drinks so she could stay with Nicky. When I returned with the popcorn, candy and sodas, the two of them were in the backseat, Megan on the passenger side and Nicky in the middle. I got in on the driver side and started passing stuff around. The first movie started a few minutes later, so we got comfy and started to get relaxed. About an hour later, Nicky was getting tired, because that was his regular bedtime, and I noticed him leaning his head on his mom’s shoulder.They stayed that way until the movie ended, then Megan suggested moving him to the back of the SUV, where he could stretch out and get comfortable. I carried him to the back and decided since I was up anyway, I should take a restroom break. When I returned, Nicky was out like a light, Megan had removed her shoes in the canlı bahis backseat and was beckoning me to slide in beside her. I tried not to seem too eager, but I hadn’t been in this kind of situation since my awkward high school days.As we watched the second movie, her soft warm hand massaged my thigh slowly, and I reassured her she didn’t owe me anything or have to do anything. We kissed, groped and made out like horny teenagers and Megan squeezed my erection through my shorts. After taking a quick glance to the back of my truck to make sure Nicky was asleep, Megan slid my zipper down and reached into my shorts, dragging my swollen cock out for her inspection. She smiled wickedly and licked her palm before wrapping her fingers around the throbbing shaft and stroking it slowly. I tried to open her shorts so I could reciprocate, but she shook her head and whispered that we could go there next time. My cock pulsed at the idea that there would be a next time, and I reveled in her experienced touch. I knew I wouldn’t last very long, and just a minute later I warned her I was ready to explode. Before I realized what was happening, Megan dropped her head into my lap and I felt her luscious lips surround my cock just as I exploded. She didn’t lose a drop, and I felt several strong pulses shoot into her mouth. Once I was thoroughly drained she gave me a quick kiss, a drop of my cream still clinging to the corner of her lips. I noticed a couple of girls walking by and giggling, so I quickly stuffed my still sticky cock into my pants and zipped up while Megan took the trash to the nearest can. When she got back, we returned to our seats up front, and she suggested that it was time to head home. I drove them back to their apartment complex and carried Nicky to his bed. Megan was waiting for me in her living room, and wrapped her warm arms around my waist. She thanked me for the fun night and kissed me lovingly, then said she would call in a few days so we could hang out sometime. I’m going to like being a hands on father in law.