His Girlfriend’s Ok But Her Mom Is Awesome

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His Girlfriend’s Ok But Her Mom Is AwesomeAll characters and terms including boy and girl refer to people age 18 and over.There they were, Spencer and Kayla both naked sitting on the bed, him sucking her tits, her playing with his dick, when the bedroom door opened. Spencer and Kayla stared in horror, his lips frozen on her tit, her grip almost crushing his hard cock. Standing at the door was Kayla’s mother. Spencer and Kayla were mortified, her more than him: after all it was her mother. The moment Mrs Lewis realised what she was looking at she shut the door and went downstairs. In a state of shock Kayla wrapped the duvet around her body.“My mom…my mom,” she jibbered. “She just saw us naked.”Spencer put his arm around her to try and console her, his cock still hard.“I know, babe.”“Oh my god.”“It’s ok.”When Kayla saw Spencer having a little stroke of his boned up dick she thought it was inappropriate under the circumstances.“Spencer!”“What?”“My mother has just caught us naked and you’re jacking yourself off!”“Oh sorry. I didn’t realise.”He took his hand off his dick.“This is a nightmare,” Kayla said, almost bursting into tears.“It’s ok. It’s ok.”“No it’s not ok. How can you say it’s ok? My mom just saw you sucking my tit.”“I know.”His hand was about to move towards his dick again but he stopped when Kayla saw what he was going to do.“Spencer, my mother just saw you sucking my tit.”“I know, babe.”“Is that all you can say?”“Well what do you want me to say? There’s nothing we can do about it.”“And she saw me holding your cock.”“You were doing more than holding it, babe.”“Spencer, you’re making me feel worse. My mother saw me wanking you off. Oh fuck. What am I gonna do?”Spencer gave her a hug.“Come on, babe. It’s not the end of the world.”“You had one of my tits in your mouth and my mom was looking at me. I’ll be traumatised for the rest of my life now.”“What about me? I’m traumatised as well. Your mom saw my naked erection.”“Talking of which, it’s still fucking hard. Look at it. That’s not the cock of somebody who’s traumatised.”“I am traumatised, babe. It’s just that my dick won’t go down.”“This canlı bahis is an absolute nightmare. Is this really happening? Tell me it isn’t happening, Spencer. Did my mom really just walk in and catch us?”“I bet she’s as traumatised as we are.”“We’ll all have to go on The Jeremy Vile Show after this.”“We’ll laugh about it one day, babe.”“No we won’t. I won’t. I’m not coming out from under this duvet. Ever.”Kayla curled up under the duvet.Spencer had a crafty little wank.A week later Spencer bumped into his girlfriend’s mother in the street. He couldn’t look her in the face at first. More than anything he was afraid in case he got an erection.Mrs Lewis put her hand on his shoulder.“I need to talk to you, Spencer.”Spencer looked up, his face bright red.“I’m sorry, Mrs Lewis. About what happened.”“It’s ok.”Spencer was really concerned about his girlfriend. He hadn’t been round to see her since that night, and he hadn’t even heard from her.“How’s…how’s Kayla?”“She’s fine.”“I’ve been worried about her.”“There’s no need to worry. Honest, she’s fine.”“I know I haven’t been round to see her but…well…”Spencer couldn’t really look his girlfriend’s mother in the eye, not after what she’d seen them doing, him and her daughter. He just stood there looking at his trainers.Mrs Lewis stroked his upper arm. He looked up at her. He was blushing big time.“I’m really sorry, Mrs Lewis…you know…what we were doing.”“That’s ok. I’m cool with it.”“Will you tell Kayla that I’ll come round to see her tomorrow?”“I’ll tell her. She’ll like that.”“That’s if I…that’s if you want me to.”“Of course. You’re her boyfriend.”Spencer felt really bad for Kayla. She’d really taken this bad, being caught by her mother like that. Spencer imagined how he would feel if it was his mom that had caught them. He cringed at the thought of his mom catching him being wanked off by Kayla.“I feel so ashamed, Mrs Lewis.”“Spencer, there’s nothing to be ashamed off.”Her hand was still on his shoulder.“But it’s so embarrassing, Mrs Lewis.”“I’m not embarrassed about it. It came as a shock when I saw you, I must admit, and it did bahis siteleri take me a few days to get my head round it but yeah, I’m one hundred percent cool with it now, Spencer. Don’t worry about it. And I’ve told Kayla that I’m ok with what you were doing.”“We were only having a bit of fun, Mrs Lewis. It wouldn’t have gone any further than that.”Mrs Lewis could see that he was getting upset and she stroked his arm again.“You’re young. It’s what young people do. And I’m sure if you did, like, you know…go any further…well, I know you’re a very mature and responsible boy, Spencer.”“We wouldn’t have gone any further, Mrs Lewis. Like I said, we were just having a bit of fun.”“Ok, sweetheart. Don’t get yourself upset about it.”She wiped a tear from his cheek.“Listen, pet, when I was your age I got up to all sorts of things with boys, I’m telling you.”“Like I said, Mrs Lewis, we were just having a laugh, that’s all.”“Come on. Stop upsetting yourself now. Everything’s fine.”Spencer was upset but more than anything else he was concerned about Kayla.“Is…is Kayla ok? Really?”“I think she’s more upset about you not coming round to see her.”Spencer felt really bad now.“I’ll phone her.”“She’ll like that.”“I’ll phone her tonight.”“Come round.”“I’d rather phone her first.”“Ok then.”Mrs Lewis took her hand off his arm.“All right then, Mrs Lewis.”Spencer was about to go when Mrs Lewis stopped him.“It wouldn’t matter, you know.”“What?”“If you did take things further. You’re a very sensible boy.”“I told you, Mrs Lewis.”“I know but I’m just saying.”She put her hand back on his shoulder.“I don’t want you two to split up over this.”“We won’t do that, Mrs Lewis.”“No, well you make sure you come round and see her.”“I will.”“I know you will, sweetheart. She thinks the world of you, you know.”“I think the world of your daughter, Mrs Lewis.”“I know you do, love, which is why it’d be stupid to let something like this spoil it.”“It won’t, Mrs Lewis. I’ll phone her like I said.”“It must be really nice, having someone you love so much.”“Yeah. Well, like I said, I’ll phone her and…”“I suppose if I’m honest canlı bahis siteleri I’m a little bit jealous.”“What do you mean?”“Well at least my daughter’s getting some.”That sounded a bit weird, Mrs Lewis saying that. No, it didn’t sound a bit weird; it sounded a lot weird. It didn’t seem right. Spencer suddenly felt a bit awkward.“Me and my husband, Kayla’s dad, we haven’t slept together for two years.”Now this really was getting awkward. Spencer felt really uncomfortable.Mrs Lewis sensed his discomfort.“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be telling you this.”“No, it’s ok, Mrs Lewis.”It wasn’t but he thought he had to say that. Then Spencer thought he caught Mrs Lewis looking at his package. No, she wouldn’t do that. It was his imagination.“Well I’ll be seeing you then, Mrs Lewis.”“You’ve got a big cock for a lad of your age.”Spencer froze.Did she just say that?Spencer just stood there looking at Mrs Lewis.“I…I’m sorry, Spencer. I…I shouldn’t have said that.”Spencer felt a sexy tingle in his cock. He got all panicky. He could feel his cock getting hard. He was getting an erection in his jeans right before Mrs Lewis. He put his hand over his growing bulge. She looked where his hand was. He was just drawing attention to it by covering it with his hand. He started breathing heavy. His heart was racing.Mrs Lewis stroked his arm.“It’s ok, Spencer. It’s ok.”Mrs Lewis took hold of Spencer’s hand and gently pulled it away from his tented jeans. Spencer looked down at his boned up jeans, his cock pushing against the straining denim. He had the strongest throb ever. He looked up at Mrs Lewis, his face bright red. He just stood there facing his girlfriend’s mother, his cock bursting out of his jeans.Mrs Lewis moved closer.“It’s ok, darling.”Her body brushed up against his. In the middle of the street she brought her hand between their bodies and gently squeezed his hot dick through his jeans. He let out a deep groan, squirming his hips as Mrs Lewis gently squeezed his denim-covered dick.“Mrs Lewis…”“Sssh. It’s ok.”Mrs Lewis slowly masturbated her daughter’s boyfriend through his jeans in the middle of the street.Spencer looked around to make sure nobody was looking.“Yes, you’re right, darling. This is far too risky.”This story is taken from my kindle book HIS GIRLFRIEND’S OK BUT HER MOM IS AWESOME, available on Amazon© Kirstie Taylor 2013