How About a Pic – Chapter 4 – DP

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Intro: If you’ve not read the other ones, then you might consider starting there. I’m no writer nor do I claim to be. Sorry for the grammatical errors, etc. This is literally a fantasy and is meant to be something that helps get you off. If you like it, great. Feel free to PM me. If you don’t like it…sorry. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Chapter 4 – DP

Hannah stopped me when she said, “Wait, I want you to watch this,” and quickly went to her friend Laura who was still laying on her back with her legs splayed out and mounted her.

She kissed Laura deeply and passionately and then worked her way down to her pulsating cunt that dribbled my liquid from between the folds. Laura took the hint and spread her legs further apart and then opened her folds as Hannah finally reached the top of her slit. Her tongue swirled around her clit and then along the pink insides. Laura continued holding her lips open for her Hannah as she cleaned her friend.

“Ummm,” is all Laura could say as she relished Hannah’s tongue lapping her juices and my sperm from her slippery snatch. I couldn’t believe the site I was seeing before me. Hannah’s ass jutted up into the air as she buried her face in Laura’s slick-shaven vagina. Hannah worked her fingers back and made circular motions around her button and darted a finger inside her own vagina as she continued cleaning Laura’s with long, languid licks between the slippery folds. I saw her tongue dart inside her friend and I had to catch my breath. I realized I had almost completely stopped breathing.

Laura’s body began convulsing again. Her hands released her pussy lips and ran across her body and tits. Hannah continued her ministrations on her own cunt as her friend was racked with yet another orgasm.

“Ohhhh….my god Hannah. I love it when you suck my pussy,” she screamed as the orgasm began to subside.

“Ok…go get us some drinks,” Hannah said. She quickly snuggled up to her friend and each explored their bodies with their hands as they fell back against the bed and entwined their legs together.
I took the hint and quickly went downstairs. I picked out a few things from the fridge and began to reminisce about Hannah. I wonder if she had been hinting all along that she wanted me. Maybe I had just missed all of her advances towards me and had brushed them off. When it comes to women I’ve not been the sharpest pencil in the box in recognizing their advances. I guess that’s why Hannah finally just showed up mostly naked at the pool today.

Most of the time, I just figured women were being nice to me. For some reason this experience has opened my eyes to the potential in potentially reciprocating some women’s advances and the benefits contained therein.

I continued my preparations of food and beverages and I remembered a particular instance with Hannah about four years ago. Hannah had tagged along to help with the kids so my wife and I could have some alone time. Hannah was good with the kids and so this worked out. One afternoon my wife had decided to do a day trip to see some friends a few beaches down from where we were staying. My wife’s friend (who had two children about our kids ages) invited her down since she was there by herself for the day. Her husband had recently left her so I was encouraged not to attend. This suited me fine and somehow Hannah and I were alone at the beach for most of the day. The place we had rented was right on the ocean and was a fairly nice house that had its own private access to the beach along with a small pool.

I decided to have a walk on the beach and had picked up some shells along the way. I made my way back up to the house and was surprised that Hannah was not on the beach or lounging by the pool. I figured she had gone inside to make some lunch so I cleaned my feet and washed the few shells that I had found and laid them out on one of the railings to dry in the heat of the afternoon.

I opened the sliding glass door and entered a very quiet house. I thought maybe Hannah had gone for a walk on the beach and didn’t think much about it. I figured I was alone so I decided to head to the master suite and take a quick shower. I’m not much of a ‘sand person,’ so I decided to take a shower and headed towards the master suite, which happened to be upstairs. The girls had the bunk room which was beside our room and Hannah’s room was down the hallway. Hannah’s door was slightly ajar which further led me to believe that she had taken a stroll on the beach and we had simply gone in opposite directions.
I headed into my room and stripped off my clothing. The view was nice so I actually stood naked in front of the floor to ceiling windows in the corner of the room. I admired the ocean view and tried topkapı escort to admire my body. I had gained weight yes, but I still had a generous sized cock and I think my wife was still in love with me. Our sex life didn’t have the vigor that it used to, but at least we still made time in that department. I began to get hard thinking about fucking her when the door to the bathroom opened and out walked Hannah in just a towel.

There I was in all my glory standing at about three-fourths my full girth with Hannah standing less than five feet from me. I had nothing to cover myself with so I just turned to the side.

“Sorry Hannah, didn’t think you were here,”

“Haha…errr…ummm. That’s ok. Sorry. Thanks…er…um…I mean…yeah. I’m headed to my room,”

Hannah stammered and then quickly left the room. I know she got a good look at my junk, but didn’t realize that I may have really flustered here.

I heard the pitter pat of her bare feet on the hard wood floors down the hall and the door to her room shut.

I took my shower and tried not to think about what had happened. Hannah sure did look good wrapped in that towel and I masturbated and came hard while I was in the shower thinking of what was under that towel and how I might ravage her young body. I saw Hannah again in the kitchen. When she rounded the corner of the stairs I let her know that I had made her a sandwich. She said thanks and took it from me and stared again towards my crotch. I simply shrugged this look off, but I wondered what might have happened if I had maybe taken the little ‘show’ I have her to the next level?

I guess I didn’t have to think about it now. I finished putting together the refreshments and headed upstairs. I worked my way to the guest bedroom to find Hannah and Laura fast asleep in each other’s arms. The sheets of the bed were just below both sets of breasts and Hannah had Laura’s shoulder between her ample boobs. She slept on her side with one arm snugly around Laura’s neck and stretched out behind her and the other had snaked its’ way below the covers and I could tell she has gently caressing Laura’s marvelous pussy lips. Laura was lightly circling one of her fingers around Hannah’s areola and had coaxed it to attention so that it sat up straight and allowed her to flick her index and thumb across the beautiful protruding nub.

I took in the site as I cleared my throat coaxing them from their cat naps.

“We have a few things,” I said, setting down the tray on the night stand beside them. “ More margaritas, three shots of chilled tequila with lime and salt and array of fruits and veggies along with guacamole, fresh pico de gallo and my special homemade chips. Chocolate covered strawberries with homemade whipped cream,”

“Ohh….whipped cream! Ummmmm,” Laura said excitedly.

“And I think that about does it,” I added and handed each of them a margarita. They both adjusted themselves in the bed as they took the drink from my hands. I grabbed mine and suggested a toast.

“If this is a dream, don’t let me wake up. Here’s to two beautiful girls and the time of my life. Cheers,”

Hannah unterrupted before we clinked glasses.

“And here’s to my brother in law who makes a mean margarita and can make these two girls cum like no one has ever!”

“Oh yeah,” Laura added.

“Thank you ladies,” and we clinked our glasses together and I sat on the bed and enjoyed their company.

“Well, you two girls have certainly blown my mind today.”

“Why’s that,” asked Hannah.

“To be blunt, I never in a million years thought that we’d ever…ya know…cross the line…”

Hannah interputed again. “I know my sister isn’t putting out like she used to. She practically told me that a few weeks ago and begged me to come fuck your brains out,”

I nearly choked on my drink as soon as the words came out of her mouth and Hannah continued.

“Yep, so this is all her fault. She knew I had a thing for you anyway and she practically gave me her blessing. She doesn’t know that Laura is here, which might make her upset a bit, but Laura begged for me to bring her along….and well….you know. I don’t mind sharing,” as she looked over to Laura and stroked her beautiful dark hair, “…and I love Laura. She practically lives at my house anyway.”

I’m sure a dumbfounded look was on my face…because I could feel the unbelief wash over my body.

“Wow,” is all I could muster before Laura chimed in.

“The first time I met you,” she said looking straight at me, “I asked Hannah if I could have a go with you,” she said in a matter of fact tone sitting up and kissing me on the cheek.

“Like I said, brother,” Hannah added, “…I’ve wanted you for some time now. Even before I saw your cock etiler escort at the beach a few years ago. I’ve literally had a thing for you since I was in high school and you and my sister were dating,” she said with a sly smile.

“She does dream of you often,” Laura added. “She yells out your name a few times a week in her sleep,” she said and shot a look over to Hannah to wait for her disapproval.

“I do,” she asked throwing a pillow in Laura’s direction.

“yes…and you get so wet too,” she added with a sinister giggle and grin. “I’m just glad I get to watch,”

“And I’m glad you get to participate,” I said shaking my head as if I was in some kind of crazy erotic dream.

Without warning Hannah and Laura attacked me. I spilled some of my drink on my chest and Laura proceeded to lick it off. It was so cold. She wrapped her hand around my cock as Hannah smothered me with kisses and then snaked her tongue in my still open mouth. Laura began coaxing my cock back to life and I ran my free hand across Hannah’s ass. She took the drink from my hand, took a swig and gave it to Laura who released my cock for a second to set the glass down on the table. She then grabbed a handful of whipped cream and smeared it all over my cock. The sensation of the cool mixed with her warm mouth drive me crazy and soon my prick was standing straight in the air. Laura’s slim hand affixed at the base of my rod. She licked and sucked at the head that had dabs of whipped cream she had smeared on it from before.

My hands wandered my beautiful sister–in-law’s body. I loved the feeling of her skin against the palm of my hand. She was so smooth and I loved to run my hands along her sides and feel the curve of her hips. With my other hand I gently grasped her boob as we continued kissing and probing our bodies.
I couldn’t believe my luck. Never in my wildest of fantasies had I ever thought anything like this could actually happen.

Hannah slowly worked her way down to where her friend was licking and sucking my cock. She was popping it in and out of her mouth like a popsicle. She licked the sides and then offered it to Hannah who took me all the way inside her. Laura shouted for joy, “Wooo. Go girl and watch my eyes as they rolled back in my head. Hannah’s throat was tight. The head of my cock quickly glided down her throat.

“That’s it baby,” Laura coaxed. “Take him all down. You’re so sexy when you do that baby,” and stood up.

“Where are you going,” I asked and she disappeared down the hallway.

Hannah continued sucking me up and down. She would swirl her tongue around the head and slap my cock against her cheek and suck it in and then roll it around in her mouth. She moved her ass towards me and I took the hint. I smacked her one good time on the bottom.

“Yes,” she said in between inhaling my cock.

I ran my hand along one of her haunches and my fingertips felt the wetness beginning to build between the folds between her legs. Another smack as I smoothed it down again and moved to the other cheek. I gave it a whack and Hannah slammed her head down as far as she could on my cock as if she couldn’t get enough of it inside her mouth that was already stuffed.

I swirled my finger around her and slowly stuffed one then two fingers inside as Hannah’s mouth built up a nice rhythm bobbing up and down my shaft. She was indeed dripping wet. I quickly found her g-spot and rubbed my two fingers against her inner walls. She spasmed some which only aroused her more. Her juices were literally pouring into my hand. I took my fingers out of her and smeared her juices all over her ass as one finger finally found her asshole a. I gently tickled it and encircled the entrance a few times. I worked the tip of my index finger inside her gently.

“Oh yes…stick it in my ass,” Hannah encouraged and then went back to work on my throbbing cock.

I took more of her juices and slowly was able to get a finger deeper inside her. Just as I had gotten ready to place the other finger inside, Laura arrived back with her surprise.

She rounded the corner into the room and I couldn’t believe she had a huge strap on. It was a large 8 incher that I’m sure she had brought in the big bag she had dropped poolside.

“Oh my god,” Laura exclaimed. “You brought it!” she said continuing the pace with her hand stroking my rod.

“Oh yeah baby. I know you’ve wanted two inside of you and though this might be our chance to give that a try.”

“WOW,” is all I could say.

“Let’s do it,” Hannah said and looked at me.

“I want you to fuck my ass,” and then she looked at Laura, “I want you to fuck my pussy!”

“Yessssss,” Laura said and dove towards Hannah.

Hannah began to move traffic ataköy escort around and positioned Laura flat on the bed. She quickly mounted her and inserted the huge fake cock inside her. I was in awe of her enthusiasm for my cock to enter her ass. I was almost as excited as she was. I’d only tried anal with my wife once before and it didn’t really work out. She was never really into it and I just thought it was something else for us to do…but my wife thought it was dirty. I was anxious to try it…especially with someone willing, let alone with another “cock” inside her pussy. This was indeed getting interesting.

Laura began humping her pussy quickly and even though I initially though she wasn’t getting any pleasure out of this I saw the little tickler inside that was mounted to rake across her clit gently. They were both getting off and it was a beautiful sight to behold. Hannah’s tits bounced up and down as the dildo moved in and out of her. Laura grabbed Hannah’s tits and reached up to suck at them.

Hannah motioned me in. I took a giant amount of spit in my hand as she bent over. Laura pulled her cheeks apart and they slowed the pace as I lubed the hole with as much spit as I possibly could. I reached down and swirled my tongue around her hairless opening and added more spit to help lube the area.

“Ahhhh. Feels so good.” Hannah said as Laura gently bucked underneath her while she continued sucking Hannah’s juicy and puffy nipples into her mouth.

I began to test the waters, so to speak, by slowly circling my index finger around her hole. Hannah jolted forward as I placed it at its’ entrance and slowly applied pressure. It slipped in with ease. With a deep sigh, Hannah inhaled and said,

“That feels wonderful. Let’s see if we can get your cock in me!” she said with much enthusiasm.
“Put it in,” she begged.

My eyes met Laura’s as I slowly moved forward and placed the big head at the small entrance.

“Relax,” I said and placed my hand on the small of her back to let her know that I was getting ready.

“Yes…put it inside,” she begged again.

Laura simply continued gently tonguing Hannah’s nipples as I applied pressure to the head. Hannah’s muscles relaxed as it pushed its way in further. She inhaled deeply and held on to the headboard tightly as I slowly worked my cock inside her.

“Ohhhhhh,” Hannah moaned. With that Laura grabbed her ass and helped slowly work my cock deeper inside her friend. I spit again to add additional lubrication. It landed right where I wanted it to on the upper part of my shaft and aided my rod from entering my sweet sister-in-law.

As it slowly disappeared, little by little, I could feel Laura and Hannah begin to build a rhythm. We were both inside her and fully.

“Ohhh….Laura….you have to….try this…” Hannah said as I began to quicken the pace faster.

“Yes…fuck me…” she continued. “That is so good….Ohhhhhhh…..yes….”

My eyes locked on Laura’s and I could tell that she was enjoying this like Hannah was. Her eyes had that glossed over look. I suppose the clit stimulator had her at just the right angle as was beginning to send her towards a great cum.

I grabbed onto Hannah’s ass cheek and smacked it and began a faster pace. My cock was rock hard and inside my sister. I began slamming harder and harder. I received no protest from Hannah. I too was being caught up in this sexual frenzy that started with Hannah shifted to Laura and began to over take me.
We were a mound of flesh that was giving each other pleasure. The feeling of Hannah’s musles pulling and sucking on my cock was almost too much to take.

“I want to cum in your ass,” I screamed at Hannah and smacked her ass cheek. I grabbed her flesh and began furiously ponding harder and harder. A wave of please splashed over Laura, I knew she was getting close.

“Yes,” Laura screamed. “Cum for me Hannah….let me feel you cum for me,” she pleaded to her friend.

“Ah…oh….yes…that’s it,” Hannah panted in between assaults. I alertnated the pace with Laura. She would shove in deeply and as she pulled out I would shove inside Hannah so she was never not filled.


I let out a yell as my balls swelled up and I could feel another wave of cum being coaxed out of me by Hannah’s insides. I couldn’t believe how many times I had spewed today and by the feeling of this one, it was not going to disappoint as well.

“Yesssssss,” Laura yelled.

“Oh my gaaaawwwddd,” Hannah uttered and then finally collapsed on Laura.

I finally let go and unloaded inside her. I literally thought my cum was going to gush from her, I came so hard. I felt all of her muslces relax as I finally relented and slowly pulled myself from inside and collapsed beside them.

Hannah and Laura just held in each. I turned on my side and kissed them both and fell back and went to sleep completely satisfied.

More to come….I sure hope so.