Hungry Like The Wolf Ch. 02

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Cara had just been thoroughly fucked.

And now he’d told her to get ready for more. Hell yea, she thought. He was intoxicating. She ached for him. In the time since college, she had forgotten what it felt like, but one hour of pool was all it took to have her enamored with him again. Taking the step she’d never done before had suddenly felt inevitable. It also felt fucking amazing.

Cara looked around his hotel suite. The clock read 10:15pm. She needed to be up by 7am and at the conference podium by 9:30am. But lying curled on his bed, spent of energy, was too heady of a feeling to make her move.

After retrieving robes, Tom had left the bathroom light on. Wrapped in the plush cotton, he turned on a side table lamp and approached the room service cart, and then began uncovering plates. Cara propped her head on one hand and watched.

She saw fruit, crackers and wedges of cheese, nuts, olives, a small tureen, and a plate with tiny chocolate cubes. There was also a bucket with the neck of a bottle sticking out and two glasses.

He pulled the bottle straight up, holding it in the air, letting cold water drip back into the ice. He stood still, looking Cara up and down…roving slowly over her bare knees, calves, unpainted toes, back up to the sash she’d tied around her waist and finally to her neckline which gaped open just enough to show off a freckle on her left breast. The Hotel Monaco would be proud of how well their leopard robe was flaunting itself, he thought.

“Ok. Drink first. You thirsty?” he quizzed.

She smirked teasingly. “Wow. I didn’t take you for a champagne guy.”

Tom unwrapped the foil and was twisting the wire cage off. “I’m not. It’s prosecco actually. But its good….and it’s even better with the cheese.”

After popping the cork gently, he poured some and leaned over to hand her a glass. “And I bet you’ll like it.”

Cara sat up, kneeling at the end of the bed, and took the fluted glass from him. As he poured the second glass, she tipped hers forward gesturing a toast and eyed him with satisfaction.

“To the sexiest guy I’ve ever known.”

He looked surprised for a fleeting moment, and then smiled crookedly, “I’m workin’ on it.”

Cara took a sip, letting the bubbles pop along the roof of her mouth. The wine was dry and crisp and faintly fruity going down her throat.

“That’s pretty good,” she admitted.

“Here…,” as he held a slice of cheese gently between thumb and middle finger.

She bit into the rich pecorino, rolling the creamy sourness along her tongue. Then another sip from her glass. He was right.

“Mmm,” she murmured, blinking very slowly and shaking her head. “How do you know this shit?” She bit into the cheese again.

“I don’t,” he said flatly. “I stole it. Coworker of mine did one of those organized bike tours of Tuscany or something. He came back raving about this stuff. Sounded like a pompous ass. But he paid for drinks one night after work and ordered it. I had to admit it wasn’t bad.”

Tom propped himself against the bureau which was next to the service cart. “So I wanted to have some good food with you.” The corners of his mouth curled a bit more. “That and get you drunk on prosecco.”

Cara laughed. The two beers from the lounge downstairs had worn off, but the new bubbles were quickly making her light-headed.

“Don’t even think about it! I’m presenting the intricacies of media relations in corporate event planning at precisely 9:31am tomorrow morning. And I am not doin’ it hung over.”

He knew she was an event planner – and the national conference was in Chicago for two days. But they hadn’t talked about it much. He reached forward for a flatbread cracker.

“So what events do you do? What’s your talk about?”

“I don’t do weddings,” she said quickly and firmly. “Non-negotiable.” He could tell that it wasn’t the first – or even hundredth – time she’d made the assertion.

“But a lot of EP’s do,” she continued, shrugging. “They like to handle parties… personal events. I just can’t stand the emotional mess at those things.
I do corporate. Sales meetings, annual meetings, executive summits, possibly retreats depending on how serious they are.”

He frowned quizzically. “How serious they are?”

“Yea, like, if they’re having a working retreat with meeting times, team bonding, goal setting, etc.” She took another sip from her glass. “If they’re just having a day of golf and 10 minutes of annual recap…no thanks. I learned my lesson at a thing for a small financial firm. Luxury resort, spouses were invited. There was supposed to be morning and afternoon meetings but once the CFO left on day one, they scrapped almost everything and had me scheduling pedicures and cognac tastings.”

“They whined about the pillows, the lack of cigars, the weather, anything….” She laughed through her nose. “Speaking of pompous assholes… Anyway, I swore I’d never do that again – even for corporate.”

Tom bit into an olive. “So you don’t have asshole clients?”

Cara public agent porno put a foot on the carpet and reached forward for a cracker. She nodded gently. “I do. But if they’re serious about their event, I deal with it. I usually have bigger companies – mostly from Portland…construction, lumber. Sometimes the big guns like HP or Nike or Columbia Sportswear. Whenever Nike does an annual meeting, the press wants a piece of that. I handle the venue and A/V within the meeting – like vendors to do the big screen video projection….and then also press access after the meeting where the top execs might do a round of TV news interviews. Satellite uplink or VYVX fiber…everything. I make them look and sound good. First for their employees…then for the press.” She took a bite of cracker.

“I bet you do.” He was watching her intently.

Cara felt like she’d talked too much already. But his interest was flattering. Talking to him was energizing her.

“You meet some high powered men, I bet.” Cara heard a question mark lying underneath.

She took a sip of prosecco. “I do. They’re not bad with having a woman give them orders. Especially on the media stuff. They’re usually out of their element on satellite interviews so they tend to listen. The lumber companies are pretty much Old Boys Clubs, so not as comfortable with me.” She shrugged with a sigh. “But the IT and retail firms are more progressive. Their execs are pretty respectful….and thankful.”

Finally, Cara answered the question hidden in his previous comment. “Senior execs all have very closed circles. I’m never allowed in.”

She smiled, shaking her head and taking a final sip.

She reached over and set her empty glass on a nightstand. “No more bubbles.”

She readjusted the leopard robe, tightening it around her waist, and then crossed her legs again on the bed. She cocked her head, watching his hands pick grapes off a small bunch.

“What about your client?” she quizzed. “You said you were here for a partner?”

Tom swallowed the fruit and rested his hands on the sides of the bureau.

“Yea, my firm does IT consulting. We have a partner here in Chicago that does implementation – boots on the ground type of thing. I’m here to talk with them about some internal legal stuff and also to train them on a new way to do software deployments for our clients.”

He drained his glass and filled it again with more of the sparkling wine. Then he strolled to the nightstand and filled Cara’s glass as well before handing it back to her.

She smirked, looking up through her eyelashes. “You’re a bad influence.”

Tom raised his eyebrows. “I should hope so,” he agreed, curling the corners of his mouth. He turned and sat on the bed next to her, still holding the bottle.

Cara caught the musky scent of him. She leaned back on an arm watching him.

“So is that what you do? Deploy software?”

“No. I manage a team that does it. I’m fairly technical, but I focus on the client relationship. Then I hire the really geeky tech guys to handle the software.”

Tom watched her take a sip from her glass. Her body language seemed shy but she held his gaze.

His eyes burned into hers. “You’re so unbelievably sexy.”

Cara smirked and dropped her head breaking their eye contact. Then looked up again at him thru her lashes.

“How long are you here?” he quizzed.

She wanted to say “As long as you’ll have me,” but answered broader. “Till Wednesday. Noon. And you?”

“Thursday. Unless I need to see some clients in addition to the partner. There may be one I have to wine and dine on Thursday night. When is your conference over?”

“My talk is tomorrow morning but I need to listen in on some of the afternoon sessions. And then a cocktail hour with some high level EPs at 4pm. But Tuesday is it. They do coffee and rolls Wednesday morning more as a sendoff – nothing official.”

He paused, his soft gaze scanning her face, her neck, her shoulders. “Can I see you tomorrow night?”

Cara smiled shyly. “After my cocktail thing. Yeah.” She took two sips from the glass in her hand.

Tom already wanted her again. He brought his free hand up and palmed the back of her head as he leaned in. He kissed her softly, tasting sweet prosecco on her breath. First her top lip, then the bottom one. She rested the glass on her thigh. Then she reached up with the other hand, grasping the back of his shoulder, feeling muscle under the soft zebra robe.

“Hang on,” she whispered against his mouth, feeling just the tip of his tongue dart out to caress her front teeth. “No spilling…,” as she tried to move the glass in her hand. He kissed her again, pulling her head tighter against his mouth. She gripped his shoulder for balance.

With considerable effort, she broke away from him, reached for the bottle in his hand and stood up. Placing the bottle and glass onto the nightstand, she turned back and then noticed the small tureen again still reality kings porno sitting on the cart.

She took one step past him. “What’s this?” motioning to the gold syrup inside.

Tom watched her hips move under the tie of the robe. “Don’t know.” Why the hell did she care, he wondered. “I asked for cheese and fruit. Must be a standard platter off the menu.” He began to move off the bed toward her.

Cara reached a pinkie finger out, dipping it gently onto the surface of the viscous liquid. Then she looked him right in the eye and put it into her mouth, sucking slowly. Tom took another step toward her, his gaze blazing. He saw her eyes light up and a smile touch her mouth as she pulled her finger free from her lips.

“What is it?” Now he was right in front of her at the foot of the bed. He saw a wicked gleam creep across her face, and her chest rise and fall with her breathing.

“I’ll show you,” she murmured putting a hand onto his chest and pushing slightly, making him sit back on the end of the bed. “Scoot back.”

Tom moved until his legs were also on the bed and then lay back onto his elbows, watching her. She held the tureen in one hand and a spoon in the other. Dipping the bottom half of the spoon into the golden cup, she twirled it as it came out and then brought it to her mouth, wrapping her lips around the spoon and then pulling it free. She kneed slowly up onto the bed and with a thigh on either side of his, crawled on her knees up to him. Half sitting onto his hips, she felt him slide his hands up her legs and then hold her at the thighs.

“Baby, what are you doing?” he breathed heavily. Her steamy gaze roamed over him.

She leaned forward and kissed him full and open on the mouth, sliding her tongue right alongside his. He grunted deeply at the taste of her. Honey. Her mouth was coated in the warm, gooey sugar. The stickiness covered his tongue. He smelled it on her breath as she drew back and then came at him again, pushing inside his mouth. He leaned back onto the pillows and brought both hands to her face, thumbs along her ears while his fingers combed into the back of her hair. He swallowed – honey and saliva and Italian wine. He was drinking dessert.

“OH shit, that’s sexy,” he growled as she kissed his cheek, licking along his jaw line.

“Didn’t you know?” she whispered into his ear.

“I had a guess. I want some more.”

She smiled, moving down, kissing his neck, his throat, his chest…nuzzling the hair with her nose.

Tom was lying prone but partially propped by two large pillows so he could watch her every move. The zebra robe had opened almost to his waist, exposing his chest and the trail of hair disappearing below his navel. Cara’s auburn strands fell around her face, the silkiness caressing him as she moved.

She sat up again and dipped the spoon a second time. His hands fell back to her hips, rubbing circles on them. This time, she brought out a small dollop of honey and dripped it onto his right nipple before leaning down and wrapping her mouth around it. Tom squeezed his eyes shut, groaning at the sensation. She sucked at him, then licked, then sucked again. His nipple hardened, tight and sensitive.

She rose again to dip the spoon a third time and felt his cock growing under her, nestled in her crotch, with pieces of the robe preventing skin-on-skin. She twirled the spoon and then moved it forward to let honey fall in a tiny stream along his stomach and into his navel. Then with the spoon back in the tureen, she placed her open hand on the side of his chest and scooted down slightly….leaning forward to lick along his abdomen. Dipping her tongue in and out of his navel, cleaning him of the stickiness. Tom rested a hand on the side of her head and the other on the sheets.

Seeing her move lower and lower on him turned him unbearably hard. Cara sucked and kissed at his stomach. Then she rose and using her right hand, tugged at the sash encasing his body. She was straddling his lower thighs, but leaning forward so her breasts teased at his groin, his balls, his throbbing cock as she laid her body forward and down onto him. His robe slid open and the full length of him pushed up against her. She blinked, soaking in the vision of him…the thick veins and velvety skin, the bulging tip, the dark layer of hair floating around the base. She reached for him, wrapping soft fingers around his length… still with the bowl of honey in her other hand. Tightening her grip at the pinky, right at the base of him, she drew her hand up slowly, finally rolling her thumb along the tip, feeling a drop of pre-cum lubricate her skin.

Tom groaned, flexing his hips ever so slightly into her touch. He watched her hand glide back down and then squeeze gently and move up along his length. She pulled at him, guiding the tip of him to just brush against her nipple before sliding her hand and starting again. She blinked and then looked him in the eye as she moved with him. He watched her breathing, mouth slightly rus porno open, as she rocked slowly.

She whispered, “You look delicious…”

Tom sighed, his breathing heavy.

“Unnhhhhh, I want your mouth on me so bad.”

Cara smirked, her lips pouting. “I have a new recipe to try,” she said coyly.

He blinked slowly, smiling. “Really? You recommend it?”

She was already moving, dipping the spoon, letting it hover over him.

“Well, I think so. I’m ad libbing a bit.”

The honey hit his cock, cool and thick, as she circled a tiny stream of it around the tip and finished with a long sticky line down his length. Then she bent over. She sucked the top third of him into her mouth, tasting the heady combination of his saltiness and the sweet honey. She sucked hard and swallowed and then eased up and ran her tongue in a circle around the ribbed edge of his tip.

Tom grabbed the sheets with one hand and held the back of her head with the other…wrapping her hair into his fingers…pushing gently to keep her down on him.

“Oh, Jesus, baby….” His chest moved heavily. “My compliments….to the chef…..”

He felt her smile against his cock and then tighten her lips again, moving up and down along him. Her mouth came all the way to the end and off, leaving him uncovered and cold. But then he felt her tongue licking along his shaft, cleaning him of the long drip that has oozed its way down to the base. She licked him again, like ice cream.

“Mmmm…you’re so good.” She licked again.

Her hand wrapped around him again as her mouth covered the top of him and began an unholy rhythm of stroking and squeezing and sucking. Tom glanced down along his chest….her hair fanned along his hips….her leopard robe open and puddled around his thighs….her hand and mouth moving together, up and down…

He tipped his head back, closing his eyes, relishing the tightening, the throbbing.

“Ohhhh….. Oh yeah sweetheart… Oh God ……. Unnnnnhhhh….”

He laid both hands on her head, feeling her rapid movements.

She slowed briefly and then pulled her mouth up and completely off of him again. When her hand left him as well, he opened his eyes, almost angry at the secession of her stroking.

He breathing was hard. “Oh, baby….. Please,” he pleaded.

Cara was already putting a small spoonful of honey in her mouth and then she leaned forward to set the tureen on the night table. As she slid back over top of him, her breasts caressed down his chest, his stomach, and then into is right hand which cradled her and squeezed gently. He drew his other hand down her smooth back, fingers splayed over the dip of muscle in the middle.

Without dropping eye contact with him, she wrapped her fingers around him again and opened her mouth to his swollen tip. The warm honey slid across him…mixed with her saliva, it dripped around his swollen cock.

Tom held her breast in his hand, filling his whole palm and rolling her nipple back and forth.

Cara whimpered from his stroking but moved her hand and mouth in unison, squeezing and licking him, sucking harder, moving faster against him.

Tom groaned, the urgency rising again…his hips moving with her. He could feel the honey coating him, her lips wrapped strongly around him, and the movement of her tongue lapping the honey away.

This wasn’t going to take very long and he knew it.

“You can pull harder baby. Don’t be gentle.”

She reacted immediately, tightening around him, sucking harder at the tip. Her hand moved faster and he felt her shoulders rocking against him.

“Oh, baby……where do you want…?” It was getting harder for him to talk…to string a sentence together.

“Can I….cum in your mouth?” He picked up his head to look at her, but squinted his eyes, collapsing again.

She didn’t stop but hummed, “mmmm hmmmm” to his question.

God help him, he was going to do just that. He held her breast tighter with one hand and the top of her head with the other…coaxing her to continue.

“Oh, God…..” He was tight and hot and he wanted to just explode inside her mouth.

“Unnnhhhhhh….Oh……Oh ……. I’m gonna cum baby…… ohhhhhh….”

Tom flexed, his stomach going rock hard as he grunted loudly. He pushed with his hips, thrusting at her.

“UUUUnnnnnnhhhhh….. Ahhhhhhhhhhh…… Ohhhhhh Goooooooooooddd……” through gritted teeth, everything clenching inside him.

Cara’s throat filled with his hot, sticky, cum. She swallowed once and sucked at him again, rolling her hand along him, milking him. She could still taste the honey but now with a salted creaminess. She swallowed once more and sucked her lips up and off the top of him, her hand still rubbing him, pushing a stream of cum up and on to his stomach, then another covering her hand, before softening her fingers and gently holding him. She relished the sounds of him groaning deeply, crying out with a breathless sigh.

She twisted, laying half on him and half on her side….her head resting along his arm. She still held him gently in her hand, snug but without stoking. She watched his chest rise and fall, matching her heavy breathing.

Tom opened his eyes halfway and tipped his head, looking down at the woman cradled along his side.