Halloween Mom

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Halloween MomIt’s hard to believe it’s been a year since that fateful night. Almost impossible to comprehend the changes that have occurred in my life, in my outlook on life, on who I’ve become… on what I’ve become… on the horrible things I’ve done…I’m going to drink from her breasts tonight… those beautiful orbs that are filled with thick, delicious creamy milk that her body has manufactured for my sister.Then I’m going to make love with her… unmasked at last.I think I finally decided to do it simply because I had a bigger penis than my dad. To prove that you can’t fuck around with the Miller men. For the family’s honor. For my grandfather… and my great grandfather… and my great, great grandfather… and my…But of course it was never really as simple as that. You don’t decide to fuck your mother because your cock is bigger than your father’s.Oh, I could blame Mr. Parker, Mr. Graham fucking Parker with his smooth talk and his oily manner. With his fat prick. What an asshole he was! But I made him pay.Or I could blame mom for letting the bastard, her boss, fuck her. I could blame her for making dad a cuckold, for making yours truly the son of a cuckold.Or blame dad for letting another man stick his cock in his wife. I mean what kind of man lets another man cum between his wife’s legs? What would have granddad Miller thought of that?Or I could look in the mirror…You know, I’d always believed we were a pretty typical family. A happy family. The Stan Millers of Roanoke, Virginia, U.S.A…June 2006, Roanoke, VirginiaAt the time it all started, my dad, Stanley Albert Miller, was a forty year old C.P.A./Financial Adviser who owned his own successful company and had a beautiful, intelligent wife and an eighteen year old son. Who had coached his sons Little League baseball team and who had liked nothing better than spending his Saturday or Sunday afternoons teaching his son the finer points of angling. Who, though quiet, was respected by just about everyone who met him. He was a Shriner.And his wife Patricia, my mom, a smiling extrovert, popular with everyone, who’d had a c***d as a s*******n year old high school senior, yours truly in fact, then had juggled school and me over the next five years before joining the labor force when I’d started kindergarten. And then she had never looked back.They never had another c***d after I had appeared. Dad, a college junior at the time I was conceived, had run into mom, a neighbor girl he’d known forever, then a sixteen year old, at a college frat party. Somehow Dad, relatively innocent at the time, perhaps more so than the much younger Patricia Adams, impregnated mom before he got her home, then, with absolutely no regrets, married her three months later. Over the years I’d learned that Dad would have loved to have had more c***dren but it had never happened.And my guess was that he had never cheated on her, shit, probably he had never even thought about cheating on her in the almost twenty years since that night. He was happy. Successful. He loved his wife. Had a satisfying sex life. Was proud of his son. He had lots of friends. He was living the American dream! He didn’t know, or at least didn’t let on, that his wife had made him a cuckold.And then there was me, William (Will) Albert Stanley Miller, named after three generations of Miller men. I was the k** who grew up on a tree lined street of beautiful, single family homes each on their own half acre meticulously manicured lot. A house that had a pool and a pool table. A house big enough that the only son of the family didn’t just have a large private bedroom, but actually his own suite that included a bedroom, a playroom/library, and a full bathroom with shower and sauna. In my own wing of the house.Who, lets face it, grew up spoiled, not wanting for anything. Who rode around town on his motorcycle with lots of spending money in his pocket.I was eighteen when it happened, I had a cute girlfriend, got pretty good marks in school, was the clean-up hitting first baseman of our high school team… I had already slept with two women.The first, a college coed from New York had taken my virginity on a Florida beach a week after my eighteenth birthday during our annual family Easter vacation. And in spite of my awkward first attempts at lovemaking she had been tender and kind and encouraging, and it must have been good for her because we’d spent the remaining seven days of the vacation locked in each others arms. Mom and dad had looked on knowingly, maybe sad that my manhood signaled the beginning of the end of my dependence upon them, but I think also happy to see how uncomplicated my transition to a sexual being had been.My girlfriend Susie, who I’d been dating on and off for a couple of years, succumbed to my entreaties two weeks after I’d returned home from Florida. She was bowled away by my sudden confidence in matters sexual. And it was good between us. Even great! In fact the sex we shared was much better than the rest of our relationship had ever been.It was a Tuesday afternoon when it happened, just three days left before our summer vacation was to start. Life was good. I had just wandered into the town center after school had finished that afternoon when I looked up and saw them fifty feet away across the square…Tuesday, June 20th, 2006 Mom And Mr. ParkerMom had gone to work for Mr. Parker’s agency four years ago, in 2002, lured away from the real estate agency she’d worked at for ten years by promises made by the smooth talking owner/salesman.If I’d seen what I saw that late June day a year earlier it would have gone completely over my head. I never would have been sophisticated enough in the ways of men and women to have recognized the signs. But I hadn’t been a year younger.It was just a simple caress, a soft movement of his hand through mom’s hair and then across her cheek. It was a cupping of her chin in his hand for a second as he bent and whispered something in her ear. The smile she gave him back that even I, at fifty feet away could recognize for what it was. A lovers moment!My mother was fucking her asshole boss! The knowledge smashed into my brain, the conclusion unarguable. I stumbled away from the scene stunned, and then ended up a half hour later in my girlfriend Susie’s room, with no memory of how I got there.”Does your dad fool around?” I asked her, trying to sound casual, after we’d spent twenty minutes talking, listening to music and making out. I’d been shaking inside the whole time.”Of course he does. Why do you think they got divorced? Mom too,” she answered in a matter of fact voice. “They all do,” she said with a teenager’s complete confidence, then added, “they get married… then five or ten years later they start-“”But-“”Did you catch your old man fooling around? Is that what this is all about Will? Its normal… they all do it.””But surely your mom doesn’t?” I pled.”She’s screwing Dr. Jacobs?””The dentist?” I asked incredulously.”She’s getting drilled twice a week is my sweet mom,” she said with a laugh, then put her hand in my lap and asked, “Do you want to use your big drill on poor little Susie Dr. Miller?”I did use my ‘big drill’ on Susie during the subsequent twenty minutes but I really hadn’t wanted to. I’d wanted to tell her my parents had a perfect marriage… that they never cheated… that they loved each other. As we lay on her bed afterward, naked, my sperm oozing from between her legs, she asked, “Is he as big as you?””Who?” I asked stupidly.”Your daddy.””My dad?””His prick. If he is its no wonder he’s got all those women chasing him,” she answered as she lifted my cock off my thigh. “Your mom is soooo lucky,” she added, then closed her lips over my sticky cockhead.But I knew he wasn’t as big as me… and that it was mom who was doing the running around. How fucking lucky was that I asked myself as Susie hungrily swallowed my lengthening shaft?The next day in homeroom class I looked around at my classmates and after doing a quick count realized the parents of at least eighteen out of the twenty-nine were divorced, maybe more. My best buddy Jimmy, whose parents weren’t divorced, told me over lunch in the school cafeteria that his old man had a mistress.”But he’s too old,” I protested. “What about your mom? Does she know?””She must. But I don’t think she really cares Will. I think she’s probably happy about it. It just means she doesn’t have to sleep with him so often, I don’t think she’s into sex,” Jimmy said with a shrug of his shoulders.”How do you know about his girlfriend? Who is she?””He left something lying around the house. Then I heard a telephone conversation,” he said with a wink. “She’s a college student.””Your old man’s fucking a coed? But he’s sixty years old,” I protested.”It still gets hard at sixty Will. Or at least they want it to. Why the fuck do you think every second commercial on TV is for Viagra?” Before I could answer he added, “But if your old man is screwing around he’s a fool. Your mom’s the sexiest women within fifty miles.””Screw off,” I muttered.”She is, she can have me any day she wants,” he answered as he suggestively ran his hand up and down the crotch of his jeans.If he hadn’t been my best friend, and if we hadn’t had a history of discussing women we’d like to fuck, of teasing each other, I might have clocked him. Instead I answered, “With that little thing you got, she wouldn’t know you were in her.””God I’d love to see her naked?” he continued with a leer. “What’re her nipples like Will? Does she shave down there?” he asked, his questions staccato like, with an evil smile, clearly trying to get a rise out of me. We knew each other too well!”Fuck you,” I grumbled but it wasn’t Jimmy who had me pissed off. It was Mr. fucking Parker!The truth is I’d seen dad naked fairly recently. Just last month. After we’d played tennis at the club and were showering. That’s why I knew I was bigger. But I’d never seen mom naked… in a bikini yeah, or in her bra, but not naked. I’d heard them making love once but that was years ago, almost before I even knew what it was all about. But I’d never thought of my mom as a sexual being before. I had never felt the slightest sexual attraction towards her. She was just mom.Yeah my buddies had teased me about her a bit… had more than once said the same kinds of things Jimmy had just said. Mom was the youngest, and by far the hottest mother, among my circle of friends, even I had recognized that. But it had never translated into any feelings on my part. Screw your mom? Yuck, I’d thought.Was she really that sexy I wondered as I sat in class that afternoon? It was Wednesday, June 21st, 2006, and in two days my junior year of high school would be finished and I’d be free for the summer. One more year and then I’d be off to University. I was eighteen years old. The world shoulda been my oyster. But I’d just found out my mom was cheating on dad. Screwing her boss. And I knew I just had to do something about it!Summer Of 2006 – SpyingIt was just a typical evening at the Miller house that Wednesday night, Dad grilling ribs and veggies on the BBQ on the patio by the pool while Mom threw together a salad and opened a bottle of wine. Everything was pretty normal except the crazy thoughts that were bouncing around inside my head.Sipping a coke while I talked sports with dad, my eyes kept drifting through the open patio doors to mom as she moved back and forth in the kitchen. She was still dressed in her normal work clothes, one of her many suits that said just screamed ‘top real estate agent’. Today she’d worn an ivory colored French cut outfit that featured a soft, three button jacket over matching linen skirt.”Hey you, lazyones, I could use some help,” she yelled through the doors at me.”Can you set the table honey, pour the wine, I’m just going to run up and change?” she asked when I wandered in, and then as she started out of the room I watched as she undid the top button of her jacket. But then she turned back and leaned over and grabbed a fat slice of tomato from the salad and popped it in her mouth.When she had leaned over I saw that all she had on under her jacket was a pale yellow, lace demi-bra. Her breasts were spilling out of it! Full, ripe breasts that were much bigger than Susie’s. For the first time in my life I felt the sexual aura my mom threw off. I let this new feeling roll over me as my cock lengthened in my shorts, as I started to understand what Jimmy had been talking about at lunch.”You’re not looking bad for an old chick ma,” I said to her back as she started to move away, the type of teasing line that she was used to receiving from her only son. But as I gave her the wolf whistle my eyes were aware of every curve on my mom’s perfectly put together butt. And my whistle had a hard-on behind it.”Yeah right,” she laughed as she looked back, but there was a happy gleam in her eyes.When she came back five minutes later her long black hair had been released and was bouncing wildly over her shoulders and halfway down her back. Mom was one of those women who look good in anything and even dressed simply in a short skirt and shiny scarlet cami looked not only gorgeous but also ten years younger than her thirty-six years.A trace of perfume wafted in her wake as she passed me as she walked over and then bent and hugged dad.”Wow!” Dad exclaimed playfully, than gave me a leering look as he pulled his wife of twenty years down onto his lap.”Stop it,” mom laughed as she leaned back into her husband’s warm embrace. Her pleated white skirt, a short mini style tennis cut, danced up her golden thighs as her sandaled feet were lifted off the floor. Laughing happily, they were both oblivious to the hungry stare their son’s eyes were directing at the small, lacy vee of yellow cloth that was suddenly exposed. A piece of cloth that just seemed to highlight the triangle of pubic fur that was a dark, ominous shadow that easily was visible beneath it.”Don’t you wish you had one of these Will?” dad joked when he and mom broke their embrace.”They broke the mold dad, I’ll never find anyone like mom,” I teased back, my smile as tight as my pants seemed to be over my straining cock.”You’ve got Susie, she’s lovely,” mom said as she got up off dad’s gaziantep rus escortlar lap patting her skirt down. But even I could hear mom’s underlying thought that ‘she’s not nearly good enough for myyyy son’.”Let’s eat,” dad ordered.I dreamt of making love with my mother for the first time that night. Then I woke up near dawn groaning as my penis spurted out its creamy tribute to her allure.In the days and weeks that followed I realized I was as mad at dad as I was at mom and her asshole boss. As I started to spy on my parents I couldn’t help asking myself what kind of man would let his wife sleep around with who knows how many different men? Susie’s stories about her mother’s escapades had made me assume the worst about my mom. How many others were there? Who were they? Were other men making dad, and indirectly me, a fool? Were they laughing at us? How long had she been doing this?I was angry and embarrassed. I hated to see mom go out the door in the morning as I wondered if she was on her way to sleep with her boss. Or someone else. Watching dad I realized he would never be able to stop his wife’s sexual roving, that it was up to another Miller man to bring his wife to heel. That it was up to me to punish the philandering bastard who, every time he thrust his cock between mom’s thighs, was shaming me.Do you know that a normal American citizen, who is willing to spend a couple of thousand bucks in twenty-first century America, can buy himself enough spy gear to stock a good sized P.I. agency. I found that I, an eighteen year old Virginia teenager, could just log on to the internet and buy just about anything I needed. Cheaply! Like:-miniature pinhole wireless cameras-microphones-wireless UHF telephone bugs-digital GPS car tracking ‘real time’ devicesSo I bought some!I started with dad and mom’s bedroom and bathroom, installing wireless cameras with microphones that could be both recorded to tape as well as watched live on my laptop. The stuff had only arrived on the 29th of June, a Thursday, the Fed-Ex package actually signed for innocently by mom. “Just some computer stuff ma,” I’d answered casually to her question of what I’d bought.”Speaking of computers dear, you’ve got to get mine organized, I’m having some serious problems,” she’d answered.”Sure, you want me to do it tonight?” I asked. And so, that night, I, the ever helpful son, got total access to her desktop in the den and her ever present laptop. I memorized the passwords to her e-mail and date book, her bank accounts, hell everything.Then I figured out how to use the new stuff I’d bought the next day, and then, when dad and mom were out Saturday afternoon, I installed the bugs and cameras in their bedroom and bathroom. What a son!Then I watched, alternatively ashamed and excited, as my father made love to my mother that night. A grainy porno film gone wrong! Lying in my own bed, stroking myself to orgasm as dad’s hips thrust urgently into his moaning wife. It was a disgusting, unforgivable invasion of privacy! My cock was bigger than dads. I knew I’d be able to satisfy her better than he ever could.I have to warn you — you’ll never look at your parents the same way if it ever happens to you. Voyeurism can almost turn into a disease. Watching your mother’s tits and nipples and mouth and cunt and ass being touched and penetrated. Aroused and licked. Fucked.Watching your mother on her knees between the legs of your father, her lips opening to take in his prick, disgusts you even as it excites. Hearing her cry out, ‘Fuck me daddy, fuck me hard with your big prick’, was so contrary to everything she’d always represented to me all my life. And yet I watched — spellbound. Wishing it was my cock in her mouth.How can I describe my parent’s sex life? I’d had no idea what was normal for a couple that had been married twenty years. On the one hand, a boy has porn films he invariably has been exposed to as a reference. But even I, at eighteen, knew that the actions of porn stars cavorting through every conceivable coupling wasn’t even remotely close to reality.And my own experiences were too new and too personal to represent some ‘normal’ level of sexual activity that I could compare to my parents.I watched over those summer weeks. I learned their routines, their sexual likes and dislikes. Heard stuff a boy should never know about his parents.They averaged out to sex twice a week. Usually a Thursday or Friday night and then most Sunday nights. Dad loved to have mom take him into her mouth prior to intercourse but she almost never let him come in her mouth. It was foreplay. Dad didn’t like going down on mom, from her comments it clearly was a long standing but relatively small bone of contention between them.They weren’t very athletic in their couplings. No Kama Sutra of positions between the Millers! Missionary position and doggie style was their complete repertoire. The Sunday sex usually involved only one male orgasm but the Thursday or Friday ones usually featured two and once even three male spurtings.Dad’s cock seemed relatively average, both in girth and length. Maybe six inches fully erect. It seemed to work fine.They seemed to enjoy the sex. There was never any angry words, no recriminating accusations. They invariably fell asleep smiling in each others arms. But somehow it just wasn’t… I don’t know, maybe intense is the word I’m looking for. It lacked passion… v******e… need.And I noticed that Mother hardly ever had an orgasm during sex, and when she did it was invariably produced by the urgent manipulation of her clitoris by her fingers as dad fucked her doggie style. It was clear from watching that her sex drive was significantly greater than dad’s.Watching spellbound in my room, knowing that mother was going elsewhere for sex, I couldn’t help but mutter advice as I watched my father with mom. As I stroked my own long penis to the rhythms of mother’s sexual groans I’d yell out unheard instructions to dad.”Not yet… no, don’t do that… slower… faster… ,” an endless litany that I hoped would somehow be heard and understood, and then acted on by dad.And yet he’d invariably cum before mom was ready, and well before my cock was ready to spew out its load of thick cum. It simply became clear as the days and weeks passed that if I didn’t want mom to stray in the future that I’d have to give her what she needed myself. Whether she wanted me to or not!What’s worse, I’d asked myself endlessly as the days had passed, to have my mom sleeping around town disgracing herself and belittling dad, shaming our family, or for me, her son, satisfying her carnal needs with taboo i****tuous couplings?As to her extramarital affairs it soon became clear that her sexual trysts were rare exceptions in an otherwise normal life. Her phone calls, her e-mails, her instant messaging revealed nothing of a sexual nature, instead simply became for me a boring task of sifting through screens of uninteresting correspondence.Even the camera and bugs I’d placed in moms office the second week had yielded nothing more than the odd comment between the lovers that simply confirmed my suspicions that something was going on. But no real proof!It was mom’s 2006 date book and calendar that finally gave me my first true clue. Kept on her computer and accessible from home and her office and her BlackBerry, I scoured through every entry for 2006. The only anomalies I could find were small red stars that appeared eight different times over the six plus months. There was never any name or other notation next to them. They occurred randomly, but generally there seemed to be one every three or four weeks.Quick crosschecking of Dad’s date book and his American Express receipts showed that dad had been out of town on all eight days that a star appeared in mom’s book.It was on July the twelfth when I figured out the stars. Checking again, I saw the last one had been on June twentieth, the same day I’d seen them across the square. Quickly I realized that the tender caress I’d seen that day had been simply the denouement of an afternoon of infidelity. Parker’s cum had probably been sliding down mom’s thigh as I’d watched them from across the square!I also immediately realized as I plotted the dates of their meetings that if the two continued to form they were due for another rendezvous any day.I simply watched and waited!I had also learned quite a bit about Graham Parker during my weeks of spying. Married, with four c***dren aged seven to sixteen; I soon found that the forty-nine year old wasn’t cheating just with mom. Monitoring his phone conversations it was clear he was one of those middle-aged married salesmen who figure it’s their duty to try their sales lines on every member of the opposite sex they meet.I followed him one Friday night in July when he came out of one of the local pickup bars around eleven with his arm around a forty something blond. A blond I immediately recognized as the divorced mother of one of my classmates. I tried to follow him that night on my motorcycle but once out of town and winding through the forested foothills it was impossible to keep up with him without giving myself away. So I let him go that night.But then found out two days later (from a casual question I asked mom) that he owned a small cabin fifteen miles out of town, deep in the woods, a private lair on a small stream that was almost impossible to find without a map. Driving out to scout the location I knew immediately it was where he took my mom. That this one room cabin, with a washroom and small open kitchen, but dominated by a queen sized bed that sat proudly in the center of the room, was where my mother lay back and opened her legs and let another man defile her.I wanted to burn the shack down. Instead, I installed one of my wireless, pinhole cameras before I left. Right next to the bed.I continued to wait, and then, finally, during dinner, on Sunday, July 23rd I heard dad tell mom that he’d be going to Richmond on the following Wednesday, that he even might have to stay overnight. At ten-thirty seven that night, while my father was in the shower, my mother sent an e-mail to her boss, it had no message, instead there was simply a red star next to the letter W.Then, when dad emerged smiling from the shower, mom playfully pulled the towel from around my father’s middle and sank to the carpet in front of him. I watched as her mouth engulfed his hardness. She swallowed dad’s cum that night. Even dad could sense mom’s wanton playfulness.I’d assumed that Parker’s cabin was going to be their destination and I wasn’t disappointed. They’d left the office together at ten thirty in the morning, ostensibly to visit some properties (or so I heard them tell the agencies secretary through my hidden mike) but neither could hide their hungry smiles as they slipped into Parker’s Mercedes.I raced ahead and had reached the cabin and had hidden myself when Parkers car bounced up the last fifty yards of the rutted path ten minutes later. I’d already turned on the camera.And then I’d sat back and watched the cabin for over a half hour, the whole time fighting the urge to sneak up to the window and watch them. But I knew my camera was rolling.But then suddenly the door opened and mother backed out into the sunlight. I watched her as she talked to the still hidden Parker, then heard her laugh as she turned and then ran laughing to the river bank. She was naked!He followed… also naked… his penis sticking out, his engorged cock pointing the way as he chased mom into the water. It was bigger than dad’s, both longer and thicker. If I’d had a gun in my hands that day Mr. Graham Parker would have been dickless before his feet hit the water.And yet I did nothing. Instead I watched him pull my willing, giggling mom into his arms. I watched as her lips urgently sought out his. I watched as he carried her wet naked body to the grassy bank.”Little slut,” he laughingly said, his loud words echoing around the clearing as he forced mom to her knees before him. “Suck it!” he ordered as his hands grabbed handfuls of mom’s flowing hair.”Make me,” she challenged back, her eyes gleaming in excitement as they looked up at the man towering above her.”Eat it bitch,” Parker yelled than cracked his palm against her cheek.”Bastard,” she hissed back but then hungrily attacked the angry red, blood filled cylinder of meat that faced her. I watched stunned, both by the v******e of the slap and the angry language, and by the way mom devoured the thick cock. Nothing I’d seen in the weeks of watching mom and dad had prepared me for this new a****listic woman on her knees. She was a woman I’d never encountered before.”Enough,” Parker finally cried, then pushed mom’s mouth off his prick before roughly pushing her face down onto the grass. “On your stomach slut,” he ordered, then moved behind Mrs. Stanley Miller and brought his saliva coated penis towards the crack in her butt.”In your ass today slut?” he asked as he slid his cock between mom’s cheeks.”Fuck you.””No, I think I’ll save that for later,” he laughed as he rammed his cock into my mother’s pussy.It went on and on. I watched spellbound as he slapped mom’s ass repeatedly as his cock spat his filthy cum inside her. Watched afterwards when she cleaned his prick with her tongue.I masturbated as I watched. I couldn’t help it. With tears running down my cheeks. Realizing suddenly that I wanted to fuck my mother as badly as I wanted to kill the prick who was grinding his body on top of her.All that afternoon they continued. My mother screamed out her orgasms… her satisfaction a series of loud moans interspersed with vile, coarse demands. I came four times while I watched. And as I watched I started to make plans…August – Mr. ParkerI’d been spying on Mr. Parker too of course. Knew that it wasn’t just mom that this middle aged Romeo was fucking. But it was mom he was going to pay for. And when it happened he was going to know exactly who and what he was paying for.It was mid August, three weeks after I’d followed him and mom to the cabin in the woods, three weeks since I’d got proof positive he was screwing my mom. It was time for him to pay for his transgressions!Mom gaziantep rus escort bayanlar and Dad had gone to the Big Apple for a two week holiday in mid August, leaving me alone to mind the store as dad had so aptly put it.”I can’t come?” I’d asked when they’d told me, not wanting to miss a chance to spend some time in New York.”You got a job junior,” Dad had laughed in answer. “Besides, your mom and I have plans, private plans,” he teased as he looked over at mom with his attempt at an evil, sexy leer.So I stayed home. The Taser C-2, which I’d ordered as part of my plan, arrived on the Monday morning of their first week away. I’d charged the $389.99 to dad’s Visa card, knowing he’d heartily approve the investment given the spate of robberies that had been occurring in our neighborhood lately. Protection for mom I’d tell him if he ever asked.I still had the bug on Parker’s office phone so I was easily able to follow his plans and movements. And it turned out to be ridiculously easy. When I checked the tapes Thursday night I heard him talking with his wife, going through a long, drawn out explanation about how he had to go to Richmond for the weekend.His next call was to a married woman who he’d sold a house in a town thirty miles away to three months earlier. I listened to the tape as the prick arranged a dirty weekend at the seashore with her. Heard him tell her how he’d booked a suite at the Marriott on Virginia Beach for the next night.They arranged to drive their own cars and meet there. “I’ll be there by eleven sweetie,” were his last promised words before hanging up. Not fucking likely I thought as I sat listening. The next morning I put my motorcycle in the back of dad’s pickup and drove it out to the cabin in the woods where I left it hidden in the brush. My escape vehicle.He came out of his office at seven thirty the next night, and was smiling broadly as he walked towards his car which was the only one left in the small, poorly lit parking lot behind his building. He thought he’d be getting laid in a few hours; instead I hit him with the Taser two seconds after he’d unlocked and opened the car door. It took another ten seconds to handcuff and gag him, then throw him unceremoniously into his trunk.Thirty minutes later I pulled the Caddy up in front of his cabin. I hadn’t been gentle with the car as I’d bounced up the rutted track. By the time Graham Parker started to come around he was naked, spread eagled, his arms and legs tied to the four corners of the bed. He was already starting to bruise from the pounding he’d taken in the trunk. Too fucking bad!He awoke to find a tall, black clad man, his face completely masked, looming over him.He was still woozy from the jolt of Tasered electricity he’d received and I simply watched silently as his slowly clearing eyes moved around the room and over me, trying to figure out what was going on.”I think you got the wrong guy,” he finally said, trying to sound confident but unable to hide the tremor of fear in his voice. His eyes were scared.”Not if you’re Mr. Graham Parker,” I answered pleasantly, disguising my voice.”Is this my cabin?” he asked, stalling, wondering what it was all about. “I don’t have much money on me… I don’t,” he started to add but I smashed him in the face with a short hard jab of my left fist.”What the fuck mister?” he cried as blood started to trickle from the corner of his mouth.”I was hired to cut off your dick Graham.””Hired? My dick?” he asked, his befuddlement clear in his eyes.”Do you know happen to know a Mr. Stanley Miller?” I asked. His eyes flickered open in surprise at the name but he stayed quiet. “He took his wife to New York,” I continued. “Felt it would be better if he wasn’t in Roanoke when it happened.””When what happened? Who are you?” he demanded as he flexed his arms and tested his restraints.”It’s nothing personal on my part Graham. It’s simply my job,” I said in the iciest tone the man had probably ever heard.”I didn’t do anything… we haven’t done anything… I promise… ahhhhhh,” his words stopped by a blow to his stomach.”You’ve been sleeping with another man’s wife Graham.””It’s her fault… Christ man, she’s a slut… can’t get enough of it… god, you must know what its like,” he stammered, spittle flying from his mouth as he made his excuses.”Her husband, the guy who hired you, he can hardly get it up,” he added just before I smashed another fist into his face.”Please,” he pled, crying now, “I’m sorry… I won’t ever touch her again.””Not with your cock anyway,” I said quietly as I pulled the blade from it’s sheathe and held it up in the candlelight.”Please… please mister… no, noooo I beg you,” he screamed as his eyes followed the knife as it slowly descended towards his groin. Straining to free himself from the ropes, his body was arching off the bed as I brought the tip of the blade to his cock. He was sobbing as he watched me draw the sharp point from the fat base of his penis slowly upward, leaving a hair line of blood in its wake.He shit himself!I didn’t kill Graham Parker that night. Nor did I cut off his cock. Nor even slit his sack and cut the balls from his body. I simply couldn’t. I left him an hour later lying in his blood and urine and feces, blubbering like a baby, his nose broken.As I drove away from the cabin that night on my motorcycle, the air whistling through my hair, I couldn’t help but wonder if it wouldn’t be better if I’d killed the prick.Fall 2006 — PlansMr. Parker never slept with my mother again! In fact, in mid September, after a huge argument he’d provoked, in front of the whole agency staff, he fired her. But he did give her a six month severance check!Mom started work a week later at her old agency who’d been elated to have her back. Life returned to normal. School was back in, my senior year had started. I continued to fuck Susie but that was all it was now. And every time I pumped my cock between my girlfriend’s legs it was mom’s face I saw.I’d practically stopped using the cameras to watch dad and mom making love that fall after school started. Instead I’d started to watch mom more and more when she was alone, naked coming out of the shower, or sitting naked on the toilet, or changing her clothes. Twice on film I’d caught her masturbating and as the weeks passed I could see her increasing frustration. The a****l in her was stirring. I knew it was only a matter of time before she went looking for another man. I was getting ready.Halloween PartyThe Fitzroy’s, Bob and Cathy, whose backyard backed directly onto ours, had held a neighborhood Halloween party for as long as I could remember. It was always held on the closest Saturday night to the 31st and that year it was to be held on October 28th.The adults started to arrive at the Fitzroy’s around nine p.m. Costumed and masked. It’s strange what clean living, middle aged suburbanites will do when they have their faces masked and bodies costumed and a few drinks inside themselves. It was that one night of the year when they dared to do things that they couldn’t or wouldn’t do any other night of the year.Jimmy and Susie and I had actually crashed it the year before, had moved anonymously through the crowds of adults for over an hour before we’d fled laughing back to the teenagers party at the White’s house. I’d even danced with two women that night, had held them tight against me while they’d tried to guess which of their neighbors was holding them. So I was pretty sure that I’d be able to pass. I was worried that mom might recognize my voice but my drama club training and the way I’d fooled Parker had given me the confidence to believe I could fool her.My plan had slowly evolved over those fall weeks, until I’d finally decided to fuck mom without her having any idea who it was who was doing her. **** her anonymously.I knew I’d be able to get her alone. And I knew that dad and a few of his cronies would end up in the Fitzroy basement watching TV and discussing sports after they’d had a couple of pints. Dad didn’t do much dancing.10:55 P.M. October 28th Halloween Party, The FitzroysI watched silently as mom left the kitchen and slipped out the patio doors and started to move across the backyard towards the gap in the hedge that led to our yard. She was caught for a second by a short overweight guy who sported a George Bush mask. I thought it might be Mr. Boyd, our car insurance agent, and I had to laugh as he danced her around in a circle before she eluded his grasp. I was a shadow, right behind her when she slipped into our yard.She was wearing a blond, pig tailed wig over her beautiful black hair, part of her Little bro Peep costume that featured a knee length pleated skirt and white blouse from which a good third of her breasts spilled out the top. I was dressed as Zorro, a bearded and masked Zorro who’s only sword was already hard and erect between my legs.”Stan… is that you Stan?” mom whispered as my hands circled her from behind and moved over her breasts.”No,” I mumbled through my mask, “Its not.” I pulled her back hard against my body and my cock.”Who is it?” she asked, still not terribly alarmed as she tried to turn her head. Halloween party shenanigans she was probably still thinking.”Who would you like it to be?” I whispered seductively in her ear.”Graham?” mom asked as I pushed her blouse and bra down and off her breasts. “Not here… stop it… please Graham,” she pled as I cupped her naked breasts in my hands, then she started finally to struggle to escape.”I’ve wanted you for years slut,” I said huskily, pulling her back again so her bum was tight against my raging erection.”You’ve had too much to drink… it’s not funny… stop it, Christ, it was you who wanted to end it,” she insisted, still thinking it was Graham who was mauling her.”I’ve watched you… with your husband… with Graham… with the others, I’ve always wanted to fuck you, fuck your hot little cunt,” I growled as I pushed my hand under her skirt and panties and then roughly pushed a finger inside her.”Are you crazy? Who is it? Charley? Don? Bob?” she demanded as she struggled to pull away.”Slut,” I growled as I put one hand over her mouth and then forced her body down onto our backyard lawn, tearing the thin panties from her as I bore her down.”Here’s a nice big, long, fat trick and treat for you Mrs. Miller,” I hissed in her ear as I shoved my straining rod between her thighs and then up deep into her moist center. An anguished, muffled moan escaped from her mouth and into my hand as I started thrust savagely.It took only seconds before I felt her insides open in welcome, before I felt the first moist lubricating discharge around my prick. I slapped her tight butt with my left hand as I thrust remorselessly inside her, then moved my other hand away from her mouth and down onto her tits.”I’ll scream,” she warned.”Will you?” I whispered back. “Poor me, the father of two young c***dren, married to a loving wife… lured by the town Jezebel into illicit sex in her backyard-“”Bastard… who are you?” she hissed, but quietly.”The wife who’s fucked half the husbands in the subdivision,” I accused as I smashed my thighs against her bum.”I haven’t, they won’t believe you… they’ll believe me,” she insisted. She was soaking now, her insides now straining to stretch wide for my pounding cock.”Cum baby… cum like you used to for Graham up at his cabin,” I urged as I felt the first tightening deep in my testicles.”What cabin,” mom protested, then cried when my palm smacked into her ass. Seconds later I felt her orgasm hit, an orgasm that exploded out from her center in waves that both squeezed and tightened ever further around my finally spurting cock.”Get off me,” mom finally ordered, panting, her body still pressed against the damp lawn, still speared by my rampant cock.”Don’t want to cum again Mrs. Miller?” I teased as I held her head down so her face was in the grass.”I didn’t,” mom denied.”I have more white sauce for my little Patty,” I said with a laugh as I thrust in and out. Then I pulled out and sat kneeling between her legs. I smiled as she tried to scurry away and then caught her ankle just before she’d escaped. She tried to kick out but I simply twisted her ankle and forced her onto her back. There was as much excitement as there was fear reflected in her eyes as I stared down at her.”I’ll give you just five seconds… then I’m going to start screaming,” she warned. “Five… four,” she started as I got to my feet.”Three… two…””Fuck you,” I said as I bent and then hoisted my mother up on my shoulder and started to carry her towards the house.”I’ll scream, I will,” she threatened softly.”Too late for that now Mrs. Miller. Now where’s your bedroom?””We can’t… Stan will be home soon.””Fuck Patty, your old man will be talking to his fishing buddies for the next two hours,” I sneered, “he’ll never miss you. Fuck, a woman like you and he’s talking about fish,” I added as I turned and moved towards my room. “Maybe we should call him and let him watch,” I said as I marched down the hall towards my room.”No… not that way… that’s Will’s room,” mom protested as I walked into my bedroom and threw her down on my bed. “He could come home anytime… please…””Shit, he’s going with that little Susie Woods girl isn’t he? From what I’ve heard he’s probably screwing both her and her mother about now.””What? What do you mean?” mom asked, who, even while being ****d, was still curious about news of her son.”My wife heard he’s fucking both of them, that he gets a doubleheader a couple of times a week,” I lied. “Apparently she heard it direct from the horse’s mouth when they were both getting their hair done.””Susie’s mom is having sex with Will?” mom asked as I pulled her costume from her body and then tied her to the bed.”Apparently he’s well hung,” I said as I spread her legs.”He is?””Not as big as me,” I promised as I took my thick cock into my left hand.”Who are you?””I’m the guy you’ve been looking for ever since good old Graham kicked you out,” I said with a sneer.”He didn’t kick me out,” mom denied, too proud to admit she’d been dumped.”Did you ever ask yourself why he dumped you Patty? Why a loser like rus gaziantep escort him would drop the sexiest woman in town?” I asked as I climbed on top of my tethered mother.I could see in her eyes that she had asked herself the question. Like probably a thousand times since he’d broken off the affair.”After I broke his nose he started to come around… started to agree with me that it probably wasn’t a good idea banging one of his employees,” I said scornfully as I pushed my fat cockhead between the engorged, cum covered lips of mom’s vagina.”His nose? It was you who broke it? He said he’d run into a protruding beam,” mom said as she lifted her hips up off the bed in an u*********s welcome to the thick sausage that was disappearing inside her.”He was crying when I ran the knife blade up his cock Mrs. Miller. Yes Patty, I think I can honestly report that Mr. fucking Graham Parker hasn’t been chasing any married tail for the last little while.””But why?” she asked.”Cause I wanted you Patricia, now shut up and fuck me.””Make me you bastard,” she challenged as her ankles locked together behind my back.I did! Our screams were echoing around the room when we both came five minutes later.There’d never been anything like this in my life before. It was as though some primeval gene had been awakened and set loose. Simply taking a woman whether she wanted to or not. Forcing her to like it. I realized that this was how sex should be. And I knew instinctively where this a****listic need had come from — I’d inherited it from the woman lying, panting and sore, bruised and wet, needy and violent, open and dripping out my cum, on my bed. My mother. We were two of a kind.”I want a set of keys,” I ordered as I stood by the edge of the bed, feeding my sticky cock into mom’s mouth, letting her clean it with her tongue.”Why?” she asked after I’d pulled the saliva covered length slowly from between her lips.”So when I want you I’ll just come and get you Patty.””I’m married… Stan, and Will. This was a mistake…””Fuck them… you’re mine now,” I said as I grabbed her arm and started to march her towards the front door, her body bruised and naked, my semen sliding down her thighs.”Who are you, tell me,” she pled, holding onto my arm as I went to leave through the front door. I’d taken a full set of keys from the hall table.”I’m going to put my baby in you Patty,” I promised as I let my eyes slowly run up and down her body.”I hate you… I never want to see you again… I’ll call the police… you’re a bastard,” were just some of the choice remarks my mom rained down on my departing back.2:45 A.M. Parents Bedroom”Where were you? Was it that bastard Parker?” Dad demanded, his hate for the man obvious. As I watched them on the grainy tape I realized that maybe dad had known what had been going on.”No.””Who was it then?””I don’t know.””You don’t fucking know!” dad screamed. “Weren’t your fucking eyes open?””He was in a costume.””You had sex with someone and you don’t even know who it was? Are you crazy?” Dad asked incredulously.”He ****d me,” mom said softly.”WHAT?””HE ****D ME,” mom repeated, then in a softer voice added, “he caught me in the back garden… on our side.””But… who,” dad stammered, clearly stunned by the unexpected charge.”I was coming home to get a bottle of rum… some ice… they were running out, I took the shortcut through the hedge.””Running out?” dad muttered, still in a state of shock from mom’s use of the word ****.”When I cut through the hedge… I had just got through and then he grabbed me from behind… he pushed me to the ground… he had a costume on Stan… a mask, he was so strong,” mom said with tears in her voice.”What’d he do?” dad asked woodenly.”He was the man who was wearing the ‘Zorro’ costume… I’d seen him at the party earlier,” mom said, ignoring dad’s question.”You mean he’s one of our friends? One of our neighbors? Who was he?””You must have seen him?””The guy with the cape? The full face mask?” dad asked. “Yeah, I think so.””I had seen him in the house earlier… dancing with the woman dressed as a bunny… by the bar… then by the pool later…” mom said softly.”Christ he had a big hat on, his face was completely covered,” dad remembered aloud. “I didn’t talk to him, I didn’t recognize him. He was tall though, I remember that.””I didn’t either,” mom answered.”What about his voice… shit, he’s got to be one of our neighbors.””It was muffled, the mask… and it was like he had something in his mouth. He said he’d wanted to… to have sex with me for years.””What?””He said his wife had gone home to check on their k**s… that he was going to fuck me-“”He’s married? He has k**s Why didn’t you scream?” dad demanded, his anger at mom creeping back into his voice.”I tried to Stan… he slapped me, then taped my mouth… then he carried me into the house… up to Will’s room.””He ****d you in the house? In Will’s room? Where was Will?””YES! Yes he fucked me in your son’s room. On his god damm bed. I don’t know where Will was… at one of their parties. Who gives a shit Stan? He ripped the clothes from your wife and ****d her. Twice!””He did it twice?” dad asked.”Then he made me clean him… with my mouth… suck him. Lick his sperm from it.”Daddy finally came to, finally came out of his stunned funk and asked, “Jesus, are you okay honey? Did he hurt you?” I watched as he engulfed mom in his arms.”Yes… no, not really,” she whispered.”I’ll take you to the hospital,” he offered as he stroked mom’s hair.”Noooooo,” mom moaned.”But-“”I’ll be okay… a bath… sleep.””What about the police? You can’t wash until-“Mom didn’t answer aloud but simply shook her head no.”Did he use a condom?” dad asked, but then continued when he’d read the answer in mom’s eyes. “The bastard… the fucking bastard. What if he has AIDS or something else? I’ll kill him when I find him,” he threatened.I watched as he filled the bath tub, then watched as he carried his wife and placed her softly in the soap filled water. I watched as he lovingly cleaned my sperm from her body.It’s too late dad I wanted to yell, suddenly absolutely certain that my mother was going to have my baby. They didn’t discuss the possibility of a c***d that night.We Do It Again… And Again…As the days passed the two simply let the matter drop. Dad’s original gung-ho claim he was going to find the perpetuator and kill him slowly slid away. Within a couple of nights they’d tacitly decided that it didn’t matter, that it was simply an aberrant event that had randomly struck them and the only thing to do was try and forget it and leave it in the past.Three weekends later dad left for his annual fall hunting trip with his buddies, a trip they’d gone on for over twenty years. I heard him offer to stay home. “Its okay sweetie, I’ll just tell the boys something has come up. I’m not leaving you now.””Don’t be silly honey,” my mom answered, “I’m fine now, it’s all over, we can’t stop living our lives.” After a couple of minutes dad agreed, obviously relieved that he could still go. Mom had never told dad that her r****t had their house keys, nor told him that he’d promised to return.I waited til the Thursday night, the eve of dad’s departure, before I told mom that Jimmy and I were driving to the coast for the weekend.”But Will, I’d hoped you and I could spend some time together this weekend,” she protested.”I’m sorry… I’ll stay if you absolutely need me,” I’d answered in that needling tone that every American teenager uses with his parents when he wants something.”No, no, you go,” she’d quickly insisted, “I’ll be fine. We’ll do it another time.” And as she said those words I couldn’t help wondering if I hadn’t seen a sly hope being born deep in my mom’s eyes.She was lying naked on her back on top of her sheets when I entered her room just after midnight the next night. I was naked except for the full face mask I wore. My cock was fully erect. The only light in the room was a little street light that seeped through the opening in the curtains and some light from the hallway that slipped by the bedroom door that I’d left ajar.I straddled her sleeping form, keeping most of my weight off her as I lifted first one, then her second hand, and attached them to the head posts of her bed with prepared ropes. My cock settled itself between mom’s breasts as I worked.”Nooooooo,” mom wailed as she came awake and saw me above her.”My little slut’s been waiting for me hasn’t she?” I gloated as I pushed her breasts together around my penis.”Bastard,” she cried as she struggled to free her hands.”Open your mouth Mrs. Miller,” I ordered as I slid my cockhead upwards through her tits until it rested on her closed lips.”You prick,” she yelled, as I squeezed my fingers into her cheeks and forced her mouth wide open. Then I pushed my cock inside. Held her jaws wide as I shoved deep into her throat. She was gagging, fighting for breath when I finally pulled out and slid down her body. Then rammed my saliva coated cock deep inside.She was squirming, writhing under my heavy body, her face contorted in anger as I continued to thrust hard upwards towards the womb that had carried me for so many months. Then she started to scream her pleasure. She was loving it.”Is that all you have, you bastard?” she demanded after I’d shot a heavy load of sperm into her spasm-ing insides.”More?” I teased as I ran my hands roughly and possessively over mom’s breasts and then down into the sticky dampness between her legs.”I hate you.””You love it… you love my cock fucking you,” I said as I pushed two fingers inside her.”Why? You’re married,” she demanded.”She’s not like you… she’s a cold bitch, I need a cock slut like you.””I’m not,” she denied even as she arched her hips up into my probing hand.”We’re made for each other bitch,” I said as I untied her and laid her across my lap, then mixed caresses with sharp slaps to her firm, tight bum that I soon had glowing red under my onslaught.I finally let her slip off my lap and down to her knees between my legs where she sat panting, her teary eyes staring at the snake again lengthening just inches from her mouth.”It’s ugly,” she hissed as her left hand closed around him.”You like it that he’s so big don’t you Patty,” I teased, enjoying calling my mom by her first name. “Kiss it Patty, kiss the big cock.””It’s not that big,” she insisted even as she started to pump me.”It’s better than Graham’s isn’t it? You should have seen him crying when I put my knife on it. He was afraid I was going to cut it off.””You had no right.””Much bigger than your husbands,” I boasted.”I love him,” mom answered between long, moist licks up and down my shaft.I fucked her all night, finally leaving just as dawn was approaching. “I’ll be back tonight… late… be ready,” I warned as I left.”I’ll call the cops.””Then you’ll never feel this again,” I said as I grabbed my penis and waved it at her.”Who are you?” she demanded.”I’m the man who comes and fucks you when you need it, that’s who I am,” I answered.”I have to know… please, if we’re going to continue to do this…””Of course we’re going to continue… when I want,” I said as I left her room.She was waiting, naked, washed, and perfumed, her hair combed and lustrous, when I walked into her bedroom the next night. There were two candles casting romantic, flickering light on my body as I moved toward her bed. “Fuck me,” she ordered, “fuck your little slut Patty.”I did! Then I took her ass. Mrs. Patricia Miller was in love with her son’s cock! The respected real estate agent, the popular community mom, the loving wife, was unmasked, simply becoming a screaming dervish when impaled on her son’s big cock. The reasoning human being was gone, the a****l born.In the weeks and months that followed we’d come together randomly. A crashing, violent, smashing together of two hungry a****ls. Lust and need. Love. Hunger.Then on Christmas day mom and dad announced to me that I was going to have a sister (or so they hoped). I acted suitably surprised even though I’d heard them discussing it for a couple of weeks. I’d heard worried, whispered conversations in their private sanctuary that my cameras and microphones had easily caught.”It could be his,” mom had said worriedly. “Maybe it would be better if I had an abortion.””What if its mine… I’ve always wanted another.””Another man’s baby?””Its mine. I know it is,” dad insisted.”We could try again… later… after I take care-“”Its murder,” dad said, an imploring tone in his voice.”Will is leaving next fall… we’ll be all alone,” mom conceded, “It would be nice to start again.””I love you Patty,” dad promised as his hand softly caressed my mother’s stomach.Over a couple of nights I listened to their soul searching, until they finally agreed they wanted it. Mum was going to have my baby.I continued to fuck her. Every two or three weeks I’d do her. No warning. At home… or I’d call and tell her to meet me at one of the houses she was showing… or at Graham’s cabin. I loved the afternoon I spend sexing her on Graham’s bed.I was always masked. And strangely, after a while she stopped asking who I was. I think in some way it made the sex even better for her.In April, I told dad and mom I wasn’t going to go to university the next fall.”What?” they’d both screeched.”I don’t want to miss the first year of my sister’s life, I’ll go next year,” I said quietly.We argued for weeks until we came to an agreement: I’d take off one year but promised to go in September 2008. And I’d spend the year working for dad’s company, learning the ropes. I’d worked there the last two summers and knew that dad loved having me there with him.My sister Vanessa was born July 31st 2007, a seven pound nine ounce dark haired beauty. I was a father!Three weeks later, in late August, masked, I sucked milk from my mother’s breasts for the first time in almost twenty years, sucked at her fat teats even as my cock plunged repeatedly into her depths.I enjoyed working full time, and was even able, with my knowledge of computers and the internet, to come up with some ideas to grow Dad’s business.Dad was even approached by one of the big Carolina based banks in late September, a group interested in acquiring Miller Investments. Dad let me sit in on the meeting, a meeting in which he showed a complete lack of interest in their opening eighteen million dollar offer to buy him out.”Why would I sell?” he asked me later as he and mom and I ate dinner. “We got all the money we need and when I’m ready to retire you can take over.” Mom agreed with him completely. They were both happy with life.I was less so.