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Not only does time heal all wounds so I could put most of my past behind me, I was becoming more comfortable with Catherine and she was always so anxious to please me. Now there were no more men in my life for the time being I was free to spend more time with her. It was partly because being a stranger in that part of the city I didn’t have many friends to speak of, other than my colleagues from work, and the fact I liked the way she made me feel like a queen. We began having me frequent more upscale places with her, not that I really minded although at first I felt a little intimidated, but soon got used to it. I started paying more attention to how others dressed and carried themselves. I loved the comparative luxury I enjoyed with her. Still on occasion I liked to visit my old haunts and would have her drive me there, and having her take us for a drink in some pretty crummy bars. I could see she wasn’t too comfortable in some places; she hated the crude language you would sometimes hear there. She never complained, always tried to put on a brave face and pretend she was enjoying herself. I knew she was doing it for me, it was just I could read her discomfort in her body English. I was starting to exert myself with her in little ways as I became more and more familiar with her. In her own way she had me hooked, although I don’t think she realized it but as I got to know her tastes, I would suggest going to clubs, movies etc. that I knew she liked as well. The weird shifts I worked as a waitress made it awkward to find the time to go shopping, but when we did on occasion I started taking her by the arm, not that meant anything to strangers, as far as they were concerned we could have been just mother and daughter out together. I had Wednesday afternoon and all day Sunday off, but other than that my days were chopped up by the staggered hours of work, although the latest I worked was 6 PM and 8 PM every other day. Saturday and Sunday nights were the most pleasurable for us, I loved exploring her body making her squirm and squeal with delight learning how to take her to a plateau almost at the peak of sensuality and hold her there for a time before giving her the release her body craved for. To make her wait for her orgasms then give her two three sometimes more in a row. I would be rough with her very tender depending on my mood, she just loved it all, never complaining and always thanking me afterwards. She could give as good as she got too, giving me many exquisite orgasms. I became particularly fond of cunnilingus, both giving and receiving. In those days we had full body hair in both arm pits and pussy, there was no such thing as trimming or shaving that I was aware of at that time that would kaçak iddaa come later. And I firmly believe the hair holds the scent when one was aroused adding to the joy of love making. Sunday mornings she made us our toast, jam and tea that we shared, usually followed by more copulation unless Mother Nature interfered. We would enjoy a leisurely hot bath afterwards where Catherine liked to bathe me; we would take our time and chat too. She certainly loved to mother me, and after I would be treated to a nice sensual massage. After a few weeks she had washed my hair, and after I was sitting at her dressing table as she was brushing and drying it when I commented on its length. It was down past my shoulders and pretty straight as was my style at the time. Now I’d never been to a hairdresser as my mother or aunt would usually cut my hair when I was at home, and asked Catherine if she would cut it for me. She was horrified at this saying, “Oh no, you must go to a hairdressers for that” and insisted on making an appointment for me. She made it for the following Wednesday afternoon, and after lunch she was there to take me to the hairdressers. We got there a little before my time so I had time to sit and look at pictures of different styles, then when it was my turn the stylist and I discussed them and agreed on a style that was something new to me. In a way I was like a kid in a candy shop thrilled to be getting what I thought was something special. While I was being worked on I looked at Catherine who was sitting with legs and feet together with her hands clasped on her lap. Her hair was parted in the middle and held in place with hairpins, kind of plastered over her head, and seeing her like that I though it wouldn’t hurt for her to have a new hairdo as well. I looked at her face and thought of the pictures of the different styles I’d seen. When the hairdresser was finished with me and I saw the result in a mirror I was taken aback, I looked wonderful I thought, so different from how I’d looked before I was thrilled to bits. Before we left I suggested to Catherine she should make an appointment to have her hair done. She protested saying she didn’t need it, but I told her she made me do it, she was going to do it. I made an appointment for her the following Friday afternoon, and I showed the stylist the style I wanted her to put on Catherine. Then she could come to the restaurant and have supper before picking me up from work. She showed up around 5 PM which was quite a busy time for the restaurant, and when she showed up I was shocked at the difference the hairdo made to her appearance, she looked at least 10 years younger, the only thing that might have belied her age was the old style clothes she kaçak bahis wore. I made a point of greeting her and making pretence of not recognizing her as I showed her to a table, and once she was seated handed her a menu. I spoke in a loud voice as I made my recommendations of what I thought she might like, referring to her as “Madame.” I swear she blushed three shades of crimson, but could see she was flattered with my teasing her. Because we were both relative strangers in the city and before we met Catherine hadn’t gone out to bars for a drink. Ladies from her class didn’t frequent pubs in those days like they do now. If they went out they would only go into lounge bars, usually when they had a date. So going out after my work was something new to her in a way, and when we went to the more upscale places, that were something she liked. I tended to frequent bars I had become familiar with; whereas she would suggest somewhere different each night we went for a drink. One of the places we discovered was very plush, nice paintings decorated the walls with rather fancy curtains on the windows, and with nice upholstered chairs and sofas, scattered around the room at various sized tables. The bar also had a number of matching stools in front of it. One thing we noticed when we first went in there for a drink was how friendly everyone was, making us feel welcome. At first I had a habit of looking around at some of the other people to see if there was anyone I knew. They certainly looked like a sophisticated lot, the men in suits and ties, and ladies in nice dresses. The gentlemen wore the old style trilby hats, what I took to be a choice of the upper classes. I was used to seeing men in flat peaked caps or bonnets, the head dress of the working class. Some of the ladies wore hats, and even light leather gloves and used cigarette holders when they smoked, in a way I found it rather amusing watching them. In a way it was puzzling at first, by this time Catherine had taken me to a few very nice lounges before, but this one seemed more opulent than any I’d been in so far. As I said everyone seemed so friendly, particularly the staff who were exceptionally polite. As this was the first time for us, I noticed quite a few people looking at us, I assumed as we were strangers to them, and when we made eye contact they would give a smile of acknowledgement. Of course I was used to this from men but even ladies would give us the once over so to speak. Then I started noticing other peculiarity’s, ladies holding hands, meeting other women friends by giving them a quick kiss on the lips. Even some men would touch others on the hand as if making a point in their conversation, something men don’t normally do. We had about illegal bahis three drinks during this time and I looked at Catherine and she seemed to be particularly pleased for some reason, then it hit me, we were in a gay bar. She had experience being in places like this before and of course read the signs, subtle as they were in those days. Not like today where gay bars and clubs as more acceptable, back in those days they had to be careful so as not to attract undesirables, as all gay people were very much in the closet. Straight people would also drop in for a drink, which is why the regular patrons were very careful on how they would contact other like minded people. My first reaction was to leave, but as I said I looked over at Catherine and saw she was relaxed and enjoying herself. My curiosity got the better of me and we stayed till it was time for the bar to close, then we had to leave. After that night we started dropping in there more often, and as happens when you start becoming a regular, you start to meet others. People were still very wary of whom we were, and of course we were concerned about those we met. After all being queer in those days was not something you advertised, not like it is today. I also felt more comfortable as there was quite a mix of personalities and ages. Saturday nights was the best when we could dance together; there were the normal ballroom settings of dim lights and romantic music, as well as a sprinkling of fast to jive to. The bar was open to midnight under a club license, and the dances ended at 1.00 AM. It was also a time when I would wear my nicer dresses rather that the skirt and blouses I was used to wearing during the week at work. Catherine had quite a wardrobe although her styles were rather old fashioned, still with her new hairdo and the nice jewellery she had she could turn quite a few heads. Figuratively speaking as the saying goes, it was somewhere we could let our hair down and enjoy ourselves amongst like minded ladies. We also found out about a couple of other lesbian bars in the city which was nice, as it gave us a choice when we wanted to go out just for a drink, particularly during the week. I was soon more than comfortable with Catherine, and happy to be with her as often as reasonable, although my staggered working hours was a bit of a nuisance when it came to our social life. We were going shopping together more often, and I got her to purchase more modern styles of clothing, particularly garter belts to replace those ugly rubber bands she’d used to hold up her nylons, waist cinchers to replace the Basques and girdles she was used to wearing. Although as I said she was a little on the plump side, she started to look more fashionable. Not only that but she admitted to feeling more attractive when we did go out together. I was now quite comfortable taking her arm in public, no one seemed at all concerned which was good for her feelings too.