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Subject: I Sold Myself (Gay/Adult Youth, oral, anal, b/MMM} Adult Youth, oral, anal, b/MMM Author’s Note: This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boys and men discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of sex between a consenting underage boy and adult males… If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. Copyright 2018 Wolf, all rights reserved. You may contact me at ail if you like. All flames will be ignored. I Sold Myself By Wolf My mother was a relatively attractive woman but as aged she slipped from a first-class call girl to a simple whore seeking tricks in sleazy bars. I was left to my own devices and rarely went to school. Mother saved money by allowing me to grow my blond hair very long. Her fellow whore thought I would make a pretty girl and styled my hair. They applied makeup on me. They also dressed me in clothes appropriate for a girl of ten. I was well aware of what my mother and her friends did for a living. I had even seen them apply their trade. The idea of having sex with adult men appealed to me. I had been felt up by the men that sought out the services of my mother and her friends. Her normal patrons were slobs that talked dirty and thought nothing about having Mother suck their cocks right in front of me or bending her over the kitchen table and fucking her in the ass. One-night Mother brought home a well-dressed man that looked about fifty-years-old. He wasn’t anything like the working-class rummies she brought home. This man seemed to be very interested in me. He didn’t want to talk business in front of me. He simply accompanied her into her bedroom and as far as I knew he availed himself of her services. When he emerged, he was fully dressed and his hair carefully combed. I admired the girl’s dress I was wearing and my hairstyle. He asked me for my name, and when I told him that my name was Lesley the man realized that I was a boy. He handed me a business card and told me if you ever want to become a male prostitute, give me a call. I thought about his offer for a few days and even asked my mother if I should take the man up on his offer. She told me about the high life she lived for many years and told me, “There are plenty of wealthy men willing to pay big money to acquire the services of attractive young cross-dressing boys. Do you escort izmit think you would like to suck cocks and allow men to fuck your ass?” I had been masturbating while spying on Mother and her friends for a long time. I envied the sight of them sucking cocks and being fucked in the pussies and assholes. I had even sucked, I worked up the nerve to call the man and agreed to meet him to talk about what he had suggested. He picked me up and took me to a public park to talk to me. He told me that he was an agent that sought out boys and girls that were willing to become professional sex slaves. I didn’t like the term slave, but I was perfectly willing to sell my body to men for a price. The man said I have friends that operate an auction house where boys are sold to the highest bidder. He assured me that I would receive a lucrative income as a result of the sale. The man that would purchase me would be responsible for my care, feeding, and clothing. He may in the end pimp you out. I told him that I would think about his offer and let him know. When he returned me home, I talked it over with Mother and a couple of her friends were excited for me, and advised me to make the call. When I did make the call, the man insisted that I bring y birth certificate with me. I packed a bag with my clothes, both boys and girls. The man picked me up one night and drove me to a remote location where he delivered me to a man that had a massive Etruscan villa. The man was also dressed in expensive custom-made clothes. He escorted me to a room and dumped everything on the bed. I picked up each item and discarded almost everything. There were only a few items he felt suitable. He told me my size and was spot on. Then he informed me that he would acquire a wardrobe suitable for a boy whore. For the time being, you will only wear this jock strap. He handed me a black jock strap. He stood there and watched me undress and step into the jock strap. Then he gathered up all of the unacceptable clothes and left the room. When he returned, he had a black dress bow tie and he carefully tied it around my neck. Once he was satisfied that it was properly tied, he stood behind me and reached around and pinched my nipples hard. I was hammered in pain. Even in the pain, my dick got hard and tented out the cup of the jock strap. He was very authoritarian in hid dealings with me. He pushed me around roughly. He rubbed a slippery coconut smelling lotion all over my body and izmit escort he stuck a finger up my ass and wiggled it around. Then he stuck his thumb up my ass. When he pulled his thumb out of my ass, he stuck his thumb in my mouth. He even stuck a glass dildo up my ass while he stuck his thick cock into my mouth. He bathed me in scented bath water every day. He was making sure that my skin was without blemish and soft and supple. He had a hairdresser come in and give me a hairstyle befitting a movie star. For all of the rough treatment, I was being pampered like a prized racehorse. The one evening I saw a lot of expensive cars pull into the driveway. I was ushered into a dark room here a spotlight was directed directly at me as I was escorted to a black velvet platform and presented just as I had been all week. I was in just the bow tie and black jock strap. A baritone voice announced, Now Gentlemen let me present our offering for this evening. Each of you has a keyboard in front of you. This is a silent auction. This is a virgin young boy before you. The high bidder will be allowed to verify the truth of our claim before you take possession of your property. It was silent while the bedding took place. The man had me turn around, bend over and he spread my butt and he stuck a finger into my asshole. When he turned me round, he flipped the jock strap a few times to get me hard. Then he pulled the front of the jock strap down to expose my cock and balls. I had a pretty good-sized cock for a boy my age and it was cut. It looked like a purple mushroom on top of a nice shaft. I didn’t have a hair on my pubic. I had no idea how much money was being bid, but the whole time the man was molesting me. Eventually, the voice announced the bidding will close in five minuities. There was a flurry of activity out there in the dark. When a soft buzzed sounded the voice announced, “Bidding is now closed! The winning bid was station 4! Would you like to come up and inspect your purchase?” I heard a chair move on the wooden floor and footsteps as someone approached. When the man entered the spotlight, I saw a well-dressed man about 45 approaching me. The man ran his hands all over my body and seemed to approve of my skin. He took hold of my dick and masturbated me long enough to get me as hard as I could get. Then he had me lay on my back and he stuck his finger in my asshole. When he pulled it out, he unzipped the front of my pants and izmit kendi evi olan escort fished out a very impressive looking uncut cock. He already had a hard-on. He took hold of my ankles and lifted my legs up to bring my asshole into view and simply aligned his cock with my hole and drove it home. It hurt but I did my best to keep my response by grunting. The man fucked me until he discharged his load of cum in my ass. When he was satisfied with his purchase, he was present with a trunk full of clothes befitting a female of a wealthy man. I was carried to the man’s limousine so that my bare feet wouldn’t touch the gravel driveway. The chauffeur drove us to the home of my new master. I was installed in a bedroom next to his. I was encouraged to dress in the female finery. My delicate underwear was designed to restrain my penis, but able to be pulled aside any time he wanted to play with my cock. He enjoyed reading with me sitting on his lap with his cock up my asshole. At night he would ring for hem to join him and I would enter hid room earing a baby doll nightgown. Of course, I didn’t wear panties. He would enjoy having me suck his cock until he would cum in my mouth. If he was int he mood, he would fuck me in the missionary position like I was a pre-pubescent girl whore. He would talk dirty to me while he fucked me. When he would cum in my ass, he would pull out and stick Hiscock into my mouth and force me to suck his cock clean. I must say that I did make a striking girl. He could take me out in public and people would complement him on what an attractive daughter he had. As I reached puberty my pubic hair was shaved almost daily. But as I grew older it was harder to make me look like a girl. That was when my owner wanted another young boy, so he made me a gift to a friend that liked older teenaged boys. This man not only like blowjobs and anal sex with sweet young boys, he likes to watch other men fuck his boys. He had a stable of five boys when I arrived. The other boys were quick to teach me my place in the family by rapping me daily. I still made a good-looking female that could seduce straight men. Once I sucked them off, they weren’t that upset when they found that I sported a cock and balls. They never refused to my offer to let them fuck my asshole. I was very upset when I matured to the point that I no longer could pass for a female. Like my mother, I was reduced to working the gay dives looking for a patron. At the same time, I started looking for young boys on skid row that I could seduce into a world of gay sex. If you enjoyed the story and have a story you want me to write about your introduction to the world of male sexuality, please send your outline to ail