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Subject: Grey’s Mate chapter 2 I revisted this story at the request of a few readers. It depends on the response if I continue. NOW ON WITH THE STORY I awoke in a daze not knowing where or who I was. As my vision began to clear, I noticed a grey wolf lying next to me. It all came rushing back to my mind of our sexual intercourse we shared together. I had no idea how long that I had been out of it. I woke up with a hunger that like no other. As i went to get up this screaming pain shot out of my mouth. My shoulder and neck hurt more then I ever experienced before. Grey came over and licked the area with his tougue. Somehow the saliva on his tongue sooth away all my pain. Grey went back to licking my boy pussy unitil he sensed the pain was nolonger bothering me there as well. I looked at Grey and told him that I waa hungry. He got up and came to me to get on his back. We were soon off again heading further away from the caves entrance so many days ago. —————– That’s strange, come look at this sheriff. The sheriff of Whistler Backcomb had gotten reports from campers of seeing a boy that fit Matties description with a lone grey wolf. His deputy spotted tracks. That’s interesting. Those are small shoe prints. But why would a wolf be accompanying him. Lets make a cast of both sets of prints and have a futher look around. Call back to headquarters and get more people out here. ———- Mom mom Slyvania received a call of a possible sighting of Mattie. She was told that proof of the sighting was confirmed and that the area was being investagated. Mom mom called the neighbors to let them know what she was just told. They came right over and with them were sissy babies Lee and Nicky who were all dressed up in a thick pink diaper. It was covered by a revealing short mini skirt and a see through baby doll. They were sucking away at there baby bottles with the special milk formula in them. Mom mom called down her two newest boys and introduced them to Dennis and Larry. She told them they would be home schooling them. Jimmy and Billy were both 11 years old and very small for their ages. Dennis and Larry put Lee and Nicky down on the floor and patted their laps for the two boys to come sit it. The boys sat down with their backs to the mens chest. They were soon being hug and held tightly as the men told them how beautiful they both were. Larry handed mom mom two clear vails and told her to get another two baby bottles for her new sissy babies. Add one to each formula. Larry and Dennis had started lightly tickiling the two young boys who ended up peeing themselves. They started to cry at making themselves wet. Mom mom came back with the two baby bottles filled with the new formula and added vails. Larry and Dennis soothed the boys telling them everything was alright as its natural for a sissy baby to pee themselves. The baby bottles were bought up to the boys lips. . The flavor that hit their tongues caused them to both sucked harder. Dennis took out a small wireless speaker and programmed some cute baby songs to play. Soon Billy and Jimmy were finished with their bottles and didnt have a care in the world. They were placed on the floor and stripped. Mom mom put there boy clothes and a closet she kept spare clothes in for her new boys to wear. Dennis and Larry loving licked both boys pee clean from their skin. They oiled their small dicks and balls. Then they lubed up a small 4″ plug and pushed it in Jimmy and Billys boy pussies. They took the first diaper and poked holes in the bottom before slipping it up under their tushs. A thick layer of powder coated the boys upturned bottoms. They then sprinkled a good amount on the boys front area. Reaching up they tucked the new sissy babies little 3″ dickies down and pulled the diapers up between their legs snuggly. Tabs now in place, Dennis and Larry pulled out another thick diaper but this one had little boys with pink diapers wearing dresses all around it. They put this one on over the other very thick pink diaper that was already in place. Once double diapered the two men put the freshly diapered boys down on the floor. They tried hard to stand up but being this thickly diapered the boys kept falling back down onto their padded butts. They looked up at mom mom to speak but only ohs, ahs and gagas came out. The two boys realizing they had lost their abilty to speak, started to cry. Dennis and Larry picked them both up and cradled them in giresun escort their arms. They reached into their bags and bought out two binkies. They were shaped as small dicks and even had balls on them. The men slipped them in the baby boys mouths. The boys instantly began to suck on their new binkies aggressively. Mom mom looked surprised. And gave them a questioning look. The formula additive you mixed in temporarily paralizes the voice box. It also blocks the boys testosterone. They will no longer age or grow. Their bodies will take on a feminine shape after two more doses. Lee and Nicky already have taken 2 vails and will get their third this Sunday. Ringing was heard. Yes mom mom Sylvania speaking. Hello maam, this is Sam with the sheriffs department. The search party dogs found a banana skin buried in a cave. Were had it ran for DNA and discovered evidence of a boy and a wolf. It was a perfect match for Matties DNA. What arent you telling me Sam. We’ve also discovered the boys true Identity. Who is he Sam. The boys been with me since he was 3 months old. Well its a very old cold case and the boy was presumed to have died along with his family in the accident. I have legal court custody of him. Hes legally my son. Yes that is true and the reason why your being informed. The FBI have also been informed and are sending a team of agents as we speak. They will need to stop by and speak to you and will want to search your house. Well in that case I best tidy up some and get some treats baked for my guests. Thank you Sam. Make sure to stop by and pick up your baked goodies. I will mom mom. After mom mom got off the phone she turned to Larry and Dennis who were filled in on the conversation. They went into immediate actions. They first took their sissy babies Lee and Nicky next door. Then they came back for sissy babies Jimmy and Billy. We will be heading up to our cabin. You know how to get a hold of us. Billy and Jimmy will be full sissy baby boys by the time we get back. Keep us posted of all updates concerning Mattie. Dont worry mom mom. We’ll get Mattie back and into thick girly diapers with only pleasurung cocks on his mind. ————– Grey with Mattie on his back had come to a clearing in the cave that opened up to an oasis. They travel another hour after entering this wonderland when they came upon a crystal clear pool of water surrounded by many different varietys of fruit trees and fruit bushes. Mattie got off Greys back and crawled over to a low hanging bush full of ever so tasty fruit. He ate and ate until he had his fill. He rolled over to find Grey had also enjoyed the fruit off another bush. Mattie started giggling uncontrollably upon seeing Greys furred snout covered with blue berry juice. Matties clothes were covered with red juice stains. He saw no reason to keep them on any longer. They were already filthy and had rips in them. Grey rose as he saw his companion removing the coverings that all of his type insisted on wearing. He liked him better without the coverings. Grey watched him stand and walk into the crisp cool pool of water. “Come on in Grey and I’ll help you get cleaned up” Grey walked to the edge of the water and first took a nice lap of water. Then Grey leaped into the water making a big splash. Mattie soon adjusted to the cooler temperature of the water. Grey wolfie paddled over to where Mattie was cleaning himself off at. When Grey reached him, Mattie used his hands to rub away the blue colored juice on his fur. Mattie was able to get most of Greys fur cleaned but not all of it. They continued swimming and had drifted over to a small waterfall that came out of the rocks face higher up. They went behind the waterfall and both of them were drawn to a warmer pool of water. The two of them settled in the shallow pool and enjoyed the warmth that enveloped both of them. “I never thanked you for always protecting me, Grey” “I wish there was away I could tell you how I truly feel” Suddenly a light started glowing in the bottom of the pool. It glowed brighter and brighter as it rose up encircling both Grey and Mattie. The light entered the bodies of the both of them. It lifted them up out of the water. As the light grew brighter it had totally engulfed Grey and Mattie. The ball of light with Grey and Mattie floated over the pool of water and then descended to the deepest depth of the pool. It sat just above a pile of bright colored gemstones that rose gölbaşı escort up into the bright glowing ball. The ball of light lifted up off the bottom of the pool. As it rose to the surface the bright colored gemstones were gone. The ball of light lifted out of the water and went back through the waterfall into the warm water pool. It descended to the bottom and into the earth below disappearimg from sight along with all the gemstones. Mattie and Grey awoke fully refreshed but couldnt figure out how they ended up back on the green grass shore bank. ———– The FBI had just knocked on mom mom Sylvanias front door. Im agent Reeves and this is my partner agent Paris. We have a search warrant to search your pemisses for anything related to an old cold case. Mom mom took the warrant and opened the door for the agents. About 15 people flooded into the 3 story orphanged to begin the search. Mom mom had put out a coffee urn and cups with sugar and milk. Along with fresh muffins and cookies she had just baked. Agent Paris sat down and interviewed mom mom. After more then 3 hours of searching the agents had collected all of Matties possessions. They catologed them and bagged them. They cleaned up any mess they made and everyone gathered on the front porch. Mom mom had put together 16 bags of her baked goods to give to the officers who searched her home. “Im sorry maam but we cant take gifts” “It would make this old ladies heart flow with love if you could accept them this one time” The lead agent picked up a bag and one by one everyone else followed his example. Agent Reeves saw that there was one bag left. “It seems you made one to many” “No that is for Sam down at the station” “Id be happy to bring it to him for you” Mom mom thanked him and said goodbye. After mom mom was sure that all the other officers had indeed left the area, she used her ham radio and called Larry to bring them up to date with everything that had transpired. ———— The FBI had dispatched a search team to the site of the cave with intentions of searching it further. They had plenty of clear wolf tracks to follow but there were no signs of the boys tracks. After traveling more then 3 miles in they determined that the boy must have ventured off in another direction. ———– Larry and Dennis finally arrived to their cabin up in the Yukon Territory near Old Fort. They left the sissy babies strapped in their baby seats and unloaded the back of the suburban. They then went back outside to bring in the sissy babies one at a time. Once inside Larry and Dennis changed the very wet diapers. Putting them back into crotchless pink paintes. They also slipped pink babydoll sleepers on all four of them. Four more special formula milk baby bottles with the extra vials were fed to each of them. Larry and Dennis wanted to stop the sissy baby boys growth and aging and speed up the sissy baby boys feminine tranformation. Afterwards Larry and Dennis set up 6 wireless remote speakers around the four sissy baby boys in the livingroom on the floor with a pile of an assortment of sex toys. They stripped off their clothes and joined the sissy babies on the floor. Together the men introduced all four of the sissy babies to the joys of all the sex toys. The babies experienced multiple repeated organisms over the next several hours. In the background the speakers played undetectable subliminal messages while soft baby songs played on. Night time came and before the babies were put back into thick pink diapers their sissy baby boy pussies were plugged with and even bigger pussy plug. They were given their night time bottle to drink. They carried them into the nursery and laid them in an over sized custom built baby crib. Before they turned off the lights they put on the soft baby music and strapped their cock and ball binkies in all the sissy babies mouths. —————— Mattie awoke to find Grey wrapped fully around his body. His face was inches away from Greys sheath. Mattie moved his head slighty forward and stuck his tongue out to gentle lick Greys fur covered sheath. Mattie stuck his tongue deep inside of Greys sheath. and flicked his tongue around collecting all of Greys sweet essence. Mattie felt Greys wolf cock begin to grow and push against his tongue. Grey rolled over onto his back bringing Mattie along with him. The two of them ended up oppisite of each other staring at each others crotch. Matties mouth göztepe escort was soon stuffed with Greys quickly expanding cock as it pushed passed his tongue. Grey stuck his snout into Matties boy pussy and inhaled deeply. He pulled back and swiped the boys hole with his long wide tongue. Grey had pushed his tongue in deeper and deeper with each swipe. Mattie had gotten up onto all fours and taken all of Greys wolf cock down his throat. He was pushing his boy pussy back onto Greys deep thrusting tongue. Mattie cried out. “Fuck me Grey” “I need you inside me” “Okay” Mattie thought he heard Grey reply to him just now. Grey got up on all fours and took one last long swipe of his wet tongue inside Matties boy pussy. Grey jumped up and wrapped his front paws around Matties small frame. He thrusted his cock into Matties butt several times before hitting his mark. “Aaaaaaahhhhhhh” Mattie cried out as Greys wolf cock entered him in one passionate thrust. Grey jack hammered Matties tight boy pussy repeatly over and over and over. “Yes Grey fuck me” “I am” Mattie knew he heard it that time but he was in such a lustful state that his mind was off to some place else. Grey pounded Matties boy pussy hard. His knot just started expanding as it entered Matties boy pussy. “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh Grey its to big” “Relax Mattie and accept your fate” Greys knot was at its deepest inside Mattie and was now to large to come out. Grey bit Mattie on his shoulder once again as he began to pump Mattie full of cum. Mattie felt Greys cock and knot enter him for the last time as his teeth clamped down on him. Greys cum began pumping deeply inside him. Mattie felt that his belly was expanding as Greys hot cum kept filling him up more and more. Grey stopped thrusting and rested his fur belly on Matties back. Mattie colasped to the ground cause he couldnt support Greys weight any longer. Greys knot shrunk after forty five minutes and his cock slipped out of Matties boy pussy. Grey backed off of Mattie and licked his boy pussy clean. Mattie crawled over to Grey and licked his cock clean to returned the favor. Mattie pressed his naked body up tight to Greys belly who curled his body around him. Soon sleep over took them both. Strange dreams filled both their minds. Running together in the forest with several young wolf pups following closely behind them. Another of a family with two young boys at a park changing several young baby boys and girls diapers. —————- Larry and Dennis had called two old friends of theirs to come to the cabin for a get together. Bring plenty of party favorites. We have the entertainment already here. The sissy baby boys were taken out of the crib and stripped of there wet diapers. They were then put on the shower floor where Dennis and Larry let got their full bladders all over the four sissy baby boys bodies. They opened their mouths when the piss stream hit their faces so they could get a mouthful of their daddies tangy tasting nectar that they all loved to drink. After emptying their bladders, Dennis and Larry sprayed the 4 sissy baby boys bodies clean of all their piss. They got them out and laid them all over the tubs edge and inserted 6″ enama cock shaped tubes to clean out their boy pussies for todays fun. Then they filled the large tube with sweet scented soap and let the sissy baby boys bodies relax as their minds drifted to the lovely baby songs playing in the room. When the songs had finished, Dennis and Larry dried off all the sissy baby boys and carried them into the changing room. Laid out on the bed for them to wear was. Four sets of matching pink laced frilly crotchless panties, then matching pink laced frilly garter belt with knee high stockings, pink silk mini skirt that exposes their cute little dickies and boy pussies when they bent over. Pink hello kitty half halter top that exposes their belly buttons. A pink sissy baby boy collar and pink four inch high heels. All their faces were done up with makeup to make them look like sluts. Dennis and Larry had crushed up some X, V, TINA and GHB together. They added it to four, four ounce shots of barcardi 151. After it dissolved they drew the liquud up in a syringe and shot it into all four sissy baby boys pussies. Then plugged them up. They strapped four 6″ cock and ball gags in their mouths. Larry and Dennis had stripped and each had on a cock ring and sat back to enjoy a cold beer as their four sissy baby boys each sat on a knee. The chem cocktail inside the boys pussies slowly entered their blood stream begining to fully ramp the four sissy baby boys up and totally warp their minds and body. Please donate to . I dont know where this story is heading. So it all depends on your feedback. Au revoir mattie