High school cocksucker outted

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High school cocksucker outtedJen had nice tits. They were in the high C range and looked very largeon her small 5’2 frame. They were soft and had a nice bounce to them.It was nothing short of perfection that she had given Blake lap dancethe year prior in New York. Blake’s cock when fully erect was an impressive9 – 10 inches. Thethrobbing feel when hard was juxtaposed by its floppy movement when shookduring arousal.Donny found out through Twyla one night and had been having sexydreams since. They would usually revolve around Blake emasculating himand having Donny get him off in full view of Jen.It was usually after school when individual scene groups wouldrehearse. Blake would approach and push Donny down to his knees orinto a chair. When Donny’s face was at crotch level Blake wouldunbutton his jeans and grind his covered growing cock in Donny’sface. This would be accompanied by cocky demands that he was going to giveDonny ‘what he wanted’ as well as arrogant chuckles that he was goingto love it.Donny wondered what had caused Blake to go Alpha Male all of asudden. He was turned on by the growing cock in front of him. He hadthought bahis siteleri about sucking Blake’s cock countless time prior and always gotoff on it. This time he was also surprised and aroused by Blake’semasculating language. He also was aware the girls in the scene groupwere in the dressing room next to the theatre and would be out anyminute. The thought of Twyla catching a glimpse of this scene was mindboggling. Donny secretly wanted to see Twyla and Blake have sex andwas seriously considering giving in to Blake’s request.Blake noticed Donny’s submissive acceptance of his grinding crotchand he pulled back and laughed at the discovery. “Well that wasn’t sohard was it? You want my cock don’t you? Well take it out and have alook. I know that’s what you’ve been hoping for.’ the last line had asly arrogant tone to it. Blake knew what was going to happen and hewas going to get everything he could out of it. As his cock floppedout of the boxers he gave Donny a cocky slap in the face with it.Blake was going to fuck Twyla. He was getting excited for this, Heknew: Jen, Emily, Amanda, Becca and Mez were in the dressing room andhad a hunch canlı bahis that each wondered if he really was as big as Jen hadclaimed.Donny began to slowly jerk Blake’s now 7 inch and growing cock backand forth lost in a sexual trance. Blake moaned out loud in a dominanttone stating ‘Well I guess you really like my cock. You’re going toget a lot of it this year so don’t worry. Maybe I’ll even get you anaudience.’ With a laugh Blake looked confidently don’t at Donny andsaid ‘Whenever I say from now on you will get me off understood? Nowget your clothes off.’ He said as he took his jeans off completely.Donny had no sooner striped off his clothes when Blake pushed his now9 inch member to Donny’s lips. ‘I know you want this hot cock. I wantTwyla to see you worshipping my cock. You want that to don’t ya?’ headded with a laugh. ‘Don’t you worry she will see your cocksuckingskills soon enough…’ When Jen and Emily walked in they almost didn’tbelieve what theyheard and saw. ‘Suck my cock, that’s right. Just like that. Show mehow much you love it fag.’ Blake moaned as he lightly pushed the headand first few inches in and out of Donny’s güvenilir bahis slowly submitting andsecretly inviting mouth.Emily who stood 5’5 with a fairly plane frame and long dirty blondhair reacted with shock exclaiming ‘Holy shit! What are you doing?!’Jen reacted with more intrigue than shock and stopped Emily andwhispered into her ear for a moment sporting a small sly grin in theprocess. Emily’s eyes widened and she turned having a very girlishgiggle at what Jen said. Blake looked over to Jen and said proudly ‘Donnywas practicallybegging for my cock. Jen was impressed with the scene in front of her.Blake washumiliating Donny in full view of her and Emily and she was reactingwith a slightly comical arousal. Blake’s cock turned her on, andwatching him arrogantly taunt Donny was making an impression on her.She looked down and noticed Donny’s hard cock and stood beside Blakewith Emily on her shoulder. Jen half laughed ‘I think he likes yourcock Blake.’ then with an evil giggle said to Emily ‘You he’s hard!Emily looked down and cracked up in both hilarity and surprise thenlooked back at Jen. Jen responded by looking down at Donny in a gazeof growing dominance. ‘You’re a pretty good cocksucker Donny. Youmust really love Blake’s cock. Keep going, I want to see how much of alittle whore you are.’ she giggled and teased at it…. to be continued?