House guest lV

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House guest lVBob found it hard to keep the car on the road as Megan sucked his dick.After her shower Rebecca didn’t bother to cover herself leaving the bathroom. She giggled to herself feeling naughty walking through her sisters home naked. Fixing a drink, she sat on the couch. Raising the glass, she let the condensation drip down on her tits. Unable to take it any longer Megan sat up and looked around. It was still dark out and she knew it would take another thirty minutes to go to work. Unbuttoning her pants, Megan pulled them down. Reaching under her shirt, she unhooked her bra. Laying back down, she took Bobs stiff rod in her mouth. Grabbing Bobs hand, she placed it on her ass. Trying to hold the car steady, Bob pushed Megan’s panties down. Slipping his finger between her cheeks her rubber Megan’s tight hole before pushing into her soaked pussy. What brought this on, he asked puzzled istanbul escort but happy. Releasing his swollen member Megan said, I caught Rebecca playing with herself. Are you trying to get us killed, he said abruptly. How do you expect me to drive with that information. Megan unbuttoned her shirt and pushed her bra up. Pinching her nipples between her thumb and forefinger, she moaned while sucking him. Rebecca watched her nipple respond to the cool water dripping on it. Crossing her legs and squeezing them together she said allowed, I need to get fucked. Gulping her drink down, Rebecca went back to Megan and Bobs room. Fighting with her thoughts, she looked around the room. Where would I keep it if I was Megan, she thought. Starting with the dresser, Rebecca went through the drawers. Then the bed side tables. Turning avcılar escort towards the closet she shocked herself with her reflection in the full length mirror. Clothes and shoes were all she could find. Walking to the door, Rebecca turned and looked around once more. She seen something shiny under the bed in the mirror. Megan began to shake as Bob fingered her deep. She felt a sting as she pinched her nipples with her nails. I’m cumming Bob yelled. Megan pulled Bobs arm back till she felt his fingers on her spread ass. Taking the hint Bob rubbed Megan’s tight ass hole before pushing into her. She squealed as Bob released his load in her mouth. Finding it near impossible to steer under these conditions Bob pulled off the road. Megan sucked the last of his seed as he pounded his finger in and out of her ass. Head finally clearing Bob said, I guess you şirinevler escort need to watch Rebecca every day. Pulling her pants up Megan said, I thought you were worried about being late. Getting on her hands and knees, Rebecca reached under the bed. Pulling out a metal box, she thought I found you. Sitting on her knees, Rebecca placed the case on the bed and opened it. Smiling Rebecca said, my my Megan. We need to have a talk. Megan was buttoning up her shirt as they pulled up to the guard shack. The guard did a double take watching her tuck her shirt in her pants. Bob kissed Megan, handed her the keys and said, don’t forget about me if you two get together. Picking up the first item Rebecca thought, why Bob I would never have guessed. Setting the strap-on down she picked up the dick shaped dildo. Bringing it to her face, Rebecca inhaled deeply. Reaching back in the case she pulled out a couple of pairs of hand cuffs, and velcro straps. There were verying styles of anal plugs. Picking one out Rebecca looked at it. A little smaller than the others Rebecca wondered how it would feel. Setting it to the side, she went through the pockets on the cases lip. Reaching in one Rebecca pulled out nipple clamps.