I wart ny sister

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I wart ny sisterIt all started when my sister moved back into my house. Her husband left her, so her and her daughter moved into my home, with my Mom brother and me.At first I was exited that she moved back in, she was 28, and I was 18. But then after a while my Mom gave her my room and I was stuck on the couch. But nevertheless we spend every second with each other. Weather it was hanging out at the mall, movies, or just at home. I started to develop a crush on her. When she went to work and I was home baby-sitting usually, because I was home from school because of summer vacation. I didn’t mint baby-sitting, because it brought me and my sister closer.But there were times when she went out with the baby and I was left home alone. This was when I would sneak into her room and put on all her underwear. She had some really sex things, like silk, lace, and other hot underwear. I would try all her underwear on and then masturbate on her bed. That felt so good. This went on for a while until one day me and her were home alone. My Mom took the baby shopping, and my brother was at work. Me and my sister were in her room listening to a new CD she got at the store earlier that day.”I really like this CD Stacy””Well, you can come in her whenever you want to listen to it”” thanks…Boy I am so tired, I got up so early this morning to let the dog out, she was crying all night”Then I went over to her bed and laid down on it so my legs were hanging off the side and I was staring at the ceiling. My sister shut off the music.”Why did you shut off the music?””Because you said you were tired, so am I, and this is probably the only time I can rest because the baby is gone.””yeah i hear ya”So Stacy laid on the other side of the bed and curled up so her legs were in her chest and her ass was right in my face. She was warring tight jeans and a very cute top. All I did was stay there and stare at her perfect ass. It was so nice, and it was right there. After about 10 minutes I started to hear snoring. I was horny as it was so I decided to very lightly touch her ass. I slowly ran my finger up and down her ass crack, and rubbed where her pussy was. I was pretending that there was nothing on her and I was touching her bare skin. I was hard in an instant. After about 5 minutes of this I got a little daring and I cupped my hand around her whole ass cheek, I was in heaven. And I couldn’t believe she didn’t wake up. So then I started to squeeze her ass not really paying any attention to the situation. I was day dreaming I didn’t think to stop at all, I just kept going. Then I heard her take a deep breath…she was waking up. So I quickly tucked my hand away and pretend I was asleep, so if she said anything I could tell her I was sleeping and I didn’t know what she was talking about.”Steve…”All I could do was fake snore, I was scared if what might happen.”Steve, kocaeli escort I know your awake, what the hell were you doing?!””snore, ahhh uhh what?…what are you talking about””you were feeling my ass!”I just couldn’t lie anymore, I needed to tell her.”All right I was, but I like you Stacy, this is really hard for me to say, but ever since you moved in, I had this sorta…crush on you and I just couldn’t hold back any longer. No one was home…we were both sleeping on your bed, I had to. I know its wrong because your my sister, but I cant help it.””Well, I guess it is my fault for allowing both of us to stay on my bed…and I kinda could tell you liked me that way…so I guess I should tell you now that, I like you too…””You DO!!!””Well, yeah I mean, after Mike left me I was kinda alone, and you were there for me, and we spent so much time together, I kinda started to like you too. But its i****t, and there’s no way this should be happening. I’m going down stairs now.”She got off the bed and went for the door…I had to do something.”WAIT!…”She turned around and looked at me.”Just let me do something…and if it doesn’t work…then we can forget all this happened…all right?””OooOoookey?” said my sister not understanding.”I walked over to her, put my arms around her waste, looked into her eyes, and kissed her very softly. I know I caught her off guard, but she didn’t fight back!Then she did. She gave me a sad look.”IM sorry, but we can’t”Then she left the room and walked down stairs. I just laid on the bed and went over that kiss in my head. Over and over again. I needed her. I had to do something.I got up and went down stairs. She was on the couch, the TV was off. She was sitting there with her head in her hands. I just stood there. What was I going to do?”Stacy, what’s wrong?””Its just that. I wanted that for so long. And now that I have it. I have to turn it away.””NO! Stacy, you don’t have to. We love each other. I need you just as much as you need me.”With those words I walked to her and sat by her. I put my arm around her and started to rub her back. She then put her head in my chest and started to cry.”Please don’t cry…let me see you”She then looked up at me. I wiped the tears away and kissed her on the cheek.”Don’t be said…please don’t. Theirs no reason to be. Is there?””Steve, Its i****t, we just can’t do it. I have a little girl. I can’t be doing this.” Im sorry…””Forget about her. This is right now. Right here. We both want this, and we can both have it. Lets go back upstairs and talk things over. Please?””hemm..alright, we can talk this over but why do we have to go upstairs?””What’s with the questions? Can we just go up there? That’s where we always talk, listen to music, and everything? Its just more comfortable up there.””…fine”So then we went up stairs. She went first and konya escort I followed. I all I did was stair at her ass the whole time we went up. When we got into the room we closed the door and sat on the notorious bed once again.”All right, we need to talk about this Stacy. I don’t see anything wrong with this. Why are you fighting it?””I don’t know why? I really don’t. Your right Steve. We shouldn’t fight what we want. So IM not going to.”Then she inched her way closer to me so she was sitting right next to me. I looked into her eyes. She moved in and gave me a soft kiss. I made the kiss alittle ruffer and started to rub her arms.Then I got alittle daring and slit my toung into her mouth. She answered back by putting her toung into my mouth. Are toungs danced together, I was in heaven. Now that I knew she wanted this I pulled off her shirt and saw the same bra I once wore.Then she broke the kiss and pushed me into the bed. She slowly got on top of me. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Now, she has fooled around like this before and I haven’t really So I was alittle nervis and kinda went with the flow. She was so experienced the way she climbed onto me. I knew I had to pull off something hot so I kissed her again as she unzipped my jeans and stuck her hand in my boxers. She felt my hard cock. It was this move that encouraged me to reach behind her and unhook her bra. But she had already beat me to it.She took her bra off and threw it across the room. That’s when I took one of her nipples into my mouth. I softly sucked on her nipple as she started to moan softly. I could hear her shaken breath as she let me take the other nipple into my mouth. She started to breathe harder and moan louder, I couldn’t believe that I was pleasing my sister this way.Then she started to rub my chest, and she kissed me. I kissed her back as I tried to slide my jeans and boxers off. She noticed that I was trying to get them off she got off of me.”take them off Steve,”I took everything off. My shirt, boxers and jeans. I stood there naked in front of my sister. All she could do was look at me and rub her nipples. So I walked over to her and said…”Do you need any help over there?” I said with a smirk on my face.She looked at me with a smile and I walked over to her and kissed her on her lips and worked my way down her neck. She moaned softly and I started to kiss her wonderful tits. Then I put my hands around her ass and started to feel all around her body. I felt it was time for her to take of the rest of her cloths so I undid her tight jeans and I saw the panties that I wore yesterday. I kneeled down so I was level with her panties. They were soaked then I started to kiss her abs and thighs. I out lined her pussy lips with my fingers. Her panties were stuck to her. Then I licked her panties. She started to moans and then pulled escort bayan away.”How far are we going Steve?””I don’t know? I love you Stacy. Lets just see where this moment takes us. I don’t want to think about it, I just want to do it, I have been waiting too long.Then with a soft, caring replay she said…”I love you to Steve.”Then she pulled her panties off exposing her bald pussy. I instantly put my toung on it, I had to feel her juices on my toung. right when I licked her pussy she yelled out a huge moan.”OH YYYyYyYEAAH! STEVE!…ohhh how does that taste baby?…uuhhhaaahhh.””Then I picked her up and laid her on her bed, holding her. I looked into her eyes and kissed her on the lips. We kiss for a while, until she grabbed my cock and wiped the pre-cum in her finger. Then she broke the kiss and made sure I saw her suck it off her finger. She licked her finger clean with puppy-dog eyes. Then I couldn’t help it any more. I got on top of her, put the covers over us, and said.”I want to have sex with you. Make my Dream come true Stacy. I have never had sex before, I want you to take my virginity. Please…””I love you Steve, and I want you to fuck me right now. But what if you get me pregnant? Then what would happen?””Right now, I don’t care, I just want to slid my cock into your tight pussy. I need to feel you around my cock. I want to feel your breasts in my mouth as I shoot my load into you. I want to share every day dream, wet dream, or even reality with you! Right now…if I get you pregnant, at least you know its with someone you know and love. I will take care of you, and I will make you feel like the princess that you are Stacy. Let me give you my virginity. I love you”Then she looked into my eyes as I saw a tear drop fall down her cheek. I put my hand on her naked shoulder and kissed the tear on her face.”Please Stacy I love you””Those words…I can’t believe it. I love you to Steve”Then she moved over so she was leaning up on the head bord. She spread her legs and pulled apart her pussy lips. I looked up at her and asked one more time.”Are you sure Stacy?””More than ever I want you to fuck my brains out, and if I hope I get pregnant…and if we don’t? Then we will fuck until I am!”With those words I slowly slid my hard, virgin cock into her wet tight pussy, and she let out a moan.”ooOohhH Steve, yeah…yeah…nnnnnnn…uuhhh…ohhh yeah….yeah…yeah…””Oh Stacy…oh yeah I want you so bad, you feel so good around my cock. oohhh yeah I want to cum right inside you. IM going to plant my seeds into you. ohhh..””oh yeah Steve, I have wanted this for so long. OHhhh fuck me harder baby!!!”Then I came into her hot, wet, tight pussy. I shot my load the same time she came. I felt my hot cream blast into her body. Us cumming together was wonderful. After I blew in her, I rolled over and laid next to her under the same cover I looked at her and kissed her softly. Then I put my hand on her breast, closed my eyes and said.”Lets take a nap now, IM really tired” with a smile on my face.””All right Steve, I love you brother” she said smiling back.Then we fell asleep together and our dreams came true.