Her New Surprise

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Her New SurpriseDominique could not wait to put it in my ass. Dominique (you) bought the strap-on almost on a whim; you were walking by Good Vibrations and saw it proudly displayed in the window. It almost appeared like it was begging her to come inside. It is black and good sized. The light makes it seem shiny. When you touch it, the silky smoothness has you hooked. This is your cock. The harness is just as beautiful. Designed with black leather with metal studs, it reminds you of some dirty cowboy movie with cheesy one-liners. However you do not care, it is perfect.When you walk inside your little one bedroom flat. I am not around. Calling for me, in a slightly coquettishly manner, you are eager to tease and touch. But you are unable to find me anywhere. Shrugging as you enter into the bedroom, you shed clothes along the way. By the time you reach the bed, you are wearing nothing but a lacy black bra and panties. You wish vaguely for your garters, but all thought vanishes as you take out your new purchase and place it on the bed.Standing there for a couple moments, you gaze at the sleekness and perpetual hardness of the black cock. You are getting wet. You plan on waiting for me, but you want to try it on and see how it looks.Slipping your panties off, you pick up the harness. It smells of leather, reminding you of my van’s interior. Feel the warmth spreading along your body as you buckle the straps tight around yourself. The leather crisscrosses in the back, making a very sexy pattern on your lower back. Wow, you love it when I lick you there…You look at yourself in the mirror. Your full 44D breasts are still bound while your pussy lips, full and moist, are barely visible under the harsh black straps. Posing, you arch your back as you observe your reflection. Letting down your naturally ebony coloured hair, you shake it out crazily over your smooth shoulders. You resemble like a sexy minx!Suddenly you desire to see yourself with the hard cock thrusting out from your curvy body. You crave that juxtaposition so badly your clitoris aches. The dildo fits the harness perfectly snug. It does not shift around like your last strap on. This one is worth the money.Standing before the mirror, you revel in the astonishing view. There you are, thick and sexy, purely feminine and gorgeous. But then attached to your body, just under the smoothness of your rounded stomach is this huge, black cock jutting out defiantly. It is so different and so fucking hot.Strangely comfortable, you catch yourself blushing as you bolu rus escort raise a hand to touch it. It is not really foreign to you, but you are mesmerized into feeling its smoothness. Just five minutes ago you were calling it your own cock! Tentatively you trace a fingertip over its thick surface, feeling the bumps and grooves that model a real dick. You watch yourself in the mirror and find your shyness fading into arousal. You are hot. Lapping at your lips, you inhale a deep breath as your heavy breasts swell against the bra.Reaching up and unhooking it, you release your ravaging breasts. They are beautiful and you know it. Plump and perfectly shaped 44Ds, the breasts’ pert little, dark nipples that are already erect with excitement. Squeezing them, you attempt appeasing their ache. Your breasts always ache to be touched when you are aroused. They need to be suckled and pinched. Grasping them, you peer in the mirror at the beautiful young, black woman with the huge black cock. You could fuck yourself if you could, you ponder, almost laughing at the wild look in your eyes.Letting go of your breasts, you clasp both hands to the strap-on. Squeezing it with one and caressing it with the other, you never avert your eyes from your reflection. You are so wet; you feel yourself starting to drip. Sliding the leather strap aside, slip your fingers against all that wetness. Finding your pulsing clitoris between two slick fingers, you stroke it the way you long to stroke the cock, your cock. Shutting your eyes, you have your head leaning back. Your hair tickles your shoulder blades, heightening your arousal.Removing your hand back out, you use your glistening fingertips making a tight circle with your thumb through which the cock could pass. Your juices lubricate the mushroom head tip of the cock, wetting it, getting it ready for fucking. Feel your pussy spasm; you believe that you may climax, but you choose to wait. You need it good, wet and hard.The bedside table has many goodies inside. When you dribble Astroglide over the tip of your cock, you are glad for their kinkiness. It was a blessing to know a man with no sexual hang ups. Positioning the mirror so that you could watch yourself from the bed, you then climb up.The cock stands erect, straight up from your body as if begging to be jerked off. Damn, you want to fuck yourself so badly! So you do Gripping the length, you stroke in just the same way that you enjoy viewing me masturbate. You move it so every stroke presses bolu rus escort bayan against your engorged clit making you moan out loud. Watching yourself in the mirror increases your arousal, building your orgasm until you are tossing yourself off so fast your hand is almost a blur. Every squeeze and stroke is harder than the last, you feel your ass tightening. Playing with your nipples with your other hand pinching them, you feel them heat up and tingle. The pleasure goes straight to your burning cunt. Steadily fucking yourself until you can not take anymore; you desperately need something filling your hot, wet hole.Extending a hand down, you force two fingers deep inside. Feeling for that perfect spot, you caress it over and over while you continue to jerk your hard, wet cock against your clit.You are so almost ready to cum, when the door opens. I stroll in. Stopping your moving hands, but you do not move. I appear confused for about half a second and than a grin spreads across my face. You raise an eye brow and resume stroking your cock again, building momentum. I watch, fascinated, as the bulge grows in my tight work pants. Swallowing, I am uncertain of my role here.”Care to join me, baby?” You ask suggestively. I nod and strip down, climbing up onto the bed.You do not even have to tell me, my lips locked around the cock. I position between your thick legs, just like you had done so many times for me. While sucking, I glide my hands up your legs until you have my slender fingers inside you. I am stroking repeatedly until you are screaming and thrusting into my mouth. You elevate your ass off the bed, cumming around my fingers. At the same time, you plunge my head onto your cock, into your clitoris. You moan deeply.Before you cease cumming, you shove me away only to move out from under me. The orgasm lingers as you order me to get on hands and knees. Caught off guard, I respond because I am rock hard. You know I’d love what happens next.My swollen, black dick stretches out beneath me. It is hard and needy as I settle on hands and knees before you. Rubbing some lube onto my puckering hole, you tease me slowly by sliding a fingertip inside me. I moan softly into the pillow. Afterward you lube up the cock with your hand again. Then you push the tip against my asshole. I shudder with anticipation. It has been a while since we played like this. I desire it badly.So I inform you so, “Fuck your Daddy, girl.” It is almost a yelled command. You are so high off your rus escort bolu arousal that this bit of direction almost sends you over the edge again. Grasping my narrow hips, you ensure that you see us in the mirror before pushing inside slowly until you are all the way in. Sweetly you ask if everything is alright. When I moan a “yes” and beg for it harder, you lay your body against my back. Deep inside me, you supply small thrusting motions with your hips. Your bumping against my prostate with quick little jerks has me squirming underneath you. My heavy, full balls tightening against my body.Stretching around, you grip my hard dick like you had done to yourself earlier and stroke it with every thrust. Meanwhile your thrusts become deeper, pulling out more and moving faster as you tug on my dick with your small hand. Viewing us in the mirror, you are shocked again by how sexy you appear as you slide cock in and out of your hot man’s ass.Moaning, I call your name as I get closer and closer. My hand moves down, wrapping around yours on my meat, squeezing them tighter. Our fingers are sticky and wet as they jerk me harder. My breath is shallow and interspersed with moans of desire as your wide hips continue bucking.You enjoy sliding the thick, black cock deep into my tight ass. Each thrust bumps back against your clitoris until you too moan with ecstasy. How sexy it feels as your pussy juices drips down your thighs. The orgasm is building. Suddenly you realize that you are going to cum again as you fuck my ass.”I’m going to come inside you, Daddy,” you cry out uncharacteristically as I grunt, pushing my ass back to meet your thrusts; my swollen dick is ready to burst. It is stunningly hard. Our hands continue squeezing, forcing more pre-cum from the tip to drip onto our sheets below.”Fuck your Daddy, baby girl,” I moan again, “fuck me until you fill my ass with your hot cum!” You gasp, my sexy words sending you over the edge. Screaming, you note the pressure in your body breaking suddenly, washing over you in wave after wave of pleasure. Thrusting harder, you slam my ass intently with each wave of pleasure, the cock tugging on my desire. Those forceful thrusts combined with your cries suddenly hit me hard. My bulging balls contract as my heavy dick vibrates in our slick hands. My creamy load erupts all over the bed as you remain writhing over me. Your climax slows as my asshole tightly milks in a delicious rhythm the wet, cock buried deep inside me.After minute you pull out slowly. We lay there breathing heavily as our heartbeats slow down. I glance over, view the black dildo dripping with lube and laugh shakily. Then you look over at me, smiling, “So I bought a new toy today.”I laugh again, “I see that.”Then, cuddling, we discuss the future of our new toy. We both decide it is going to be getting a lot of action.