I Have Just Been Fucked Part 2

13 Ocak 2023 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


I’m back, and I have cheated again. It was yesterday. I hope you are not getting fed up of this. I expect you will tell me shut up if I get on your nerves. I suppose I knew I would do it again. I haven’t told Tom yet though. I wanted to, and I still want to, but each time I promise myself I will tell him, I lose my nerve. I mean, how do you tell your husband something like that? “Tom my sweet, I have done it with another man. You know, actually done IT.” How can I do that? I know what the inquest would be like even though he has cheated on me. He would take it really hard. “How long has this been going on?” “Where did you do it with him?” “Who is he?” “Is he better in bed than me? “Does he have a bigger dick than me?” “How many times has it happened?” The questions would go on and on day-after-day. I know Tom and he would want to know every last detail, like, “Did he cum inside you?” and “How many times?” What should I say? I could tell him Terry’s cock is not all that big. I mean, how far do I go? How many lies do I tell and how much of the truth? If I tell him the truth then why not tell him the whole truth? I mean, it is not all that important to a woman. I didn’t measure Terry’s cock before agreeing to have sex with him did I? Giggle. But for Tom, the very idea that another man şişli escort has fucked his wife is bad enough, the thought that Terry has a bigger cock could be devastating. I can’t tell him the truth about that, can I? He would always have the thought in his head that Terry has fucked a part of me he could never get to. That just made me smile. He wouldn’t divorce me; he is a bit of a useless wimp really. He can’t ever make a decision for himself. I have to do most things for him. No, he would just be devastated and sulk about it. Hey, I have just had a naughty thought. I wonder if Terry would let me measure his cock. That has made me really chuckle. Another thought has just occurred to me. I could measure Tom’s dick as well. That would be funny. “Come here Tom sweetie; let me measure your cock.” Oh Dear, I will have to stop writing for a minute until I stop giggling and compose myself. Right! It is not going to be easy to tell him – no I can’t, can I? I have had sex with Terry twice now. I have had my legs spread wide open for another man and let him, well you know, l don’t have to spell it out. I have been so submissive and Tom would have to deal with that thought as well. I can’t say I didn’t want it to happen or that I didn’t enjoy it. Of course I enjoyed it, I mecidiyeköy escort loved it. He ravished me and it was amazing. I have been such a naughty girl. Actually Terry calls me a “good girl.” Giggle. He said he likes good girls like me. He told me to open my legs as wide as I could and show him my pussy. It was very embarrassing at first but I did it for him. That is when he said, “Lovely, lovely, you are such a good girl Louise. You have such a sweet little twat. Now let me have a look at your cute little clit.” Men can be so crude with their words. He said my clit was the cutest little thing he had ever seen. Come to think of it I don’t think Tom has ever seen my clit. Well he has never said so and I haven’t ever seen it so I reckon Terry might be the only person in the world who has. “I don’t feel like a good girl, I feel like a very naughty girl just now,” I said, laid there with my legs spread out and a man using his fingers to find my clit. I would never have believed I would expose myself like that to a man. Terry just has a way of getting me to do things I would never dream of doing normally. Am I just wicked? Terry certainly has something going for him. I think he hypnotises me. He looks at me and smiles with those gorgeous eyes of his and my legs just open for him to fuck me. Anyway, he has fucked me again. It was awesome. He has the cutest, sexy arse. I could feel his balls every time he pushed his dick inside me. It took my breath away feeling it going all the way inside me. I felt so full, his dick is so thick. It felt so good. I knew he was going to make me cum. As I felt the contractions race through me my eyes flickered open and I saw the ecstasy on his face, he looked into my eyes and told me he was going to cum. We did it together. Terry can be so crude though. He says things that Tom would never even think let alone say. “Now be careful, don’t let your husband find any of that spunk in your knickers.” I mean, as if I would. Do I tell Tom about that? Do I tell him I was a good girl or a naughty girl? Chuckle. Hey, what if he asks if I had sex with Terry in our bed? I could lie about that, he will never know. I have already changed the sheets. I’m not that stupid. I thought hard and long about telling my sister, Mary, she is two years older than me. She always seemed very straight-laced. Although we are sisters we have never talked about things like that. She is married too, with two children. Her husband is called Stuart. They have a lovely home and Mary keeps it spotlessly clean. She is different to me in that way. I keep my house clean but I am not obsessive about it like she is. I could tell my friend, Jane, but she has a runaway mouth and the whole town would know before the day was out.