I meet up with Carmen Valentina and her friend Kim

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I meet up with Carmen Valentina and her friend KimThere is a woman on xhamster that truly is one of a kind! Carmen Valentina is one hot woman who really just blew my doors off.Guys, if you are looking for a hot 26 year old white woman who can milk you dry and cum back for more, look her up!!Anyway, I asked her if it was okay to let her know how hot I think she is, by writing a story about her. She said, “Yes.” and this is the product!!Enjoy readying, and please vote and comment!~~~~~~It was a beautiful spring day, which of course meant that I was stuck doing my route and one of those of an employee that called in “sick”. Oh the joys of owning your own vending machine company. At least with the weather being good, the sales would be up and the girls would be looking fine as I drove around, so I tried to look at the bright side. By 4:00, I was shot. I had been at it for 11 hours without stopping and was pulling into my last stop, which I usually tried to get into at about 2:00 in the afternoon. The place is a high end apartment complex located between the two fairly large colleges in the city, so starting in the spring and going well deep into football season, there are always females in various stages of undress hanging around. As I started through the office area to check in, they waved me over and let me know the bad news. The pool area, where I did the most business was closed due to an exotic type of algae being detected in the filters and it was going to take at least a week for them to get everything cleaned to the point that the health Department would let them open it back up. I swore a couple of times, thanked the guy at the desk and went on out fill the machines that should have been nearly empty. I was surprised, there were still maybe a dozen college students in groups of two and three s**ttered around the pool area. The machines were low on stuff too, which gave me a little hope. Maybe the day was not going to end so poorly after all. I was just reaching for a case of flavored water that I knew the k**s mixed with vodka, when a pair of perfect legs walked into my peripheral vision. As my eyes traveled up the white legs that were just starting to gain their spring color, the view just kept getting better. I picked up the box and looked at the face that the legs belonged to and then, the rest of her as well. I can remember thinking, “Damn!! Long legs, wide hips, just more than a mouthful tits and the face of an angel!!Whatever she wants…. I hope we can work something out!!” “Hi, I’m Carmen” she said and she flashed a smile at me that would melt hearts and harden cocks. She then proceeded to ask if I would sell her certain things for a party that she was going to have in a couple of weeks. We talked for a few minutes and I would be lying if I tried to deny I was looking her up and down. I mean, Carmen has these big doe eyes, and a set of lips that look like they could suck the chrome off of a bumper!! Her teeth were straight, white and beautiful…. But my eyes kept slipping from her face to where her hand was playing with the strap of her bikini top. Sometimes, when she would pull it out a little, I’d almost catch a glimpse of darker flesh… “I guess I could go get the price list from the truck and let you see what you like.” I finally said after licking my lips and swallowing. She smiled and said, I hope you are open to bartering. I am a poor college student and money is a little … tight” she said as she dropped her hand down across her belly to the string that served as the belt of her bikini bottoms. I swallowed, finished filling the pop machine real quick, and locked it up as she answered my inquiry into what she was studying. There was no doubt about what my mind was working on! I locked the machine, shoved my cart into a storage room and told Carmen I would be right back with my product sheet. She told me to hurry, because she had been out there so long she was getting hot. “Getting?!?!?! Hell, you are volcanic, girl!!” I got out to the van, and looked at myself in the mirror. I’m a 50 year old man, with a better body than I had at 25. I shave my head, and my mustache and goatee are a blonde brown. Still, landing a girl half my age for a couple of cases of flavored water was more than a good deal to me!! Carmen is just flat out one hot piece of ass!!! So as I re-entered the pool area I tried to steady my heart. But as my eyes scanned the pool, I did not see her and I thought for a second “You old idiot. You basically drool all over yourself and the girl was just playing you.” That was when I turned the corner to the dark, little hallway to where the storage closet is. That was also when I saw Carmen in this slim little vixen in a white bikini, lip locked with hands in hair and on hips and definitely enjoying the quiet. I cleared my throat and Carmen broke their embrace and looked over at me. “Kim, this is the guy who is going to help us with the party!” Now Kim is taller than Carmen and where Carmen kayseri escort has the right extra pound or two to fill out an awesome ass and nice tits, Kim was almost boyish. Her little chest barely filled the cups of her bra, and as my eyes roamed over her flat belly, I realized her hip bones actually stuck out in a way that suspended her bikini away from her skin just inside of her hips!! She was soooo damn hot! “I did not bring my glasses down to the pool though Car,” Kim said. Then she turned to me and said, “Once you fill these machines could you come upstairs to our apartment so we can see what works best for all of us?” She put a painted fingernail up to the bottom of her lip and looked at me like a little girl. She had blue eyes that twinkled with mischief and as she rocked back and forth I almost forgot to breath. Carmen moved up behind her and looked over her shoulder at me as well. Her hands were moving from Kim’s hips, inward, pulling the tiny fabric that passed as the bikini bottoms down lower and lower until it was obvious that every singl hair of Kim’s nether regions were gone! “Let me finish this set of machines up and we can go talk about what you need.” I said as I grabbed for the cart and started back out toward the pool. “Oh, I think you know what two fucking hot girls like us need” Carmen said and as I turned the corner, I saw her bend down to kiss Kim’s neck as her left hand had slid down inside of the thin fabric covering Kim’s bare beaver. I know I stocked those machines the fastest I had ever done them and I just dumped the change into bags and labeled them and sealed them. I’d count it all back at the shop, was what I told myself. After I locked up all of the machines and went back to stow the cart, I stopped dea in my tracks. Carmen was cradling Kim’s head to her left breast. The triangle of fabric had been pushed out to almost her armpit and the full soft flesh of Carmen’s breast was moving under the touch and sucks of her friend. Carmen half-opened her eyes and looked at me with a lust that said it all. It did not matter if it was Kim, me, or the ugliest person in the world, she was ready to cum and she was going to do it now. That was when I saw Kim had her fingers inside Carmen’s bikini and was vigorously rubbing her clit. I was just considering dropping trousers right there and banging the hell out of Kim when Carmen grabbed her head and crushed Kim’s face into her breast as she writhed and humped furiously into her friends head. I watched as Kim’s mouth bit and sucked and inhaled Carmen’s dark nipples and she held her hand more or less still and let Carmen just grind her sex against her fingers. I stood there transfixed, my cock about to explode as Carmen through her head back and a silent ecstatic stream tore through her body and she trembled as the orgasm rose and then fell back into the sea of her passions. As she eased her grip on Kim’s head, Kim pulled back and looked up at her and said, “You are such a nasty slut puppy!” and they giggled “So, umm, are we ready to head up stairs now and talk about the plans for your party?” I asked. Carmen looked over at me, and staring straight at the bulge that my cock had made in my pants, said, “If that is not a roll of quarters in your pocket then, hell yeah!”I stowed my stuff and followed the two beautiful women up the two flights of stairs to their third floor apartment. Normally I hate stairs because of a knee injury I got skiing a few years ago, but today I almost cursed when we exited the stairwell. Carmen was walking in front of me, and I could just see a hint of moisture at the junction of her legs. Her round ass was mere inches from my face and it took all of my little remaining will-power to keep from just grabbing hold of her hips and bringing her ass back so I could bite and suck it!!! I swear that girl has the most perfect ass in the world!! When they opened the room to their apartment, Carmen said, “Do you know how to make some mixed drinks?” Since I bartend on the weekend, I let her know I did, and she replied, “Good. The two of us need a quick shower. Could you mix me Cosmo?” I looked over at the counter and the ten or so bottles of booze on it and said, “Sure.” They both walked down the hall and I called after Kim, “Do you want anything? She stopped just before she stepped through a doorway and looked back at me with an evil grin and said, “I’d like a slippery nipple.” I heard them both laugh and then Carmen called her a fucking whore and Kim disappeared into the room as well. I mixed the drinks and then tossed back a shot of whiskey and felt it burn. I decided what the hell, and picked up the glasses and headed back the hall. The girls were showering and soaping each other and giggling when I walked in. Carmen looked over at me and said, “Oh thanks, I need a sip!” I handed her the Cosmo and Kim, who looked even tinier wet, took the shot glass and said, “Bottoms up.” And threw it back and then turned away from me and stuck her ass up at me. Carmen slapped the white ass and Kim squealed and they both laughed. Kim stood up and handed me the shot glass and said, “You look like you could use a shower yourself!! “Yeah, get out of those smelly long pants and work shirt and come on in!! We may even help clean you up!!!” Carmen said. I put the glasses on the vanity and said, don’t mind if I do.” And they both laughed and giggled. I took off my shirt and hung it on the door know and then I peeled off the wife beater I had on underneath. Carmen said, “Damn. I knew you looked like you were in shape but, seriously, those are some muscles!!” I looked over my shoulder at her and smiled and said, “Thanks. I do work at it a little.” I kicked off my shoes and dropped my pants. Then I took a deep breath and pushed my boxers down and bent over to remove my socks and to pick up my clothes. “Turn around I want to see what has been making that bulge in your pants,” Carmen said. I looked down and was glad that my cock was cooperating. It was not flaccid, but at least I did not look like a complete pervert either with a hard on up to my navel. I had just enough arousal to be full, not hard, and from the sounds the girls made, they approved. “Hell, don’t just stand there, get in here!” Carmen said and Kim laughed and said, “I want to know which of us get the front and which of us get the back!!!” I stepped into the warm shower and kissed Carmen long, hard and passionately. I loved her taste, and our mouths fit well together as our tongues darted and played. Then I felt a tap on the shoulder and Kim was clearing her throat. I turned and pretended not to see her under my line of vision and Carmen laughed. Then suddenly, Kim just sprang up at me and wrapped herself around me!! Now I may have been only at 1/3 attention when I stepped into the shower, but that kiss from Carmen had run the flag on up the flag pole and the underside of my cock was soon pressed against the wet cunt lips of Kim as she kissed and kissed like a starved woman. My hands cupped her tiny ass cheeks and lifted and lowered her so that I could work more and more of my cock up and down the outside of her cunt. I felt Carmen press her body against mine from behind and then she was sliding down my body and grabbing my ass and then clawing from my shoulders down to my ass. I turned with Kim and put her back against the far wall and pushed my butt back toward Carman who was now reaching between my thighs and stroking my heavy nut sack as she bit on my ass. Then I heard Carmen say, “Fuck it, If the two of you don’t know how to use that cock of his, get off of him Kim and let him stick it in me!!” In reply, Kim rose up higher and I felt Carmen’s hands on my cock and then I started into the tightest little pussy I have had since I was in High school. I mean, Kim was so tight that I thought I was going to split the girl in two!! She whimpered and lifted herself back up and then down a little more each time. Kim had picked up a wash cloth and soaped it up and was rubbing it up and down my ass crack as I worked my dick deeper into Kim. When she finally was down on the root of my shaft, Kim threw her head back and shook with a quick little orgasm that sent the muscles of her cunt rippling. The feeling was so intense I almost shot my load right hen! But just before I was about to tense, I felt Carmen push the end of one finger into my tight backdoor and the pressure was so unlike anything I had ever felt before that I gasped and the need to cum passed. Carmen began fucking my ass and telling me how much she enjoyed taking the virginity of a man old enough to be her daddy. Meanwhile, Kim was beginning to seriously pump my cock in and out of her and while she may have been small and she may have been tight, this girl knew how to use that pussy of hers to squeeze and manipulate a prick into growing it’s largest. “You do that one more time and I am going to cum in you!!” I roared to which Kim raised up a little and said, “You mean this?” Her little cunt rippled and rolled as she sank her evil little slit all the way down to my nuts. Carmen started cupping my balls and I heard her say softly, “That’s it, cum in her.” I roared and thought for certain I was the one that was going to rip in two now!! My balls were so tight up inside of me I could swear they went half way up the inside of my cock itself. “OOoo!!! Oh my God!! He cums like a fucking fountain!!” Carmen said. Kim gave one more little squeeze and then dug her nails into my shoulders as she came and I could hear both of them urging me on. “My God, I can feel him shooting inside of me!!! God!!! His cock is HOT!!” The clinching and pulsating continued for no one knows how long. As the world came back to at least a faint realization of reality, the first sensation I became aware of was that Carmen had at least one finger, all the way in my butt and was rubbing my still shuddering prostate!! I started to disentangle from Kim and I was not certain who was the more unsteady. In a way, I almost wondered if Carmen had not had her finger jammed up me, whether I would have collapsed all together!! Carmen removed her finger, though and turned me around and what the shower water had not rinsed off, of the evidence of my coupling with Kim, she eagerly sucked off of my shaft and cock head. She then moved between Kim and I and I watched as she ran the soapy cloth over Kim’s snatch. She bent down and kissed Kim and they were quickly back to kissing and touching. And I quickly felt a twitch in my cock like I had not felt in decades! I was getting hard for round two without any physical stimulation other than the water from the shower!! I moved up behind Carmen and ran my stiffening cock up and down the cleft of her nice full ass and I heard her moan. Kim’s eyes opened and met mine and she pushed Carmen back and shook her head. “I’m telling you right now. You do not want him to shove his cock up your ass in here! You need more lube for that thing there, than just soap, or you will be crying every time you take a dump for the next month!!” I laughed and slapped Carmen’s round ass a couple of quick sharp blows and she bounded that soft flesh all around my cock. “I guess we better wrap up this shower then!” I said and Carmen turned around and agreed with me by kissing me full on the mouth as Kim turned off the water. Ten minutes later, we all tumbled into a queen bed in a tangle of arms and legs and kisses and hands. I finally was rolled onto my back and Kim held my arms down while straddling my chest, while Carmen was looking the other direction while straddling my thighs and holding onto my legs. I cried for mercy and they both laughed because it was obvious that I was much stronger than both of them put together. Carmen shimmied up my thighs so that my now erect cock was sliding the wrong direction up and past her ass, and she started clinching her butt muscles to try and grab my prick and squeeze it. Kim looked over her shoulder at what was going on behind her and said, “So we start again? Well, they may not be big and floppy, like Carmen’s but my tits are dying for some attention.” Kim’s tits consisted of a little extra swelling, crowned with a red/brown area the size of a large coin with a slightly darker gumdrop sitting in the middle of it. But when I sucked it in between my lips and flicked my tongue over the tip of that nipple, the sound was the same as if they were DDD’s on the front of a heifer! She moan and within a couple of seconds I had the right combination of lip pressure, sucking, tonguing and pulling to have her moaning and grinding her naked pussy against my stomach. But she was too late. I felt Carmen get off of my thighs, turn around and slowly impale herself on my cock! In the shower, the water made Kim’s snatch less slippery, but Carmen’s hot pussy stretched and yielded to allow me to slide deep into her comfortably. I felt, Kim turn and look at Carmen and a moment or two later She sat up and pulled her now glistening and puckered nipples from me and got off of me, only to remount me facing Carmen,. “Eat my wet cunt, old man. You are so much more fucking hot than college pricks!” With my hands I did my best to open the folds of flesh to her pussy before I thrust my tongue deep into Kim. She started grinding and rotating her hips on my nose and chin trying to pull my tongue to taste all of her. I could tell by what Carmen was saying, that Kim was sucking on Carmen’s full tits as she slowly and patiently fucked my cock with purpose. Then I found Kim’s clit and as I d**g the flat of my tongue across the bare tip of the sensitive fless, I felt her tremble and then her muscles tightened and a veritable sluice of her juices rushed down into my mouth and I fought hard to gather every drop as I moved my tongue back against her clit and she began screaming obscenities and shoved herself down against my mouth as hard as she could as she came again and again. Carmen suddenly slammed herself down into me as well and once I felt her body convulsing on my hips and her hot juices running out of her and across my balls, it was all she wrote!! I felt my cock fire at least a half dozen times as I tried my best to continue to suck on the lovely cunt that Kim had plastered down on my face. The smallest motion or movement by one of us caused the others to twitch and then more spasms to shatter us until finally Kim and Carmen rolled off of me and we all lay there giggling and gasping for air. I finally leaned up and looked at the two lovelies, with their still wet hair all a mess and their bodies flush from the sex and I said, “So about that party…?” Carmen just laughed and said, “Fuck that party, just don’t forget to service us when you come by each day and we won’t need, no fucking party!!” Kim laughed and said, “No, but I am going to have to have someone carry me from class to class, because I don’t think my legs are ever going to work again!!!” Privately I thought to myself, “Maybe I should go see a doctor about a prescription for Viagra….”