He breeds me – Part 2

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He pulls his lips away from mine but his hands remain cupping my blindfolded face. “Jennifer, I have a question for you. I want an honest answer.”“Yes?” I ask with nervous curiosity. “Are you ready?  Ready for my thick cock to enter your wet pussy?  I know it’s wet. Don’t tell me it’s not. Are you ready? Ready for me to slowly fuck you so you can feel every inch sliding in and out slowly?  Are you ready to cum all over it?  Your legs wrapped around my back? And when you do cum, your pussy will pulse on my cock, bringing me to release all my seed in you. Spurting all my cum into your womb. Fucking my baby into you. Our DNA will mix. And as I cum, I’ll lean down and kiss you passionately. Are you ready for that, Jennifer?”I didn’t think my nipples could get any harder. They did. I didn’t think my pussy could get wetter. It did. I could feel my wetness leak out on to my inner thighs. ‘My God,’ I thought. ‘This man is attuned to exactly what I need.’“Yes, Aaron. Yes. I want to feel your warm seed fill me. I need it,” I replied. He pulls back. Movement. I feel a small wind brush across my face. The blindfold has heightened all my senses bahis şirketleri in the absence of sight. I hear rustling. Is that his buttons on his shirt popping? I imagine his masculine fingers unbuttoning them, all the while his stare on me. I can’t see it but I feel it. Zipppp. He pulls his zipper down. I involuntarily lick my lips, remembering how his cock tasted during our car romp. How his pre-cum tasted. More rustling. I feel him move toward me. “Jennifer, all I’ve thought about is feeding my cock between your full luscious lips and then feeding it to your pussy. I’m going to mark both holes as mine. Your mouth will become mine.”  As I’m listening to his words, I suddenly feel the head of his cock land softly on my lips. I part them immediately. “I’m going to fuck your mouth now,” he softly whispers. He wraps his hand into a fist around my long blonde hair. Holds my head as he slowly thrusts forward. His hard cock invades my mouth. “Suck it. Tongue it,” he commands. I run my tongue over his head and shaft. His cock is so hard and smooth. I open my mouth wider. He moves farther back into my throat. My saliva starts bahis firmaları pooling and dripping down my chin. He groans. I feel his hand in my hair tighten. He starts thrusting harder – faster – into my mouth. “That’s it, baby. Swallow my cock,” he whispers. “Swallow my cock, my beautiful whore.”He thrusts faster. I feel his cock head glide down the back of my throat. It feels wonderfully thick. I moan over it, knowing the vibrations only add to his pleasure.  He thrusts harder, fucking my mouth. He stops when he’s in the back of my throat, making me gag. If he pulled off my blindfold, he’d see my eyes watering. I hear his breathing increase so I wonder if he plans on releasing his seed into my mouth. He suddenly pulls out. “While your mouth is like velvet, your pussy will feel even better. That’s where my seed will go.”  I’m amazed he knows my thoughts. Kismet. His hand comes to my chest. He gently nudges me down onto my back. My legs are dangling over the edge of the bed.  I feel him move and he lies on top of me, holding his weight on his forearms. “May I touch you?” I ask. My hands are dying to connect with his muscular kaçak bahis siteleri body. “Yes. I want you to,” he replies. My arms snake around his back. My hands feel his thick back muscles. I marvel at his body. My hands move to his chest, feeling his pecs. The feel of his pectoral muscles makes my pussy clench. ‘This man is all man,’ I think to myself. I feel his face close to mine. His lips softly touch my lips, parting them to steal my tongue. I sigh as we start sexily tongue kissing. His hand moves to my breast, fingering the nipple outside the corset. I moan. He moves aside the fabric, fingering my nipple. He stops kissing me. ‘What now?’ I ask myself until I feel his warm mouth and tongue on my nipple sucking softly. My hands move to the back of his head, cradling his head to my breast. My hips involuntarily grind against him.  With each swipe of his tongue my pussy clenches. His other hand moves slowly down my stocking covered thigh. Slowly down to the inside of my knee. His hand grabs my inner thigh and pushes my knee back. I feel the cool air on my red hot and wet pussy. “Jennifer, I need to taste you. Taste your pussy before I mark it with my seed,” he whispers. His tongue leaves my nipple and he moves his body, head between my legs. I can feel him staring between my legs. He unsnaps the crotch of the corset.  “Mmmm,” he whispers. “Easy access.”