In Front of the Camera

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I came into the room to find you sitting in front of your camera, chatting with some guys on the internet. You turned to look and saw me come in. A huge smile flashed across your face and you quickly said your goodbyes to the guys on the net, knowing that something big was about to happen. I walked over and you rolled over and smiled a huge, bright smile at me, noticing the bulge in my pants already begin to form. I let my eyes trail over your form, up those luscious calves and creamy thighs, to the black panties and over that red shirt you were wearing. It was more than easy to make out those luscious breasts under that shirt, and I found myself getting more and more turned on with each second that passed.

You stood up and walked over, making sure to slide your hand over the front of the camera and point it to the nearby bed. “You don’t mind if I leave this on, do you?” you said as you grabbed my hand and lead me slowly over that way, my eyes watching that luscious ass of yours wiggle as you walked. You looked back over your shoulder and giggled at my almost drooling over your ass.

“Looks like somebody’s happy to see me” you said as you turned around, moving your hand from mine down over my stomach and grabbing my swollen cock through my pants. You giggled and let out a small moan of delight as you began massaging my cock and my balls roughly, making it hurt a little bit as you worked your tapered fingers against the bulge. With your other hand you began undoing my pants slowly and pulling the zipper down, causing you to have to pull your other hand away for a moment before you dove it back inside, into my boxers, and down inside them.

Meanwhile, I slid my hands to the button on that shirt and I undid it quickly, pulling the shirt back and letting it drop away from your shoulders. My hands then slid up over your bra and I began teasing your breasts for a moment, massaging your skin slowly, eliciting a low moan as you began working your hand around my shaft, making my cock straighten even more painfully against my boxers. You quickly relieved me of my boxers even as I continued to stroke your breasts. I slowly undid your bra and pulled it from you, and you let it drop to the ground before kicking it aside.

I went to put my hands on your breasts again but you redirected them to your hips, and more specifically the thong you were wearing as I leaned in and kissed you deeply, our tongues wrestling with each other as we both moaned slightly into the kiss. Our bodies came close and molded to each other. My hands massaged the skin on your hips and I sucked on your bottom lip as the kiss became more and more feverish. My hands finally slid to your ass and I began working my hands over it, pressing my fingers into your skin urgently, causing you to moan into the kiss a little more urgently.

I pulled back from you slightly, then I pulled czech taxi porno my hands back to your hips and I spun you around so you were facing the bed. I bent you over slightly and you put your hands down, your breathing becoming a little more heavy as I slid a hand around and turned your face to the side, bringing my mouth back to yours. As our tongues wrestle I slide a hand down your stomach and over those black panties, feeling for and finally finding that soaking wet spot between your thighs. I began slowly stroking you through your panties, causing you to arch up slightly and bring your arms up behind my head. You began tugging on my hair and playing with it as I begin sucking on your neck as you gasp and moan while my fingers assault the lips of your pussy through those black panties.

I bring my lips up near your ear and I whisper to you, “Yeah baby, I’m happy to see you, and so are these.” I bring that hand that has been stroking your pussy up to your full view and I spread my fingers wide. Your eyes go wide with a mixture of being turned on and a little something else….maybe fear? I slide my hand back down your stomach slowly, this time diving it into your panties and sliding my hands down over your smooth, shaved pussy. My fingers begin slowly rubbing against the sides of the lips of your pussy again and you moan and arch back against me. As I begin kissing again, you don’t stop me this time by pulling down on my head as I nibble and kiss along your collarbone, then over the flare of your shoulder and slowly across the tops of your shoulder blades. I work my lips and tongue over your other shoulder and I begin kissing back up your neck, finally meeting your lips with mine as our tongues roll over each other.

My fingers slowly part the lips of your hot, wet pussy and I slowly slide first one finger, then two inside you and I slowly begin probing around inside you, watching your body react even as I ravage your mouth with my tongue. I begin pressing my thumb and my palm against your clit, first gently, then with a little more force, but then I begin rubbing both around that little bud of flesh, causing you to arch up again and pull your mouth from mine, letting out a loud moan. I work my fingers deep inside you, in and out slowly but still roughly, working into that hot, wet silk. I also feel my cock still swelling against you, pressing against that luscious ass as you writhe against me. You obviously noticed this because one of your hands found my swelling cock and you began jerking me off as you writhed back and forth against my fingers deep inside you.

You stood up on tiptoe, withdrawing my fingers from you, and you turned around as I moved my hand to my mouth and sucked your juices off my fingers. You began to drop to your knees, your hand still around my cock before I caught your face between my hands. You defloration porno began sucking on my fingers, but I refused to let go and I turned your gaze up to my eyes.

“Baby, if you wanna do that, I’m gonna return the favor at the same time.” I said to you as I pulled you up slowly, then I pressed you back to the bed. I slid around you and I climbed onto the bed, this time pulling you to me. I laid my head back on the pillows at the head of the bed, facing the camera, and I beckoned you to come up by my face. You swung a leg over me so you were facing the camera as well, and you pressed your pussy back toward my face as you wrapped a hand around my cock again. You lowered your head over me and slowly began running your tongue around the head of my cock, then began slowly working your head up and down over my thick, stiff pole, engulfing my entire cock into your mouth with each time you bobbed down on me.

I, meanwhile, pulled your hips down toward me and I began slowly running my tongue over those moist, swollen lips of your pussy from bottom to top, loving the taste of your juices on my tongue. I slowly parted the lips of your pussy with my fingers and I began sucking on and running my tongue over your clit. My lips ran side to side as my tongue slowly circled that hot, pulsing bud of flesh, causing you to moan even as you worked your mouth down over my cock. I felt you occasionally begin to hum as you worked your mouth down my cock, sending vibrations pulsing through my now throbbing cock.

I pulled my mouth and tongue from your clit and I slowly worked my tongue into your pussy, gathering those sweet juices on my tongue. I slowly began working it into you, back and forth, causing you to moan a little louder, this time almost enough to pull your mouth off my cock. I slowly began wiggling it around deep inside you, causing your pussy to tighten and tremble on my tongue. I knew it might not be long for you to cum and I knew from the slurping sound your mouth was making around my cock as you bobbed your head up and down that it wouldn’t be long for me to cum either.

I kept both from happening by slowly pushing you up off of me, both pulling my tongue from your pussy and your mouth off my cock. I spun around and slid back between those luscious thighs and I positioned my cock at the entrance to your pussy. I grabbed your luscious ass again and let you lower yourself down onto my cock, which pressed against the entrance to you and as it parted, you slid down my cock until it was all the way inside you. I grabbed your hands and I pulled them down to the bed, then I leaned up and began sucking on those succulent nipples, then I slowly ran my tongue around your breasts all the way to the base of each. You moaned even as you began to ride my cock, working me a little harder with each second, grinding your hips down into fake agents porno me little by little. You finally kissed me deeply, your tongue wrestling with mine again for a moment before you pressed me back to the bed, your hands on my chest as you rode me harder and faster, working your pussy up and down on my cock. You leaned in over me each time, almost letting me suck on your breasts each time, but denying me just before I could wrap my tongue or mouth around one of those luscious nipples. You giggled at this, but then moaned as I thrust my cock up into you and you stopped bouncing on my cock for a moment. You looked down at me and wiggled a finger at me, then, even as I was still arched up, you reached a hand down and smacked my ass, causing me to drop down onto the bed again, wincing in pain.

You smiled at the result and began riding me harder and faster, pressing your hips down into me as you worked down, and pulling all the way up so only the head of my cock was inside you and leaning back, bending my cock painfully. You continued this slow torture for a little while, causing me to moan and groan louder with each second. You weren’t spared any of the pain or pleasure either though, moaning and groaning even as I did. I felt your pussy tighten more and more with each time you did this, and finally you stopped and resumed bouncing on my cock, faster and harder than before. You began clenching the muscles of your pussy around my cock as you did, working to milk my cock for all it was worth.

I managed to catch you by your hips on a down thrust, and I pressed you up off of me, and I slid back between your thighs, ending up behind you. I grasped your hips and I pulled you back into me, stroking my cock into you smooth and sure. You grabbed the sheets tightly, moaning and calling out my name as I work my cock deep into your hungry pussy, feeling you tighten on me each second as my cock worked into you, my balls slapping against you as I thrust into you each time. I felt my balls begin to swell with cum and my cock as well as your pussy tightened on me. I finally felt you tighten violently on me and then release, crying out sharply. I followed shortly thereafter, shooting my load of hot cum deep into your waiting pussy. I grunted, then collapsed onto the bed next to you as you rolled to the side, tilting your hips up slightly so my cock pulled out of you as you did. I kissed the back of your neck gently before getting up and cleaning myself off.

I got dressed and wandered back over to the bed as you turned off the camera. And I leaned in and sneaked a quick kiss from you, my hand caressing your face for a moment. I pulled away reluctantly, then brought one of your hands up to my lips and kissed it gently.

“Until the next time lady fair.” Came the words from my mouth.

“I’ll be looking forward to it, hun” you replied.

As I turned to leave, you reached out and gave my ass a squeeze. I looked back and smiled, then playfully slapped your hand away. As I got to the door, I turned to you one last time, looking over that luscious body.

“Remember to send me a copy of that baby.”

“Don’t worry, I will.”