Hubby Gets to Watch and I get 3 BBCs

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Hubby Gets to Watch and I get 3 BBCsChapter 2 : Gangsters or GentlemenThe morning after Big Daddy Richie took control of me and fucked me beyond what I thought could ever be my limits, I awoke to the smell of bacon frying. I realized that Big Daddy Richie and I were in my master bedroom in the middle of the king bed and his huge arm was still over me. I squirmed and wiggled out from under his arm and onto his huge beautiful brown chest. I slowly kissed him and he finally shook off his slumber. As his eyes opened, he smiled and his hands gripped my huge ass. “Good morning, Babygirl. I mean, you nasty fucking Whore,” he said through a grin.”Good Morning Big Daddy Richie,” I said and covered his beautiful full lips with mine in another deep passionate kiss. We made out, kissing and groping one another for a few minutes until I said, “I love this Daddy, but I missed dinner last night and I am starving.”Big Daddy just laughed and said, “Let’s get some breakfast. You are going to have a big day. That is if you still want my friends to join us today?””I want that very much Big Daddy. Thank you for arranging this,” I replied.”You are welcome and we will give you everything you want later today,” he said.He looked around and found his silk boxers and he helped me pick a sheer robe and heels from my closet. I was a bit shaky on my heels and wobbly from being so brutally fucked last night, so Richie again scooped my big fat ass up in his arms and carried me to the kitchen. John was busy in the kitchen as Richie sat me down and helped me into a chair. Amanda was naked in a chair at the table and was enjoying her breakfast. I leaned over and gave Amanda a long passionate kiss and Big Daddy Richie walked over to John. Richie reached out his his massive hand, gripped John’s hand and leaned in to say. “Little John, I will have four eggs over medium and bacon. And by the way, your wife, my new Whore, is amazing, thank you for giving her to me.”John smiled slyly and said, “Yes Big Daddy, anything you want.”John prepared our breakfasts and Richie and I ate like it was our last meal. The meal was delicious, but I could not stop thinking about my pussy which had been terribly abused beyond my wildest dream. My only consolation was that it had at least stopped throbbing with every heart beat. The rest of the morning we spent around the pool and hot tub. Amanda was stunning in her tiny pink bikini and she continued to keep John company with lots of kissing and foot play. At Big Daddy’s request I also wore a bikini, which I never do otherwise. My soft tummy, fat ass and huge boobs are not really very well suited for a bikini, but Big Daddy gets what he wants. The bottom was high waisted enough to at least hold in some of my tummy, but cut just wider than a thong in back exposing my ass, which Big Daddy kept at least one hand on almost all morning. The top was triangle cut and only wide enough to cover my areoles, so there was lots of boob showing on each side and the yellow fabric was transparent once it got wet. Richie gave my pussy a rest for the morning but did fuck Amanda while John licked and sucked her feet and toes. Richie stopped before he came so that Amanda and I could finish him with a sloppy blowjob. The rest of the morning was spent with John and Richie reclining on lounge chairs while Amanda and I rested and sometimes dozed laying on top of them. The obvious difference was that John’s cock was still locked away in its chastity cage inside his swim trucks, while Big Daddy’s cock rested like a log between my hips and his.About noon, I asked John to join me in the kitchen which he did as Amanda and Richie went to take showers. “John, Darling, be a dear and put together a light lunch for us while I shower too. And make it for six please, we will be having guests.””Guests?,” he asked. “Who is coming over?””Richie invited his business partner and his college roommate to hang out this afternoon.” I answered. “I’ve met them before and they seem like great guys. Jason is his partner in his physical therapy business and he played in the NFL and Randy coaches football at State. You guys can talk sports and stuff.””Oh, ok. Sounds good,” he replied. I left him to get lunch ready and went to our bedroom to get myself ready for guests. Richie and Amanda were dressed by the time I finished my shower and they joined me in my bedroom. Richie in shorts and a white linen shirt that looked magnificent against his beautiful brown skin. Amanda was cuter than ever in a flower print halter top, white short shorts and wedge heels. They helped me into my outfit for the afternoon and when the doorbell rang, they both left me in the bedroom. I texted John and said, “You all eat without me, I will join you in a bit.”I rested and primped for about 30 minutes and then Richie knocked on my bedroom door. He came into the room and said, “Are you ready for this, Misty? You can back out anytime.” “I am very ready for this Big Daddy,” I said as I tiptoed to give him a kiss. “Then let’s go show the rest of the Fuck Down Gangsters just what kind of a slut you came be,” he replied as he took my hand and led me down the hall to the living room. John mouthed “What the fuck is going on?” when he saw how I was dressed. Out loud I said, “You will see. Just enjoy yourself.” And with that I handed him the key to his chastity cage.I took a look around and saw the two beautiful black men sitting on the sofa. Richie led me to the sofa where Randy and Jason were seated and I slowly spun around so they could take in the full view. I was wearing my highest strappy black heels which were padlocked around my ankles. White fishnet hose and white garter belt. Sheer white lace panties that were wide in the front but were just a strand of pearls down the back which disappeared between my cheeks and a white shelf bra that presented my bare nipples. And finally a black leather collar which said in rhinestones, Queen of Spades. Richie said, “You guys remember Misty?” and then clipped a long black leash to my collar. “She is the latest project for the Fuck Down Gangsters.” He handed the end of the leash to Jason. “Now be a good Slut and get to know the Gangsters better,” he said to me. I sat down between them on the sofa and instantly four massive hands were groping my body and I was rubbing the bulge of a big black cock with each hand. They each took their turns kissing me and exploring my body. Richie turned to John and said, “Don’t worry John, we won’t hurt her badly and Amanda is going to take good care of you, right Babygirl?'”That’s right Big Daddy,” she said as she knelt in front of John and unlocked and removed his chastity cage. Then reassuring John, I heard her saying, “The Gangsters are definitely going to use her and they will be rough with her, but she will be ok. I survived this treatment from The FDG and have the tattoo to prove it. And I am sure she will do fine too.”Richie took the leash from Jason and with a tug of it, said, “Stand up here Slut. I have way too many clothes on, so you need to help me with that.””Yes Sir, Big Daddy,” I said as I got up from the sofa and immediately knelt to untie and remove his shoes. Then I stood, unbuttoned and removed his shirt. As I slid his shirt off I kissed and caressed his beautiful chest licking and teasing each of his nipples. I unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts and pulled them down, planting kiss after kiss along the full length of his beautiful cock which was just starting to rise.Jason stood up next and without a word from Big Daddy, I turned and started to undress him too, helping him out of his shoes first. Jason was a huge man, six foot three and well over 300 lbs of muscle. He is half Hawaiian, half African American, and the other Gangsters call him Big Maui. His arms were huge, with giant biceps and both arms were sleeved in traditional Hawaiian tattoos. I unbuttoned his shirt and kissed his chest, The muscles of his chest were also huge and so beautiful I could not get enough of having my lips and hands on them. I struggled to finally get his arms free from the tight sleeves of his shirt, but once I did, I knelt and lowered his shorts. As the shorts cleared his cock I got my first glimpse of his delightful cock. He was about half hard already, and it had the most beautiful curve to one side, He was uncircumcised and the long foreskin covered the head and hung down almost two inches beyond. With his shorts on the ground I lightly sc****d my long red fingernails over this gigantic bulging thigh muscles and took the tip of his foreskin between my lips to gently suck it and pulse it between my lips. He moaned softly and said, “That’s it Bitch, give Big Maui a little sample.” I was ready to taste the full length of his eleven inch cock, but before I could, Richie pulled me back to my feet using my leash. Jason reached out and gripped both of my nipples, lifting my breasts high, pinching my nipples just enough to blur the line between pleasure and pain. “I am going to fuck these big titties,” he said as he dropped my breasts by releasing my nipples. “I am looking forward to that Big Maui,” I responded.I felt hands on my ass and turned, to find Randy was there and he immediately kissed me roughly on my mouth, forcing his tongue between my lips. He had already started to undress and was down to just his boxerbriefs which held a huge hard cock. He was a little taller than Big Maui, but only about 215 lbs. His skin was so dark it was almost black and the smoothest I had ever seen on a man. His long hair was braided and sarıyer escort reached below his shoulders. He was a truly beautiful man and I was so excited just to get my hands on him. I knelt and lowered his briefs and was met by his hard cock at eye level. I must have gasped, because all three Gangsters laughed out loud. The head of his cock was massive, even bigger than Richie’s shaft but thankfully it quickly narrowed to only about two inches. It was an impressive ten inches already and I suspected it would grow a bit more. I gripped his shaft and slapped the enormous head against my face as I lowered my lips and sucked in one of his low hanging balls. Randy had just put his hand on my head to guide my mouth when I heard Richie’s voice, “Stand up Cunt.” I quickly obeyed and turned to face him. “Sit in that chair,” he said pointing to a chair he had moved to the middle of the room.As I turned to walk, Randy very roughly slapped my ass, causing me to stumble a bit in my heels. “The Hit Man is going to tear that big ass up, Bitch, you better get ready for me.””I’m all ready for you Hit Man,” I replied as I took my designated seat. The three magnificent men surrounded the chair and I watched as Amanda led John to the sofa five feet in front of me and they sat down to enjoy the show. Big Daddy stepped up first and I guided the head of his cock between my lips. My jaw ached from his girth, but in short order I had a few inches in my mouth. I reached out each hand and quickly found a massive cock in each one of them. I stroked two in my hands and one in my mouth, until Richie was almost completely hard. That was when I turned to Big Maui and guided his curved shaft to my mouth. I pushed back his foreskin with my lips and took several inches of his two and a quarter inch shaft into my mouth. I could already taste his precum and he was guiding my strokes with a hand on the back of my head. His size was more comfortable for me and he was soon holding his cock in my throat until I would gag and gasp for air. After a few minutes of that, I knew it was time to try Randy’s huge mushroom head. I stopped stroking the other two cocks to concentrate on this massive bulb. I gripped his shaft with both hands and first licked it and spit on it again and again. After completely wetting the head I guided it to my mouth and began to press it inside. I failed on the first few tries and wetted it more before pressing it to my lips again. This time my jaw was stretched further than I thought possible and it still was not inside, but I forced my face down again and felt it slip into my mouth. “God damn right,” I heard Randy say. “Now that is a cock sucking Whore right there.”I heard Amanda say, “Shit, I have never gotten that far with his cock.”And John just said, “Holy Fuck.”There was no stroking it inside my mouth as my mouth as completely full with just the head, but I did manage to move my tongue a little and tease it just a tiny bit. “Hell yeah you fucking nasty Cunt, give that big cock some love,” Randy said. I stroked his shaft with one hand and gripped his shaved balls with the other and he suddenly forced his cock deeper in my mouth and my air was immediately cut off. I felt a hand on the back of my head and tried not to panic, but after about 30 seconds I started trying to push him away, but the monster cock head stayed deep in my mouth. In a few more seconds, I saw stars and then the room was spinning. Only when I felt my body slumping as I was losing consciousness did the massive cock pull out of my mouth, and for the next few seconds, I gasped and tried to regain my wits. I looked around at the three massive hard cocks and reached out to grab Randy’s again and jammed it back in my mouth. This time I managed to stroke him in and out of my mouth a few times, swirling my tongue on it each time it exited my mouth. Randy said, “God damn, this Whore is a nasty one…Just right for a fuck down.”I turned my head to take a turn on Richies cock and as it slipped between my lips I felt Jason’s fingers on my pussy. He stroked my clit a time or two and then lifted his fingers to his mouth. “That cunt is wet and ready, I say it’s time for the Fuck Down Gangsters to get busy.”With that Big Daddy, led me by my leash to the bedroom. He removed my leash, my panties and my bra and I climbed onto the bed, rolled onto my back and spread my legs. Jason was immediately between my legs and the huge man went to work using his wonderful talented tongue. He was licking and sucking my huge swollen labia and then started driving his tongue deep inside me. I was squirming and moaning in less than a minute. Big Daddy quickly filled my mouth with his BBC and started making quick strokes into my mouth. Then just on cue, I felt Randy’s lips close around my hard nipple. I was close to an orgasm from all this attention from my magnificent trio when Big Maui raised up and said, “If anyone else wants to eat this cunt before I fuck it, now is the time.”Randy said, “Fuck yeah, I wanna tongue fuck this bitch’s pussy before you fuck it up.” Jason climbed onto the bed straddling me on his knees and pressed his long curved cock to my lips. Just as I closed my lips around the cock I felt Randy’s lips and tongue on my pussy. I sucked Jason’s cock deep in my mouth and he was rocking his hips to fuck my mouth. Randy was sucking hard on my pussy lips and stretching them with his lips. With Big Maui’s cock dripping in my spit, he pulled out of my mouth and slapped his cock down between my tits. I pressed by 42Gs together and he started tit fucking me just like he promised. He was very agile for his size and was tit fucking me with long fast strokes but still not sitting on me. Every few strokes he would push forward and feed me the head of his cock and then move back at his task. The Hit Man had locked on to my clit now and was mercilessly sucking it and rolling it in his lips. Then I felt fingers pressing inside me. Randy progressed quickly from one to three of his long fingers inside my pussy pressing hard against my g-spot all the while sucking my clit. I was so close to orgasm when Big Maui said, “Rich, you want a taste before I hit that pussy?” Big Daddy responded, “Nah, tear that shit up.”The trio quickly repositioned and Richie and Randy each lifted one of my legs as Jason began slapping my pussy with his long hard curved cock. Then the giant of man buried his cock inside me and started long slow strokes, all the way to the hilt, jarring me hard with each stroke. “Fuck me Baby, fuck me hard,” I moaned, “Give me all of that black cock.” It was heavenly, a cock in each hand and one in my pussy. Jason must have kept his slow steady pace for about twenty minutes until Big Daddy took his turn. He dragged me to the edge of the bed and propped my high heels against his chest. Then he started the assault. Just like the night before he fucked the hell out of me. I did my best to continue with the hand jobs and blow jobs on the other two but with this pounding it was hard to do all three. Within five minutes I was feeling the warmth and knew I was close to release. Big Daddy continued his brutal fucking for another fifteen minutes until in a rare moment that I did not have a cock between my lips I moaned “Rub my clit, please, Big Daddy.” “I think the Whore is going to get herself one,” Hit Man said as he forced the monster head of his cock between my lips again. Big Daddy honored my request and I felt his thumb strumming my clit like a guitar, but it only took a couple of strokes and I was exploding in a huge violent orgasm. I pushed Hit Man’s cock back to free my mouth and screamed, “Oh God, Oh FUCK, OHHHH…OHHHH DAMN, Fuck me Big Daddy. Tear up my fucking whore cunt.” My hips were bucking wildly to meet the pounding of Big Daddy’s massive cock.After I recovered a little and I was able to get the head of Hit Man’s cock back past my lips and stroked its long wet shaft. Big Daddy slowed his pounding to a series of long, violent stabs of his cock into my wet pussy. ‘You fucking Whore, I am going to fill you full of cum!”I pulled Hit Man from my mouth and begged, “Yes, please Big Daddy. Give me all your cum Daddy. Fill that pussy with your cum.” That was enough and he began to spasm and continued to pound me as I felt his cum pouring inside me. He rested inside me for a few seconds and I reached up to wipe the sweat from his face. He lowered my legs and leaned down to give me a long tender kiss. Big Daddy slowly backed his monster cock out of my abused pussy but immediately Hit Man was in his place and I watched as the massive head of his cock pressed against my gaping cream pie filled pussy lips. It turns out his cock head really was larger than the shaft of Big Daddy’s cock, and I would later learn it was actually three inches across, the same size as a baseball. He struggle a couple of times trying to push the massive head inside but my pussy just would not stretch that far. Finally, I reached down and gripped his shaft and aligned it to my wetness. I pulled him tight against me and looked into his eyes and said,”I want you to fuck me with that big fat black cock, now!””You asked for it you fucking white whore,” he said and then with one mighty thrust it popped inside me, spreading me to my new widest gape ever. I struggled to catch my breath through the pain but also the pleasure of the huge bulb inside me. Hit Man’s pace was feverish with his cock stroking its full magnificent length inside me stopping esenyurt escort just before the head popped out again. He continued for about ten minutes and I lost track of the other two big cocks and instead pulled and rolled one of my nipples between the fingers of one hand and started to stroke my clit with the other. “I’m going to make white girl cum again,” he said as he began to pop that massive cock head out of my pussy and plunged it back in. It literally popped each time like popping a bottle of champagne, and he was right, after just a handful of times, I was cumming again. As this orgasm slowed, Hit Man drove his full length back into me and with just a dozen or so more strokes he too spasmed inside my pussy and I felt his cum mixing with Big Daddy’s. He collapsed over me and held his cock deep inside. Hit Man recovered slowly and as he did, Big Maui fed me his cock again. His curved cock was my favorite one to suck. The size was perfect and I alternated sucking him with his foreskin pulled down or pushed back exposing his sensitive head. I knew Big Maui was super excited by the time Hit Man pulled out and I felt some of the cum from my pussy escaped and pour over my asshole before Big Maui plowed his cock back inside my pussy. This time he laid on top of me and thrusted his powerful hips to jam me full of his cock again and again. I stroked his massive arms and we kissed tenderly as his passion grew. He raised up on his arms and increased the power of his strokes. I leaned up to kiss him again and after the kiss I said, “Fuck my ass with that beautiful long black cock Big Maui.” He stopped mid stroke and said, “You want this cock in your ass? Are you sure?””I am totally sure,” I answered. “Fill my fat white ass with your big black cock and with your thick hot cum.”I did not have to ask him twice. He pulled out of my pussy, I raised my legs higher for him and guided his cock head to my puckered ass. My ass and his cock were both coated in cum and my pussy juices so I was hoping that would be enough lube. I whispered “Go easy at first but once we get it lubed up I want you to tear my white ass up.” I guided the head just inside and put my hand against his chest to stop him there. This was a really big cock for my ass, but I also suspected it would have bigger ones in it before the day was over. I pushed him out and wetted his head again with my pussy juices and then guided him in another inch or two. I looked around and Hit Man handed me the bottle of lube I was looking for. “Use lots of that, cause I’m going to fuck that ass too,” he said. I did use a lot of it and knew I would need lots more before this day was done. With lube in place Big Maui started back inside and over the next minute or two was able to force his full length into my tight ass. He began short strokes and built up slowly. Five minutes later he was pounding away at my ass with his huge balls slapping against me with every stroke. I was sucking Big Daddy’s hard cock and stroking Hit Man’s half hard shaft. I could feel Big Maui’s intensity rising as he raised up on his arms again and was lifting and dropping his three hundred pound frame with each stroke to bury his huge cock in my ass. He moaned loudly and then I could feel the spasm of his orgasm and seconds later I felt the warmth of his cum filling my ass.Maui held his long cock inside my ass for a while and when he finally pulled out, Big Daddy rolled me onto my tummy on a couple of pillows, with my freshly fucked ass in the air. As he got on his knees behind me, I handed him the bottle of lube and simply said, “Please.” He smile and coated his monster black cock with lube and then forced its head into my ass. He was slow, but persistent and worked its full length inside. Then uncharacteristically, he began to fuck my ass in long slow strokes. I motioned for Hit Man to sit in front of me and he slide his hips under my face so I could suck his cock again. I licked the length of his shaft and started stroking it as I leaned down to suck his balls. He wrapped his hand over mine to guide his strokes and moaned loudly each time I sucked one of his balls into my mouth. When he was totally hard again I said, “Fuck my pussy while big Daddy fucks my ass.”Hit Man responded, “Hell yeah you nasty Cunt. Ride my dick while Big Rich tears that ass up.” Big Daddy pulled out so I could straddle Hit Man’s cock. I rubbed the the huge purple baseball at the end of his cock against my pussy and although it had been there before, I had to grind hard to force him back into my wetness. Finally I felt the stretch and suddenly my pussy was sliding down the full length of his cock. I held my ass motionless with my pussy lips gripping tight around the base of Hit Man’s shaft as Big Daddy took his new position behind me. I felt him grip by hips and his cock again violated my ass. I quivered and my legs trembled at the now massive stretch that the two biggest cocks I had ever seen were filling my pussy and ass. I braced myself on my arms and started to rock my hips. Hit Man was already moaning and bouncing his hips up and down to stroke inside me. His moaning quieted when he found my hard nipples with his lips and the assault of my tits was now his primary focus. Big Daddy found his rhythm and now I was being hard fucked by two of the three massive cocks in the room.Big Maui had been recovering while sitting in a chair beside the bed, and now was stroking his cock slowly. “Come here Baby, I have one more spot for you,” I said and he rose to press his cock within my reach. I stroked his growing shaft and then pulled him all the way to my mouth. With the beautiful uncut cock back in my mouth I started to bob on it and he took it from there. With a hand behind my head he began to match the rhythm of the other two cocks and I was officially airtight with almost three feet of beautiful black cock using my body. This continued until Hit Man said, “Raise her up a little Big Rich.” Big Daddy slipped a hand under my tummy and lifted me onto my knees, That gave Hit Man room to stroke and he began a rapid, pounding of my pussy by snapping his hips up against mine. His stamina was impressive, but after about ten minutes he started to moan loudly again and then as Hit Man began to orgasm I heard, “Here it comes Bitch, here comes another load for that worn out white pussy.”I pulled Big Maui from my mouth and said, “I want you in my pussy now, please.”Big Daddy pulled out of my ass and I climbed off of Hit Man. Big Daddy then laid on his back and propped up against a couple of pillows. I lowered myself onto his glistening hard cock, facing away from him and it slid slowly into my ass. I laid back against him and as he reached around and started to play with my hard nipples, Big Maui crawled between my legs and aligned his cock with my cum dripping pussy. He was inside me, balls deep, in one more movement and the two of them began to roughly pound both of my holes. I was happily the center of a sandwich of two amazingly sexy black men whose only interest was fucking me. Our three sweaty bodies were intertwined in this sexy dance for about fifteen minutes when Big Maui leaned down and started tenderly but passionately kissing me. The gentleness of this giant of a man was so sexy, I reached down and began stroking my clit. The warmth began to build again and my hips were now moving to meet Big Maui’s thrusts. He kept a steady pace and I was closing in fast on another orgasm when Big Daddy increased his pace in my ass and began to moan. Before I could cum again, Big Daddy bucked his hips up hard against me and I felt the spasm of his orgasm deep inside my ass. Big Daddy said, “Hold up Big Maui,” and he stopped his stroking. “Damn I thought your pussy was my favorite part of you Misty, but that ass is damn fine too.””Thank you Big Daddy, my pussy and my ass are yours forever,” I responded, “and thank you for sharing them with Hit Man and especially with Big Maui.” “Hey Hit Man, I think my whore is sweet on Big Maui,” Richie said. “Let’s go clean up and give the big man some room to work.” With that, Big Maui wrapped his arms around me and lifted me off of Big Daddy’s cock all the while keeping his cock buried deep in my pussy. I would realize later that Amanda also left the room too but John remained, watching silently from the corner of the room.Big Maui laid me gently back on the bed and started stoking his cock inside me again. My hands were all over his chiseled body and I reached as far down as I could and tightly gripped his massive glutes, digging my nails in to hold on. He doubled his pace for a few minutes and I was quickly moving toward another orgasm. He raised up and spread my legs wider and I moved my feet to his chest. For the first time today, one of my beautiful lovers paid attention to my feet and I offered my toes to his mouth as he continued the slow deep fucking. He sucked in my toes one by one where they were exposed from my fishnets and sandals. The sensation was overwhelming and with just a tiny touch of my clit from my fingers, I exploded into another shuttering but short orgasm. I guess the gentle giant was inspired by my climax and he lowered my legs and whispered, “Wrap your legs around me and your arms around my neck, Darling.” I silently obeyed his request and I was suddenly lifted off the bed. I am far from a small girl and even after a huge weight loss, I am over 150 lbs, but that was no problem for Big Maui as he lifted me from the bed and stood up with avrupa yakası escort me wrapped around him, his hard cock still inside me. I have seen tiny girls in this position in porn videos, but never, ever expected to be suspended while being fucked. He started bouncing me up and down and quickly I was sliding up and down the full length of his beautiful curved cock. Each time he lifted and dropped me, my fall stopped only when his rigid 11 inches was driven to the hilt in my battered pussy. Big Maui moved me closer to the wall and told me to lean back. I trusted him totally and leaned back until he was gripping my shoulders and my back just touched the wall. The new angle was delightful and Big Maui was obviously getting close to his release. I waited as long as I thought was safe and then began to beg, “Please feed me your cum. Big Man. I want your perfect cock in my mouth again, Please? I have been a good whore all day,” Without a word he moved us back to the bed and after a few more minutes of pounding my pussy he pulled out and offered me his cock. His cock was literally dripping with long strings of BBC cum from my pussy when I sucked it in deeply. Stroking it with both hands and guiding him as deeply and as quickly into my throat as I could, he was moaning loudly. He pulled out and covered my hand with his to stroke his beautiful cock just a couple of inches from my lips. I saw him flex and then the first stream of cum exploded and poured into my mouth. He pumped his hot cum into my hungry mouth again and again. He then leaned in and I sucked the full length of his cock into my mouth and carefully licked him completely clean. Big Maui silently pulled away and I rolled onto my back totally exhausted. I saw him leave the room and then to my surprise heard John’s voice say, “That was amazing, you are so fucking sexy!” His lips pressed to mine and his tongue pressed between my lips to taste the remnents of Big Maui’s cum. He broke our kiss and I said, “I love you so much Baby.” The next thing I felt was his lips and tongue first on my pussy and then cleaning my gaping ass. His familiar tender kissing and slow deep tongue fucking was amazing even on my destroyed pussy and ass. With as many of the loads of cum retrieved as he could, he shared a long deep cum kiss with me. With his clean up complete, he asked, “How can I help you Baby?””Just send in Amanda please,” I whispered, “and thank you for everything.”I was finishing my shower when Amanda came into the bathroom. She helped me dry off and dry my hair and then I took advantage of the benefit of having a nurse as a lover and a friend and she examined me for any damage. “What’s the diagnosis Doc?” I asked.”I pronounce you very well fucked,” she said with a smile. “You have lots of inflammation and swelling which will be uncomfortable for a while. You have some relatively minor vaginal and anal tearing, thanks mostly to Randy I am sure, but nothing that needs any treatment other than rest and some warm soaks.””Thanks Beautiful,” I said and she gave me a long tender kiss. “Did I hear you say that you had a tattoo from your experience with the Fuck Down Gangsters?””Yes, it is this one here.” She pointed to a small spade on her ass cheek with the letters FDG in it and the number 1 under it.”What is the ‘1’ for Baby?” I asked. “I was their first project,” she answered “And Randy’s wife, Victoria, has number two.””How many are there?” I asked. “You are number three, now let’s get you dressed Misty, the gentlemen are concerned about you and would love to say goodbye before they leave,” she said. She helped me into a long silk gown and vintage boudoir slippers. With red lipstick in place, we headed to the living room. As I entered the living room each of the three Gangsters jumped to their feet and Big Daddy, said, “Gentlemen. Give her a hand.” Big Maui and Hit Man were instantly at my side each taking one of my hands gently. “Thank you Big Maui and Hit Man,” I said.”Please call me Jason, Ma’am,” Big Maui answered. “It’s our pleasure, and please call me Randy, Ma’am,” Hit Man said. The two gentlemen led me carefully to the sofa and by the time I was seated, Richie was handing me a glass of white wine. “Here you go Ma’am, can I get you anything else. How are you feeling?” he asked. “I am great, just tired and sore, but good. And no thank you, Big Daddy, I don’t need anything else,” I answered. I took a sip of the wine and as I placed the glass on the table, Jason and Randy each reached for one of my hands and awkwardly held it like we were at a middle school dance.”We are all very pleased that you are ok. We were worried about you and please call me Richie, Ma’am,” Richie replied.”Ok, Richie, but can you explain what is going on? Where did my Fuck Down Gangsters go and who are you guys?” “I am so sorry! Of course you are confused, Ma’am,” Richie replied. “Let me explain. You know the three of us guys have been friends for a number of years, and once we began to have the means to give back, we decided to find a way to do so. So we formed the FDG. Not the Fuck Down Gangsters, but the Fraternity of Distinguished Gentlemen. We started working hard to give our resources and time to help others and that is still our main focus. We each had a past which included activities like today, but we had largely moved beyond our pasts although we secretly all missed the past activities and eventually we started to discuss that. We all began to find life partners, like the love of my life Amanda. And thanks to a suggestion and request from her, we also began to consider how the Fuck Down Gangsters might be formed. After months of discussion involving the three of us guys and all three wives, the Gangsters took on their first ‘project,’ Amanda. Randy’s wonderful wife Victoria was second and now you, Misty, were the third.”Jason spoke up, “My wife, Kaleah, is desperately hoping to be our project soon, but she has been pregnant or has had a young baby since we started our projects and we all agreed that it was no time for her to do what you have done today. Our baby girl is almost 6 months now and we are planning to bring her into the sisterhood soon Ma’am.”Randy spoke up now, “Jason called it a sisterhood, and we all consider what we did today as a true family initiation. Not in a weird, i****t kind of way, but in the way a family of your choice is formed with the deepest of bonds. You are one of our sisters now and we will aways be here for you. And John, you are a brother-in-law. You both can call on any of us any time for any thing, and that includes anything you need from Amanda, Victoria and Kaleah.”I was tearing up by now, and Randy reached over to wipe away my tear. I leaned over and tenderly kissed his lips. Jason whispered, “Don’t cry, Ma’am. I will cry if you do.” I turned to him and whispered, “You really are a gentle giant, Baby, and gave him a long tender passionate kiss too.”Amanda spoke up now. “You remember when you met Kaleah, Victoria and me for lunch a couple of months ago?” I nodded. “We were just making sure that everyone was happy with you joining the sisterhood and that was our normal monthly meeting day so we were already all together. The other girls loved you and were jealous that you and I had already been lovers. We get together and have a girls’ only play day once a month and you are now one of us, so you will be joining us.””Wow, I am so honored,” was all I could think to say.Amanda continued, “And you John. I love what you and I have shared and the girls know what a wonderfully sexy and giving lover you are. Obviously, yours is a new situation for us to deal with and the six of us agreed that the ladies need to meet you and make their own decisions, but if they approve, then, just like me, they will be looking forward to spending some intimate time with you as well.””Well if they are half as wonderful as you are, Amanda, I am a very lucky man, thank you all,” John said with a humble smile.Amanda again explained the arrangements, “A couple of more things. We have agreed that the Sisters and Gentlemen may play one on one so long as spouses are not surprised by that. However if more than one Gentleman is going to play with a Sister, another Sister will be there. Not necessarily for a foursome, but just to make sure things stay safe for everyone. Finally, we all expect that there could be a very few other Sisters who are chosen as projects by the Gentlemen. In that case, Misty, you will be part of the decision making process for that and you will be invited to be there on the day of the project. Any questions?”I had only one thing to say, “Why are you being so kind to me…to us, and why are you way over there so I cannot kiss you my beautiful lady, I mean Sister?’Amanda crossed the room and leaned in for a long slow deep passionate kiss.Jason spoke again now. “We do have a symbol of our bond, and we would be honored if you would consider wearing it as well. You have probably seen Amanda’s tattoo and we would love for you to consider allowing us to let our tattoo artist do one for you as well. Yours would of course have a three instead of a one, but should look like this.” He handed me a drawing of the tattoo and the address of the artist.”I am so flattered and it is beautiful, but I think John will have to be ok with this too and I don’t want to put him on the spot right now,” I responded.”I would love for you to have the tattoo,” John piped in, “You have more than earned it Baby.”Now I was in tears with the emotion of the day and all the love coming my way in addition to the brutal sex. I went one by one to the Gentlemen and gave each a long slow tender kiss and gently stroked their faces. Each of the gentlemen and my sister Amanda soon left to return home and once they were gone John helped me back to bed where I slept for almost two days. If you ever met me, ask to see my tattoo.