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HELPLESS HUSBANDSHELPLESS HUSBANDS WENDELL IS NOW WENDY Wendell was upset. His wife Talia had dressed him in an especially girlyoutfit. Perched atop his head was a yellow cap with a short brim in thefront. His upper body was covered — sort of — by a clinging apricottop with spaghetti straps. It ended several inches above his bellybutton. Below that was a pair of red mini-shorts that rode low on hiships and invaded the cleft of his bottom. His smooth shaved legs wereuncovered and on his feet he wore open-toed pink sandals with two-inchblock heels. It was bad enough she made him dress up, but couldn’t sheat least let him have something like a plain sweater and slacks? Ofcourse she couldn’t. Talia wanted him to look the way he did because shewanted her date, Mack, to be the only real man in the house. She called from their upstairs bedroom, “Wendy, come here. Right thisminute.” Taking careful steps, which that footwear forced him to do, hehurried to go to her. Wendell was aware of how his walk became feminine,his slender hips rolling, and how his legs were reshaped, made lessmasculine, when he had on those sandals. It added to his unhappy statebut what could he do. She had decided six months ago that, because hewas a dud in bed, and because he was always fussing about one thing oranother, she would have to take control of him. The best way to do that,Talia had declared, would be to take him out of male clothing, to deflatehis manly ego. He wanted to stand up to her but had never been aforceful person. Besides, he was desperate to get back into her goodgraces so he could have another chance at proving himself as a lover.The eternal optimist.It had started slowly, with panties under male clothing. Then there wereunisex outfits. Wendell had not liked it but went along to keep thepeace. When he tried to negotiate some kind of agreement about their sexlife, she pointed out that his dick was embarrassingly small, he didn’tknow how to use it, and everything was always over in a few minutes.That was when she suggested (thought the idea wasn’t open to debate) thathe should start using his mouth on her snatch. It was something hedidn’t want to think about, let alone try, but she was insistent.Wendell gave in almost immediately and that evening he got his firsttaste, figuratively and literally, of oral sex. Talia loved it anddecided he would be performing for her on a regular basis. Also, becauseshe felt that keeping him horny would make him better at it, she revokedall his rights to have intercourse. He was thinking about all that as he went to her. When he got there,however, his mind was taken over by what he saw. Talia was standing ather dresser with her back to him, naked. His wife’s long red hair was upin a knot atop her head, baring her smooth neck. Her broad pink-whiteback made him lick his lips. But it was her wide round bottom that madehim feel weak. He was obsessed with her sitter, how large and sexy itwas. Her legs were full and shapely as well. His little dick twitchedas he ogled her up and down. She turned halfway, giving him a side viewof one DDD breast, which added to his yearning. She smirked at him andcommented, “I can’t wait for Mack to see you looking so pretty.”He wrung his hands and pleaded, “Please, if I could just… get rid ofthe hat?” “No,” she responded, intentionally mistaking his meaning. “Iknow you want to show off your hair now that it’s getting longer, but Idon’t have time to style it.” He could only hang his head in defeat.She snapped at him, “Posture, Wendy. Please get my top off the bed.” Hehanded it to her shakily. Wasn’t she going to put on a bra under it?Obviously not, he realized as she tugged it down over her heavy breasts. She adjusted them to her satisfaction, remarking that she knew Mack wouldlove the way they looked, “Especially how my nipples poke out against thefabric. You know, Wendy, you should make sure I’m nice and turned on forhim. Get down on your knees and give my peach a few kisses. You’vegotten SO good at that.” He shuddered but did as she instructed. Shemoved her feet well apart. As his lips touched her mound she sighed andhe moaned. Talia smiled at how much control she was asserting over him.After he had brought her to the verge of orgasm she kicked him onto hisback. With him staring up at her, she stuffed her overweight lower halfinto tight stretch pants, then stepped into red shoes with tallstilettos. Wendell had to stand and watch while she made up her roundishface, applying enough cosmetics to give herself a slightly trampy look.He hated when she did that. Well, he wouldn’t have minded if it was toturn on him. But she did it strictly for Mack, who got a kick out ofhaving her look sluttish. And act the same way, which she was happy todo for the big man. After her face was done and she had let down herhair, which fell to the middle of her back, she went to work on herhusband’s features. Talia started by darkening his eyebrows, türbanlı tekirdağ escort which shehad previously thinned and shaped. Then she used shadow on his eyelidsand liner around his eyes. She also thickened his lashes with liquidmascara. A bit of blush went onto his cheeks. Finally came his mouth.She carefully outlined his lips and then used bright scarlet lipstick tofill in the bowed shape she had made. Over the already eye-catchingcolor she put a coating of gloss. Poor Wendell looked wildly girlish.But with his hair untouched, and his chest flat, plus the slight bump inthe crotch of his panties, it was plain that he was a guy. She made him brush her hair for five minutes before declaring herselfready for her lover, adding, “I want to make him hungry for me, Wendy. Iwant him to think about eating me up. Of course, he’ll be doing it abovemy waist. I reserve all the eating below there for YOU, my sweet sissy.”He whined, “Please, Talia, I don’t want him to see me like this. Youknow how he laughs at me and makes cruel jokes.” “Of course I know. Andhe knows how much it turns me on when he acts tough and in control likethat. The more he does it, the hotter I get. And the hotter I get, themore fun it is for him when we hit the sheets.” Wendell’s shoulderssagged as he admitted, “You’re right. It’s just that I don’t want…”He realized that he was simply going to make his previous complaint withdifferent words, so he shut up. When Talia got mad at him she wasn’tnice. She reminded him about his posture again, making him standstraight. Then she decided to make his body language match hisappearance more closely. “Wendy,” she said with a smirk, “put your hands on your hips. That’scute. Now stick out your butt. And walk around but put one foot rightin front of the other every time you take a step. Ohhh, that looks evensexier than usual.” She was still chuckling at his humiliation whenthere was a loud knock at the front door. Mack had his own key but heloved to make Wendell let him in. The harried husband went as fast ashe could on those two-inch heels. He got to the door, tried to composehimself, and opened it. There stood Mack, looking down on him andsneering. He had on a leather jacket and jeans, along with motorcycleboots. Mack shook his head and marveled, “I didn’t think you could lookany faggier, but you do. What a lame fruit.” Wendell cringed andinvited him in, walking ahead of him and aware of Mack watching hisswishing gait. Talia had gone to the bedroom. As soon as the lovers were together,Talia and Mack threw their arms around each other and locked lips. Heran his hands down her back to that generous protruding bottom. Themoment they stepped away from each other, she snapped at Wendell, “GetMack a beer, you stupid geek. Look at you, dressed up like the queen ofGay Town. I have absolutely no respect for you.” He whispered, “Yes,Dear,” and scurried away, still hampered by his footwear but rememberingto maintain his sissyish walk. When he returned the couple wereundressing each other. He stood by silently, seeing his wife’sstupendous curves uncovered. Mack finally grabbed his beer and poppedthe top to take a long swallow. He told Talia, “Your wimpy, ass-wagging,limp-wristed husband is a total waste. You make him get tarted up like apansy hooker looking for rough trade and he just lets you. And now he’sgoing to have to stand there and watch me bang you until you holler.””Yeah,” she agreed. “He’s a complete failure at being a man.”Wendell ran his hands nervously over his thighs and licked his lips,tasting the cheap cosmetics she had put on his mouth. She glared at himand said, “What? Do you have something to say… Wendy?” He took a deepbreath and pleaded, “Please, don’t make me watch. I can’t stand it.” “Iknow, peanut-dick. That’s why I keep you in the bedroom while a real mantakes care of me. Because you CAN’T stand it. I hope you cry. Thatalways gives me an extra good climax. Are you going to cry for me,Wendy? Squeeze out some tears?” Her trembling husband sniffled and toldher, “I can’t help it, Talia. Please. Just let me leave the room.”Talia laughed cruelly and assured him, “No way. That is NOT going tohappen. Now reach under your cute top and play with your girly nipples,Wendy. Let’s see if you can get a hard on while you watch Mack and hismonster cock make me happy.” Wendell did as he was told. He felt atingle in his crotch as he stimulated himself. This was a new anparticularly insulting humiliation. His wife never seemed to run out offresh ideas to disgrace him. And he guessed she never would.****** CHAN’S WAY (inspired by the Art of Nimrod)Carl’s new Mother-in-Law insisted he call her Mistress Chan. A few daysafter he married her lovely daughter, Lotus, she moved in and took over,while the new bride went to stay with a girlfriend. Now the older womanwas shouting at him to come upstairs. He was in the basement, türbanlı tekirdağ escort standingat a workbench, with several pairs of her boots in front of him,cleaning, polishing and buffing their sleek leather surfaces. Carlstepped away from his labors. Moving was not easy. She had dressed himin especially restrictive garments. He had on a snug leather dress that covered him from the high collar thatchafed at his neck, all the way down to the tight hem that hugged hisankles. It featured a corset waist, which she had tightened until hefelt like he was being cut in half. The interior of the garment wasrough and unfinished, so that it rubbed his bare skin uncomfortably. Hewas hot and could feel droplets of sweat running down the middle of hisback and between his bottom cheeks. Worse, she had made him wear highheels that were two sizes too small, which pinched his feet painfully. But he had to respond when she called. The cruel woman had beaten hisbackside with a bamboo cane before she put him into the dress. Hecertainly didn’t want to incur another punishment like that. Orsomething worse. So Carl, taking tiny steps, with the dress rubbingagainst his already irritated flesh, moved toward the steps. There was asmall round hole cut into the front of the dress, through which hisflaccid penis protruded. He couldn’t even call out to tell her he was onhis way, because she had stuffed a ball gag into his mouth, one bigenough to keep his jaws jacked wide apart. He took each step carefully,every movement costing him the maximum effort. At the same time, thetall collar prevented him from looking down to see where his feet were.She hollered again, saying, “Hurry up, useless slug. Move lazy assfaster.” His breath hissed from his nostrils and he moaned behind thegag. When he was at last a few steps from the top, he came into sight of themirror she had made him mount on the inside of the basement door.Confronting him was his plump reddened face, eyes wide from exertion,perspiration sheening his features. His hair had been shaved off, thejob done personally by his Mother-in-Law. She had left a tassel on top,which had been dyed bright yellow and was now pulled up and held that wayby two little red bows, one above the other. If that didn’t make himlook foolish and unmanly enough, she had also applied generous amounts ofcosmetics. His eyes were lined by black, the lids tinted blue. Hiseyebrows had been shaved and replaced by high arches painted on hisforehead. There were bright pink circles of rouge on his cheeks. Mostupsetting to him, she had drawn a large cupid’s bow around his mouth andfilled it in with garishly bright magenta lipstick, which was thencovered with a coating of shiny clear gloss. He continued on, tottering slightly on the heels, his calves sore fromthe strain they caused. At last he reached her. She was lounging in therecliner that had formerly been his exclusively. Now he wasn’t evenallowed to lean on it. Mistress Chan was a matronly figure, her hairpiled high and held in place with some stiff preparation. She wore make-up only a bit more subtle than his own. Her busty upper body was tightlyencased in a faux-leopard blouse, below which her waist was clutched by awide, black leather belt. Below that, her flaring hips and full thighswere squeezed into a red leather skirt that ended above her knees. Hecouldn’t keep from looking hungrily at her calves, covered by smokystockings, and her feet, shod in crimson heels that he had buffed earlythat morning while she was still asleep. As he gazed at her his exposedmember began to harden. He couldn’t help it. Because his bride haddenied him sex and his Mother-in-Law had denied him any chance to gainrelief, he was acutely in need. His prick continued to rise until it wasat full stiffness. She eyed it disapprovingly and said, “Filthy pig. It is not bad enoughthat you lust for daughter, but now you crave mother.” He wanted to denyher words but could not. His interest in Chan had been growing daily.She pantomimed spitting at his crotch, even making a disgusted soundeffect. He cringed. She set her jaw and gave him a threatening look.He realized belatedly what she wanted, and began to bow, going as low asthe dress would permit. After a half dozen uncomfortable efforts hestopped and waited to learn why she had summoned him. Chan rose from thechair and stood close enough for him to inhale the strong inexpensivescent she wore. The haughty woman said, “My friends are coming. Youwill serve us tea and cookies. You will show great respect.” She wentto the sofa and picked up something that was lying there. It was asmall, frilly white apron, which she promptly tied around his waist, allthe while muttering darkly. Then she took a little lace cap that hadbeen alongside it and fitted it on his shaved head. It stayed in placeand was low enough that the embarrassing length of hair still showedabove türbanlı escort tekirdağ it. Carl was horrified that other women were going to see him that way. Hefelt burning shame whenever he was dressed in feminine outfits, which wasfrequently. Chan made him do housework every day, always presiding overhim with some instrument of discipline. Now she took one of her ridingcrops from a hook on the wall and brandished it menacingly. She smackedhis posterior and, though the leather absorbed some of the force, hisbuttocks were so tender from their recent caning that he still flinchedand grimaced. She smiled as she herded him toward the kitchen. Whenthey got there he had to take a three-tiered serving plate from a lowcabinet, the effort of bending down making him struggle for breath. Thenhe had to reach into a tall cabinet to get the box of cookies. As hebegan to arrange them on the tiers, under Chan’s critical inspection, shecasually lit a cigarette and inserted it into a long ebony holder. Shedisrespectfully blew smoke into his face.When the cookies were all in place, he made tea and put cups onto aserving tray. Chan huffed disapprovingly at his efforts. No matter whathe did, she invariably found fault. But there wasn’t much time, so shedidn’t inflict any added punishment. After the preparations were doneshe had him don leather gloves that buttoned to the sleeves of his dress.They were stiff and made it hard for him to flex his fingers. Thedoorbell rang and she barked at him to answer it. “Move, mindless cow.” He did his best, the dress continuing to torment him. Waitingimpatiently outside the door were three of Chan’s friends, all from herhomeland, all looking much like her. They wore flashy outfits and cheapshowy jewelry. Carl had to bow to each one as they sneered and flunginsults while passing by. He followed them wordlessly, in abjecthumiliation. To have them look at him, dressed the way he was, robbed ofall power, but with that unwanted erection on display, was the depths ofdegradation for him. He blinked back tears of disgrace as they seatedthemselves around the den. Chan snapped her fingers and told him, “Bringcookies, useless lump of fat.” He bowed again as he backed out of theroom, afraid that he would lose his balance. As he returned with the cookies they were chatting, and ignored him likehe wasn’t even there. He went from one to the next, offering the snacks,which they took and set on paper napkins atop their thick thighs. Hispenis twitched as he moved to each of them. After that he had to performthe same way with the tea, pushing the pot and tray of cups on a wheeledcart. The women clucked at his slowness, even though it was the fault ofhis shoes, that constricting dress, and especially the hampering gloves. At last it was done and he moved the cart and himself to an inconspicuousspot in the corner. They gabbed for a while and then one of themdeclared, “Your slave-maid smells like sweat. I have something to fixthat.” Chan snarled at Carl, “Hai! Go to her, stinking one.” Withtrepidation he put himself in front of the woman indicated. She rummagedin her oversized fashion bag and came out with a spray bottle of perfume.She made him bend low so she could apply it. It was pineapple scented,overbearingly strong, and she used it liberally, so that he ended upreeking of the fruity stuff. Now he felt even less like a man. Theylaughed at him and made jokes in their own language, which he didn’tunderstand a word of. His legs started trembling.Another of the women declared that she had a ‘gift’ for him too. Itproved to be a nose ring, which she clipped shut with a half in eachnostril, it’s points jabbing into his septum. He groaned behind his ballgag and tried not to let his pain show too much, lest his weaknessinspire them to punish him. The last woman grinned devilishly as sheannounced that she also had something to give him. It was a small bellon a fine chain, which she attached to the ring in his nose. The bellhung just below his chin and tinkled whenever he moved. Chan made himhobble around, cleaning up crumbs with a tiny brush and dustpan sheprovided. He was absolutely humiliated to have to perform that way, likethe lowest menial, while being seen by those females. His discomfort wasconstant, so that each time he took a step or bent down he grunted,groaned, sniffled and inhaled noisily through his nose. Poor Carl wasn’tgiven a moment’s rest and the women spat insults at him the entire time. “Hopeless wretch.” “Feeble insect.” Three hours later the afternoon drew to a close. On shaky legs, Carlwent and opened the door for the visitors, bowing low as each onedeparted. His shame had not abated. If anything, it had increased. Hefelt utterly broken and feared that he would never recover even a portionof his lost self-image. Chan sneered at him and announced, “Perhaps nowyou will be acceptable to my daughter. If not, there will be many moregatherings like this one. Understand, useless-piece of offal?” Henodded, desperate not to incite her wrath. She went on, “She will returnsoon. Two weeks. Maybe three.” That long? Being feminized anddemeaned the whole time? He didn’t know how he would endure it. Carlwould have to do exactly as his Mother-in-Law said or suffer furtherindignities and punishments. That was Chan’s way.