He Tied Me Up And Took Pictures

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He Tied Me Up And Took PicturesWhen I asked (my husband) Jasper if he’d be interested in taking some pictures to post online, he was a little bit hesitant to begin with. Photos, sure, but online? What if someone from our k**s school saw them, or something? Once we both agreed that it was best to keep our faces out of them, we were a go. Oh, but we had no idea how much it would turn us on.J is a writer by trade, but we both know a little about what makes something have an artistic feel, so we thought adding a little rope to the picture to start might inspire us. I truly love being tied up, and one of my fantasies is to be tied, blindfolded, and fucked while someone watches. I like that out of control feeling. J has put it in my ass on a few occasions we’ve played bondage, which he knows hurts me, but hiltonbet giriş for some reason, the rope makes it so I don’t mind. No rope, and it’s a dead no. Go figure.Jasper says that if there were ever a girl watching us, he’d invite her to do whatever she wants to me, too.God, what if he started fucking her in front of me while I was tied up? Would I be hurt, or would I get off? I don’t know. For real… but I get off on the idea, sometimes.So anyway, here I am with my hands behind my back, and as you can tell from the top pic, I start getting a cock in my hands, which he’s never done before while I’ve been tied up. I hear the camera, so I figure he’s being creative. I can already feel that slippery dew on the tip of his manhood, and what do you know? I’m getting wet hiltonbet yeni giriş already, too.Then he starts getting grabby with my ass, and spreading my cheeks open for pictures. I’ve never understood how the women in porn videos can just stick their ass in a camera, the way they do. It makes it look so big, but here I am getting way hot as my husband starts pounding my pussy, and sticking fingers in my tight asshole, using his spit as lube, and snapping away with the camera. Oh, how we got fucking going. For a while he put the camera down, and just rode me from behind, nice and slow, and deep. We got a pace going, where I would push back into his thrust, feeling the tip of his by now, super hard cock, rubbing against my insides, then tighten my pussy so it would grab hiltonbet güvenilirmi as he pulled back. Oh, it was divine sex. We went on like that for ages. Then he flipped me over and started taking more pictures, as he stuck his slicked penis into my mouth, and I thought, “This is it. Time for my cum shower.” but no.After a bit, he untied me. We had a bathroom break and as he stood up to go, we both marveled as how unbelievably hard and strait his dick was standing up. This whole taking photos thing was doing something for us both. It was people watching. It was being tied up and powerless. It was my husband having his way with me.We fucked on my back, until I came, and then my husband had one last photo in mind. I was once more turned over and fucked from behind. He pulled out and came a huge load onto my asshole. This was the only clear picture he got, but I loved the feeling of the spurt, as it tickled my hole and ran down to my pussy, where it dripped off. Thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed yourself. (Just a note: All photos are me and Jasper. The Gifs, I found on line.)