Handyman’s Day at the Spa

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It was beautiful beginning of a new week! The forecast called for another week of great Virginia weather. The family all returned safely from their respective adventures. And, last but not least, me preparing for my first day back to work after accepting a promotion.

The new work week flew by and before I knew it, it was Friday. I politely passed on the offer for happy hour festivities with my new team explaining I had already promised to help a friend move.

The friend was, Patti – the sweet, single mom, with the huge breasts that I leant “a helping hand” to a few weeks back. Technically, Patti wanted me to help her move her friend’s massage parlor and spa into a larger, newly renovated building. As She explained it, they only needed help moving the contents of their reception area, business office, and break room. So, I didn’t anticipate I’d find helping all that hard. Wow, was I wrong!

“Hmmm, Kelli’s Mediterranean Massage. Yup, this is the place”, I said to myself as I pulled into the large, accommodating parking lot. “Wow – nice looking place. I’ve been looking for new ways to help me relax and blow off some stress. I might need to check this place out”, I thought as I walked towards the front door.

I saw Patti from across the room as soon as I walked-in. She was wearing cute, loose-fitting shorts, and a low-cut tee shirt that presented an abundance of her ample cleavage. She walked up, wrapped her arms around me with one of her trademark bear hugs, and planted a warm, welcoming kiss full on my lips. She was a great hugger and I always loved the way her magnificent breasts crushed against me. Even though she was wearing a bra, it was easy to see and feel the press of her persistently hard nipples!

She introduced me to the group: Kelli, Rachel, Annika, and Rod. “Wow”, I though to myself, “these are some seriously sexy ladies. Wish we had just a few more people though as I was truly hoping this would take no more than the four hours I agreed to because I’ve really been looking forward to soaking-up a few adult beverages and slipping in a couple of my new pornos to help me get-off tonight since my sweet but unaffectionate Mrs still has no absolutely no interests in sex the last few years”.

After the introductions, Kelli, the owner, directed everyone on where and how to get started. I politely asked where I could change out of my work clothes. Kelli, flashed me a dazzling smile, hooked her arm in mine and said she’d show me and give me the, “nickel tour” of her new place.

Kelli was a total hottie! She was about 5′ 4″, late 30s, with fiery red hair. She was well toned, curvy, and had incredibly sexy green eyes.

There were separate restrooms, showers, and spa facilities for the male and female customers as well as similar, but separate facilities for her staff. There were six finished, single customer massage rooms and three double massage rooms along with space reserved to add several more of each. There were also six nicely furnished tanning rooms. Lastly, she showed me the spacious, staff break room and her business office (the areas we were here to set-up today).

It was a grand place and her excitement was almost palpable. It was easy to see she not only had a great head for business but also exceptional customer service skills! She was confident, charming, flirty, and fun.

Directing me back to her business office, Kelli said, “Here you go! You can use my private bathroom to change”, pointing to the back of her office. “There’s a fully stocked shower and fresh towels in there if you need them. Thank you SO much for offering to help us today! Just take your time and join us when you’re able”, she said before hugging me tightly and planting a big, warm, kiss full on my mouth.

Wow, I was both surprised but pleasantly aroused. Bouncing back in, Kelli added, “Oh, and for what it’s worth,my girlfriend Patti was right – you are a very sexy man! I may just give you a call if I need some handy work around here or at home!” The next thing I knew, she grabbed my ass and gave it a heart squeeze before flashing me a flirty wink as she closed the door behind her.

After quickly freshening up, I dashed out to join-in helping the others, hoping, of course they’d be too busy to notice the woody I was beginning to sport.

I arrived just in time to see Rod helping Patti carry-in the break room table. The women seemed to adore Rod. He was probably early 30s, about 6′ tall, tanned, and extremely well-toned. He was handsome had the girls in constant hysterics with his quick wit and great sense of humor. He had a fairly deep voice, but by his phrasings and mannerisms, left me wondering if perhaps he was gay.

Rachel looked like a super model. I’d guess she was about 5′ 10″. She had brown eyes, long, thick, dark brown hair and a delicious smile. She was wearing tight, high-cut, Daisy Duke denim shorts that perfectly accentuated her gorgeous round ass. It was obvious she was braless underneath her loose-fitting, scoop-necked, tank top because casino siteleri every time she bent over I got wonderful, unobstructed front and side views of her perky breasts and eraser-sized pointy nipples. She was helping Annika carry a large cooler, which was mildly entertaining because of their heigh mismatch.

Annika, Rachel’s best friend, was a bubbly, blonde, bombshell who was barely 5′ tall. She wore cut-off jeans and a tube top that made it perfectly clear that she was not wearing a bra. She had the sweetest, soft-spoken, sexy voice! She also happened to have large, round, firm breasts capped with what were positively the widest and longest nipples I had ever seen in real life! Nipples are a MAJOR turn-on for me, and so, this vivacious southern belle was definitely adding to my growing state of arousal.

I was growing increasing glad I said yes to Patti’s request. Patti, Kelli, Rachel, and Annika were all prime, jerk-off, fantasy material, that I was most certain would “inspire” my handyman skills for years to come!

Everyone got along swimmingly and we worked well together too. In fact, before we knew it, we had successfully managed to not only unload the truck but also get everything set-up, and cleaned-up in a mere two hours. That was nearly two hours faster than we had estimated, which was rather impressive considering the volume of items to move and the sweltering summer heat.

We secured the moving truck, which did not have to be returned until Saturday afternoon, and then closed and locked the front doors. It was definitely time to relax and cool off. We stretched out and sucked down many bottles of cold water. Kelli has excused herself to take a business call and asked us to just sit tight as she had somethings for us.

We were all hot and tired, so no one complained. Most of us clumped together for small talk by the TV because the A/C seemed coolest there. A few folks broke away from the pack for several moments to jump on their smartphones to enjoy social media, check email, and listen to some music.

Annika was one of those who broke out her phone, popped on some headphones, and listened to music while wandering about the lobby. She was also, by far the most diminutive, demur, and sweet of all the lovely ladies in the beautiful bunch.

So, for all those reasons, it was especially surprising, and mildly amusing, when Annika stopped in front of the rotary fan on the reception desk, pulled down her stretchy tube top, cupped her magnificent breasts in her tiny hands, and presented them to the fan’s forced flow of cool air.

Perhaps forgetting she had her headphones in, she spoke louder than I’m sure she intended to when she looked down at her breasts and said, “My gracious, girls, you need some air! I mean, I love you two and all the attention you bring me, but my, oh my, do I hate how this crazy heat makes you so sweaty”!

It would appear that the spunky, smart, sweet, but slightly naive, Annika had forgotten about the large security mirror behind the reception desk. Yes, the mirror the rest of us were glued to during her delightfully innocent yet still highly erotic, free show.

Rachel was one of Annika’s best friends, so it’s no surprise she quickly rose up to to help her tiny friend. Striding up along side Annika, Rachel chimed-in with a hearty chuckle, “Yup, yup, yup, Annika, I have the same problem, sweetie”, before pulling up tank top and presenting her considerably smaller, but still beautiful breasts to the rushing wind of the fan.

“Oh, hey! It really does feel good, doesn’t it, Rachel?”, Annika asked. “I actually saw the fan earlier when we were bringing things in. When everyone huddled-up by the TV, I figured I had my perfect chance to put the fan to use! You know, because we can stand in front of it with our backs to the group where no one else would be the wiser!”, she beamed triumphantly as if having just discovered some secret treasure.

Rachel, mustering a perfect, deadpan face, shook her head up and down. “Perfect indeed, babe. Well, except for one thing, of course”.

Annika looked at her towering BF and asked, “Really? So, what’s the one thing?”

Rachel took a brief, but deliberate dramatic pause. She then glanced down at Annika’s massive breasts, reached over and pinched one of her enormous nipples, and said, “Honk”! She giggled and pointed towards to security mirror, chuckling, “Just that”.

Looking-up, Annika saw the mirror and then the reflections of all our faces. She immediately stuffed her boobs back inside her tube top. She knew Rachel’s laugh was meant in good fun but still, she was incredibly embarrassed.

“Like I always tell ya, Annika, if you’ve got ’em, flaunt ’em! I wish mine were that big.” Rachel wrapped her long arms around Annika giving her the kind of reassuring hug only a friend can. They both laughed.

Before anyone could say anything else, Kelli bounced back into the room, flashed her dazzling smile, motioned for everyone to follow her, and said, “Okay, canlı casino beautiful people, thank you all so much for your hard work! Now, who wants a little reward?”

She led us into the female customers’ shower and spa areas where she had earlier directed Rachel and Annika to stage the large cooler they carried in.

“I hid the cooler in here for fear we might actually get into it before our work was done”, Kelli said with a grin.

“I also ordered pizzas to be delivered here for us tonight, but because we finished much sooner than I expected, they won’t be here for almost two more hours. Sorry gang”, Kelli said. Once again turning on her trademark charm, she continued, “At least we can start cooking down from the inside while we wait. There are assorted sodas, beers and wine coolers, so, come on up here and grab yourself a treat!”

Everyone found their adult beverage of choice, with a few of us still also nursing our waters from the lobby. The small talk, joking, and flirting continued.

Patti commented, “Annika was right earlier. It is hot out and I’m STILL hot.” Fluffing her low-cut, scoop-neck tee shirt back and forth she continued with a grin, “Annika’s not the only one with ‘hot girls'”.

Everyone chuckled. The handyman in me, ever-eager to serve and please, I snatched-up my nearly full bottle of water from earlier, walked-up to my longtime friend feigning that I was moving-in for a hug, tugged her tee shirt toward me, and proceeded to pour my icy water directly on top of her glorious breasts. Score!

Her magnificent hard nipples instantly seemed to nearly double in size and her initial, pouty frown rapidly turned into a beaming smile as the room whooped and cheered!

Rachel chimed-in, next, “Now that’s what I need… a long, cool shower”, in a soft, subtle voice probably intended to remain internal.

Multiple friends empathized with and reaffirmed her idea, however, it was little Annika who formally presented the opportunity to, Kelli when she said, “Eh, excuse me, but perhaps we actually could break-in the new showers to clean-up a bit… you know, since we’ve obviously got time”.

Honing-in on her suggestion, and slightly embarrassed that she had not thought of it herself, Kelli agreed, “Yes. Yes. Of course. I should have thought of that. Oh, of course, dear friends”.

The diminutive but delightful, Annika smiled brightly, clapped her hands like a school teacher, and said, “Great! Now you hard-working boys go grab some beers and head over to the boy’s showers next door while we girlies get all girlied back-up for you here, then we can all meet back-up in the break room to…”

“Hold on”, Kelli interrupted. “Hold on. Eh, sorry, men, definitely a good idea, but no can do. The potties work on the men’s side, but the plumber installed the wrong fixtures so, I’m afraid the showers are out of commission until tomorrow afternoon. Sorry. We DO, however, have four working showers in here AND one in my office, so, I’m sure we can work out a schedule to…”

“To”, Patti impishly interrupted, “Help our dear friend and small business owner save a little money by…”

“Saving water!”, I said cheerfully! “And why not? Turn about IS fair play, and we did…”

Rachel interrupted, “Did get to see our boobs earlier, soooo…”

“So, you bitches can see why they call me, Rod!”, Rod playfully interrupted. Winking at me, Rod continued, “Present company excluded, sorry. My boyfriend and I are cool with occasionally entertaining the ladies, but when it comes to men, we are exclusive.”

I was actually relieved to hear that, and just gave him a big thumbs up as the room filled with overlapping choruses of happy laughter, affirming cheers, and the clinking of adult beverage containers.

As Rod stepped by me towards the first shower stall, he saw my hard cock, which admittedly was shorter than his, he returned my thumbs up and said, “Mmm, thick”. He then walked-up to Kelli and Rachel and yelled, “Giddy-up girls”, as he swatted them smartly on the ass to usher them into the first stall with him.

I saw Rachel’s petite hand grab Rod’s meaty manhood and begin to slowly stroke it up and down just as Kelli blew me a flirty kiss before closing their shower curtain. I was hard enough to cut diamonds.

Patti blew me a kiss as she walked towards Annika. Cupping Annika’s large breasts, Patti cooed, “Ooooh, my HARD working Handyman, you are SO going to enjoy playing with these! I know I sure will”, she said as she pulled Annika’s enormous nipples.

I wanted to start shower number two, to get it ready for me and my voluptuous vixens but they were standing directly in my travel path. Annika and Patti were pressed naked, large chest to naked, large chest, locked in a deep French kiss. Each was using one hand to explore the other’s large, sensitive nipples, and their other hand to finger each other’s pussy!

The serenading sounds of both showers running, were accompanied by the erotic ensembles of beautiful kissing, kaçak casino slurping, squishing, slapping, and moaning noises. It was indeed, a symphony of sensuality! I was hard enough to cut diamonds.

As I attempted to squeeze Annika, I misjudged the space available for my “dad bod” to traverse. As a result, my hard, thick, cock started to drag across Annika’s fantastic, round ass.

Keep in mind the nearly 4.5″ height difference meant Annika was stretched up on tip toes to better reach Patti. Also keep in mind Patti is nearly a decade older, much stronger, and quite a bit more sexually assertive.

The tight quarters forced my hardness to line up directly with the petite rose bud of Annika’s sensational ass. I’ve always produced copious quantities of pre-cum when aroused, so the tip of my cock was well lubricated as it pressed firmly against her anal entry.

Seizing the moment, I grabbed her petite hips and slowly but firmly pulled her toward me. The girls appeared to already have begun to help each other orgasm and their steady rocking and squirming further helped to begin easing about 1/2 inch of my large, bulbous head inside Annika’s tight anal sphincter. I knew not to go too fast.

Their height difference, and perhaps Patti’s sexual dominance, caused Annika to slip off her tip toes. As this occurred, they fell toward me, pressing me firmly against the wall behind me. With me now stationary, this rapid movement forced another inch and a half of my cock to impale Annika’s ass, causing her to cry out in pain.

“Oh, there, there, sweet, baby”, Patti said in a sexy, maternal manner. “Thank was an accident. I didn’t mean to push that naughty, hard cock up your sweet ass before you were ready.” Patti spun Annika around, bent her over and planted several kisses and at least one lick on her rose bud before seductively purring, “Let’s take this party into the shower so we can ALL get each other as wet as possible”.

Needing no further prompting, I entered the large stall and started the shower. A smile spread across my face as I heard the distinctive sound the my shower curtain being yanked shut after Patti and Annika barged-in. They began feverishly kissing, rubbing, and pressing against me from both sides.

“I’ve never done that before, but I’d definitely like to try it again because Rachel has been telling me for years how much she loves it”, Annika whispered in a husky voice as she kissed and licked her way up my neck before darting her talented tongue into my left ear (side note – a MAJOR turn-on for me).

“Yessss”, echoed Patti as she repeated that same sultry sensation on my right side.

Annika began rubbing my back and fondling my ass while Patti cupped my heavy balls. Then Patti leaned kissed me hard and then said with the most seductive look in her twinkling eyes, “Then, after the shower makes us both wet… (Kiss)… we both want to see… (Kiss)… just how much more… (Kiss)… wet… (Kiss)… you… (Kiss)… can… (Kiss)… make us!”, she purred while playfully biting my lower lip and stretching it outward with her teeth before letting it go.

“Challenge accepted”, I delightfully responded as alternated licking each wonderful woman from her neck to her breasts, nipples, abdomen, hips, thigh, knee, calf, and foot before reversing my path up the other leg, taking pain-staking care to get as close as possible to each luscious pussy without actually touching it.

After completing my initial oral assault of each woman, I pressed them firmly back against the shower wall, and used my loud, authoritative ‘dad voice’ to command, “Don’t move”! I adjusted the shower head pattern and direction to make sure it would help to keep them covered in their new positions before I stepped close between them to plunge a hand into each of their wonderfully, wet, wanton, cunts. I expressly forbade them from using their hands to do anything but tease, twist, and touch one of their and each other’s nipples.

As this frenzy of feminine feeling took place, I fingered and flicked each of their erect clits while alternately kissing and licking their mouths, faces, necks, and ears. Patti came first in a large, wonderful, wet, gushing orgasm that splashed explosively outward onto my cock and legs before spraying onto all six of our feet.

That beautiful event, and the corresponding sensuous loud, throaty sounds Patti screamed out, in turn enticed Annika to follow suit with her own, full-body quivering orgasm. It was all I could do to not blast gobs of my own boiling pleasure over them. But I remained focused on them, and the more I did, the more they came until finally they begged for a break before their legs gave out.

Ever happy to please and serve, I graciously agreed to withdraw my sopping wet fingers from their fiery pussies. As I did, I raised my hands up, carefully avoiding the direct spray of the shower, before crossing my arms and offering each to lick and taste the other’s juices from my fingers.

They did, and, to my surprise, Patti erupted in yet another, wet, gushing orgasm. Seeing the look of sheer lust in Annika’s eyes, I could tell she was eager to taste Patti’s pussy. I stared directly at her and silently mouthed the word, “Yes” to her.