Gunge Girls 08: Messy Masseuse

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Part 1 – James

So I was at the local… ‘adult entertainment’ store earlier this week. I was originally just there to look for a little somethin’ somethin’ to surprise my girl with. I knew the kind of kinky stuff she liked, because I overhear her talk about it with her girlfriends from time to time when they’re at the house; I’ve yet to figure out if they think I can’t hear them, or if they’re deliberately talking in earshot so I CAN hear. Point is, I know my girl likes going to that shop from time to time, looking for new things for our alone time. She gives me crap for never going to the store with her, like I’m embarrassed to go or something like that, but I do sometimes when she’s not around. I was finishing up making a special selection for her; some male lingerie that she always says I’d look good in.

I was about ready to go up to the register and check out when an odd flyer caught my eye that was pinned to the bulletin board in the back of the store. Something about a new massage place that specializes in male massages. Right off the bat, I had a few different ideas about what that could have meant, but maybe it wasn’t quite as dubious as it first sounded. I pulled the flyer off the board and folded it up. I figured I would look into it a bit later; I’ve never been into the whole massage thing, I guess spa days just seemed too girly for me, but an actual nice, professional massage might be refreshing.

I made my way up to the front counter and set my item down for the cashier to scan.

“Did you find everything you needed today?” the young woman at the counter asked. I’ve only been to the shop a few times in the past, but it seemed like she was the only one ever working there. Of course, it might just be that she’s the only one I ever noticed working there. She was drop-dead gorgeous, in like a hot, sexy, femme fatale sort of way, with her sleek, black tank top and impossibly tight black jeans. She looked like the kind of girl you’d cast as a hot spy or vampire or something in a movie, especially with that black hair and piercing eyes and… “Yes?” she said. Was I staring too long? I must have been staring too long. Why was I even staring at all? I have a perfectly hot girlfriend waiting for me at home for fuck sake.

“Uh, yeah. That’s it,” I said.

“Good choice. Planning to surprise a special someone with this?”

“That is the plan,” I answered.

“That will be thirteen fifty…”

I pulled my card out of my wallet and handed it to her. She swiped it on her register and placed my purchase in a little black bag as we waited for the receipt to print. She stuffed the slip into the bag and handed it to me.

“Anything else I can help you with today?” She asked.

I was about to say no and walk off, but I remembered the flyer I had in my hand. I figured since it was posted in the store, she might have a bit more info for me.

“Actually, yeah,” I said. I unfolded the paper and set it down in front of her. “I saw this hanging on the board back there and was kinda interested. You don’t happen to know anything about it at all, do you?”

She pondered the flyer for a moment before answering, “I do, actually. This woman specializes in a sort of experimental massage therapy. She does it for both men and women, but she does advertise her services separately since a lot of men tend to be less likely to give it a try. Personally, I recommend it. I haven’t heard of anyone being unsatisfied with it.”

“Good to know, I’ll look into it.” I took the paper back and exited the store.

“Have a good day,” the cashier said.

I pondered the idea of giving the massage thing a try for my entire drive home, and when I finally got back in the house, I decided to go for it and call to make an appointment.

Three days later, I was back in the car and on the way to my appointment. Given the circumstances, I kinda purposely neglected telling my girlfriend about it, just in case she had any odd objections or was desperate to go a long, which normally I would have been okay with, but I was kinda liking the idea of going solo for it. Fortunately, her job had her working at a different location than usual an hour away, so I would be gone and home before she even knew.

When I arrived at the address, I had to do a double take and make sure it was correct. I was expecting a fancy spa building of some kind, but it was literally a house. It was a nice house, it just seemed odd, but I suppose if it was some kind of start up business, it certainly would be the cheapest option, and probably the most comfortable. I got out of my car and headed up the steps. I took one deep breath, knowing I was approaching the point of no return, and rang the doorbell. I was completely floored when the door opened. There, standing in the doorway in a short, white dress was the same girl that was running the front counter at the sex shop when I was there several days earlier.

“Hello,” She greeted.

“You!?” I replied.


“Well, kinda. I thought I was here for a massage thingy.”

“You kaçak iddaa are. You are James, right? My eleven o’clock?”

“Yeah, but…”

“Well, come on in, don’t be shy.” She ushered me in and closed the door behind me.

“So you work at the shop AND do this?” I asked.

“Part time. This has kinda been a new thing for me lately.”

“No wonder you talked it up.”

“I’ve only started this recently, but I’m not kidding when I say everyone whose come for this procedure enjoyed it. I’m Lexa, by the way, I’ll be performing the massage therapy.”

“Alright, well, where to?” I asked.

“Right this way.” She led me through her living room and over to a doorway that obviously led to the basement. It was actually nicer than I expected. It was finished off with a nice tile floor and had a few rooms in the back, one looked like a bathroom and the other turned out to be a dressing room of sorts. And in the center of the basement was a booth made of curtains with a very soft looking bed on it, which I assumed is where the massage would take place. I followed her into the dressing room where she briefed me on the process.

“Alright. The first step is going to be getting you in the proper uniform.” She opened a cabinet and pulled out a black rubber suit, the kind like you would see at one of those fetish clubs or something; I actually saw a couple at the sex shop the other day.

“What’s that for?” I asked.

“The latex acts as a second skin, and by its nature, and also helps to intensify the sensations so the massage will feel even more satisfactory,” She explained.

“So, am I supposed to be completely naked when I put this on or leave my boxers on?” The question felt weird coming out of my mouth, but I felt I should ask. I’ve seen photos and videos of girls in latex suits before, and you could tell they didn’t have anything on underneath, so it would probably be best that I knew for sure.

“Naked is best. It will be more comfortable for sure.” She closed the door and let me dress in peace.

I stripped out of my clothes and began sticking my feet and legs inside the suit. It slid on a lot easier than I was expecting, although the inside was a bit greasy, so I’m guessing she had it pre-treated with a lube of some kind. As it slid over my crotch, I noticed that it had a pouch of sorts built into it. I wasn’t one of those people that ever really got into the latex thing, or BDSM, or anything like that, but it was good to know my friend had somewhere to go if for some reason I started getting turned on, which was good, cuz this suit was tight. I finally got my arms in and pulled it up around my shoulders. Next was the hard part, the zipper was in the back. I thought I was going to need Lexa’s help getting it up, but with a little creative thinking, I was able to get the zipper all the way up with the help of a coat hanger. All ready to go, and still feeling a bit odd in the suit, I exited the door and looked for Lexa.

She was waiting for me inside the curtained booth next to the bed. And she apparently swapped out her cute white dress for a black latex bikini.

“Well, don’t be shy,” she said, “come on in.”

My mind definitely changed about one thing; like I said before, I wasn’t typically into the latex thing, but seeing that perfectly sculpted figure in that shiny bikini was doing things to me. I instantly started to feel my dick grow. It slid across the slippery latex until it became a full-blown hard on, even pressing against the boundaries of the pouch a bit. And there was no hiding it, even though I tried.

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” she said, looking directly at my growing bulge, “it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

She directed me to lay on the bed face down. She began leaning over me and pressing her hands into my upper back, giving a little bit of a twist each time. It actually did feel nicer than I expected, and she was right, the latex did seem to amplify the sensations a bit. Each time she place her hand on me, the suit gave me a sort of tingly feeling. As she continued her massage, she moved further down my back, stopping for a few moments to give my butt cheeks a few good squeezes of their own. Was it part of her massage process, probably, but I couldn’t help but think there were some ulterior motives for that too. After the little attention to my ass, she moved down my legs and to my feet. And just as my boner was finally subsiding, she had me turn around so I was face up.

As I was getting into my new position, she adjusted the top half of the bed up a bit so my upper body was slightly elevated.

“So how was that?” She asked.

“Surprisingly relaxing,” I replied, “It was better than I expected.”

“Well, that’s good, cuz now we’re about to get to the fun part.”

“What fun part?” I asked, nervously.

She opened a drawer in a small cabinet and pulled out a clear, rubber hose that was maybe an inch and a half wide, and hooked it up to what looked like one of those big water cooler jugs that looked like it was painted kaçak bahis green. She then proceeded to pull the collar of my suit away from my neck and slide the hose in. She slid it in until it was right around the center of my chest, based on how much it stuck out, and went back to the water cooler.

“What it this for?” I asked, “What is that?”

“It’s a little substance of my own design. It’s helps relax you as well as help you get that all over feel. Don’t worry, just let it fill you.”

She turned a small knob on the tank, and the hose immediately began filling up with a thick, green liquid. I watched as the stream entered the neck of the suit, and before I knew it, my suit was completely filling up with this slimy, green substance. And it was warm. She let the stuff flow until the tank was completely empty, and then finally took the hose out.

“So, how does it feel so far?”

“Good.” That was really all I could say. I was still trying to come to terms with the sensations myself. Because of the angle of the bed, nearly all the stuff pooled around my ass and groin inflating the suit a bit like a giant balloon, a giant balloon full of slime.

“Let’s get you feeling even better, shall we?” her question was completely rhetorical she didn’t want an answer, she just went straight for rubbing the stuff into my body more.

She started by sticking her hands down to my crotch and pushing a bubble of the slime up to my chest and rubbing it in. It felt good, but I began to notice something that felt a bit better. Once again, my dick was growing, but it felt so much different this time. It felt free as it floated in the pool of slime I was sitting in, and every time Lexa went down there to scoop some of the slime up to my chest, it sloshed around in a way that made me feel extra tingly. I’ve never had such trouble resisting the urge to touch myself, and for a moment, I didn’t even realize I was doing it.

“It looks like someone is getting a bit turned on…” she said.

“M-maybe,” I stammered.

“It’s okay,” she reassured me, “I’ve come to expect it.”

“Do your clients get turned on often?” I asked.

“Oh, all the time. Although that’s partially because I always conclude with the happy ending treatment.”

“The ‘happy ending’ treatment?” I asked, sitting up slightly. She gently pushed me back down to the bed.

“Just relax,” she said.

She went back to the cabinet she got the hose from and opened another drawer. Her hand vanished into it and returned with a bright pink massage wand, the kind that women typically used to pleasure themselves, and brought it over to the bed. She pulled up a small stool and sat down next to me. As soon as I heard it click on and begin buzzing frantically, I knew exactly what was about to happen.

I figured there was no point in fighting it. On one hand, it felt wrong that I was about to be gotten off by another woman, like I was cheating, but I also couldn’t stop myself. I didn’t want to stop myself. My dick was throbbing so hard in the slime filled catsuit, that I probably could have gotten off just thinking about it. And oh my god, when the wand finally made contact with my body, that was it. It’s so hard to describe the feeling. When she first started, she slowing moved the vibrator in a circular motion around my crotch, very careful not to actually make contact with my dick just yet. Not that it mattered, the way the vibrations moved through the slime surrounding my cock and balls felt like it was right there anyway.

“So how do you want it?” Lexa asked. “Fast?” She said as she placed the vibrator directly on my cock, “or slow?” as she moved it back to the outside by my hips and thighs.

By this point, I was raging. I needed to release. I wanted to cum so bad, and I didn’t want to wait. “Fast,” I answered.

On cue, she placed the buzzing head of the wand on my shaft and slowly moved it up and down. I hadn’t even cum yet an my body was starting to go numb with pleasure. She continued moving back and forth on my dick until I stopped her motion when the want was at my sweet spot.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum!” I grunted in a low whisper.

“Then cum, baby,” Lexa said.

My eyes began to blur and roll back as the waves of pleasure hit me. I felt wave after wave of my hot cum erupt out of me and mingle with the slime as it charged through it. It was definitely the best orgasm I ever experienced, and it felt like I spewed a gallon of cum into that latex suit. Lexa turned the vibrator off and let me catch my breath.

“So, how was it?” She asked.

“Amazing,” I said, “But I think I made a really big mess in your suit.”

“That’s good, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear.”

“Is that so?” I said.

“Absolutely. If you didn’t add to the mess I already poured in there, than the procedure wasn’t a success.”

“I supposed.”

“Well, since I’ve performed the extent of my procedure, and you shot your load at the end, then that concludes our session here. The shower is just around the corner there, so feel free to illegal bahis wash off, and when you’re done, come back upstairs and I’ll run your card for payment.”

“Sounds good,” I said.

“And you can just leave the suit on the floor in the bathroom,” She continued, “I’ll take care of it later.

With all the excess, slippery substances that filled the suit, it slid off rather easily and quickly. I got in the shower, and after about ten minutes of rinsing in the hot water, I finally got everything off and was able to get dressed again.

I skipped up the stairs to find Lexa waiting at her kitchen counter, already back in her white dress, with a laptop and a card reader.

“Welcome back.”


“Well, your total today will come to a hundred and fifty.”

I pulled my card out of my wallet and passed it to her. I also pulled out a fifty dollar bill that had been sitting in my wallet for a few days and placed it on the counter as well.

“Consider that a tip for the excellent service,” I said.

“Well thank you,” she replied.

She handed me my receipt, and I briskly exited her house before I considered setting up another appointment; I didn’t need that temptation. And I certainly didn’t need the guilt. For obvious reasons, I have exactly zero incentive to tell my girlfriend about this experience. Well… maybe I do, if I knew she wouldn’t be mad about another woman essentially jacking me off, I might like to try this slime thing with her.


Part 2 – Pixxie

I couldn’t believe the day was finally here. I had set up an appointment with this woman that does what she calls an “experimental massage therapy.” Her ad and website didn’t really go into any of the specifics about what that all entails, but I happened to have a bit of an inside scoop from a friend of mine.

Now, according to my friend, this woman essentially uses gunge and slime as a sort of massage lube, working it all into your skin, which is supposed to make your skin nice and smooth and all, but then at the end, she gives you a very special massage to “finish you off,” as my friend put it. I can see why she doesn’t go into the details of her experimental therapy, the whole slime thing would probably scare a lot of potential clients away if they knew, but not me. See, I have a huge messy fetish, one I think started back in my childhood watching Slime Time on Nickelodeon, among other things, and I’ve always wanted to get messy. Unfortunately, due to my past living conditions, notably living at home with my parents for some time and always having a roommate, it was never feasible for me to do any kind of messy play myself, but god did I want to. And much more than I care to admit, it was very much a sexual thing for me. I watch videos from time to time of guys and girls getting slimed, and it turns me on. Truth be told, I didn’t even care about the actual semi-formal massage part of this thing, I just wanted to get straight to the sexy stuff.

My best friend Chelsey is pretty much the only one who knows about my fetish, and thanks to her curiosity, was the one who discovered this woman’s little project. She knew I’d want a chance at it, and as soon as she told me, I set up my appointment right away. I was absolutely giddy with excitement as I pulled into the driveway and made my way to the door of the house she worked out of. A big smile spread across my face as I rang the doorbell.

A few seconds passed before I was greeted by a (freakishly hot) young woman with long black hair and shorter, white, business dress. I’m not usually into women, but I’d totally take her for a ride if I could; but none of those invasive thoughts.

“Hello,” she said, “you must be Pixxie.”

“I am indeed,” I confirmed.

“Well, come on in and we can get started. I’m Lexa, and I’ll be performing the massage therapy for you today.”

I stepped into her rather gorgeous living room. I patiently waited while she ran over to her kitchen to take care of something on her laptop before returning to lead me on.

“You look like you’re having a good day,” she said.

“Oh, I’m just really exited for this,” I replied. “A friend of mine told me what you do here, and I just had to try it.”

“Well good, I’m glad to hear you’re excited for this.”

“Yeah. I kinda have a messy fetish, but I’ve never been able to try it myself for real, so this is kinda my first time.”

“A fellow WAM enthusiast, well how about that.”

I followed her down the stairs to her very nice, pristine basement with tile floors and walls. Naturally, I headed for the massage bed I saw in the center of the room, but Lexa pulled me away.

“Not quite yet, sweetie, we got one small step first.”

She led me to a small room with a chair and a table. She opened a wardrobe in the corner with some garments on the shelves and pulled out a latex catsuit.

“The first step is putting this on.”

“Oh, I don’t need that,” I said, “I want to feel the gunge all over my body, not just on a rubber suit.”

“Exactly,” Lexa said, “The latex is to make sure we don’t lose or waste any of the gunge. Once we get you to the massage bed, I’m going to fill the suit with the gunge, that way, none of it escapes and you can feel it all over.”