Grits & A Flashback

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Grits & A FlashbackTerris Holmes ate his grits. It was 5:03 a.m. His sissy boi slid some hashbrowns and bacon directly from the frying pan onto his plates. “Thanks, boo,” the five-foot-ten, 163-pound very lean cut up Negro said. “You’re welcome, handsome,” replied Kye.“This shit tastes good, boo,” the guy with a dark complexion over a warm golden undertone said.“Glad you like! Can you leave the dishes in the sink? Rosario will clean it when she comes.”“Hell yeah!”The 28 year-old Terris Holmes watched his hot fag bitch walk away. He scoured down his food and went to piss. He thought back to last night when he was fucking the hell out of Kye. Her sweet short punk ass had been on her back. He’d pounded her with every bit of his might. She‘d wailed and cried. Terris slammed his nice nine-and-a-half-inch dick in and out of her boipussy. The sexy little five-foot-three, dark-skinned pussyboy with a cool, jewel underton had whined and screamed. Terris gave zero fucks last night. Kye was his bitch. It did not matter that fine ass nurse educator at the local vo-tech college had offered a place for him to live. He owned her punk ass. He pounded her sissy booty hole like a motherfucker. He had no regard for her well-being. She’d promised it to be his fuck lsut. And, he took it to heart – just like the tatt on his chest that read ‘T+K=Always’“You my hoe,” he barked.“Yes, sir,” she whined.“Take this big dick, bakırköy escort bitch!”“Oh nigga! Fuck me!”“Hell yeah!”Terris had held Kye’s nose closed for a while he pounded her. He’d slapped her face a few times too. He would occasionally pull out his dick and spank her tender bubble booty with it.“Fuck this faggot ass, daddy,” cried Kye.“Yeah, faggit! This my boipussy, you sissy bitch!”He thundered away holding her by her slender shoulders. He pulled her glistening soft body into him. “Fuck back on the dick, bitch,” he whapped her head.“Yes, sir,” she whimpered.“That’s right, faggit! Your ass is mine, bitch! All mine. Dammit!”“Mmhmm,” agreed the sissy.“I wanna fuck you on my Christmas present,” he smacked her butt.Kye stood and switched hard to the garage. It was pretty damn cold in there. “You a sexy li’l pussy boy, boo,” Terris remarked as he straddled the ATV Kye had gifted him.Kye climbed on top of his dick. They were facing one another. He spat in her face then kissed her thick, sensuous lips.“I love you, daddy,” Kye said bouncing up and down the rock hard pole.“I love yo’ faggit ass too, bitch,” he whapped her ass cheeks. “Ride this dick, punk!”“Yeah, daddy!”“Fucking you like you a prison bitch!”“Yeah, daddy! Fuck me like a jailhouse hoe!”“Hell yeah, faggit!”“I’m so glad that sissy catfished you fours years ago,” giggled Kye.“Me too,” he grunted. “Ahhhhhhh!”He beşiktaş escort came hard in Kye’s rectum. The cutie patootie fetched his warm wet washcloth and cleaned him up.Then, they’d fallen asleep spooning.Terris zipped up his pants and washed his hands. He put on his uniform and grabbed his soft camouflage insulated lunch cooler from the refrigerator. Kye had packed it for him as she did everyday he worked. He took his keys off the hook and went to the garage. He started up his shiny cocoa brown 4-door 2016 Ford F-250 pick up truck he purchased six months prior. He backed out and headed out of the driveway of the 2,500 square-foot rambling ranch with 4 bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths.Terris certainly thought his life had been upgraded. Living with Kye helped him get serious about his finances. He kicked in on the mortgage and groceries. He paid the satellite TV bill. He was doing the damn thing and loving it at the same time.As he drove, he recalled last night when Kye told she was glad he got catfished. In fact, had he not been tricked, he would have none of this wonderful life now. He remembered how he’d been up late that Saturday night going through a social media app on his phone. He’d worked a 12-hour shift that day and he was just relaxing and smoking a blunt. He saw a chick he thought was sexy and started chatting with the beige-toned girl with the pear-shaped beylikdüzü escort derriere.She invited him over so he went. When he arrived the chick had on a black pleather catsuit with a zipper that ran up the front. She looked hot as fuck with the red spike heels on and perfectly done makeup. As soon as she turned around he grabbed her badonkadonk with both hands. She’d jumped a bit and giggled.Moments later, they were kissing and making out. She smelled like peaches and cream. “Wanna fuck me?”“Hell yeah,” he nodded.“Let’s do anal,” she suggested.Terris had just shrugged his shoulders while pulling down his jeans. She sucked him up real good and then unzipped her outfit. She bent over the bed with her feet spread apart and her torso on the mattress. She’d been sure to position her small appendage underneath her and out of sight.Terris went in and was fucking her ass like crazy.“Fuck this pussy,” she moaned.He flipped her over and that when he saw the dangling wee-wee. “The fuck?!?!?”“I thought you knew,” she lied.“Hell naw I ain’t know,” he lashed out. “I’m sorry.”“Fuck it,” he’d said. “I’m in it. It’s wet.”Terris pounded harder and harder.“I’m finna nut. Where you want it.” he’d asked.She screamed out, “In my boipussy!”She’d started fucking his dick with her corpulent rear end. Terris did not right up that hole.They lost touch when she moved away and of course he started seeking out sissy pussy more and more.Then, 16 months ago he met itty bitty Kye Merritt. He had great chemistry with the 37 year-old effeminate man. And four months later, they were living together.Terris pulled into the parking lot. He armed the alarm and headed in the building. He had to make this cheese.