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I was a Teen BATH HOUSE BOYFirst of all, I want to thank everybody at “swingingbicouples” for having me at one of your bi members parties! That was my first ever swingers party and all those bi couples are FUN! I also enjoyed eating all those cum filled pussies too and I’m GAY!!…LOLAnyway, they asked me to tell my story here on Hamsters about why and how I became an avid COCK SUCKER!I was in high school and was looking for a summer job. I canvassed my neighborhood checking out everything from car washes to hamburger joints and so far had ZERO luck. I was heading home when I saw this gym behind a row of buildings. I was in great shape myself from playing football and running track so I figured that I would check them out to see if maybe they had a job opening. When I went inside, the place was really nice and looked more like a club than a gym. I talked to the man at the front counter and asked for an application for a job and if they had any positions open for high school guys like me. The man handed me a form and I sat down and started completing the application. After I was done, I went up to the counter to hand it over to him. He asked me to take a seat and that they just might need some help. After a short wait, this guy came in and told me they had a position open for a towel boy. My job would be to keep things cleaned up, wipe down the gym equipment and to pick up towels, etc. Basically, I would be a maid but also I’d be handing guys towels, etc. when they needed something.He took me in the back and showed me the gym, the hot tubs, locker rooms, etc and explained all my duties. I saw all kinds of guys there, some were well built and others not so much!…LOL I was a little taken back by how many were walking around butt naked but it WAS a gym so I figured it was normal. He told me I could start the very next day so I went back home and told my mom that I was now a working man!The next day, I showed up and was given a pair of shorts and a polo style shirt to wear at work. I was led to the locker room to begin my day by picking up some towels and other stuff that had been left on the benches the previous night. I did as told and I was pretty much alone in the building until around lunch time when the members started showing up for their workouts. While in the locker room, I noticed that lots of the guys seemed REALLY friendly to me and each other and seeing them get naked while I was standing there was a little strange to me. I handed out towels as needed and then I went to the hot tub room to lay out some more for members to use if needed. I was surprised to see two guys in one of them sitting really close to each other and I think that one of them was feeling up the other under the water but I wasn’t sure. Later, I saw them get out and go into one of the small private rooms the club leases out to people who want privacy while dressing, at least THAT’S what I thought they were when I was hired.The door was slightly cracked open and I could see them inside. One was jerking the other guys cock! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing but I wanted to be cool so I just walked away. Later, they came out and one of them had a semi hard-on and it was a VERY nice cock too. I had never really thought about another mans cock that way but I was now and I was curious how big it would get!..LOLAbout an hour or so later, there were about 20 to 25 guys here now and I finally figured out that this place was a gay gym! No one ever told me that when I was hired and I guess they figured I already knew about it. I didn’t say anything but wondered what my friends canlı bahis or my dad would say if they knew I was working here. I decided I would keep they job though, but I would never tell anyone I worked here so no harm done right!I went through the place and cleaned up as told to do and that afternoon, I saw two guys sucking cock in the main lounge. I saw a porno movie playing showing two guys going down on each other. The members watching both had hard-on’s and were taking turns sucking each others cocks and I couldn’t hardly keep my eye’s off of them. I felt this urge to just go over and pop one in my own mouth and suck my first ever cock but being an employee, I would be probably be fired! I just kept doing my duties and cleaning stuff up. Just before leaving the room, one of the guys must have shot a load in the others mouth because I heard him gag and then moan and he raised up, saw me and asked me for a clean towel. I handed it to him and he wiped what had to be cum from his lips and chin and the other guy used it to wipe his cock clean. They acted like it was no big deal about me seeing all of this. I took the used towel from them and took it to the laundry hamper by the locker room where another guy was standing, naked and with a semi hard-on. he looked at me and smiled and told me that he wished I was naked and that it appeared that I had a nice body. I didn’t know what to say but thanked him and I went up to the main office where the front counter guy was.I was talking with him and told him I didn’t know it was a gay club but that it was cool with me. He asked if any of the guys had ever hit on me and I told him yes that one guy did. He laughed and told me that I was welcome to work out there after my shift ended and that I was also allowed to intermingle with the members when I was OFF duty! I thought that it might be cool to do that and maybe I could see what was really going on here behind closed doors. My shift ended at 6 and I was free to do whatever I liked provided I didn’t wear any company uniforms. I didn’t have any gym clothes with me so instead, I grabbed a towel and took a shower. I noticed several of the men looking my way when I was lathering up and when I got out, I was wet and started drying off. One of them who was as old as my dad walked over to me and told me he heard they had a hot new towel boy here! He shook my hand and welcomed me to the club and then asked if I would like to join him in the hot tub. I nodded yes and we both went in the pool area and got in the largest one there. He sat right across from me and to tell the truth, I had the urge to see his hard cock. I can’t explain it, but it was there. After some chit-chat about the club, I felt his foot bump into mine. He was playing footsie with me and I was liking it! I think the feeling was mutual and I allowed him to caress my leg with his foot. He finally moved over next to me and I felt his hand on my thigh. We kept just talking like it wasn’t happening but when his hand reached up to my crotch, we both knew what was GOING to happen!He asked me if I would like to go to his private room and I agreed, I did tell him that I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to go in there since I worked here but he told me that he was a partner in the business and that technically HE was my boss! I was shocked about that but I said that I would love it if I didn’t get into trouble. I followed him to his room and he closed the door behind us. He almost immediately dropped the towel from around his waist and out sprang a beautiful thick cock! He asked me if I would like a bahis siteleri massage and I said yes. I was a little nervous, never having been with a man before but I aid on the small bed in the room and let him put lotion on my back. his hands felt good, rubbing all around my waist, sides and shoulders and he started rubbing my ass cheeks in a firm circular motion. That was really nice feeling and he worked his way down my legs to my feet which he rubbed and massaged for a few minutes. he worked his way back up to my ass and then he walked around the bed and with my face to one side, I saw his massive cock, fully hard and only inches from my lips. He knew what he was doing to because when he reached over me to rub my ass, his cock brushed against my lips. I wanted to just open my mouth and take it but I was too afraid I guess. He finally told me to turn over. I was hard as a rock by now and didn’t want to look like a fool with my dick sticking stright up but I did it and yes, it looked like a rocket! He laughed and said I was a VERY big boy for my age and that maybe it needed a massage too! I smiled and told him that yes, that might be nice. He took some lotion on his hands and started jerking my cock for me. It felt incredible, having his hands stroke me and he was also massaging my balls too. I got harder than I ever had before and I knew I was going to shoot my load right then and there. I tensed up and told him I was coming so he lowered his mouth over my meat and I instantly blew my wad in his mouth! It was like an electric shock and to have another man take my first shot in his mouth was incredible to say the least! He sucked on it, licked it and swallowed every drop I unloaded. He even licked some from my nut sack too. I could barely speak it felt so good! He smiled at me and said that now it was my turn to get him off! I had NEVER sucked a cock before and the only time I had touched a cock was my own! I knew he had to be repaid though and I wanted to see what it would be like to feel a man cum while I was jacking him off!He got on the bed and I put lotion on my hands and began stroking him. He was already hard and feeling my first cock was a turn on for me. He started tensing up and told me that he was about to blow! I didn’t know what to do, either he would shoot it all over my hands OR I needed to place my mouth over his cock head. Thoughts raced through my mind about what it would taste like, would I vomit?? What!! I decided to go for the gold and I popped it in my mouth. I continued stroking it and sucking at the same time when suddenly, I felt a rush of hot sweet liquid shoot all inside my mouth and I knew that I had just taken my first load of cum! It was wet and slimy but it made me hard as hell again! Just the thought that I had this mans sperm in my mouth turned me on! I swallowed it all down and then without thinking, licked his cock and balls clean and I was no longer a cum virgin!!He thanked me for the blow job and told me his was proud to be the first man I did this with! I thanked him back and we both went tot he shower together to clean up. After the shower, he introduced me to several other men who were in the lounge. he told them about my first time and they all congradulated me. He then told them that I still needed to learn a few things and that they were welcome to show me if I was game. I was taken bake a little by that but the guys asked me to join them in another room. I followed and the 4 of us went to this room were a large mattress was on the floor. I didn’t even know this room was here but it was! They left güvenilir bahis the door wide open and told me to get on the bed with them which I did, two of the guys started making out in a 69 and we were watching them when I felt another guy start playing with my ass. It felt good and he told me to lay on my stomach. I did it and felt his tongue touch my hole and start licking it and my balls from behind. It felt nice and I turned my head to the side and saw at th open door, several members were all watching us. I knew that I might be getting fucked in my ass and I was afraid it would hurt. After a few minutes, the man asked me if I had ever been fucked before and I told him no. He laughed a bit and said that maybe it was time I was and that he would be gentle about it. I said it would be ok and I felt him lube my hole and stick a finger inside. It swirled around in there and then I felt him take it out and then the pressure from his cock push against my virgin hole! It went in a lot quicker than I thought and I jumped some from the short little pain I felt but he said to just relax and it would be just fine. He fucked the hell outta my ass and I couldn’t believe I had a cock up my butt! He pounded me while about a dozen men watched and finally he shot his load deep inside and I could feel the rush of warm, slippery sperm go in!He pulled from my ass and then I felt another man stick it in! His was a little smaller but he shot his load and then another man fucked me as well. I was being used like a fuck toy and couldn’t believe I was doing this! They passed me around for hours, taking turns fucking my ass or jerking off in my mouth. I was a cum slut for them and I was liking every bit of it. After they had finished using me, I went to take a shower and I had cum leaking from my ass and all over my chin and chest from sucking dick. I showered it all off and headed for home, still with an ass full of cum!Mom asked how my first day went and I told her it was boring, blah, blah, blah…little did she know what I REALLY did! The next day, I went to work and now, most every body had heard what I had done. The counter guy told me that he too was used like a fuck toy and that he even made some extra cash whoring himself out to parties, etc. I though that maybe that would be fun. I went on about my duties when a man came up to me and said that my boss told him that I loved being fucked and that I also swallowed! I was stunned by the comment but I told him yes, I was into sex after work sometimes. The man then said he wanted a blow job right now and offered me $50! I was afraid I’d get fired so I found my boss and told him. He said to go ahead and for me to think of it as a tip or something! I figured why the hell not so I followed the old guy to his room and told him to take off his gym shorts which he did. His cock was kind of little but nice and I took it in my mouth, rubbed his old ball sack and he blew his load in just about 30 seconds! I licked him clean and he asked me if I had swallowed it and I told him yes and that it was really good. He told me to open my mouth so he could see that I had. I did as requested and he thanked me and said that maybe I could fuck him some other time!I left the room and showered up again and during the next month, I sucked dozens of cocks, got fucked 30 plus times, ate ass, drank cum and even licked toes all for good money! I think every old man in town had his cock in one of my holes! …LOL My boss liked me servicing his members and he even whored me out to several parties where everything you can imagine was done to me.The summer ended and I had to quit my “job” there but I still go there as often as I can and earn extra money but honestly, I would do it for free! I love fucking and being fucked and I love being the WHORE that I am!