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Subject: Here Come The Boys Hey, hope you all are doing good. This is Gay, Adult-Youth story for sure. might be references to heterosexual stuff. But all the action is not generally. OK, please support fty/ Been reading for many years. This is my own Yarn. I mean its total stinking bullshit. but it is the kind that’s fun to get thru… maybe you can relate to it. Here Come The Boys I had just turned 35. My name Henry Heights is the hated name of my three ex-wives. one of them had called me a sex pervert. She had caught me looking at gay porn and kicked me out the house. It was always the same. I was to denominated for my wife. I didn’t yield to her. My girl friends at 16, were both the same age; felt the same way. Plus I was having sex with two girls at once. I had no issue with being male or talking about being as such. I was hard muscled boy now man. I was very burley all my body. It was a few years back I had gotten fat. I was now all muscled again. But I wasn’t sure I wanted to have my 5th relationship with a woman just have another Misses Ex to pay out for child support. So for the last 3 years I was alone. Then I got a call from my sister. She gave me a sob story how she had to kick her husband out. It all came down to my sister being in love with her female boss. She was asking if I’d take in Jack and whatever kids wanted to go with him. I had the big house I had just bought a year ago so I said sure. She told şişli travesti me thanks and how I was a good brother. She was now 43 so some of the kids were older than mine. I had just woken up and was sipping my first cup of the day of coffee; when there was a knock on the front door. I opened it. “Hey Jack, how are you, beside my sister kick you out,” I said. He smiled just hugged me. He was one of the few brother-in-laws I liked. He always treated my good. “Hey, Uncle Henry,” Said little Jack. But he was not little any more. He was 19 and looked like a clone of his dad. “Can I still call you little Jack,” I asked? “You can, and my dad can,” He said. “You can even call me little J is you want. He liked when I use to call him that. It was a term of endearment when he was just a kid and teen. He was more muscles than me. Then there was Hal, and Victor, and Staley, follow by Teddy at 14. He looked so much like my sister. I was glad it was July and hot. We were not far from the Corpus Christi I was glad cause we didn’t really have winter. We had two season most years. Summer and more summer. I like it that way. Well, I got them all settled into my 5 bedroom house with a den and pool. It was soon a house of little if no clothes. Of course there was some sex between the boys. We were sitting around the pool one afternoon when I was talking with Little J. “Can beylikdüzü travesti I tell you I use to be hot for you Uncle Henry. Very hot indeed. I was so into you. I didn’t tell any one dad figured it out. We hadn’t seen you during the summer for a about 5 years. I was more upset not seeing you than anything,” said Little J. “Little J, are you saying you wanted me sexually too,” I asked. “Yeah, I was. I wasn’t sure if I wanted it to happen or not. I just liked seeing you being with you,” he said. “I was 12 that first summer. I met a school jock and had sex with him all the time, He was dating a girl and was having sex with us both. He got her pregnant and married her. That ended our relationship, I was devastated. Then that year I was 17 we came to stay with you for the summer was what pulled me out of it. You doting on me cause you could tell I was hurting in some way.” “That was two years ago, How are you now, I didn’t see you last summer,” I asked. “Well, I got another boyfriend for a while. He made me play the role of a bottom boy. It was OK. I am really bisexual if truth be told. I also like to top and bottom with guys.” “I hear a tone in you voice little J; tell me what’s going on,” He looked at me and I saw he looked like he wanted to cry. He pulled his arm and started to curled up in a ball. It’s quite a sit for a big 19 istanbul travesti year old. I went to him and grabbed him into a hug. He was now bawling. I just held him. Then when he stopped; he looked at me. “I can’t tell you how much I…” He spoke. “Are you in love with me? “Yes, Uncle H,” He said. He was still crying lightly. I grabbed him and kissed him very deeply. I had always been bisexual. I just wanted kids. But now I didn’t want any more. I had gotten at least 6 females pregnant some more than once. I had also had sex with more guys. I was ready to love this boy if that’s what he needed. I know he’s 19. But I wasn’t really much adult till I was 25. “Are you sure Uncle H. I mean I loved the kiss. But are you sure you could love me the way I need?” “Well will you respect me in the morning,” I said jokingly. “Yes, I will love you to the day I die,” said little J. “If either us find a gal to have kids with; we better find one who doesn’t care about their male lover.” We both laughed at that. When little Jack hit 15 he was a big as his dad. He already had kids himself like 4 now at 19. He wasn’t looking for more than 4 kids from two different girls. He was like me with ex’s so to speak. He had just hadn’t been officially married in the past. He was now all over me. We were both naked. It was now a very engrossed make out session. Both are meat were very hard. They were rubbing against each other. It was so hot and heavy that suddenly we both sighted as we both shot a load. He was on top of me and now we both asleep on a pool lounger chair. Sorry, short but hot…. Bryan Brown ota