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Subject: Hard Working Brothers, Ch. 9 ATTENTION! This story contains sexual content of a homosexual nature between consenting adults who happen to be related. Everyone in this is fictional, and if any of the activities in this story, namely sex between men, specifically between adult men who are related to each other, happen to offend you or are in violation of what your jurisdiction deems appropriate for you to read, you should probably not continue. Feedback, suggestions, and comments are more than welcome to be sent to shawndilf@proton.me , along with if you enjoyed it enough to get off (love hearing that I made you cum hard). And I will never turn down photographic proof of your erections or loads shot. 😉 Thank you, and have a great day. Also, a reminder that Nifty works off of donations. Consider dropping a tip to Nifty if you’ve been dropping your pants. Copyright 2022 Hard Working Brothers Chapter 9 “Mmmmm,” Shawn groaned as he tried to stretch out in bed. He absolutely failed at that, thanks to the snoring hulks that were entombing him on both sides. Still, it was nice and warm. As usual, he had ended up sleeping on his side. His mouth felt absolutely disgusting, a morning breath formed by too much alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, and whatever else went into him last night. Surprisingly, he didn’t seem to have a hangover, but he could very much feel that his body was telling him to go empty the tank. Usually, it wouldn’t be a problem. But right now, it seemed like the best option would be to crawl under the covers and not try to disturb either of the big men that were peacefully snoring. If he woke them up, he might have to do something awful like share the bathroom. As much as he loved Jason, Shawn had soon realized that what his brother ate to fuel his massive body also required a dedicated air handler for the bathroom while in use. Slowly, he managed to get himself to the foot of the bed without disturbing either Jason or Cory enough to wake them up. Shawn even managed to keep from stomping and get down the hall quietly. He locked the door behind him, and plopped himself down on the toilet. Pushing his boner down into the bowl, he relieved himself with a sigh. Unless it was a urinal or out in the yard, Shawn usually didn’t stand to pee. Too much drip and splash damage potential from his piercing in general, and especially first thing in the morning in a bathroom that he would have to clean if he made a mess. As he flushed, Shawn looked at himself in the mirror. He was very glad that Jason had put their toiletries away after dinner yesterday. He hadn’t even thought about it at all, his thoughts set on the idea of making his mouth not taste like it did. He continued to scrub at his mouth as he heard a knock at the door. “Go away,” Shawn mumbled around the brush as he tried to scrub at his tongue. “I need to pee so bad,” came the response. It wasn’t Jason. Relenting, Shawn unlocked the door, and Cory nearly slammed it open in his rush. Shawn was rinsing out his mouth as he realised that his naked cousin was repeating his earlier actions almost perfectly. Cory didn’t want to clean up Chuck’s bathroom floor any more than he did. “Thanks,” Cory said as he sat on the toilet, letting the last few dribbles fall into the bowl. “No charge,” Shawn said. “I just didn’t want to have to brush while someone took a big shit.” “Who would-” Cory wrinkled his nose at the thought. He didn’t finish the sentence before breaking off to a new thought. “Really?” “Oh yeah,” Shawn said with a note of finality. There were many things that he loved dearly about Jason. But he had also learned that it was truly a blessing to live in a house with an equal number of toilets to residents. With Jason being like that, and Zach not believing in short showers, there had been a lot of things to adjust to. “Gross,” Cory laughed. The big ginger had grown up in a house dominated by women. He had learned very fast why his dad had installed his own bathroom in the garage. It gave both of them a lot less headache and blame when they started to gravitate to the informal ‘men only’ shitter. With one final spit, Shawn left the bathroom to Cory, and went back to the room. He silently tossed on a pair of pyjama pants and some socks, and went on the hunt for breakfast. He knew there would be more than enough leftovers. Cory joined him soon after, and the two of them ended up reheating some smokies. Shawn made a pot of coffee while his cousin fixed up the plates. “Good night’s sleep?” Shawn’s question came with a joking toned. “I’m surprised I can walk,” Cory said with a smug grin. He let Shawn pour him a mug of coffee, and went to the fridge. “Me too,” Shawn replied. “I figured you’d be eating ass, not breakfast.” They chuckled at that. “It’s still early,” Cory retorted. “Got to get some energy going for a new day.” He had wolfed down the food almost immediately. “I think I’m good now,” Shawn said as he took a sip of his coffee. The rumbling in his stomach had subsided, so now he was focused more on that he was with his hot bear cousin. Cory was still only wearing a pair of boxers, which was having a bit of an effect on Shawn. All that hairy flesh on a burly frame definitely was getting him ready for the first round of the day. “I can see that,” Cory said as he slid over next to Shawn and started groping at his crotch. The shorter man’s pjs were starting to tent visibly, especially after Cory took his big mitt there. Shawn let out an appreciative sound as his cousin rolled his balls around through the fabric. He reached over and started to play with Cory’s nips, giving a pinch every time Cory squeezed him. “Fucking dirty boys we are,” Shawn laughed as Cory pulled out his pierced cock through his fly and started to pump it slowly. “I learned it from my old man,” Cory said as he moved in closer to Shawn and started to nibble at the shorter man’s ear. Cory moved his way down Shawn’s jaw, rubbing his own beard against his cousin’s as they began to make out. He pulled Shawn in close, using his physical bulk to manhandle the leaner redhead a bit to ensure there was no space between them. “Let’s go to the couch,” he said softly to Shawn. They left the kitchen and went over to the living room. Chuck had a big tan couch that a man sit on and lose himself in the pillows. It was absolutely the right size for a big man to get busy on. The big ginger sat down, and shucked his boxers as he did so. His fat curved cock sprung up, the dark head wet with leakage from his arousal. He held it out straight as he waited for Shawn to get rid of his own pants. Shawn wasted no time in dropping down to his knees and burying his bearded face in Cory’s crotch. He slowly ran his tongue around the rim of Cory’s glans, probing his cousin’s foreskin as he slowly sucked at the head while massaging the balls with his left hand. Cory groaned in pleasure, putting a hand on the back of Shawn’s head to guide him. As Shawn began to slowly bob up and down on his cock, Cory grabbed a handful of Shawn’s dark red hair and set the pace that he wanted of his cousin. Cory liked how submissive Shawn was being this morning. His cousin had taken his lead, and Cory was surprised there wasn’t any push back at all. Shawn just wanted to go with the flow, and have his face used. Even as Cory began to rock harder into Shawn’s wet mouth, there was nothing but happy slurping and sucking. “Yeah, suck it down,” he grunted as he felt Shawn’s bushy beard rub against his big balls. He loved the feeling of his cousin’s big beard rubbing against his flesh, the gentle rub of the coarse hair coming every time Shawn’s nose slammed into his pubes. “Fuck, cuz, you’re a pro,” Cory moaned as Shawn continued to deep throat him. There was no hesitation at his girth or the upward curve. He could feel how he was filling the smaller man’s mouth with istanbul travesti every movement, which impressed him with how easily Shawn continued to take him. He watched his veiny shaft disappear into the rusty hedge of his cousin’s face over and over again. Shawn’s eyes remained closed, his concentration directed solely at pleasuring the meat in his mouth. “Shit,” Shawn said with a gasp as he pulled off, and leaned against Cory’s belly. He rubbed his face against his cousin’s bulky body, feeling Cory’s hard cock rub into his beard. Having regained his breath, he dove back onto the dripping prick, sucking with vigour to collect as much of his cousin’s sweet precum as he could. He began to jerk himself off with his right hand, while he worked Cory’s balls with his left. “Fuck, man,” Cory groaned as he felt his cousin’s rough fingers on his nuts. Cory loved it when a man worked with his hands. It gave a man a lot of dexterity, and really let him feel like a real man was working on him. He heard Shawn make a bit of a slurping noise, and felt the hand on his balls leave for a second before he felt a wet finger probing at his back door. The big ginger quivered with pleasure as he felt Shawn’s wet digit at his pucker. Shawn hadn’t stopped his shaft devouring pace one bit, even as he began to massage Cory’s hole. Cory groaned as Shawn continued that, before this cousin pulled off again. With a loud hork, Shawn spit on his hand, and then got back to work. There was no hesitation when Shawn plunged his middle finger into Cory’s ass. He could feel how relaxed Cory was from the blowjob, and how eager his cousin’s asshole was to be played with. Cory slammed his cousin’s face right down to the base of his cock as he felt the knuckle slide into him. His hole was remembering the massive stretching it had received the previous night, and accommodated Shawn’s finger easily enough as the wiry redhead began to finger fuck his cousin in earnest. Cory hunched up a bit so his cousin could get better access to his hole. He was rewarded with Shawn taking two fingers to his hole almost immediately, viciously working his hole and slamming his hand into his big, hairy ass with each stroke. Cory was breathing heavily and grunting as Shawn continued to service him. As he looked down over his broad chest and belly, he knew he was getting ready to blow. Shawn’s talented mouth combined with his strong fingers were almost enough on their own, but seeing his handsome cousin just existing to pleasure him was the kicker. Shawn felt when Cory’s nuts began to draw up in preparation, and began to work the head more. He wanted to collect ever ounce of his cousin’s load to savour. Even as he stroked his own meat, Shawn could feel his own orgasm building. Cory let out a mighty grunt as he slammed Shawn’s head right down to his base, his fat cock pulsing with each shot of cum that was being forced out of him. Shawn made an appreciative sound as he felt hot cream filling his mouth as the veiny shaft twitched inside his maw. The taste of his cousin’s semen was enough to set him off, and soon the shorter redhead was spilling his own seed on his father’s carpet. Shawn just zoned out for a bit while he came. The taste of Cory’s hot cum in his mouth was all he could think about as he continued feel his oozing loads froth with his strokes. He slid back, releasing the big ginger’s cock, before swallowing. The familiar taste played over Shawn’s tongue as he probed the backs of his teeth, looking for any stray morsels. He put his hands on Cory’s thighs and climbed up his cousin, eager to share the aftermath of the big man’s load. They made out that way for a bit, Shawn half-laying on top of Cory, before a noise from the hallway broke their reverie. “Huhgmmm,” Rob said with an exaggerated clearing of his throat. “Morning, boys.” “Good morning,” Shawn and Cory said almost at the same time. Their tones were markedly different, however. Shawn’s was more congenial, while Cory’s sounded more like ‘fuck off’. Shawn got off of his cousin and wiped his still sticky hand on his leg before pulling on his pants. “Toss me a dishtowel,” he said to his uncle. Rob grabbed one from next to the sink and hurled it to his nephew, who began to mop up his puddle while Cory moved towards his shorts. “Couldn’t wait for the rest of us, huh?” Rob rumbled the question with a good natured laugh. “I wanted cream with my sausage,” Shawn shot back. *** By the time Jason woke up, he found himself sprawled across an empty bed. As tempting as it would have been to just roll over, the big man sat up with a yawn. Rolling over would’ve been annoying, considering the morning wood he was sporting, so he tried to remember where the bathroom was. After freshening up, Jason found his father and uncle watching TV in the living room. Chuck and Rob were lounging around in sweats and t-shirts. Jason had put on his own sweats, but had pulled out a white tank top that did absolutely nothing to hide the dark hair on his body.. “About time you got up,” Chuck said, turning to look at his youngest son. “There’s a plate for you in the fridge,” he continued. “Thanks, dad,” Jason said as he got himself a glass of water and prepared to eat at the kitchen counter. “Thank your lover,” Rob grumbled. “He made it for you. Wouldn’t let me eat that steak.” “Where is my sweet little hobo anyways?” Jason had always joked that Shawn looked like a hobo on his bad days. “Down the road,” Chuck answered. “Cory brought one of his fancy kites, and they went out after breakfast.” “Nice,” Jason said around a mouthful of feed. He was starting to feel a bit less ravenous now. He was a little annoyed that Shawn had let him sleep in, but at the same time, the sleep had been good. It had left him hungry enough that he had skipped heating up his breakfast and moved straight onto gorging himself on red meat and mushrooms. “You always were the one to sleep in,” Chuck noted. Him and Rob had ended up rising a little later than the other two did, but Jason had been content to snore away until almost ten. Jason ignored his father’s comment. Just because he valued sleep more than his brother or father didn’t make them right. “What are you guys up to?” “Not much. Mostly betting on whether my boy’s hobby gets his boy airborne.” Rob didn’t quite get all of Cory’s fascination with putting fabric and sticks in the air, but he knew exactly how much lift they produced. Giving Cory’s monsters an operator that weighed a hundred pounds changed the dynamics a little bit. “He’s not going to end up flying into the sky,” Chuck shook his head. “Never know,” Rob shrugged. “I think that they’re probably fucking out in the field or something by now. They were bad enough this morning when I walked in on them.” “Really.” Jason said the word flatly. He would’ve liked being woken up for cock. “Yeah,” Rob continued, not fully registering Jason’s response. “I came in here and Shawn was going down on my boy like nothing. And he made a mess on the carpet while doing it too.” “Bet that looked good,” Chuck added. “I didn’t get a good view. They came right around the same time I walked in.” Rob shrugged again. “Looked good, though. I wouldn’t mind some now either.” “Really,” Jason repeated coldly as he dumped his empty plate into the sink. “Oh, don’t be pissy,” Rob laughed. “Your man loves you and is going home with you tonight. He let you sleep in and made a plate for you before you got up. Unless you signed a contract in blood that you would do everything together, I don’t see why you’ve suddenly got a stick up your ass.” That made Jason feel a little bit silly. “I know,” he said as he joined his elders on the couch. “I’m not really mad at him for playing, I’m more annoyed that he didn’t wake me up to join in.” Sitting between them, Jason slouched down a bit as he put his feet kadıköy travesti up. He definitely felt called out, and he couldn’t fault his uncle for it. “You know, this is about the first time I’ve ever seen you actually be possessive of someone,” Chuck said. “But if you’re stressing that you’re maybe just a fling, well, I’ve never seen your brother smile as much as he has since you two came up.” Chuck had privately worried about both of his boys, and how they were navigating life. There were too many shades of workaholic hermit in his own path that he knew the warning signs when he saw them. “I’m not worried about that,” Jason sighed again. Then, in a quieter voice, he admitted, “I just don’t want to screw it up.” “I don’t really think you can,” Rob chuckled. “It’s not the most typical pairing I’ve seen, but it looks like it works. Besides, you’re easily the most attractive man here and could probably get laid by some roided up porn boy if you put your mind to it.” That made Jason feel a bit better, even if he didn’t think he could find a man better than his brother. He leaned against Rob and gave him an awkward hug. “Thanks.” He didn’t really want to admit it, but the whole boyfriend thing had thrown his world off balance. Dating Shawn was easily the healthiest relationship that he had had, and it was bringing up all sorts of feelings that he hadn’t felt since he was much younger. Hadn’t felt, hadn’t addressed, and really needed to admit were a part of him. “You’re a good boy, just a little late growing up,” Chuck added. “Follow your heart for once.” “Mmmm,” Jason responded. He was being a little childish, he realized. He wasn’t sure exactly why, since he hadn’t felt the same way about Shawn getting it on with his apprentice, and he knew that his encounter with Derrick hadn’t been held against him one bit. “And if Shawn breaks your heart, just break his hole. One night of you on Viagra would mean he would have to use a diaper for the rest of his life.” Rob said the words as casually as if he was telling Jason about what brand work boots to buy. “Rob!” Chuck snorted in surprise. “What? I told all the girls to rip off their husbands’ dick if they ever deserved it. You think I’m going to give worse advice to a boy?” “Thanks?” Jason appreciated his uncle’s fatherly advice, even if it was a little unsettling. “Just don’t overthink it,” Chuck added. He rubbed his son’s shoulder. “Mmmmm,” Jason made an appreciative sound. He felt his dick chub up a bit in response to his father’s strong hand. Now that he was a little more awake and fed, his body was telling him to take care of another hunger. Jason leaned back on the couch, and put a hand on both of the other men’s legs. “That’s a good boy,” Rob said, a hard lump growing in his sweats. He had noticed when Jason leaned back that his nephew’s fat cock was starting to make itself known. The bald man put his right hand there and began to massage Jason’s prong through his pants. Jason made a soft groan, enjoying the feeling of his uncle’s big hand kneading his meat. He closed his eyes, and felt another hand start massaging his massive chest. This one was coming from the other side. “Now that you’re a little more relaxed, how about we give you a treat, son?” The younger man made a deep growl at that as he felt two pairs of strong hands begin to touch him all over. Both his father and uncles started out over the clothes, but soon wormed their way under the fabric. Chuck was rubbing his son’s hairy pecs and torso, while Rob was massaging his cock. “Is that what you needed?” The bald man felt Jason’s fat cockhead becoming slick with precum as he slowly stroked up and down the length, drawing the foreskin back with increasing ease thanks to the lubrication. “Aw, yes,” Jason absolutely needed his cock to get attention this morning. The intense hard-on he had woken up with had come back with a vengeance. His uncle’s experienced hands were giving him exactly what he was craving, especially as he felt Rob squeeze his nuts gently with every milking motion. “My handsome, horny son,” Chuck said just above a whisper as he pinched Jason’s nipples. His muscular boy groaned his appreciation at that, bucking his cock into Rob’s hand. Rob took the opportunity to grab the waistband of Jason’s sweats and coax them down. The younger man’s thick cock sprang up, wet with arousal and looking painfully stiff now that it was out in the open. “Fuck,” Rob swore, remembering how that thick piece had stretched him. He hadn’t been stretched like that in a long time. It had his own dick dripping inside his sweats, a big wet patch highlighting the big tent in his own sweats. He quickly removed his own clothes, which prompted Chuck to get naked as well. Jason still had his eyes closed, enjoying the attention he was getting, so he didn’t end up disrobing of his own volition. The elders took charge, and helped strip him before returning to their predations. Chuck moved in close and whispered in his son’s ear, “Tell daddy what you need.” The muscular man groaned in pleasure as he felt his uncle begin to probe his foreskin with his tongue. “Oh dad,” he said with a grunt as Chuck pinched his nipples. “I’m a dirty boy,” he panted, “I need a spanking and to be sent to my room wet.” There was something about being manhandled by his dad and uncle that was making the big man feel extra submissive. He hadn’t even thought about the words before they were out of his mouth, but just hearing them aloud made his cock twitch with excitement. Chuck grasped his son by the jaw, and turned his head to face him. He gave Jason a rough kiss, jamming his tongue into his son’s mouth, taking the lead. Drawing back a bit, he said in harsh, low voice, “Get your ass over my lap, then.” Jason had a big grin on his face as he opened his eyes. He quickly flopped onto his dad, rolling over and pulling himself into position. Rob gave a grunt as Jason accidentally kicked him in the leg in his haste, and gave Jason a hard smack. “Turn around and suck me off while your dad gives you what you deserve, brat.” “Yes sir!” Jason’s response was one of boyish enthusiasm. He quickly reorientated himself, and felt his hard cock wedge itself between him and his father’s thighs. The dark-bearded man dove onto his uncle’s big curved prick, nursing on it like a hungry calf. Chuck took Rob’s groan of pleasure as the starting signal to give his boy what he wanted. He raised his hand, and delivered a firm swat to Jason’s hairy ass. Jason bucked forward into his father’s lap, feeling Chuck’s erection press against his flesh as he received his punishment. The dark-haired man was in heaven as he felt the sting of the spanking, each time his body giving him a rush at being dominated by his own father. Having his mouth stretched by his uncle’s thick cock only made things better, as Rob’s fat cockhead battered the back of his throat. He sniffed each time he took the pole all the way down, savouring the earthy musk of his uncle’s body that he could faintly smell. “Bad Jason,” Chuck said, punctuating each word with a swat. “Bad!” He continued to spank his son without hesitation. “Only bad boys deserve a spanking! Tell your uncle what you did to deserve this.” Jason gasped as he came up for air. He looked up at his uncle’s grey and bearded face, a look of utter ecstasy on his handsome face. “I was a bad boy. I was jealous of my brother’s playtime,” he said in a tight voice. “And?” Rob’s deep voice was menacing. “I let my coworker seduce me! Spank me harder, daddy!” “And?” This time, Chuck asked in a serious voice. “I want my dad to breed me like he did my brother!” Jason’s voice was high with excitement. Chuck continued spanking his son, Jason’s hairy ass having turned bright red with the increasing viciousness. His lap was wet with his son’s leakage, Jason’s cock having belched bakırköy travesti out more and more precum as he confessed to his father. Chuck’s own meat was throbbing against his son’s brawny body, having been completely turned on by his son’s submissiveness. “Time for you to get your punishment, boy.” Chuck’s voice was hard as he gave Jason one last swat. “Stand up.” Jason did as he was told, and Chuck got up as well. He grabbed his son by the arm, and forced him to stand in front of his uncle. He gave Jason a light shove, right between the shoulders. “Bend over,” he commanded. Again, Jason obeyed, and put his face back in his uncle’s crotch. Rob put one meaty mitt on the back of his nephew’s head and began to use him. While Jason serviced his uncle, Chuck went and got his lube and poppers. He tossed the little brown bottle to Rob as he proceeded to get his fingers nice and wet. Jason groaned as he felt his asshole being probed and silicone deposited within him. He was eager for his father to use his hole, so he leaned back onto the thick finger. He heard his uncle take a couple deep sniffs as Chuck advanced stretching his hole to two fingers, and then felt Rob’s rough hand move under his chin. The younger man’s face was brought up a bit as Rob put the bottle to his left nostril, and waited for his nephew to inhale. Jason did as he was prompted, and took a long hit on each side. As he did so, he felt a blunt head rest against against his hole. “Fucking cumdump of a son I have,” Chuck grunted as he pushed against Jason’s pucker. He heard his son sigh in relief as the poppers kicked in, and his cock slid forward. Jason’s hairy hole enveloped his cock easily, the engorged head slipping in without resistance. Chuck hissed with relief as his cock, so rigid with arousal, was treated to the warm wetness of his youngest son’s hole. “Look at how easy he takes cock,” Chuck said to his brother as he watched more and more of his veiny shaft sink deep into Jason’s hairy hole. That meaty ass, still red beneath the coating of hair, was presenting no resistance. “He’s bitching out,” Rob growled as Jason sucked at his fat cock. The big, bald man was utterly engrossed in watching his brother fuck his son senseless. It was turning his crank so much, that Rob was almost worried that he would cum just from the servicing. Watching his brother fuck the shit out of his burly, masculine son was exactly what he had hoped would happen this weekend. Chuck could barely contain himself as he ramped up the pace. The sound of his heavy balls slapping against his son’s flesh, the smell of mansex wafting off their bodies as they continued to sweat in their pleasure. He drove himself into Jason’s needy hole harder and harder, urged on by the grunts and moans of his subby son. “Get ready, boy,” Chuck said between gritted teeth, as he felt his nuts pull up in a familiar tightness. He gripped his son harder, giving himself more leverage to slam balls deep. Jason panted as he licked at his uncle’s thick shaft, gasping for air. He heard his father let out a mighty howl, and was forced forward as Chuck buried his bone with a massive thrust. The muscular man could feel his father’s load fill him, the hairy cock deep inside him pulsing with each jet of cum that was being deposited inside him. It made him sigh in relief, making him feel loved and accepted as the cock that made him filled him with hot seed. Chuck slumped over his son, chest heaving from the excitement of breeding his boy. He wished he had lasted a little longer, but Jason’s hole had just felt so good on his cock that he couldn’t hold back. As he tried to get his breath, he saw Rob move away from being serviced, and get behind him. “Move,” Rob said bluntly as he passed the bottle to his brother. They switched places, and Chuck gave his son a few more hits of the poppers as Rob positioned himself. Jason greedily inhaled the bottle as his father held it for him, and steeled himself for what he knew was coming. It wasn’t enough for only his dad to use him. Jason was ready to be bred by his uncle’s thick cock, to be used as the receptacle that he was. He felt his cock twitch in anticipation, a steady stream of precum drooling from his untouched penis. Rob lined himself up to his nephew’s abused hole, and drove himself balls deep on the first stroke. There was no mercy in how he approached Jason’s ass, only animal need. He could feel Jason’s prostate each time he fucked himself into the younger man, the grunts and moans only intensifying as he continued to batter it with successive poundings. Even after Chuck’s using of his son, Jason still felt tight against Rob’s thick cock, and listening to the mewling appreciation of his nephew was bringing the older man closer and closer to orgasm. “Please,” Jason begged, “Breed me.” There was none of Jason’s usual quiet dignity. None of his strong presence. Only need. Only submission. Rob grabbed hold of his nephew and slammed himself hard into the frothy mess that was Jason’s hole. He could feel Chuck’s load lubricating his passage, and it was time to add to it. He didn’t announce it, just held the bottom in a vise grip as he came. Jets of semen pulsed deep into Jason’s depths, mixing with Chuck’s. Jason was almost insensible from the assault on his ass. He was almost at the edge of orgasm, and unable to formulate anything coherent. All he knew was that he was an instrument to used to pleasure his father and uncle. He was nothing but a vessel to be filled. He didn’t dare reach down and touch his obscenely hard cock, to give himself release without permission. Repeating Chuck’s actions, Rob held himself against Jason for a moment as he recovered from his orgasm, and then slowly pulled his still sensitive meat from his nephew’s battered hole. Jason’s guts winked red to him for a moment as his body slowly tried to recover from the invaders and shut his gaping hole. Chuck stroked Jason’s hair as Rob pulled out from his son. “Are you ready to cum, boy?” He asked the question in a soft voice, beneficent now that his own needs were sated. Jason looked up at him, wide-eyed, and nodded. “Come sit down next to me, then, and let daddy help you.” The younger man obeyed, and sat down next to his father. His cock was coated with his precum, thoroughly angry in how hard it was. Chuck reached over, and began to pump his son’s meat. It only took a couple strokes for Jason to blow, shooting his load all over his face, beard, and chest. Shot after shot erupted from Jason’s thick cock, painting his closely cropped beard and thick hair with streaks of white. Five shots reached far, while another half dozen were less forceful and ended up landing on his abs and oozing down his shaft. Chuck released his son’s penis, causing Jason to shudder at the sensation, and then put an arm around the bigger man that he had sired. Jason leaned into him, completely sated from what his elders had used him for. “Mmmm,” the big man said as he fell into his father’s lap, his head resting against Chuck’s spent cock. There were no words for what he was feeling at that moment, only sounds. He felt like a weight had been lifted from him, that he had been purged in some way. Jason licked his lips, tasting a bit of his load that had managed to get that far. He always liked his own taste, but he wished he had been able to have more of it. “Good boy,” Chuck said as he let his son process what had happened. He reached down and stroked Jason’s head again, producing more appreciative sounds. “Thanks, dad,” Jason said after a while, and after Rob had pushed his way back onto the couch. The younger man was becoming painfully aware that he was laying across both of the older men. Now that the rush of horniness had passed, he was self-conscious of everything. “Thanks, unc,” he added as he sat up, getting a grunt of discomfort from both of the men that had topped him as he pressed his weight into them. “Let’s get cleaned up, and then we can have lunch,” Rob said gruffly. Sex was good, but now that it was done, it was time to get on with the day. He didn’t get any complaints from the other two.