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Hot Hijabi WifeOne of my best friends comes from Morocco. So two years ago I went there with him to visit the country. We spent about a fortnight travelling and then chilled out a bit at his uncle’s house.This house is normally shared by lots of people. As you all know, in those regions families have really close bonds. My friend’s was no exception. In fact there were about 15 people packed in this three story house. It was a nice building located at the outskirts of Rabat, with a store that sold spices at street level and two more floors above.Given this, lots of us had to sleep on the couch. Actually it was not as bad as it seems: the typical house in Morocco has the living room surrounded by this high and comfortable sofas. So we were not cramped.Among all those who frequented the house, I had made friends with one woman in particular. Her name was Kebira. She was the uncle’s wife.She was an average height woman, with a slim body, a nice firm ass and a set of tits able to made her loose dress bulge a little. But, mainly, she always smiled at me. It was nice, since all other women were very afraid of dealing with me, because in such a narrow-minded culture it’s not acceptable for them to deal with males outside the family.One night, I was sleeping with all the others as usual when I suddenly was awoken by hands shaking me. Still drowsy, I opened my eyes and looked around to understand what was going on. I managed to notice that all the others were still sound asleep before one finger was placed on my mouth to prevent me from making any noise.I tried to focus on the person who had woke me up, but it was hard, because I usually wear glasses and they laid on the table beside the couch. So I reached out an hand and put my glasses on. Finally I was able to see Kebira. Even though it was very late, she still wore her hijab and dress, as if she had not gone to bed at all. Both her hands and eyes were shaky.Since she didn’t speak my language and I didn’t know a single word in Arabic, she gestured me to follow her. Even though I felt uneasy with the whole situation, I stood up as silently as I could and went with her. She led me to the staircase and headed downstairs.I was still half asleep and this helped to make the situation even more surreal then it was. The pinnacle was reached when she opened the door of the spices store stock room and all those smells inebriated me.Lost as I was, I stopped in my track and Kebira pulled my arm. Once inside the stock room she closed the door and turned on the light. It was just a bulb, hanging from the ceiling and it spread around just an halo of trembling light. I looked at the woman, hoping for some explanation but she simply pushed me against one of the shelves and started to kiss me.My eyes went wild for the shock. I felt the top of her breasts pressing against my chest and spreading some heat. The silk of her hijab caressed my skin. Somehow this kiss felt odd. Not only because of the situation, but mainly because, even though she tried to act as if she were passionate and lustful, her eyes, lips and hands trembled. I was not sure if this was due to the fear of being caught, the emotion for kissing me, the uncertainty of my reaction or what…but for sure something was not right.When I finally regained control of myself, I pushed Kebira away from me, with a slight bit of force but trying not to be rude. The moment our lips parted, her eyes averted from mine. She did say something in Arabic, which I didn’t get. I stood still for some instants then headed out of the room.She grabbed my arm and stopped me almost immediately. After saying something else, she gestured the far corner of the stock room. I followed her forefinger and, to my great surprise, I saw, half hidden in the shadow casted by the unsteady light, an old man. I had to focus my eyes more to distinguish the feature of Kebira’s husband.I was literally astonished. But, finally, I could now understand what was going on. Now, the behavior of the woman and even her uncertainty made sense: it was not by her own will that she had tried to seduce me, but to satisfy her husband’s voyeuristic fantasies.This guess of mine was confirmed when the old, wrinkled man stood up and came into the light. He was wearing only a bathrobe, underneath which it was easy to spot a bulging erection. He had a fairy big belly and some grey chest hair was visible. I wondered how a nice young lady like Kebira came to marry such a man. He indicated with his hands Kebira, trying to say me to go closer to her and continue the show. But I didn’t move. Noticing my hesitation, he got near Kebira and unlatched her robe from the back. It immediately fell to the ground, letting the woman completely naked in front of me. Her breasts were big, just as the outlines of her dresses let guess, her legs were smooth and slender. They led to a perfectly shaven pussy. She had what they call a camel toe: actually just the outer labia were visible.The man made Kebira turn around, so that I could appreciate the nice, round firm ass of his wife. He even spanked her hard, to let me know that she had no fat there. Then he made the young woman face me once more and pushed her toward me.I can’t deny that I felt a twitch in my pants thanks to that show. I’ve never been attracted by dark-skinned woman in general, but Kebira, I had to admit, was a really fine piece of tail! Her amber skin radiated under that dim light and her boobs swung just too tantalizingly. It took just one moment to make up my mind. Afterwards I’d have to ask myself if it was because I was still asleep or inebriated by those scents that I did what I did, but…when Kebira kissed me again, I responded.I placed my hands on her back and enjoyed the feeling of her tongue battling with mine. Her lips were full and hot. Her skin burned like the sunlight of her land. I caressed her, letting my hands travel, one to her butt and the other to the tits.I fondled and groped her. I felt that her nipples responded to my touch and get erect, so I pinched one of them, making her moan into my mouth.Behind us, her husband nodded, satisfied, and went back to his chair. Then barked something. Immediately, she broke our kiss and started dancing sensually to an inaudible music, rubbing her body against mine Her hard nipples dragged across me and felt really great. Even her ass grinding at my erection was something very arousing.While dancing, Kebira lifted the white shirt I used as pj’s and kissed my young, shaven chest. Then moved up my neck, biting my ear slightly before tracing my outlines back down, to my pubes. There, she pulled at the briefs I had on and freed my dick, which sprung out, already hard. Her face could not hide a smile and, looking over at the wrinkled cock surrounded by grey, greasy hair of her husband, I could understand why.I’m not here to brag about how hung I am: I’m of average length and girth, but at least I keep myself clean!Kebira took hold of my erection and started jerking it. Her touch was delicate and skilled. With her free hand, she fondled my balls so that precum oozed out, making the cock-head glisten. Even though she was trying her best to act sexily, it was clear to me that Kebira was not very happy to do such a thing. In fact, she looked at me, hesitantly. She knew perfectly how to proceed, but I suppose she felt dirty doing that with a stranger and in front of her husband.I tried to smile, making her feel at ease. But it was her husband, yelling something from the shadow bakırköy escort to push her to engulf her mouth with my dick.When her mouth touched my throbbing erection, I moaned immediately!! She felt SOOO good!!! Her full lips remained pursed, but still somehow gentle. The inside of her mouth was hot like fire, but the tongue that swirled around my glans was cooler and made me shiver with every flick. The fact that she was still wearing her hijab enhanced even more the erotic aura of the act. A wisp of raven black hair had escaped from the constraint of the silk and was now bouncing rhythmically while her head slipped up and down my dick. She had one hand at the base of my cock and the other went on fondling my nuts. She did eventually begin jerking me, on occasion.Seeing her knelt between my legs, bobbing up and down, with her tits bouncing in unison and her thighs spread apart so that I could see the notch of her cunt, while she looked with scary eyes at me, it’s something I won’t forget ‘til death.Sensing I was about to cum, I placed one hand on her forehead and held her back, panting due to the strain of holding back my orgasm.Once it had subsided I placed my dick between her tits and started to slide it up and down. Immediately she played along, placing her hands on her boobs and pressing them together so that they formed a tight channel around my prick.“Ohhh…” I groaned.Kebira didn’t say a word, but looked back to see if this pleased her husband. From the low, grunting noises he made while stroking his cock, I could bet he was enjoying the show!The flesh of Kebira’s tits around my dick felt great. Seeing them so closely, I could tell that her tits were around a 34 full C cup. Maybe a small D. They were not perky, but very soft. Anyhow, they were not saggy at all and had small dark areolas with hard, protruding nipples. It was a great sight looking down her cleavage, from where my cock rhythmically jumped out. While I titfucked her, I caressed Kebira’s face staring directly into her deep, dark eyes. Her gentle face framed by her hijab was so erotic: it was a symbol of innocence…her lost innocence, since I was about to fuck her like a whore in front of her cuckold husband! That religious piece of clothing was turning me on like few things had done before: it was like committing a forbidden taboo. At that point, I wanted her pussy so bad. So I lifted her up and indicated a desk that was placed right below the bulb. She understood and set down. I got closer, looked at the old man and grinned. Kebira unease was well displayed by the fact that she sat upright and held her legs tight shut. I placed my hands underneath her knees and lifted her up, so that she laid down on the deck. Then forced her legs apart. I took a close up look at her wonderful pussy. As I was moving her thighs open, that beautiful flower hidden there bloomed open. I can still see now before my eyes her lips parting, revealing the soft pink skin whose color was enhanced by the amber complexion.When Kebira’s legs were finally spread, I slid a finger along her slit. Once again I had proof that she was unwilling to do this, since she was dry.“You’re not wet, are you? – I said to her in my own language, so that she could not understand – I bet we have to do something about this. Just relax…I saw it before in your eyes that you want something more that old wanker over there!! I’ll promise that this will be much better than your usual fucks!”As I spoke, I leaned forward to kiss, lick and suck her tits. Meanwhile I also stimulated her clit with my fingers, probing her vagina from time to time. After some moments I felt moisture wetting my forefinger. I looked up at her and smiled. She averted her gaze, embarrassed. I retreated my finger, held it up in the light so that the husband could see it and then sucked on it, watching the old man who licked his lips.Then I resumed my stimulation. Kebira was moving her head back and forth while I explored her whole body with my tongue, trying hard not to make a sound. I tickled her everywhere: neck, arms, feet, hips, belly, tits… But she lost her composure only when I aimed for her pussy. I had just traced the inside of her thighs, when I continued my motion licking the outer parts of her vulva: mound, big labia, that tasty pink indent between outer lips and inner ones, small labia. She just panted throughout the whole process. But a soft moan escaped when my tongue entered her now well lubed pussy, swirling inside it and lapping out all the juices it could collect.“Ohhhh…ahhhh….ohhhh…” was the words she spoke, lauder and lauder as I kept on eating her out. She tasted delicious: strong and a little bitter, just as I like it. Just as if she had recently had her period!Her tone raised even more when my thumb attacked her clit. This one was very sensitive indeed. Every time I touched it, she trembled, arched her back and groaned loud. I switched places: my tongue took care of her clit and my fingers explored the insides of her wombs. I gyrated my wrist so that no angle was left untouched. I even arched my fingers up and down as I slid in and out. My mouth did not spare itself too: I sucked, licked, bit, pulled, nipped her clit till she was actually screaming in pleasure. Her hands held on tight to the desk. Her eyes were closed, the head leant back. Her boobs bounced every time she bucked her hips, shaken with jolts of pleasure.Finally her legs wrapped around my head, her hands flew to her tits and she collapsed on her back, while her climax hit her in waves that forced her whole body to tremble violently. Gushes of juices erupted from her vagina and I drank them all greedily.“Ohhh….uhh…OHHHH….AHHHHH…YALLAH…AHHHHHH!!!” were the things she shouted.When finally her orgasm subsided, she laid there, panting. I watched from between her legs her boobs lift and fall as she tried to catch her breath. It was a glorious sight! The strong scent of her juices filled my nostrils and her savor still was inside my mouth. It was all so arousing that my cock actually was throbbing with anticipation. So I stood up from the kneeling position I was in and lined my dick with her vagina. Before sticking it in, I slid it along her slit a few times, to lube it and rub her sensitive clit some more. Kebira’s senses were heightened by her recent climax, so she shook even more violently when I touched her knob. Anyhow I noticed something different in her. She held the eyes wide open, fixed on mine. And they were full of lust. I bet her husband never made her cum, neither did he care to… I could guess that my youth, my manners and my decent appearance was enough to loosen her up.“Do you want it? Uhm? Want it inside your soaked, little, tight Arabic pussy? – I teased her, while I still rubbed my dick on her clit – It seems you’re having what you looked for… – I joked to her husband, who had stood up to have a better view – Ask for it, Kebira! I wanna hear you beg me in Arabic to fuck you!!”I don’t know if she understood from the situation what I was saying, but she did replied something. Maybe it was a plea, maybe some request…I couldn’t tell. I let myself believe that she did beg me to fuck her so I told:“You want it that bad?? Very well…then here you go!!”I stuck my cock inside her pussy. She was so damp that I could slide in to the base with one single movement. My balls hit her ass and a sound of flesh colliding and juice splashing came when our hips met.“Arghhh….” I screamed, beşiktaş escort overwhelmed by the strong sensations her pussy was sending through my dick. “You’re soooo tight! I’d have never imagined that you’d be so tight even after the orgasm you had! Your pussy feels like a leather glow around my cock. You’re milking me. It will be hard not to cum straight away…but I wanna screw you for a long time, so I’ll try my best!”As I spoke, I started thrusting with my hips. At first I had to control myself, because I was not lying when I said that it would be difficult to hold my orgasm back. So I pounded her with long, hard strokes. My dick came out almost all the way, before I slammed it back in. Every time I hit the tip of her wombs and she emitted low grunts of appreciation. Soon enough her legs were sealed around my hips, dictating the speed. And she wanted me to go faster. Which I accomplished with pleasure. I increased my pace. At first the movements were a bit frantic, but then I stabilized on a quick rhythm.“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh….Ohhhhhhhhhhh….Ahhhhhhhhhhh”She continued to moan, grunt and scream. It was now a continuous sound that came from her mouth. Her hands were madly fondling the breasts, pinching and pulling her nipples. It was wonderful to see those boobs bounce up and down, when I slammed my dick into her frail body.“Do you like it, slut? I knew you would have liked it! You wanna feel it hard and rough, just like the bitch you are. – I trash-talked to her, knowing she could not understand – Look at your husband… – I motioned with my head toward the old man and she turned her head – He’s all hard and horny seeing how slutty you’re behaving. Look at his wrinkled cock. He’s pumping it fast. I can tell he’s on the verge of cumming, but he knows he has to restrain himself because the show is not over yet.”As I spoke, I felt Kebira shudder underneath me. I couldn’t believe that she was cumming again this soon. But she was. Jolts of pleasure were waving up and down her spine, letting her spill more juice on my already drenched cock. All she spoke was a low rattle, which became an hiss as the orgasm subsided.She raised herself and let her tits press against my bare chest, gazed intently into my eyes with her dark pupils and kissed me. While our tongues battled, her legs released my hips and she jumped down from the desk, with my cock buried deep in her wombs. Pinned as she was, given that I was higher than her, she had to stand on tiptoes. She forced me to spin, so that my butt was on the edge of the desk. Then she took out my dick from her vagina, stepped back, bent over to suck on it and turned around. Till this last action, she never lost eye contact with me. Then she lined my iron-hard prick with her vagina and pushed back her hips.In one movement she had my cock stuffed again in her wombs. I let out a sigh, always trying to delay my orgasm. She looked back, satisfied that she was teasing me. And actually a sensual smile was painted on her face. That lustful smile framed by her hijab was something that got me even more horny, if possible. Moreover, some other wisps of raven black hair had escaped the veil and bounced sensually around her face as she started to buck her hips.Suddenly I felt a movement behind me. Soon enough, the old husband appeared on my right. Now he had removed the bathrobe and was jerking his cock fast. I could see drops of sweat on his hairy chest and around his forehead. He was also muttering something. Kebira turned her face toward him, but he didn’t seem to notice. Obviously she did understand what he said under his breath. By the look on her face it was some kind of dirty talking she did not like.I don’t know if she was asked to, or if she did it to respond to those words, but she increased the pace with which she thrust her hips. This forced the both of us to moan.“Holy shit!!! – I cursed – If you go on like this, baby, you’ll make me cum in no time. You gotta be clenching your pussy muscles to be THAT tight. You squeeze me too much!!!”To avert my mind from the overwhelming pleasure she was giving me, I reached out with my hands and grabbed one of those big, soft titties. With the other I hold onto her hijab, as if it was a rein. I pulled and she had to bend her head backwards. Her mouth fell open as I began to meet her humps with thrusts of my own. Our hips were literally slamming by that time. Her husband was more excited than ever. He walked around us, continuing his muttering. Kebira didn’t care about him anymore. She was just panting, moaning and grunting while trying to catch up with my frenzied pace.I pushed her away just a moment before I cummed. She lost her balance and fell onto the ground. I grabbed my dick and squeezed hard to constrain my spunk. Eventually I did it. She was down on the floor, over a mat that covered it and was looking over at me with lust. She was also grinning. I didn’t need for her to speak to understand that she was self-satisfied to have me brought to the verge of cumming and that she was also glad I have not, so that we could go on some more.My guess was confirmed when she got on all fours, bent over and stuck her ass into the air, wiggling it to invite me to hurry and fuck her. I needed no further encouragement: I got behind her, ready to stuff my dick back in. But her husband dropped to his knees too. I was so surprised that I stopped. For the first time, he touched his wife, spreading her ass before me. Her asshole was now stretched and in full view. With his head he gestured toward her asshole, trying to tell me he wanted to see his wife’s ass fucked. I think my face showed an awestruck expression because he made more frantic gestures to make me understand.Meanwhile, Kebira had turned back and got the whole situation. She did say something harsh to him, who barked something else back. They discussed for about two minutes, which I used to make up my mind. I had never assfucked a girl before, but always wanted to. Moreover, doing it with a girl who still showed the religious symbol of the hijab was arousing beyond belief. So I resolved that, if Kebira agreed, I’d have gone with it.On the woman’s face I could see again the shyness she felt at the beginning. And also the refusal before such an act, but also the total submission to her husband’s will. In fact, she sighted and nodded. Now that they were done discussing, the man resumed to beg me silently to fuck his wife’s ass. He stopped only when I grinned and placed my dickhead at the entrance of her butt. Happy he crawled back a little, stroking his cock. Both he and Kebira looked at me. The woman showed the signs of fear and disgust on her face. I cannot lie: I liked both of her expressions. And I loved the submission in her eyes even more.I leaned forward and whispered into her ear: “Don’t worry…I’ll fuck you so well that you’ll end up liking it!”Even though she did not get what I said, I felt her relaxing. Maybe it was my tone. Feeling that it was the right moment, I started to push. My dick had never been that hard before. Just the idea of ripping that ass apart was causing my erection to be almost painful.“Arghhhhh…” Kebira cried out, as I went past her unbelievably tight sphincter.Luckily my cock was lubed with her juiced, otherwise the friction would have been too much, as tight as she was. She wiggled and trembled as I kept pushing. Further and further my prick went into her rectum. But it was an hard fit. I was sweating from beylikdüzü escort the effort it cost me and she was screaming in pain. I could see tears filling her eyes. When I finally stuck myself all the way in and my balls slammed against her ass, she bucked her head backwards and yelled:“AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!”I stayed in position for about a minute, so that she could accommodate to my presence. Then I started to pump, up and down. To support myself, I grabbed one of her tits. To ease her pain, I played with her nipple, while the other hand stimulated her clit.At first she continued to cry in discomfort. But then the screams turned to grunts. I could hear in those a mix of pain and pleasure. Her asshole was now stretched and relaxed. I looked down while my hard rod was entering her. It was unbelievable that her sphincter could actually stretch that much. It chocked my cock as if trying to cut it off. It felt amazing. I’d have never thought that anal fucking could be so intense.After several minutes of long thrusts, I noticed that Kebira was moving her ass to match my own movements. So I felt that it was right to put some more effort in it. Moreover, the slow pace has let my approaching orgasm subside. Therefore I was more than ready for another hard-fucking session. So I started to pound her more forcefully. I simply loved the “Argh!!”, “Ohi!!!”, “Auch!!!” she made to suppress the pain every time I hit the bottom. Anyhow, now she was also liking it, as I could tell from the moisture wetting my fingers as I fooled around with her pussy.Soon enough, not only I was pushing with all my might, but also picking up speed. Now Kebira was moaning. And they were without a doubt moans of pleasure. In and out my cock kept going. My balls ached for the delayed orgasm, but I didn’t want the intense pleasure to stop. So I just rolled on.After a while, Kebira fell under my thrusts. Her knees became too weak to sustain my pounding, so she collapsed to the ground. Now she was laying on her bally. The entire weight of her body pressed on her tits, one of which was cupped in my hand and seemed to explode under the pressure and the constraint. I didn’t stop to assfuck her, not even for a second. I kept pushing and pulling my hard shaft till she trembled, quivered and shouted.A third orgasm hit her. The old man approached, surprised of how slutty his wife was. I could see that his balls too were contracted for the effort not to blast their load. He was still muttering and I didn’t need to know Arabic to understand that he was speaking dirty incitements to his wife to be even sluttier. Kebira rested, panting, on the floor, as I moved slowly in and out of her ass. When she was still there, I pulled out and stuck my cock into her vagina once more. She was surprised, but liked the change. Her pussy was soaking wet and sounds came when I fucked her. She simply laid there, enjoying the ride.After some more minutes, she turned and gestured me to stop. I did and she took my member out of her wombs. The man said something and Kebira replied something else back, disgusted. Anyhow, with a sad look on her face, accomplished his wish and bent over to suck my dick.“Do you like how my cock tastes coated in your pussy juices and your ass flavor?” I asked.She looked at me without a hint of what I was saying. But she did lick my prick good.Then she laid on the floor, legs wide spread. She held them so apart that her pussy gaped. I could see perfectly her hole. I had no doubt about what it meant. I jumped on her and, after putting my hard rod in, I began pounding as forcefully as I could with my remaining stamina. It was no long after that I felt my climax approach.“Ohhhh…my god…KEBIRA…I’M GONNA CUM…KEBIRA!!! I’M ABOUT TO SHOOT MY LOAD!!! UGHHHH!!!” I shouted.The man said something in a hurry. The woman did not even turn an hair, but probably complied because he smiled.If I’m right about this, he asked her to let me cum inside her, because she locked her legs around my waist and forced me into her as far as she could. This seemed something she obeyed to willingly, after all…Once I was there, we both shouted. She had the forth climax of the night and the grip of her vagina on my cock, as it contracted because of the orgasm, was too much for me to bear. I exploded into her, blasting my load. My nuts ached when they finally could release their seed and plant it into Kebira’s wombs. We both shuddered, shook and quivered. After the first spurts were deposit into her pussy I collapsed onto her, even though I was still cumming. The heat emanating from her tits was fantastic. Soon her lips sealed with mine and our moans became one. When the last waves of my orgasm had gone through my body, our lips parted. She was smiling and her eyes were still filled with desire. I lifted myself and pulled out my dick. A long stream of spunk oozed out of her well used pussy. I had really filled her up to the brim.Suddenly the husband bent forward and put his mouth on her pussy, drinking my sperm out of her wife’s vagina. At that moment, he looked to me so pathetic. Not because he was eating my seed, neither because he was a cuckold. It was the frantic way he moved, the muttering, the sweat, his whole uncured body, those greasy pubic hair that made him pathetic. It was pathetic how he was so keen on giving up his wife to a stranger instead of satisfying her himself.But I did say nothing. I just stared at him, like his wife was doing. To her eyes all this was not pathetic, but gross. Disgust was painted across her face. But she too did say nothing. We both witnessed the downfall of a man in silence.The old man’s hand was jerking furiously his wrinkled cock and, when he was done eating, he spurted all his seed onto his wife’s belly. She closed her eyes as the hot sperm landed. Finally he was done and collapsed to the floor. Kebira opened her eyes and gazed into mine, as if she was trying to apologize for that show. Then her gaze focused on my pubes.Without me even noticing, my cock was still semi-hard. She asked me to get closer with a gesture of her finger and I did. She took my spunk- and juice-coated dick into her mouth and worked with her tongue all over it. I shuddered while waves of painful pleasure went through me. Then, finally, I came again. It was just a few drops but I deposited them into Kebira’s mouth. She looked up at me, grinning while she still had my manhood in her mouth. She flicked and swirled with her tongue till the very last droplet was milked from my balls and I was screaming out in pain, then she let me go. I felt my knees tremble under the shudders of the expelled orgasm, lost my balance and fell to the ground.Kebira giggled then opened her mouth to let me see my cum into it, closed again and swallowed, opening it again to prove that she had really done it.We gazed into each other eyes for what seemed a long time. The lust and the desire not for me, but for a better, more free life were radiating from her. I felt sorry for her and yet the way she was subdued aroused me. Our expression said what words could not. Then her husband spoke. It must have been some kind of joke because he grinned, but she didn’t. On the contrary, her eyes swelled with tears and started crying, obviously feeling again as dirty as she felt at the beginning.I don’t know what he told her. Maybe he just stated that she was a slut or something. Anyhow, I felt that it was not wise to stay there anymore. So I stood up, picked my clothes, caressed Kebira one last time and left.The day after, I asked myself if I had only dreamt that. But the way Kebira looked at me told otherwise. It was a mix of guilt and lust.I left the country two days later and never returned, but that night is burned into my mind as one of the most intriguing I’ve ever had…and, probably, will have.