Guilt vs Pleasure..only a dream

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Guilt vs Pleasure..only a dreamI woke up this morning all in disarray…my heart was beating ten to the massive bosoms were skin was all clammy!! I knew it was not true…You see…I had this dream…an amazing dream that sent me into another world..I was walking along the forest..near our farm..just silly lonely aul me..and I felt I was being watched…the hairs on my arm and the nape of my neck stood on edge…I quickened my pace but ears all a-listening…As I got to the clearing..he was standing there…waiting..looking at me…no words spoken..just this cheeky grin on his rugged face…The day was warm…sun beating down…and this..this man blocking my path..I smiled to myself as all I then thought about was the woodcutter in the fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood”..He mistook that smile for something else…as he moved toward me and grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulling my head back he gave me the most amazing first I slammed the flat of both my palms into his chest trying to push him away…but..that lasted seconds as that kiss..him biting my lip…and his tongue tongue became alive and found its way into his mouth…I could not control myself..and felt every part of me begin to ache….awaken….in a good istanbul escort way mind…and respond to this ‘woodcutter’ of mine…there was a warmth building deep down..and my hands then started caressing my nipples through the cotton maxi dress I had on..the other hand went down and touched his front..and OMG…what was he packing?? I thought that if he let go of my hair..I would fall I had no support..Guilt vs Pleasure ..but..having someone suck on your tongue and kiss you so deeply..who wants to think of their morals??…he stopped kissing me. his steel grey eyes bore right through my soul..and he smiled again..I touched his hairy shadowed cheek, and my eyes shot wide open as then there was another..behind me..kissing my neck…fondling my massive mounds and tugging at my nipples…I could feel the strain…I wanted to break free..but..the pleasure I felt…my ‘woodcutter’ then lifted my leg..and me..being the age I am…thought..’fuck..I need to balance too..’ but my weight rested on the ‘surprise’ behind me..I had no knickers on..(convenient)..and I felt my woodcutter’s rigid cock touch my pussy lips..playing and teasing the sopping lips..and I began to feel embarrassed as there was a stream avcılar escort of liquid running down my legs…I just wanted him to fuck me hard..but he was teasing me…and your one ‘surprise’ continued to nuzzle me..caress my tits..and then he slid his finger into my hole..that was forbidden territory for me but shit.. it felt good…I was streaming now..and wanted them to fuck my pussy..and yes…he rammed into me from the front..I am certain he could feel my…and his movements were fast and hard and delicious…I started a low moan..then it became louder and louder..until I was screaming…I felt a breeze on my butt cheeks and realized that ‘surprise had lifted the dress and I could feel a wet hard cock push up against me…I could not move..I was frozen as I was dying with pleasure and delights from the front and at the same time shit scared at the outcome from the back…I felt it go in…he was gentle as I think he realized that this hole was never used…and then deeper and eventually I had two cocks up me…one pummeling away like a woodpecker and the other drilling me senseless from behind….all I could do was grab swinging ball sacs…and fondle and squeeze them until I heard the grunts and guttural sounds escaping şirinevler escort their lips…I could not hold back and screamed out as the frenzy overtook me…and a thickish milky liquid squirted from my pussy..(to my shock) and I felt him bursting inside of me as well..his head thrown back…and my ‘surprise’ was close as well…but…I felt all naughty and I yelled that I wanted him to come in my mouth..I wanted to taste the fuck who took my rear end…He swung me round..’woodcutter’s’ cock slipping out of me…and had me suck him as he thrust in my mouth so deep that I thought I was going to gag…swallow his cock…and I felt this warmth go down my throat…running down the sides of my mouth as I could not accommodate all that yummyness..’woodcutter’ went down on his knees and started licking my pussy…my clit hanging out like a teeny weeny cock..(a bit bigger than my ex’s) haa haa..’surprise’ then too went down and was sticking his tongue in my rear hole…sucking and licking sounds all round…I started gyrating pushing my big butt into his face…then forward…and soon could see the reaction it was causing to both these delicious looking creatures…I could not help myself…I was ready for round was a wonderful day…so take full advantage of it..but…the corner of my eye caught another beautiful mature male…and he had… on a lead…a four legged…!!!! This is when I woke up…all sweaty and wet down there..bed sheets damp…my hair plastered to my neck…I needed a shower…to gather my thoughts…to breathe…and was only a dream…..or not…??