How much do you want to see

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How much do you want to seeI had asked my wife if she would wear something a little revealing, without a bra. She had a few questions, I gave my best answers. It seemed that she was a bit unsure about the whole idea.After bringing this up a few times, One night she said she would look for something that she could wear. I was beyond excited. She came out in a nice skirt, she knew I liked and a white top, not see threw button down, and she had put on a shelf bra I had never seen her wear out. It was cut low enough that her nipple’s could be seen.She asked how she looked and if this was what I was talking about? To me she could be wearing a heavy full length coat and she would look good, But was it all I was hoping for, not really. But I know she was trying, so I told her she looked great.We went to a town with a lot of tourists to eat and shop around. At times I was able to see down her blouse more than the norm, but not as much as I was hoping. After a nice late dinner we headed to the river to look out as it was a nice night.By now she had a few drinks pendik escort in her and was more relaxed and just enjoying a nice night out, and looking for a fun date when we got home. She asked me if I enjoyed her outfit and got to see what I was hoping to see. It took me a second longer to answer and with that she said, you were hoping for a better view? I smiled and said you look great, I love you so much.She said I love you too, but that is not what I asked you. I said I could not really see your chest much, maybe if it was not buttoned as high i could have seen more. With that and no one around, she unbuttoned another button, and said would this have been better? Yes, it would have, even another button would have been really great.She undid one more button and said now this is low. I told her it was not so low that if she was walking around anyone would even notice.We knew we were headed back to the car now and she said she would wear it liked this for the walk. Now that was great, but it was late and dark and few people kağıthane escort around to even notice, but it was nice that she was even willing to do it.On the way home, she asked how I was feeling? I told her I felt good. I thought she was wondering if I was too tired for a date once we got home, but she asked if I wanted to stop for a bottle of wine on our way back and we could enjoy it at home. Sure, that sounds good. Then I thought This would maybe give someone a chance to look down her top.We stopped at the next town because it was late and not sure if any place would still be open. We pulled in front of the store and the town was quiet, I could see the store was still open and only one guy in the store at the counter.As I was turning off the car I noticed she was starting to button her top, Oh, please could you just leave it the way it is, no one is around? She dropped her hands and said your crazy ok lets go.Just before getting to the store, what I thought was a joke, she said do you want me to ask him some question about some of the wines and bend over for him? I smiled maltepe escort and said yes, that would be great. Now her top was unbuttoned a good bit, and if he took notice he would see yes, she has a bra on but not one that covered her nipples.We went in and the guy said hello, let me know if I can help you with anything. As I was saying thanks, she said she was looking for wine, but wanted to try something new. Holy crap I thought she was joking, then I got real nervous and excited. I told her I was going to look at some of the beer nearby. I was able to watch my wife display her chest for this guy for about ten minutes. As I walked by at one point from 10 feet away, I could see in her top and see her nipple at least one side, so I knew he could. She was doing a good job of showing all she could.I was so nervous with how much he was seeing and so excited it was hard not to act normal, like I was unaware.On the way back home, she asked me if I enjoyed myself? I told her she was incredible, that was great. Once back at the house and enjoying our wine, she was asking me more questions, as I did her. While she played down her excitement a bit, by the time we were having sex, I found that as we talked about our night she was having more orgasms than her norm. She liked it.