Holiday Light Display

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Holiday Light DisplayLast night, Agness wanted to go see the local Holiday lights display at the city lake. Brett was more than happy to have me chauffer him and my beautiful wife for the night. We drove to Brett’s place. I went around and opened the wife’s door, gave her my arm to assist her getting out. I escorted her to the rear door, and opened it for my Goddess. After closing her door, I went to the other side waiting for our Bullfriend to join us. Brett soon came out and shook my hand as I opened his door. With this lovely couple in their place, I got in and proceeded to our destination.As we arrived Brett handed me the money for the fee. He proudly pays for all adventures. I have to humbly accept this man’s financial advantages in front of my wife. Knowing he can physically and financially provide her more than I is doubly humiliating. As we are driving through the show he has opened a great wine for them to share. The light show is fantastic, and I watch them as much as the vehicle in front of me. They are getting close and I can only imagine where his hands are. We exit the light display and Brett tells me to park for a while. I drove a little south around a water way to a shelter house that we can see the lights from.I was watching the lights and taking a few pictures. I could hear them, and seen Brett pulling his trousers down. I took off my seatbelt and got my straining cock from my pants. I could see in the mirror my wife kissing her Bullfriend. I had to several times look at the lights to prevent myself from coming. I then realized that my not cumming promise; is at Brett’s place. Technically I could orgasm in my own car. Just as I was looking for some tissues in the glove box I witnessed Agness lowering her head toward Brett’s lap. Her long flowing hair prevented my seeing the actual act. All I needed was to watch Brett’s face. I sat there masturbating to the thought of what my wife was doing as I looked at this man’s face. His head was back on the back of the seat. His eyes were closed, not shut, as if he could faintly see the top of my wife’s head in his lap. His mouth had a blissful smile as a man intoxicated with pleasure. I was in cloud nine and attempting to not cum. I started to adjust the radio to suppress my urge to explode when Brett began moaning. I had to watch; he was getting louder, gyrating his hips up to Agness who was working her mouth on the head of his cock. She had moved her hair away when he began moaning. Agnes was edging him, and I believe she loved it. She had him on edge for about a minute when she sunk her head down on his shaft. I could hear him grunting as each spurt of his cum went down my wife’s warm inviting throat. She kept him there until every last grunt and thrust of his hips had subsided. She waited a few seconds, then sucked on his cock as she raised her head up, ensuring she got every last drop. They both said “I Love You” almost simultaneously as he took her in his canlı bahis arms and passionately kissed her. They collected themselves and I drove away looking at a man that had parked nearby remove fishing tackle from his vehicle. He had parked a little ways behind us before the fun started. I wonder what he was doing for those 20 minutes that my wife was loving her Bullfriend.I drove around to the other side of the lake. We stopped near another shelter house where we could see the light display in the far away distance. The temperature was dropping and was now about 40° F. Agness stayed in the car, as Brett and I walked toward the lake. I was showing him how my cock was making my pants look like a tent. I was explaining that I felt like a teenager (this was where I took a few girls when I was 17). I was remembering and recalling to him what Agness had just done. I told him I love him. He stopped; we were a little ways past the light behind the light house. Agness was surely able to see, even if shadows. Brett leaned back against a large oak tree, and undid his belt and trousers. He then pulled them down and showed me how my retelling the earlier event had him excited. I instantly dropped to my knees and began feasting. I got a cramp in my right leg and tried straightening it. My hamstring was killing me and I could not stay in that position. I wanted to thank him properly for making my wife his lover. The cramp would not go away so I had to get up. I kept his cock in my mouth as I got to my feet. It slipped out, but I got my mouth on it as I bent over. My ass in the air, and my mouth on his cock, I worked my tongue and sucking knowing my wife and anyone nearby could see our figures in the faint light. I sucked and licked and loved feeling the cool air cool his wet cock when I went to the head. As I lowered my mouth on his cool cock, I could feel his throbbing as his cock went further into my warm throat. I was enjoying warming it, letting it cool, and warming it again. I could not believe how wonderful it could be feeling a cold cock warm up in my mouth. But I was totally astonished when Brett rewarded me with his great tasting man juice. His cock was full in my mouth when he began pumping into my mouth. I love feeling his cum pumping up his shaft when pressed against my tongue. This time, I could feel the temperature of his cum. It was almost like ice cubes (sperm cubes) pumping into my mouth. The contrasting temperatures of his cock and his cum were exhilarating. I LOVED IT.We made our way back to the vehicle just as a park security drove up. He seen we were two grey haired gentleman, we were both wearing sports jackets and slacks. He saw Agness in the back seat, and drove on. Obviously there was nothing sexual happening between these three. I asked Brett where to; as I opened his door. He kindly answered home Donald.Later at his place, I assumed my position on the lower chair across from the couch where my wife and bahis siteleri my friend always sit when we visit. As we were sitting there enjoying some fine wine I began relating the feel of his cum pumping through his cock. I was amazed that as it was pumping up his cock, that I could feel the coolness on my tongue. I watched as Agness crossed her legs from left over right to right over left. He does this quite often when Brett places his hands on her knees or when he is kissing her. Brett must have noticed also, because his hand went to her knees immediately. I watched as Brett began running his hand down her leg. Her legs crossed again allowing his hand to go between her legs. Brett turned to her and Agness brought her mouth to him allowing him to probe her with his tongue. Brett kissed her some then stood up. He dropped his trousers to his knees and knelt before removing her slacks. He played with her panties and she was squirming under his masterful fingers stimulating her clit and inner folds thru her panties. Brett kissed her as he removed her panties. I could hear her say “I Love You” to Brett as tossed her panties to the floor and lowered his mouth to her alluring pussy. His trousers were at knee level, and he was on his knees bent over making oral love to my wife’s (his property) pussy. I was so turned on that I wanted to crawl over as I had done before and suck his cock while he makes Agness squirm with his oral skills. Ith his trousers on I could not get to his cock. My excitement overtook me, and I began getting verbal. I was admiring this man’s tight ass and his muscular thighs. His increased walking as of late was reflecting in his looking more toned. I could not shut up, and knew this was bothering them. -They have two sure ways to stop me from talking. They either put his cock or her wet panties in my mouth. – Brett’ cock was out of the question because he was using it with long circular thrusts into Agness. So without permission I crawled over to her soaked panties and placed them in my mouth. Brett and Agness were impervious to my actions. Her moans on each of his thrust were filling the room with her heavenly sounds. Brett took her in his arms, Agness locking her long luscious legs around his waist. They kissed passionately as he filled her with his incredible loving sperm. After an eternity of their kissing and slow after loving gyrations I was rewarded with a delicious creampie. I apologized to them for using her panties. These belong to Brett at all times, and especially when he has them soaked in her juices. He usually keeps these for his own reminder of his woman when they have just her scent. I felt terrible, and even now as I write this a few days after. Maybe it is time for a ball gag for me.I was telling Brett and Agness again about my lake blow job. I mentioned the low temperatures. Brett’s raging erection, and his great ass and balls were all exposed. The feel of his cum moving up his bahis şirketleri cock and the tube expanded on my tongue as usual. I love feeling his vein pulsing and feeling those lumps of cum pump up his tube. Feeling this across my tongue was indescribable. But this time, in public and in the cold air, I could feel how cold his cum was. Even though I had told them before, I could not get that feeling out of my mind. While telling them this and how I loved feeling those “sperm cubes” pump through his manly cock and how much of a real man he is, right then decided to SHUT ME UP.Brett stood up and motioned for me to kneel before him. I did, and was soon enjoying being Brett’s cocksucker. He owns my mouth. When Agness gets her tattoo PB (Property of Brett) near her pussy, I am getting one on my cheek, BP (Brett’s Property) next to my mouth. He was fucking my mouth deep when he stopped he told me to sit next to Agness. I know this position well. This is where I sit next to my wife and she witnesses me submitting to her lover. Brett straddled me and lowered his cock into my mouth. I was sucking and licking the masterful man’s cock. I heard him command Agness to play with herself; I felt her leg touch mine as she spread them as Brett commanded. I could see her hand rubbing vigoursly on her crotch in my peripheral vision. He then gave me a few deep down long strokes slowly dragging the silky smooth part of his cock (the underside right below the head) across my tongue. He then pulled it from me. I kept my mouth on his head sucking his mushroom head like a calf on the teat of its mother. He kept pulling away and I refused to relinquish his cock. I WAS IN LOVE. He eventually broke my suction. He took his cock in his hand and began jacking off. I quickly unbutton my shirt so I could feel his cum on my hairy chest. I could hear Agness doing as he directed. She was moaning that moan that we all love so much when she is being pleasured. I turned and saw that she was in awe of this man. Brett standing above us both and stroking his cock just inches above my waiting mouth. She looked amazingly beautiful and pleased. I gazed back to our Bullfriend’s cock. The vision of this sexy, caring, and loving man was exhilarating. I started begging for his cum, begging PLEASE repeatedly. Telling him I love his cock and then telling Brett that I LOVE HIM. I am his; I will do anything for HIS COCK. He then started to cum. His fourth time and it was still thick and cumming out in spurts. The first hit my chin the rest I caught on my tongue. I watched this MAGNIFICENT MAN’S cum spurt out of HIS BEAUTIFUL COCK. As each landed warmly on my tongue, I was in heaven again. I sucked him clean and as he pulled away, again I NEVER WANT HIS COCK OUT OF MY MOUTH, I told him I LOVE YOU BRETT. So now my wife and I both love this man and belong to him.Bullfriend is a word I, Donald_Cuck came up with. The definition is: The MAN your WIFE LOVES not just sexually.Brett is our Bullfriend. They text their love for each other each night. They tell each other that they love one another even in my company. Thank all of you here for letting me share the other night with you. Donald_Cuck