In the Recession

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In the RecessionThe winter of 2008-2009 was a low point for me. I had gotten laid off from a good job in November, and my marriage, which had been shaky for a couple of years, fell apart just before Thanksgiving. January found me working part time jobs in two convenience stores and living in a three room cracker-box of a rental house in a neighborhood, which, if it wasn’t exactly a badneighborhood, was definitely dreary in the dead of winter.One gray, drizzly afternoon in early February I got off work at one and stopped in at a grocery store before heading home to catch a few hours sleep before heading out to my other job at eleven pm. Coming out of the store back into the drizzle, I saw a woman sitting on the wet curb with her head in her hands, sobbing. She looked up as I passed, and I recognized her as a woman I had worked with back in the early nineties. “Dena, what’s wrong?” I asked in some surprise. She looked up at me, confused for a moment before she recognized me. “I’m screwed, Tom. I got kicked out of my house, yesterday. And Jeaney took off and left after we had a fight this morning. Said she was going to Texas with her boyfriend. I got no job, no money, no car, and no place to stay.” She put her face into her hands again. Jeaney, I remembered was her daughter, and must have been about twenty at this point. “What happened to Jeffy?” I asked, referring to Dena’s husband. “He left me last summer”, she choked out, and began sobbing again into her hands. Her sobs were made worse by the fact that she was shivering uncontrollably, and no wonder, her clothes were soaked. The temperature was just above freezing.”Well”,I said, “You’re going to get sick and die if you sit out here in the rain all night. You better sleep on my couch tonight. My house may be a dump, but it’s dry inside.”Dena numbly followed me to my rust-bucket of a car artemisbet yeni giriş and got in, her clothes squelching rainwater onto the seat. When we got to my place, I hunted up a sweat shirt and some sweat pants of mine. Dena was fairly tall for a woman, and my sweats would more or less fit her. I told her to go into my cramped bathroom and take a good warm shower, dry off completely, and put on the sweats. She complied silently, and as she did, I heated up a can of soup and dug out some warm bedding. She was still shivering after the shower, but the soup and a cup of instant cocoa helped. After eating, she took the bedding and lay down on the ratty couch along one wall of my combination kitchen-dining room-parlor, and began sobbing again, this time quietly. I went into my eight by eight bedroom and sacked out for several hours before getting up at ten and heading out to my other part-time job. When I left, Dena was sleeping restlessly. I found myself wondering If I could afford to lend her any money, and whether she had anyplace to go if I did.When I got home at 7:30, she was sleeping soundly and snoring like a sawmill. I made myself a baloney sandwich and opened myself a beer.This was Thursday morning, and I wouldn’t have to go to work again at either of my jobs until Saturday night. As I ate, I wondered how much of the snoring I could tolerate. I had gotten along well enough with Dena when we worked together, but I hadn’t actually reckoned her as a friend. I wasn’t at all sure she would work out as a roommate.Dena was, as I’ve noted, fairly tall, but oddly proportioned. She had long slender legs and a narrow little ass, but rather wide shoulders. She had gained a bit of weight in the fifteen or so years since we had worked together, and most of it had settled on her upper torso, partly enlarging her breasts, artemisbet giriş but also giving her a froglike neck and double chin and a roll around her waist. She still had the dark brown hair with reddish highlights, and the brown eyes and freckly complexion which accompany that color hair. Her nose was small and rather pointy, her mouth, small and often sullen.I had another beer and remembered that most of the other women we had worked with at the plant had not much liked Dena. She’d had a reputation as a backbiter and as brown noser, though I never saw any evidence of that myself. As I finished my beer, I tiredly thought that in a day or two she would rest up and move on to whatever fate awaited her. I would have done my good deed and she would be out of my hair I thought as I dropped off into an unsettled daytime sleep. At some time during the next few hours I heard her get up, use the bathroom and fix herself a cup of cocoa. I was awake enough to hear the couch creak as her weight settled back into it.I woke up about noon, my bladder full. Working the late shift always tempts me into drinking too much coffee, and consequently, my sleep the next day is never as restful as it should be. When I came out of the bathroom, I saw Dena on the couch, lying on her left side, facing its back. Most of her was covered by the blankets, including her head, but her tight, round little ass was sticking out from under the covers with the late winter sunlight shining on it. Standing there in my boxer shorts, I was aroused, seized by a desire to kiss that firm little ass. I saw myself, as if another man, kneel down by the couch.Dena’s little butt was smooth-skinned and hairless. I could not help myself but to kiss the round, smooth cheeks, and to run my tongue between them. As I did so, Dena who had not been asleep, moaned artemisbet güvenilirmi softly as I parted her cheeks with my hand and began licking her anus and labia. Her musky scent only increased my desire. My tongue found its way into her rather small, tight vulva.She rolled over onto her back and pulled her knees up to her chest, giving me more access to her little pink passion flower. I licked, kissed and sucked her inner labia and clit, my saliva mingling with her free-flowing pussy juices. She gasped as I inserted my right middle finger into her surprisingly tight vagina, and began searching for her G-spot while continuing to lick her vulva. I was surprised at how soon she had an orgasm, arching her back and moaning loudly. Continuing my efforts, I was able to give her another three orgasms, each more intense than the last, her moans raising almost to a low scream. Finally, she pushed my head out of her crotch, breathlessly groaning, “That’s enough”. She lay there catching her breath as I wiped some of her juices off of my face onto the bedding. I was completely aroused now, and I stood up and dropped my shorts letting her see my rock hard erection. Her eyes widened as I straddled her chest, my cock approaching toward her sullen little mouth. “Say ‘ahh’,” I told her, and she obeyed. I inserted my organ and her lips closed around it. She began gently sucking and stroking my cock with her lips. I was not going to last long, either. It had been a good six months since I had had sex with my wife, and what with working two jobs, I had hardly had the time or energy to even jerk off. The tank was full.Dena began sucking harder and began gently squeezing my balls with her hand. The sensation was so intense it was almost, almost painful. I reached an explosive climax, and it felt like gallons of cum were flowing through my cock. Dena gagged a bit and began noisily swallowing my load. The sensation of the back of her mouth against the head of my cock was too intense for me to bear and I pulled out, one last jet of sperm landing oh her cheek.I rolled off of her onto the floor and gasped “Jeezus!”. “Yeah,” she echoed, “Jeezus!”