His Mother’s Half-Sister

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Marcie Reynolds was a forty-four-year-old woman that was UK born but had spent the last sixteen years of her life in the USA. She was currently back in England partly for a vacation but also to attend a family gathering at the home of her half-sister Rosemary Hewlett and Rosemary’s husband, Frank.Rosemary was three years older than Marcie and although they had the same mother, Marcie was fathered by a US serviceman who was based in the UK at the time. That was an event that led to a divorce for Rosemary’s mother and father. Marcie was of mixed race but her features and certainly her skin colour favoured her father.The Hewlett’s were relatively wealthy and the party was attended by a large number of family and friends, one of the family members was the Hewlett’s twenty-one-year-old son Richard who was currently home from university.Although the invitation was there to stay at the large house, Marcie had instead taken a room for a few nights in a local hotel. She and Rosemary got on reasonably well but had never really been close, especially since Marcie married and subsequently divorced an American because Rosemary subconsciously blamed all Americans for the break up of her parent’s marriage.Marcie had gone to The States with her then-husband and also having dual nationality through her father, she was now far more American than English. She was a very attractive and curvy woman and Rosemary, although not unattractive herself, was rather jealous of her half-sister’s looks. It was a hot day and a number of the guests were in or near the large outdoor swimming pool and Marcie, who been getting a lot of admiring glances from various males and some females, was standing nearby, drink in hand.A very bronzed Richard had just had a swim and he was towelling himself down when Marcie made a bee-line for him. They had been introduced earlier but now Marcie wanted a proper chat with this hunk.”Well, Richard, when I last saw you, you were only a little boy; you are certainly a big boy now,” said Marcie with her eyes very deliberately on the large package in Richard’s swimming trunks.”And you are rather a big girl, Marcie,” replied a confident Richard with his eyes on the woman’s large breasts.”Oh Richard, are you hitting on your Auntie Marcie?” asked Marcie flashing her perfect white teeth.”What if I was?” asked Richard with his blue eyes fixed on Marcie’s brown ones.”If you were, I would wonder if there was somewhere private that we could go to kaçak iddaa get better acquainted,” replied Marcie.”I could show you my bedroom if you like,” said Richard licking his lips.”I think that I would like that very much,” replied Marcie with another look at Richard’s bulge-filled swimming trunks.Marcie was wearing a white blouse and black bra and rather tight black trousers and Richard got his first view of just how tight when Marcie turned to go back towards the house and he saw how they hugged her arse cheeks.”I don’t think your mom would be too pleased with me for going to your bedroom,” said Marcie in her American accent as they went back towards the house.”In that case, we will not tell her,” replied Richard, who had to walk with his hand covering his crotch because his erection was making the bulge almost obscene.”Good thinking batman,” laughed Marcie as they got back to the house, but with more people milling about, it was thought that they should not look like they were together.”First floor, third door to the right at the top of the stairs,” said Richard as he moved past Marcie and she looked at his firm looking backside as he climbed the stairs. Marcie saw him turn to the right at the top of the stairs and then, looking as casual as possible, climbed the stairs herself. There was a woman that Marcie did not know on the landing and Marcie just nodded and smiled and walked beyond the room that Richard had indicated. Marcie looked over her shoulder and the woman had gone, so she spun around and, having counted three doors from the top of the stairs, tapped gently on the door.Richard opened the door and, after making sure nobody else was about, Marcie stepped inside and Richard closed the door. They kissed passionately and Marcie rubbed Richard’s crotch before they broke the kiss. “We had better not be too long in case we get missed,” Richard said.”I don’t think it will take too long, honey,” said Marcie as she pulled down Richard’s trunks and his erection sprung free.Richard removed Marcie’s blouse and then bra and kissed and licked her tits before dragging her trousers down. She stepped out of her trousers and Richard out of his trunks and then Marcie pulled her panties down and off and the naked couple kissed and groped. Richard caressed Marcie’s large arse and she kneaded his buttocks with his rigid cock in between their bodies.”Fuck me, lover boy,” said Marcie as she backed to the bed with her eyes on Richard’s and her kaçak bahis hand on his penis.Marcie was on the bed, legs spread, and Richard looked at her quite hairy cunt before getting on the bed and having his cock guided into Marcie’s wet cunt by her right hand. They both sighed as he slid in and Marcie breathed, “Fuck me, fuck your slutty auntie,” and Richard started thrusting his hips.As Marcie had suggested, it was not going to take too long because they were both so horny, but as Marcie got fucked towards orgasm, she bit on her knuckles to stifle her cries. Richard was fucking hard and fast and, if there had been anyone outside the room at that moment, they would be in no doubt as to what was going on.Marcie was writhing in orgasm as Richard panted, “Oh, oh, oh,” as he ejaculated hard and fast into her.Richard wondered if he was ever going to stop spurting as he kept cumming and Marcie was having a tremendous orgasm as they both fought to keep their shrieks and groans down to a minimum.When they had both calmed, Marcie said, “Shit, that was a hell of a fuck.””Yes, it was, wasn’t it?” replied Richard.”I had better get cleaned up and rejoin the party,” said Marcie.”Yeah, me too,” agreed Richard.”I want you to spend a night with me in my hotel room. Will you do that, honey?” asked the just fucked Marcie.”I would love to, how long are you there for?” responded Richard.”Tonight and then three more nights,” replied Marcie.”Maybe I can have more than one night with you,” said Richard hopefully.”Fuck yeah, why not?” laughed Marcie, who then remembered that they should get cleaned up and back downstairs.They cleaned themselves and Marcie put her clothes back on and Richard decided that he would put on a T-shirt and jeans rather than put his trunks back on. Richard opened the door and, with nobody in sight, ushered Marcie out and he went downstairs a couple of minutes later.Marcie was glowing from the fuck but hoped that it did not show but she was certainly getting a lot of people, mostly men, looking her way. The party continued and Marcie and Richard often smiled at each other and Marcie gave him her mobile number.Late at night, the party started to break up and Marcie said to Rosemary, “I will be going soon. Do you have a taxi number, please?””You could have stayed here, you know, don’t know why you didn’t,” said Rosemary before finding the number for a local taxi firm.”I know sis, but thanks for the party; it was fun,” replied Marcie, illegal bahis although Rosemary obviously did not know quite how much fun.Marcie called a taxi to take her to The George Hotel and then said to Richard, who was nearby, “You have certainly become quite the man,” as her eyes sparkled.”It was good to see you after all this time,” replied Richard before adding, “Maybe I will see you again before you leave town.””Yeah, maybe, I will be seeing your mom and dad before I go,” said Marcie before lifting her phone slightly to remind Richard to phone her, not that he would be forgetting.Richard phoned Marcie mid-morning the next day, “Hello?” said Marcie as although she had obviously given Richard her number, his came up as ‘unknown’.”Marcie, it is Richard,” he said excitedly.”Hey baby, so good to hear from you,” she replied.”Yeah, can we meet tonight?” asked Richard.”Sure, sugar, I am in room 320. Will you come to my room or shall I meet you downstairs?” replied Marcie, thinking of having that hunk between her legs again.Richard and his family were quite well known in The George so he thought it best not to risk being seen with this gorgeous older woman, “I will come to your room, what time do you want me?” said Richard.”Honey, I want you the moment you get here and for several hours after that,” laughed Marcie before they agreed that Richard would be at her room at eight o’clock but phone her when he arrived at the hotel.During the day, Richard told his mother that he was spending the night with a friend and would be back at some point the next day and Rosemary thought that she should not question her twenty-one-year-old son about who the friend was.Richard arrived at the hotel just before eight and nodded to the customers and staff that recognised him. He phoned Marcie’s mobile, “I am downstairs now, Marcie,” he said.”Come right up baby, I am so ready for you,” said Marcie, who was naked under the silk dressing-gown that she was wearing, naked and wet.Richard took the lift to Marcie’s floor and had hardly started to tap on the room door when it was opened and he got almost dragged inside. They kissed with Marcie’s arms around Richard’s neck and his hands going down her back to her arse. He kneaded her arse cheeks through the silk covering and it immediately became obvious to him that there was no clothing underneath. Marcie’s tits pushed against Richard and his hard cock pushed against her.Although they had all night, they were both wanting it so much that things were going to be happening fast and Marcie wasted no time in having Richard’s trousers down and she giggled before she took his erection in her mouth through his underpants.