Grueling Erections

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Pierre woke up to the grueling ring of his nightstand alarm. With a groggy groan, he slowly lifted his hand and slammed it, hoping to shut it off. Unfortunately, before his fingers found the button, loud footsteps resounded across the hall, followed shortly by his mother’s shrill voice. “PIERRE RUVOLO! GET YOUR LAZY ASS UP! IF YOU’RE LATE I SWEAR THAT YOU’RE PHONE WON’T BE THE ONLY THING THAT’S GONE!”

He rolled his eyes, rolling onto his back and groaning, arms spread out. An obvious tent appeared in his vision. Like any boy his age, he was troubled with raging morning wood that refused to leave unless properly dealt with. His mom had learned one-too-many times to leave the door closed since, as a man, he was just as endowed as a man should be.

Quickly, before his mom entered and began berating him, he wrapped a towel around his midriff, grabbed his dildo—a personally-crafted silicone replica of his own dick—and a change of clothes. If he was gonna start the day off, he was gonna do it right.

He locked the door with an audible click as he set his things up on the counter. The towel fell away just as fast, revealing to the mirror his—just as rock-solid—eight inch boner. Pierre’s gaze traveled from his eyes, down his lean but muscled arms, flat chest, and treasure trail, resting at his dick. The pubes at the very base of his cock were neatly trimmed; they were dark and slightly curly, though they fell in neat stacks.

His tight bicep muscles were a result of his cheerleading and gymnastics. Every other student thought he was gay for it. As long as they didn’t call him slurs, he was fine with what they thought.

Thought he didn’t have abs quite yet, there were definite signs. A few weeks of ab exercises would definitely fix that, but that was a lot of extra work for just asthetics.

Pierre stepped into the shower, cock leading the way, silicone replica in hand. An automatic, instinctual hiss escaped him as the cold water flanked his skin. As much as he hated it, it was healthy for his skin and would wake him up for the day; otherwise, he’d be useless.

As the water began warming up, he began lathering shampoo into his scalp and hair. He proceeded with the rest of his body with body wash, using a washcloth to scrub his skin, taking a quick stop at his nipples to rub them. His cock bounced in excitement.

He took another stop to lubricate his hole and dildo, pushing the girthy toy into the hole. A replica of his own cock, it had the same features: a slight curve upwards, with a prominent and large mushroom tip, a ridge of bundled foreskin pulled back, a thick vein on the underside of it, and a fat ballsack below the base.

It slipped inside of him with ease. With one hand holding the toy in place, the other began working at his cock, pulling the foreskin back and focusing on the oversensitive glans. His knees shook in stimulative shock. His body lurched forward as the tip of the toy attacked his prostate.

Just before it became too much, he pulled out the dildo and let go of his cock. He toyed with his nipples, prominent and brown, back to the wall. His cock twitched and he slid to the floor, unable to stand the pleasure. His dick began spraying fountains of cum onto the glass shower doors.

As soon as he was able to open his eyes, he admired his work. Sighing, he tried to stand, though his knees hadn’t quite found a semblance of balance yet. Instead, he began spraying his body down with the shower head, washing the Ankara escort shampoo from his hair and the soap from his hole.

Now that he was done, he lathered his hair in conditioner and quickly washed that off. He grinned happily as he walked out and dried himself, flexing his muscles in the mirror. He licked his bicep playfully before wrapping the towel around his hips.

The cold immediately hit him as he left the bathroom. “MA! Why is it so god damned cold in here?!” he yelled, wrapping his arms around himself, the dildo hidden in the pile of clothes he brought with him.

“BECAUSE YOU TOOK TOO FUCKING LONG IN THE SHOWER! NOW GET OVER HERE AND PACK YOUR LUNCH BEFORE YOU DIE OF PNEUMONIA! NO TIME FOR BREAKFAST!” He loved his mother, mostly because she had a fantastic way of getting to the point.

He pulled on a pair of boxers and jeans, pulling on a shirt and he skipped down the stairs. As instructed, he began packing his lunchbox as soon as he was in the kitchen.

“Morning, love. Nice shower?” she said, jabbing her finger into his stomach playfully.

“Y-yeah, it was… nice. And soothing.”

She stifled her laugh. “I bet.” She handed him a cucumber.

Pierre’s eyes shot wide open, jaw dropping. “The hell is this for?”

She was unable to smother her laugh this time. “Your sandwich, of course.” She knew he was gay; and he knew she knew he was gay, though he thought he hid his playtime better.

“Whatever,” he bit out. He sliced up the cucumber, sprinkled some salad leaves, and slapped pieces of meat on top of a slice of bread. Throwing the other slice on top, he wrapped it in plastic and tossed it into his bag, with a bag of chips and yogurt following.

With not another word, he began speedwalking out of the house, lunchbox in hand.

“YOU FORGOT YOUR BAG!” he heard just as the door closed.

“Fuck me,” he silently growled, opening the door just enough to grab his backpack, hoping his mom wouldn’t say anything else.

“Love you, hun,” his mother said distantly, eyes on the TV.

“Yeah, yeah,” he said dejectedly.

The blush finally began leaving his face as he made his way to the bus stop. Once he had a moment to himself, he looked up to the dark blanket of the early morning sky, appreciating the barely visible wisps of cloud that fogged his view of the stars. He took a deep breath of fresh air and held it in his lungs before slowly letting it out, hoping that the rest of his day went more smoothly than his morning. Then again, his morning wasn’t all bad. In fact, it had been so good that just the thought of it was enough to start pumping blood to his cock. He felt it grow in his pants but he changed his train of thought in an effort to make it vanish.

After staring off into the distance for a good amount of time, he pulled out his phone and started browsing the web. He had a guilty pleasure of looking around online for hookups, even going so far as to send them pictures of his gaped hole, his thick cock, and his body—minus his face of course. Every aspect of him was out there online if anyone was interested, and most of them were. He could never bring himself to meet with anyone though. Every time he would chicken out and delete and block whoever was emailing him.

They never thought he was fifteen. What kind of squeaky kid had an eight inch dick? Even if he wasn’t of adult height, he could get away with it just from the hair on his dick.

“HEY PETER!” Pierre jumped, momentarily Ankara escort bayan startled. He shoved his phone into his pocket before he almost dropped it again.

“Oh, hey Matt.” He sighed, stretching his arms, showing off his muscles from his short sleeves. Though he was his best friend, he’d always had a crush on him. The worst experience with him had been when he’d been drunk at a party, Matt completely sober, and tried convincing him to suck his cock. Considering he also admitted his feelings for him, he probably remembered everything.

It sucked too. Most of his fantasies involved Matt in one form or another. At least nothing happened to their friendship.

“Ready for school?”

“Hah, fuck no. I didn’t do any of my math assignments and I got a four-page history essay due tomorrow. We’re supposed to he editing our rough drafts today, but I haven’t even done that, so I’m kinda fucked.”

“Then skip math and do your essay. You have math first, right?”

Pierre frowned. “After. I’m screwed six ways to Sunday.”

“Ah, it’ll be all right.” Matt grinned, throwing a comforting arm around his shoulder.

“Not at all! If I fail any of my classes, I’m gonna get kicked outta my extracurriculars.” He frowned. His hormones had been in a massive rage this year, so it has been incredibly hard to focus on anything but his cock for most of the semester. Sometimes he felt that if he just had a quickie with someone real fast, all his problems would be gone and he’d move on with his life.

Too bad it wasn’t that easy.

“That’s rough, man. Maybe you can do extra credit or something. Mr. Fortin takes work late without penalty, too. As long as the history is accurate, I guess. Maybe sucking his dick will put you ahead.” Matt doubled over, laughing.

Pierre’s eyes narrowed. “Fucker,” he muttered as his hand curled into a fist, flying into the boy’s abdomen. It did nothing, of course. Matt worked out just as hard as he did, probably more.

“Sorry, sorry!” he apologized, chuckling. “I get it. Sore subject. Won’t do it again,” he stated, whiping a tear of joy from his left eye.

Pierre coughed into his fist. “Anyways, no. I’m gonna bust my ass and hope I make good grades.”

Matt made a sound somewhere between a sneeze and cough as he caught himself from laughing. “Poor choice of words, Peter.”

“Go crucify yourself, Matt!” His fist lined up for another gut punch.

“I’ll say it again, Peter! No means no! No matter how much you want it!” Matt laughed as he flexibly dodged the punch, grabbing Peter into a faux bear hug.

Pierre began to blush as Matt’s taller and broader form curved over him. His cock was rapidly hardening, forming a crease in his jeans. Matt’s groin was right up his ass. The thought made his cock shiver.

He immediately caught himself in his fantasy, his leg falling as he stomped down on Matt’s foot. “Oh, come on!” Matt yelped as another punch came flying at him. He ducked this time, scooting back rapidly. Usually, they were cool messing with each other. This time seemed different, though. Pierre’s pissed-off frown spoke volumes of how he was feeling.

“Lighten up, dude! I was only screwing with you. Everything’ll be fine. I just wanted to distract you long enough to prove it,” the teenager said, grabbing Pierre from his shoulders. ” Just ’cause you’re gay doesn’t mean I’ll treat you differently, ya faggot!”

Pierre sighed, though a smirk formed from the corner of his mouth. Escort Ankara “Yeah, yeah, whatever. Sorry for hitting you, I guess.”

“No need. I was being a dick.”

“That’s for sure, asshole.”

Matt grinned back at Pierre. Luckily, they’d wasted enough time for the bus to pull up, ready to whisk them away to hell.

Pierre moved all the way to the back of the bus to the one-seater, so that he could sit by himself and do what he normally did on his phone—search for grown gay men to fuck him, that is. He sat quietly with a neutral face as he scrolled through various different hookup websites. Maybe one day he would build the courage to meet with someone. He let out a soft sigh, knowing he wouldn’t.

The day passed by rather blandly, just as Pierre knew it would. He got an F for his rough draft and his math homework, as well as a parent-teacher conference sheet. On the bus ride home he ignored Matt and just stared at the red colored paper asking for his mom to come in. “Fuck, how am I supposed to even begin to explain this?! I’m going to be grounded for sure.” He began to deflate the more he thought about it.

The last time he got grounded, his mom took his phone, his internet, and his iPod away. All he could do was study and write essays for an entire two weeks. It was essentially hell. Never mind, though. He would deal with the consequences when he got there.

He walked up to his house, seeing his mom’s car there, knowing that she was probably sitting in her office, waiting for him to come home and ask about his day. He sighed as he opened the door, getting ready for a few weeks of no fun.

Fortunately enough, the house was empty and all of the lights were off… and yet, his mother’s car was in the driveway. He cocked an eyebrow as he called out for his mom. “Hey, mom? Are you here?”

He turned on the lights to find a note pinned to the wall opposite of the front door.

Hey, hun!

Hope you had an awesome day today. I got called in to the hospital. The second anesthesiologist got the flu. I left some money for pizza. The tire was slashed (probably those fuckers across the street, the ones with that ugly daughter). Anyways, my friend picked me up. I’ll be home tomorrow, either in the morning or evening. I’ll try and call tonight before bedtime.

Love, Mom.

“Saved by the universe!” He laughed as he picked up the two twenties taped to the wall. It was a bit much, considering he was the only one eating pizza for two days, but who was he to question his mother?

The first thing he did was jump on the computer and start opening all of the hookup sites that he normally went to for fap material. Just as he started clicking around, it hit him. Today would be the day he would finally hook up with someone! The day he could finally live out his fantasy!

Quicker than he ever had before, he unclothed and began typing his requests. The ad would request for tall, muscular men. Of course, not anyone would do. He refused to be touched by a graying, old man. The man had to at least have chest hair, too, and know what to do with a virgin.

He added a couple of pictures of his gaping, hairless ass, his cock, and one with cum on his lips. Of course, it was his own cum, but he was about to get the real thing!

“And… post!” he excitedly exclaimed. In the meantime, he called the pizza place and placed his order. Once done, he headed into the shower and cleaned his asshole. He dried himself upon leaving the shower, hurrying to his computer.

Sure enough, there were quite a few notifications. However, only one stood out to him. The perfect man. It was only a matter of time now.