I fancy your Dad.

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I fancy your Dad.I fancy your Dad.“I fancy your Dad. How do you keep your hands and cunt off him?” asked Sally “It’s difficult but he’s my Dad” replied Julie my teenaged d4ughter. I heard this as passed my d4ughters bedroom. Just to keep the record straight. Julie is actually my step-d4ugher and both teenage girls are over the age of consent. So no laws have been broken.Sally regularly has a sleep over. When Sally is around she takes every opportunity to dress as provocatively as possible. Many is the time that she shows a lot of skin, normally clearly displaying hard nipples a top of her blossoming boobs. My d4ughter isn’t quite as bad. However, I am always left horny by bedtime. My wife does get a hard fucking whenever Sally is around. Come to think of it she gets a fucking every weekend after I’m teased by my d4ughter. Anna never complains about the extra attention I give her while the girls are here. Needless to say I encourage my wife to be as vocal as possible knowing full well that the girls will hear. It adds extra excitement to my already rampant dick.This weekend was my wife’s birthday and we, my wife and I had a few too many drinks. The drink has brought out the devil in me. So I ease the bed a little closer to the wall before my wife appears from the bathroom. With my naked wife pinned below me I fuck her hard and long. Every thrust is tapping out our fucking to my d4ughter and her friend, lying in their bed on the other side of the wall. As I groaned pumping my wife full of my seed, I can faintly hear a young girl moaning. Just the thought of Sally or Julie masturbating or better still, a lesbian encounter has my dick remaining hard. I’m not one not to use a good erection. So I roll my wife onto her belly. With her hips raised on three pillows I slip back into her sloppy pussy. Slipping my hands under her squashed boobs I take a firm hold. Slowly I give my wife the full length of my dick but slowly.After sensually fucking the misses for some time I can feel her orgasm build. She groans into the mattress. Then seconds later I hear a definite moan from my d4ughter’s room. This gives me a thrill knowing at least one of the teenagers can hear. I pound the wife’s pussy harder until I empty another load into her pussy. After removing the pillows we settle down to sleep.The room is pitch black as I’m woken with my hard dick being expertly sucked. As I’m lying on my side I slip a hand over and encourage the mouth further onto my dick. Although I’m really enjoying this blowjob I suddenly realise that the hair I’m firmly holding is longer than my wife’s! Casually I release the hair and feel behind me. I have no doubt that the ass I’m now feeling is my wife’s.Opening my eyes is of no help. I can just make out a figure in the dark kneeling beside the bed. Well I’m not going to complain. Returning my hand to the unknown head I pull her further onto my gently thrusting dick. Because of the images running through my brain of either my d4ughter or her friend sucking my dick I, all tooooo sooon, cum. When I’ve finished cumming I release the head I’ve being hold. Once my dick is licked clean ‘she’ kisses my lips and slips a cum covered tongue into my mouth. Without a word ‘she’ slips out back to their bedroom. I haven’t a clue if it was my d4ughter or her friends. Regardless, it was a better blowjob than my wife gives and that says something.I wake in the morning with a raging erection and turn to my wife hoping kadıköy escort to slide between her bum cheeks before slipping into her hot pussy; no wife. Shit. So after a cold shower I get shaved, showered and dressed.Going into the kitchen I am confronted by my d4ughter and her friend sitting on the high stools at the breakfast bar wearing matching tight tank tops and modest nickers. Both looking innocent except for four hard nipples being displayed. My wife is wearing a large t-shirt and I guess with nickers. Her nipples too are erect forming sexy points in her t-shirt. As I sit she takes my hand and whispers, “Thanks for a great night….Stud……” My dick shivers at thought of last night’s pleasures.She goes and plates up a full English. While she’s doing that I have a great view looking up towards the two teenage girls facing me at the breakfast bar. Then as if in time with the music playing on the radio, Sally starts swinging her knee. The movement attracts my eyes. As the chorus begins both knees part. Her white nickers are showing a lovely camel toe. Sally is under no illusion that I have a clear view and before my wife return a small darker patch begins to form. My wife places my breakfast down and in doing so blocks the view of my d4ughters knees. Which have remained clamped together, unlike Sally’s. I keep glancing over Anna’s shoulder. Sally, as if I can’t see what’s going on, slips a hand down and starts stroking her split pushing her nickers even deeper into her pussy. As I continue eating she closes her eyes and clamps her knees together giving little shudders. Her other hand disappears from sight and I can just make out a look of disbelief from my d4ughter towards her friend, before her eyes glaze over. Quickly I whisper to my wife, “Anna. Any chance of another coffee?” My d4ughter is too wrapped up to hear but her friend Sally smiles in my direction as Anna stands. Sally’s knees are together which has allowed my d4ughter’s to open. I can’t see her camel toe as her best friend is running her finger along her pussy inside my d4ughter’s nickers. Julie thighs start to shake. Just before my view is block by my wife, I see Julie hold Sally’s hand still as her knees clamp shut.I’m rock hard seeing both teenaged girls cumming in front of me. I down my coffee and, not bothering to hide my tented trousers, grab my wife’s hand and firmly drag her upstairs. As we start climbing the stairs she asks, “What’s got into to you all of a sudden?” “Just hurry up,” I demand. Anna is giggling like a school girl as I turn her to face the bed. Immediately and without ceremony I pull her nickers down. I normally fuck her naked and enjoy the views but now I just want her pussy. Dropping my pants I pushing her face down and plunge into her soft warm folds. She groans but not as loudly as me.Holding her hips I fuck her enjoying every thrust. Never before have I felt the need to fuck someone this badly. Normally I world strip them naked first but today………Anna is happily taking every inch and asking for more. Movements in the mirror catches my eye. Two heads, yes two heads are watching from the cracks left by not shutting the door. With the help of the wardrobe door mirrors they must a great view of a semi-clothed me fucking a clothed wife.I slow remove my shirt and stopping momentarily step out of my trousers. Slipping back into my wife üsküdar escort I pull her up from her shoulders and lift her t-shit over her head. Taking her upper arms I lean back and fuck my wife deep and hard. The girls will have an excellent view of my clenching buttocks driving my dick on, together with my wife’s boobs bouncing vigorously. Anna is soon close to cumming. So reaching round to her boobs I take each nipple and squeeze. She loves being taken roughly from behind. Her thrusts loses their rhythm as she cums. I continue fucking, enjoying her boa constrictor of a pussy as I feel my balls lifting. Pulling her back and down to her knees, so that we are giving a profile view to our audience, she kneels. Automatically taking my dick into her pretty mouth and encouraging me to cum. Normally I unload totally into her mouth but not for this show. The first two salvos fire into her mouth. Taking hold of my dick I pump the remaining load all over her face and watch as it dribbles over her boobs. She is covered in my seed.After she has sucked the remaining drops from my dick. I lift her up and head to the shower for a warm soapy wash.After dressing again and another coffee, I remind everyone that I’m meeting my best mate for a round of golf. Unsurprisingly my wife wants a life to the shops. When I drop her off she says that she will phone when she wants picking up. Nothing unusual in that. However, when I reach the golf course the club captain says that Martin, my mate, couldn’t stay. Some panic at home apparently. He offers me a round partnering up with a bloke I can’t stand. Declining and reluctantly go home. Expecting to catch the girls topless sunbathing I quietly park and creep around to the side gate. The second disappointment of the day. No nubile sunbathers. Slipping into the kitchen I take a lemonade from the fridge. Downing it I move towards the TV room but on my way I hear a muffled moan coming from upstairs.Thinking with my dick I stealthily climb the stairs and passing my room I hear the girls. Sally is asking my d4ughter if she enjoyed watching me screwing my wife. “Oh fuck Yes,” was her reply followed by, “I wish it was me he was fucking. Did you see his dick? It’s lot nicer than my boyfriends.” “You naughty girl,” Sally says then I hear a sharp spank. Easing towards the crack in the door that they spied on me fucking the wife, I get a shock. Julie, my d4aughter is bent over our bed in the same position that I had fucked Anna this morning. Sally is sitting on Julie’s waist playing with a glass dildo over my d4ughters exposed pussy. My dick is pleased to see both girls naked. Sally’s tits seem larger swaying as she teases my d4ughters slit. I must have made a noise as Sally looks directly at me. She smiles. “You know that your Daddies cock is bigger than both our boyfriends. I know he tastes better too!” She then slips her tongue over her lips. With my d4ughter pinned under Sally she tease her further by saying that she sucked me off while I was sleeping. “Now.” Sally says, “If your Daddy was here would you let him fuck you,” Without hesitation Julie responds, “Oh fuck yes. I’ve want his dick since puberty. Jamie (her boyfriend) is still desperate to fuck me. He has to settle for a hand or blowjob.” “Poor boy,” Sally replies. “John (her boyfriend) sinks his dick in me every chance he gets.” They both laugh.“What would you do if I said your daddy was watching tuzla escort us right now? Would you ask him to fuck you?” Sally asks sliding the slim dildo over Julie’s clit and rubbing her pussy on my d4ughters back. “Oh Yes.” “Well he’s standing in the doorway so ask!” Without hesitation I hear, “Oh Daddy please fuck your little girl. Please shove your hard dick into my soft pussy and fuck me sore.” Sally slaps my d4ughter ass, “Bad girl.” Sally then looks at me and talking to my d4ughter, “he’s starting to strip.” Sally indicates for me to strip. “Daddy is almost naked now and his big dick is hard for you. If you want his lovely dick keep your legs apart but raise your bum higher. That’s it now tilt your hips and show off your lovely bald virgin pussy.” Sally leans over and pulls Julie’s pussy open. She slides a finger along the slit and then sucks her finger. “You taste delicious. Julie. Ask your Daddy to have a taste.” “Please Daddy lick my pussy.” Sally leans over her best friend as if she is pretending to be Daddy but leaves me room to tongue tease my d4ughter. Truly she tastes sweet. Julie is moaning caught up in role play. Sally pushes my head away before asking, “Well do you want Daddy to fuck you.” “Definitely!” “Then beg and your wish will come true.” My d4ughter then starts begging. It’s so sexy hearing a s3venteen year old desperately begging to be fucked. As I stand Sally opens by d4ughters buttocks and taking hold of my dick she guides me to her pussy. Feeling my knob at her entrance my d4ughter moans and slides back a little. My hot dick slips tightly in just an inch. More groaning from Julie as Sally gets off of my d4ughter and moves to her head. With both hand she turns Julie’s head so she can see her Dad standing behind her with his dick in place ready to fuck her. “Well ask!!” say Sally. “Please Daddy fuck me. Pleeeease.” Doing a gentle sawing action I see my d4ughter’s pussy take every millimetre of my dick. A sight I never expected to see. When my balls swing hitting her clit I pull her tight and stop. Only seconds later she starts bucking her hips. Taking it as a signal I start fucking her tight pussy.With steady strokes I can feel her body respond. I then decide to just fuck her with the first two inches of my dick but faster. Sally is kissing my d4ughter as I plough her. My dick is then trapped by the violent squeezing of her pussy as my d4ughter cums. Now I fuck her with my full length and weight. Soon I’m shooting my virile seed into my d4ughters unprotected pussy. I pull her onto my dick as tight as possible as I throb deep inside her.Sally scoots near as I slowly slip my dick out. She hold my slimy rod and points out the tell tail signs of blood. “Julie you were telling the truth. You’re a virgin!” Smiling contentedly she says, “Not anymore.” My d4ughter curls up and snoozes.Sally on the other hand is sucking my dick clean of virgin blood and our juices. Unsurprisingly my dick is soon ready to go and Sally rolls over onto her back and holding her legs wide apart says, “Here Mr O’Neal. Fuck my pussy and then you’ve made all the women of the house happy this weekend. Without thinking I dive in and fuck this teenager. I roll onto my back pulling Sally with me. Taking firm hold of her breasts as she rides me high in the saddle. Yes she is tight but no virgin. We are both close to cumming when the phone goes. My d4ughter answers it. All I here is, “Yes Mommy….. Dads got his hands full at the moment and can’t come to the phone…Yes I will tell him……No wait he’s cumming now…….” Hearing this I explode into Sally’s fertile body. “Yes dear I’m on my way” I mumble on the phone.I leave two naked teenage girls sleeping to fetch my wife. I hope you enjoyed this story. Please leave comments good or bad.RegardsJack.