Halloween party

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Halloween partyAfter our little trip up north I could see Anna was getting deeper and deeper into the whole swinging idea. She preferred to meet people for sex rather than go to a club or hotel and pick someone up. I agreed with her and we quickly became frequent visitors of swinging websites. We got chatting to few other couples from various parts of the country and were planning some arrangements to meet up.During this time we were also receiving e-mails from Susan and John about future events at their hotel. One in particular took Anna’s fancy, the annual Halloween ball. Costumes had to be worn and there was a prize for the best costume.Anna loved dressing up and I loved seeing her dressed up. We had been to several fancy dress parties but never on Halloween and never with fellow swingers. We decided to book tickets telling Susan and John we looked forward to seeing them again.We arrived earlier in the day and the hotel had been kitted out with all things Halloween and it really did look good. John welcomed us and in particular my wife. We sorted a few things out in the room and went for lunch in a nearby cafe. John caught us on the way out telling us to meet up at 4pm in the main hall.We chatted over lunch and Anna was really excited. I too was excited but always felt more nervous than my wife. Anna couldn’t understand it and I couldn’t understand how she switched on and off from it all so easily. Don’t get me wrong I had no regrets about the party I just always felt more nervous around people I didn’t know in such an environment than my wife.At 4pm we entered the hall with all the other guests and many introduced themselves to us. None of these people I recognised from our previous visit but I began to relax a little after meeting some of the guests. There were about 30 people in all with only 6 of us staying at the hotel. We later found out that most of these people were regulars who didn’t live too far away.Susan and John then entered the hall to greet everyone. John had cracked some bad jokes trying to ease the tension but I think only the alcohol was going to do that. Susan explained that all the men had to be in the hall fully dressed in their costumes for 7pm, were we would be each given a number. All the women had to make their ways to the main bar where they would each pick a number out of a hat and that number would be their first dance with the guy who had the matching number.Back at the room I raised my concerns with Anna about this arrangement. I knew she would sleep with other men tonight and I planned to get my share of women but I wasn’t happy separating from my wife so early into the party. Anna in her normal calm self gave me a big hug and a lingering kiss before she rubbed my cock, telling me not to worry. We agreed that tonight we would find a couple and bring them back to the room or vice versa. There were no plans for secret rooms and gang bangs especially away from each other.My wife had kept her costume a secret and since we found out that I had to meet her in the hall she decided to make me wait a little longer. My costume wasn’t exactly original but it did hide my identity fairly well which made me more comfortable. I painted my face white but blacked out my eyes giving me a slight Frankenstein look. I then had a large brown cloak d****d over me which reached the floor and a hood that covered my head and part of my face. Underneath I wore a black t-shirt and shorts with brown sandals. I entered the hall with several of the other husbands who were dressed mainly as vampires. Some looked cheap and nasty while others looked very good. Another had come as Freddy Kruger and one had come as beetle juice which caused a lot of laughs.After a few nerve settling vodkas John entered the room handing out wooden spoons with numbers on them. There were 13 men not including John and I was number 9. We were then placed in a straight line to await our first dance.All the wives to be fair looked stunning and I was happy to dance and fuck with any one of them. The numbers weren’t in order as each wife entered and John would shout out each of the wives numbers. The guy holding that number would step forward to greet her.Anna was the sixth wife to enter and I knew it was her straight away. John called out number 11 and a lucky vampire stepped forward grinning from ear to ear as some men whispered lucky bastard. Anna was easily one of the best dressed, looking very sexy and not at all slutty. She was wearing a red hooded velvet dress which dragged a few inches on the floor behind her. It laced up at the front from bahis siteleri her belly button to her cleavage. The material covered her shoulders and arms with big hanging sleeves at her wrists. But the dress left a diamond shape above her breasts which exposed her neck and cleavage. It looked like a corset with a cape but the dress was all in one. To top it off as she walked the large split from toe to hip would open on the right side of her body exposing her fish net stocking clad legs. Her black heels gave her extra height as she walked towards her vampire. She looked fabulous.Two more numbers later and John called number 9, my number. I was greeted by Mrs Kruger. Now I know that doesn’t sound very hot but hot she was. She had long black hair just past her shoulders standing about 5”8 with her black ankle boots. She wore a black hat with a very short red and grey stripped dress that matched Mr Kruger’s jumper. In fact they were married and had come as his and hers. The dress stopped mid-thigh and had three slashes through the front which revealed part of her stomach and breast. She had a beautiful figure and I started to feel rather stupid in my costume.With all the numbers called everybody got their drinks and proceeded to dance. I had my arms around Mrs. Kruger’s waist as we chatted and found her name was Beth. She wasted no time in grabbing my crotch through my cloak and I was happy to let her as I cupped and squeezed her arse cheeks.Looking around most couples were just talking and dancing with a few wandering hands. The song ended and I made my way to the bar where I was greeted by John. He introduced me to some of his friends who came regularly. Matt was a tall rugby player dressed as a werewolf and Tony a skinny guy dressed as a very poor vampire. As the drinks flowed I quickly grabbed my wife for a dance. I asked her if anyone took her fancy and she joked about some guy in a brown cloak. She told me her vampire had his eye on her with the intention of sinking his fangs into her flesh. I told her as long as I got to watch then he could sink his fangs anywhere he wanted. The song ended and John cut in before some scantily clad princess vampire took my arm.The next few hours passed like this with everyone dancing with each other. I was starting to feel the effects of the vodka and decided to slow down. My plan of finding another couple was starting to look slim as most couples seemed happy to pair off with someone else and find a quiet place. Whilst drinking with Matt and Tony I overheard another two vampires talking behind me. My ears perked up as I heard them talking about the Goth in the red dress, my wife.I noticed my wife had a full drink in her hand all night and that she was clearly on her way to being drunk. As Matt and Tony kept throwing down the shots I watched Anna happily being seduced by several men. I danced with a few more women as I left Anna to it.I was so carried away that I failed to notice that my wife and the vampire had left the room. Quite a few couples had retired to their rooms and I started to panic as I didn’t want to leave my wife alone. I noticed Susan at the bar and told her if she knew were my wife had gone. She laughed telling me she was ok but soon realised I was concerned. Susan pulled me aside and told me she had been taken to the special guest room were John had fucked her on our first visit.“The door is locked so nobody else can join in, but she is safe Dan. She can stop at anytime and is not held against her will.” Susan said.“What the fuck does that mean Susan?” I said.“She is with John, Matt, Tony and Neil who is obviously the vampire. She’s been gone only a few minutes.”“Please take me to her Susan we agreed to stay together I don’t want her taken advantage of.”“Ok Dan ill take you to the room.”We approached the room and Susan stopped pulling out a key.“I know your new to swinging Dan but ask yourself why you are here. I’ll give you this key and it’s up to you. You either go into the store room on the side, where I took you before. Or you can go into the room with your wife. I promise no harm will come to either of you. You are guests in our hotel.”Susan handed me the key kissed me on the cheek and left. I stood there not knowing what to do. This part of swinging scares me because it turns me on so much that lust begins to control my actions. I placed the key into my pocket and made my way into the store room.I looked into the glass to see Anna on her knees wanking and sucking on all four cocks. She was still fully dressed with her hood down and all the guys were naked except canlı bahis siteleri for Neil the vampire. My panic was over as I sat down and took out my cock. It was already leaking pre-cum as I stroked slowly.John, Tony and Matt stood back as Neil stood in front of my wife grabbing her head with both hands and fucked her mouth. After a few minutes Neil pulled out of her mouth and started rubbing his cock all over her chest and cleavage before John said something to her. I couldn’t hear what it was but Neil stepped away and Anna stood up smiling as she took the lace at the bottom of her dress in her hand.All four guys stood wanking and smiling as my wife very slowly pulled the lace apart. As she unlaced the dress it slowly fell apart revealing her smooth flat stomach. When she reached her cleavage she pulled hard with a flick and the bodice came apart revealing her breasts.John was first to act as he pounced on her taking a breast in each hand as he sucked on her stiff nipples. Matt went behind her and helped take her arms from the sleeves. As the dress fell to the floor he kissed her neck and rubbed his hands across her stomach until lowering them to cup her pussy.Matt then slid her panties aside and quickly inserted a finger into my wife’s body. As my wife tensed from the obvious pleasure she was feeling, John quickly pulled down her panties and Anna stepped out of them leaving her in just heels and fish-net stockings.Matt roughly turned my wife and bent over the bed, she began giggling like a little school girl but the giggles quickly turned to moans of pleasure as Matt rammed his cock into her pussy. Tony went and sat on the bed in front of Anna and grabbed a handful of her hair as he offered his throbbing cock to her mouth. Anna happily opened her mouth and swallowed his meat.After a few minutes Tony moved up the bed and lay down, signalling Anna to climb on top of him. She positioned herself over his body and took a hold of his cock. Tony closed his eyes and smiled as Anna guided his cock into her pussy and slowly started to sit down. Once it was all the way in Anna moved her hips back and forth as she massaged her breasts.As I watched my beautiful wife taking her pleasure John moved onto the bed pushing her forwards so she was lying on top of Tony. Neil then handed him some oil and John quickly poured it in between her arse cheeks. Anna looked back over her shoulder with panic in her eyes before Tony pulled her head back around and kissed her. John gently inserted a finger into Anna’s arse and she broke the kiss with Tony collapsing onto his chest as the panic obviously faded away. My wife had the look of pure pleasure on her face before John positioned his cock at her anal entrance. I was about to not only witness my wife take a cock up her arse for the first time, but also take her first double penetration.My wife’s face turned from pleasure to pain as John slowly pushed into her arse. Once he was all the way in he stayed still holding onto her hips as Tony also remained still holding her breasts. Anna’s face began to relax as she took deep breaths before John began to gently fuck her. It took a few minutes before John could thrust in and out properly but once he did, Tony began fucking her pussy at the same time.I lost count of how many orgasms Anna had had up to this point, but I knew she had a long way to go. I had the power to stop this at anytime but actually I didn’t. In moments like these I’m living my ultimate fantasy. I love my wife more than anything in the world and she loves me. But when were in this situation we don’t see ourselves as a married couple. I see an adventurous woman who is pushing her sexual boundaries as high as possible. Call me all the names you want that don’t represent societies idea of a man and husband, but I’m living my sexual dreams and fantasies. Yes I question myself at times, but only because society says what we’re doing is wrong and against the laws of marriage.John pulled out of Anna as Neil and Tony swapped places. Neil turned Anna around so she was facing the others and positioned his cock at the entrance of her arse. Anna sank down on his cock and steadied herself as she allowed herself to adjust to his size. Once she was comfortable she began to ride him slowly and Matt climbed onto the bed to take her pussy. Matt was strong enough to hold my wife as he easily slid into her pussy. Both men quickly began to ram their cocks into my wife and she was quickly cumming again. Matt helped to bounce Anna up and down on Neil’s cock as he fucked her harder with each thrust. canlı bahis After a few minutes and another orgasm I could see my wife pleading for a rest.The guys stepped away from Anna as John handed her a drink. As soon as she finished the drink Matt had her on her back with her legs up high in the air. He said something and they all laughed before he stuck his cock into her pussy and began to fuck her with long hard thrusts. I could tell she was screaming with pleasure as Matt withdrew his cock to her entrance then slammed back into her again. This went on for a few minutes before he tensed up and shot his load into my wife. As he pulled out I could see his thick cream running down her pussy lips. John then quickly took his position and began fucking her just as hard as Matt. John grabbed her breasts in each hand and was saying something to her as he kept banging away. Then just like Matt, John tensed and shouted something as he too began filling my wife with cum. As John pulled out Neil was quickly on her bending her over this time as he rammed his cock into her arse.As Neil fucked her arse hard and fast I could see my wife head on the bed moaning with each thrust into her body. Tony started laughing as he pointed between Neil’s legs. My only guess was that he could see thick cream leaking from my wife’s pussy as Neil fucked her arse. Neil was soon tensing up and emptying his balls into my wife and my wife was having her arse creamed for the first time. Tony then took his place but as he held onto Anna’s hips he thrust into her pussy then pulling out thrust into her arse. He continued doing this as cum kept leaking from both of my wife’s holes. Anna collapsed onto the bed as Tony kept up the pace, I could see she was high on sexual bliss and Tony soon added his load into her arse.Anna led on the bed smiling as the guys all chatted and laughed with each other. Tony, Matt and Neil got dressed and gave Anna a kiss on the cheek before leaving the room. John sat Anna up handing her a bottle of water and a cigarette. They sat talking as she recovered from her experience and John soon left her.I waited for Anna to dress before I went in to get her. She looked so worn out I took her to our room and put her to bed with very little being said.Once we got back home we did discuss the party at great length. I didn’t have any regrets but I had to question where this could all end up. Anna loved every bit of it and admitted being turned on knowing I’m watching. Susan had told her I would either come into the room or watch from the private room. I get turned on thinking she doesn’t know I’m watching and she gets turned on knowing I’m watching.When were involved at the time I’m not in control, not because I’m a wimp or because I have no respect for my wife. It’s because that’s what turns us on. From some of the comments I have received just proves my statement is true. No explanation is possible.Anna felt we had gone too far at the Halloween party. She enjoyed the experience but felt the guys could have done anything with her. She didn’t consent to anal sex but admitted she did enjoy it.I whole heartedly confess that I’m not her husband in these situations. I turn into some voyeur who has no control. She confesses she does not feel like a wife but more like a slut who can live out any sexual experience. The problems of course all start when you come down from your sexual high. That’s when you feel jealousy, anger and question your actions.Months after this party we have talked about swinging and where it could end up. Despite everything it’s a life we enjoy. A life we want to continue. We have no c***dren and were hurting nobody in the process. We have confronted our demons and have matured as swingers. We had two more experiences since this party to date. Both were controlled and highly erotic.I feel I need to clear up a few things as I have stated these stories as true. Actually I stated they are based on true events. All locations and numbers of people shared are true. My wife didn’t actually cheat. I encouraged her and the guy thought she was cheating. Condoms were worn on all occasions and the two Irish guys did remove them and cum on her. There was no secret room at the hotel Susan and I watched from inside the same room. At the party I also watched from inside the room and the guys wore condoms and came inside them. They did cum inside her arse and pussy but with protection. I have changed a lot of facts to try and make the story more erotic. I can only make it more erotic to me and hope that it does the same for others.Thank you to everybody who e-mailed and commented especially those giving support and encouragement. These are the first stories I have ever written and this has given me the courage to write fictional stories which will be posted in future.