Gym Class

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Gym ClassIt was my third year of high school and I was the aide for the PE coaches. I was lucky because I got to do this the last two hours of the day and it was cake. There were two coaches for the boys and two for the girls and I got to help out with all four. The two coaches for the girls, one was very girlie. I mean one was very hot, she was right out of college and pretty. All the boys talked about her. The other coach seemed very manly, you know, short hair, shaped like a man, no makeup. She scared every one. I would always cut thru the girls locker room on the way out of school when I was done in the gym. I don’t know why, guess I was hoping to catch some one naked which was stupid as everyone was always gone way before I got to go. Well today that changed. Them manly woman coach was in the shower when I walked by. Coach Carol Foster was all naked and made no attempt to cover or hide anything when I walked by. As a matter of fact she stopped me and wanted to talk to me about something. “Hey Craig, come here for a second. Let me finish showering, hey you got a couple of minutes to come to my office.” Carol said as she rinsed off giving me a full frontal view and I must say she did not look manly at all. Nice tits, wide hips, neatly trimmed dark haired bush. Smooth legs. She dried off with a towel and then threw it over her shoulders and we walked canlı bahis to office. I watched her bare ass shake as she strolled the locker room. Once in her office and sat down in her chair and was about to speak when the phone rang and she picked up. She put one leg on the desk and the other on the floor. I had a clear up close view of her cute, wet pussy. I mean plenty of pink showing. And Coach made no attempt to cover up. As a mater of fact she smiled at me and even winked as she spoke on the phone. Then she got off the phone and said. “Craig, oh shoot, I did not mean to give you a show, I am probably scaring you with this thing, all the cute young ones you get into all the time.” “No Coach, I have not seen any others and yours is very cute. I like how you have it trimmed.” I said trying to be cool but sounding totally stupid. Then the phone rang again. Coach picked it up and started talking. She pointed to her snatch and I was not sure what she wanted. I knelt down and buried my face in her cunt. I had watched some videos on the internet on how to eat out a girl and thought that is what she wanted. I could clearly see her clit and went for it. Her freshly showered pussy had a great smell and she was wet. I swirled my tongue around her clit and could tell I was having an effect by her twitching and her breathing. Coach could not talk any bahis siteleri more on the phone and hung up, then with both hands she guided my head where to go and how hard to suck and lick. Another minute and Carol screamed out “I am cumming, OH! Yes ! Cumming!” She squeezed her legs tightly around my head and shuddered then relaxed. “I was not expecting that at all.” Carol said as she stood up and looked around the office. Then she leaned back against the desk and opened her legs. “Come here.” She said as she pulled me to her. She pulled down my sweat pants and fondled my cock. Then she slid my cock head up and down her gaping pussy several time and then stopped at the opening to hole. With one hand she guided my cock and the other on my hip she pulled me forward. I watched as my cock was swallowed by her pussy. The feeling of Coach Carol’s tight warm pussy around my dong was amazing. I could not believe I was fucking her right there in her office. “How does that feel? Do you like it, I felt like I had to return the favor.” Carol said I pushed in and then pulled out slowly trying not cum to fast. “Is this your first time?” “Yes, it is my first time and it feels great. I am going to cum, can I cum inside you?” I said as my cock exploded pumping my young sperm deep into Coach’s womb. “Yes, yes, I love the feeling of your cock pumping me full of your bahis şirketleri cum. My husband would not like it but I do.” I thought I was going to collapse before I got done jizzing. “Did you say husband?” I said as I pulled my deflated cock from Coach’s dripping pussy. ” Yes, I am married so keep this a secret between us. How did you learn to eat pussy like that if this was your first? ” Carol quizzed. “I watched videos on the internet.” I said looking at her gooey cunt and getting hard again. “Well, you get an A plus for that project. But I was trying to get you to pick up that book off the floor from under my desk as I wanted to show something. That is what I was pointing at and then all of a sudden you have your face buried in my snatch. You knew the right buttons to hit.” She pulled me towards her again and this time my cock slid easily into her gooey cunt. I pumped coach for several minutes this time before flooding her womb with more jizz. “My goodness, I am going to have to shower again. You pumped enough cum inside me to knock up four girls.” Coach said with a laugh. We both walked back and showered off then dressed. “I need to go meet my husband, but we need to fuck again, i guess we are fuck buddies, never had a fuck buddy before. I want you inside me again so let me know when you have some time. Maybe we can go some where besides my office. I don’t want it to smell like fuck all the time. I will figure out a spot and let you know.” Coach said as she locked the door. There is nothing manly about that woman. I can’t wait to drain my balls inside her again.