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HusbandEine weitere Story aus der Feder meines Freundes – dies mal aus der anderen Perspektive des Cuckoldings. Ebenfalls frei erfunden und auf Englisch.—So the thing is that I actually never really cared much for other men. I was happy in the relationship I was in so I never understood the concept of cheating. So I never did. Having a history of checking my husbands browser history, looking for the porn he’d watched however, I stumbled across something called cuckold porn. The strange thing was that most of it was actually straight porn. It took a while before I understood what it was actually about. It was guys watching their wives or husbands cheating on them. What was this? Who would watch something like that? Why did he? There was other porn in his history too, however so I took it for a fluke.The next time I checked, however, there it was again, all over his browser history. By now he’d apparently found more of the gay variety though, because there were countless videos of guys watching their husbands or boyfriends doing it. Incidentally, while I watched one of the videos, a message arrived. My husband was still logged on so technically I had access to his whole profile. Confused as I was, I opened the message. I’d never done that before. Although I had always been able to, his messages had always been off-limits for me. I regretted clicking on the message instantly. But my eyes scanned the page in mere moments, finding keywords like cheating and cuck and bull. Suddenly I couldn’t tear my eyes from the page anymore. There were multiple pages of my husband telling the other guy about his fantasies of me cheating. Supposedly, he wished that he’d come home one day and find me in bed with another guy. Another situation he described was finding a used condom in the trash. My heart was pounding and I was rock-hard. Before I knew it, I was jerking off to my husbands messages with this stranger, imagining fucking another guy, my husband walking in and starting to jerk off, uncertain how I even felt about that. What was this? My husband wanted me to cheat on him? Why? How? The train of thought in my head hadn’t even finished when a plan started forming. I stopped jerking off on the brink of an orgasm and pulled up my pants. Within minutes I had downloaded Grindr again and created a new profile.As it happens, new faces get most of the attention so it didn’t take long before the first taps and messages starting coming in. I texted a few guys until I found someone really hot. kadıköy escort He was very straight-forward and kinda pushy and I found myself not disliking that. So I invited him over. I timed it so by the time my husband came home, we’d certainly already be doing it. It would be the surprise of his lifetime. I felt a sinister and horny pleasure at that thought.The guy came over and we talked a little in the kitchen. I decided to be transparent about the whole thing and told him about the whole cuckolding-situation. The guy wanted to see a picture of my husband and when I showed him, shrugged and started kissing me. He grabbed my dick through my pants after a few seconds and we went upstairs.It was really weird. He tasted so differently, kissed so differently, touched so differently. Everything felt off somehow. It wasn’t really that he was bad, but, this being our fifth year together, by now my husband knew exactly how I wanted to be handled. This guy didn’t. So the sex wasn’t actually all that enjoyable for me. When it was time for my husband to come home, I started listening for the door, but I didn’t hear anything through the moaning. We finished and I sent the guy home and my husband still wasn’t there. I was terrified. Could something have happened? Had he heard us and run off, feeling cheated instead of turned on? What had I done?Before I could continue this maddening cycle of thoughts, the apartment door opened. My husband was an hour late. He came in, kissing me, acting all normal. I wasn’t sure if I should feel guilty, relieved or pissed-off. When I mentioned his being late, he just said that work had been busy. I didn’t remember the last time he’d even done overtime. But why would he lie to me? I was way too confused and guilty to confront him about that so we dropped it.A few days passed without any incidents. I kinda started forgetting about the whole thing until the guy from Grindr texted me again. He wanted to repeat it, saying how hot it had been. I tried stalling him, saying that I didn’t have the time right now, but that I would text him later.Then, one day while I was cleaning, I found a small round thing sticking out from the spine of a book. When I opened it, I found a cut-out with a small cubic thing stuck inside. When I inspected it more thoroughly, I understood that it was a camera. The way it had sat in the shelf, it had been facing the bed directly. Instantly, I üsküdar escort got hard and there was this pounding in my chest again. I found the memory card and plugged it into the computer. On it there were hours of footage of us sleeping and nothing happening. It ended with me finding the thing. I decided to delete that last part. I didn’t even wonder why my husband had installed the camera, because I knew. I put the camera back where it had been and texted the guy from Grindr again.He was ready to come over right that day. So he did. And we did it again. This time was way more fun. I don’t know for sure that something was actually different, but his kisses felt more right this time, his touches were softer and more purposeful. Or so I imagined. While we kissed, I reveled in the thought that my husband would be watching this, getting turned on and jerking off to the footage of us fucking instead of porn. I imagined him sitting there, on the bed where I’d done it with another man, cumming again and again. I felt like a god having that power over his sexual satisfaction without even touching him or looking at him.When the guy sucked me off, I had a hard time not staring at the bookshelf. So I turned him around, pointing my ass to the camera and trying to split my buttcheeks while sucking on his dick. He’d fucked me the first time around so I assumed that he must’ve enjoyed that. So, when he was really hard and almost begging for it, I sat down on his cock slowly, imagining my husband cumming at the sight of it. I rode the guy for a time, moaning louder than I usually would have, until he pushed me from him and guided me to lie down on my belly. He thrust his cock inside me from behind, fucking me hard. We were facing the camera now and I didn’t have to pretend to enjoy it. It didn’t take long before he came in my ass.We lied there for a few seconds, then he pulled me up. He kissed me from behind, jerking my dick while fucking me with his softening cock. I came spurting within seconds. He left shortly after, leaving me in bed. I wanted to get up and change the bedsheets, get some work done. Instead I ended up just falling asleep then and there.That night I woke to something slippery grinding against my asshole. It must’ve been the middle of the night, it was so dark. I must have slept for several hours. The thing at my ass started entering me slowly. I did my best to lie still and relax, though my cock was already hard again. When he was tuzla escort half in, he moaned and I recognised my husband’s voice. I had expected (and hoped for) it to be him, but now I was sure. As soon as he was fully inside me, his dick started throbbing like crazy, his whole body contracting in orgasm. Wow. He never came that quickly. His body relaxed and he fell asleep within minutes, his shrinking cock still inside me. After a while it slid out of me, leaving me wet and hard and wide awake. I didn’t sleep again until it was time to get up.The next morning he acted as if nothing had happened – again. I wasn’t sure if I should say something. Was he too insecure to bring up the topic himself? Or did he want to maintain the illusion of me not knowing about him knowing? I was afraid to destroy something that brought him such enormous pleasure so I said nothing, again.That day, I checked my husband’s porn again. There was almost none. Instead, he’d been texting, mostly. He’d told the other guy a pretty detailed record of what had been happening, saying how hard it had gotten him off. He’d even announced that he would go to bed now and fuck me while I was asleep, fuck that hole that had been used by another guy. He’d written that he hoped I would let another guy fuck my hole after, while his cum was still inside me.When I had read the whole thing, I went on Grindr again, looking for the next guy. That power I held over my husband made me so insanely horny that I wanted to do it again.The days and weeks passed by without my husband and me talking about this. I invited over one guy after another, fucking my way through Grindr and then installing other apps with other guys. Some of them even came back right after they’d left for a quick second round. Something about this must’ve made me really good in bed. My husband stopped fucking me in my sleep. I was fine with that, with my hole being in such frequent use all the time. To be honest, I don’t even really remember the last time we did it.Thinking about that now, it’s crazy, but somewhere along the way it stopped even being about him. I actually started enjoying the random sex with all those semi-strangers. While my husband was comfortable and familiar, they were the adventure. And I think I’d gotten addicted to the thrill. All those beautiful cocks I had ridden and sucked, all the cum that had covered my body in every imaginable place. I don’t even shower anymore after they leave. I don’t care if I smell or taste of other guys. I think I might even have done it while he was at home once or twice. I’m not sure. The last few weeks have been a blur. I had taken the freedom to do as my husband pleased, but it had become what I please. And now there is no turning back from that.I can’t wait for the next guy to arrive. Actually, the bell just rang. Gotta go.