In The Sun – Chapter 3 (Day 5 – 8)

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Day 5Jane and John were tired from the conversation which had proven to be both enlightening and quite emotional. They had also partaken in perhaps a couple too many beverages of the alcoholic variety, added a little sun and some good sex. As they closed the villa door behind them, they burst into a fit of giggles, which carried on as they dropped their clothes once again. Each time they caught the other’s eye while getting ready for bed, they started afresh. Though, as soon as they cuddled up together, the weights attached to their eyelids took effect and they were almost instantly asleep.“A rat died in my mouth.”“How much did you have while we were out?”“Ugh, don’t.”John chuckled as he got out of bed. He filled up the kettle and set it to boil before going to the bathroom. A few minutes later he walked into the bedroom with a coffee and a grapefruit juice. He saw a mop of hair atop a lovely torso and then Jane looked up.“Ooh! I hate to tell you this dear,” he put the drinks down and backed slowly away, “but,” he swallowed, “you look…”“What? What do I look like?”John smiled, “I’m going to jump in the shower and then I’ll get some breakfast together.”He heard Jane’s unintelligible mumble as he walked away. After he was finished Jane went into the bathroom while he went to the kitchen. John had decided on something a little different and had fried a packet of bacon and added that and cheese to the croissants they had. Just as he was plating them, Jane appeared at the door.“Feed me, please,” she asked, with the biggest puppy dog eyes she could manage.“It might work better if your eyes weren’t like piss holes in the snow,” John laughed, flicking the kettle on again.John put Jane’s plate on the table and sat down. Jane tried again, she looked at John and opened her eyes as wide as possible then gave a couple of blinks and opened her mouth.“You’re taking the piss?” John said grinning“Uh uh,” muttered Jane, trying to keep her mouth open.John took a bite of his breakfast while contemplating Jane. After taking a second bite he lovingly fed Jane her first bite. She smiled at him as she chewed and swallowed and then opened her mouth again.“What did your last slave die of?” Jane just raised her eyebrow in response.John laughed and fed her another mouthful, but as her teeth closed on it, he let go and sat back and finished his. After more laughter about that and what happened the previous night, they cleared up their breakfast. John poured himself another coffee and drunk it while Jane had a shower and got ready for the day. By the time they were ready, Jane was feeling a little more human. With a wave to the others, they set off for the beach.As with the other day, they headed for the sheltered area and again it was a little quieter. When they were all sorted out Jane offered to get a couple of coffees, she was still suffering a little. John just laughed and settled back watching the comings and goings on the beach. Jane seemed to be gone a little while, but John saw her rounding the end of the rocks with a cup in each hand. He thought something looked different but couldn’t put his finger on it; until she drew closer. She may have had a cup in each hand, but they were the only cups she did have.Jane had her hat and wrap on still, with her new light-blue sheer cover-up. What was missing was the bikini top which was beneath the cover-up before she went to get the drinks. He scanned over her quickly and it was nowhere to be seen; in a panic, he jumped up and ran to her.“What happened?” he asked taking the coffees from her.Jane saw the worry on John’s face and her heart went out to him. She slipped her arms under his and pulled herself into a hug; crushing the fine material of her cover-up between their naked torsos. She kissed his chest and looked up into the concern that filled his eyes.“Nothing happened. Let’s go and sit and I’ll tell you.”Jane went ahead and although people looked up at her, John noticed there was no overt staring. He also noticed that when Jane sat down the cover-up folded and ruffled causing opaque areas. He couldn’t make up his mind if this was better or worse, showing and hiding different aspects of her beauty felt like a tease. What was worse, it was random, neither Jane nor he could control what would be seen when she moved.“Thank you,” she said as he passed her coffee and sat down.“That’s okay, you got them.”Jane smiled, “Thank you for your worry, thank you for jumping up ready to protect me.”John felt himself blush; Jane lay her head on his shoulder when she saw this. It was only for a few seconds and then she kissed it and sat up again. Jane took her hat off and, with a chuckle, showed John her bikini top inside it. She reminded John of how her, Sally and Lisa had shown off their purchases the previous day.“Lisa suggested that this might be a way to try going topless in public. I was walking back with the coffees when the urge hit, and I decided now or never. I popped into the toilets rather than just strip in public. It felt embarrassing even though I could have done it under my top.“It was funny stepping out, it almost felt like they were the school loos and I had been in there smoking or something. I cracked the door a little and had a look around, before stepping out.” John chuckled with Jane when she said this.“At first, I know I was hunching my shoulders, I don’t know perhaps trying to hide myself under the cover-up. I know it was silly, but there it is. Then I saw this lady who must have been in her eighties, gravity had done its worst with her and she strolled past me, almost challenging the beach to say something. When I looked around, no one was paying heed to her, nor ankara travesti were they me.“They still weren’t bothered by me by the time I rounded the corner to here.” Jane paused and looked at John, “I know you said you wanted to keep them to yourself, and they will be only yours while we are a couple; are you okay with me doing this?”John smiled, “You look beautiful, but it is your beauty. We’ve both discovered a few things about ourselves on this holiday. I was shocked, I am nervous, daft insecurities I suppose. But it is nice to see you being more confident about yourself because you really are gorgeous!”He leant over and kissed Jane, “Just one thing.”“Oh?”John reached into their bag and pulled out the sunscreen, “You might want to put some of this on, the last thing I want is you burning them.”“The last thing YOU want?”“Hell yeah! I don’t want to be deprived of my playthings,” he laughed as she nudged him.“Do my straplines at the back please.”They settled in like this for the rest of the day, talking and topping up their own and each other’s sunscreen. It was later in the afternoon that Jane suggested they go for a swim. She got up and took her hat off followed by the cover-up. With a look and a grin at John, she sprinted for the ocean. John followed noticing that she had dived into the waves as soon as she could.When they settled in the water, Jane was grinning like the Cheshire cat, “I never thought I would have the bottle to do that!”John pulled her into a hug, “Feel good?”“Yes!”John let go of Jane and spun her to face the beach. At the same time, he swam around behind her and pulled her into a hug from behind.“Not worried about what those people on the beach near us might think?” John kissed her neck.Jane leant her head down to stop the kiss as she was already feeling very horny, “A little,” she replied.John let his hands slide up Jane’s front, cupping her breasts and rubbing a thumb over each nipple.“And they can’t see what we get up to.”Jane pushed his hands down and turned in his hold, “Three things. First, if I let you start, I am so horny, I won’t let you stop. Second, it’s illegal and third we need to get back to get ready for tonight.”“It’s only illegal if someone reports us.”“We do need to get back though,” Jane responded, avoiding John’s statement.John just smiled and kissed Jane on the nose. After this, they swam back to shore and Jane was or feigned feeling a little chilly and wrapped her arms around her front as they ran back to their belongings. After a quick rub down, Jane put her bikini top on, and the couple returned to the villa to get ready for the evening.“What’s happening tonight? Do you know if we’re eating or should I stick a pizza in?” Jane asked when they got back to the villa.“I don’t know.”“You get yourself ready, I’ll go and ask.”Jane slipped out of the doors and crossed to Lisa’s and knocked on their door when she returned John was in the shower. She put a pizza in the oven and double-checked her outfit for the night. When John was done, she kissed him as they passed; Jane got into the shower and John got himself dressed.“Pizza’s done,” he called as he took it out of the oven.Jane walked into the kitchen with just a towel around her and they ate in silence. When done, John was instructed to wait by the pool.“But…”“No ‘buts’, just do as you’re told,” Jane laughed. “It’ll be worth it.”She kissed him tenderly, then turned him toward the door and patted his bum with a giggle.“Well, maybe your cute butt…” she said.John smiled to himself, he did wonder how she would react the first time he really put his foot down. He walked out and saw Chris and Peter already outside.“You been kicked out too?” Chris asked and they all laughed.“Any idea what all the secrets are about?” John asked.“Well I know with Lisa and she seems to have infected, I mean, affected Sally too, if she has gone shopping, I have to wait for the big reveal,” Peter responded. “Grab a seat, there’s a beer here for you too.”The three men talked a little of their days, both the others nodded in approval when John told of what Jane had done. It was not long before they heard the door to Chris’ villa open. Sally stepped through and relished the attention of six eyes. She gave a little twirl and then a curtsy, finally smiling when the men gave her a round of applause. All three stood to greet her and Chris gave her a quick peck on the lips. John could not quite equate how she looked to the woman he had seen topless a couple of times and more so what he had seen in the pool when watching with Jane.Just as John was admiring how elegant Sally was, the doors in front of him slid back and he sat with his mouth hanging open. Although he had seen her naked, there was something about seeing the sides of her breasts or only most of her legs. It made his mind wander; did she have any sort of cover over her boobs; would she expose herself if she bent over? Thinking of her bending over John wondered how far her skirt would ride and how much it would reveal.Unlike Sally, Lisa stood still with her head a little bowed.“Well, let’s see,” Peter said.Lisa turned a full circle, not quite the spin that Sally had done; she then stepped up close to Peter. John went to stand but saw Chris indicate that he should remain seated. Peter ran his hand up the inside of her thigh.“Good girl,” he said with a smile.Lisa grinned, “Thank you, P.”He stood and kissed her, it was then that Chris stood up too, with John following his lead. Lisa smiled at them all and turned and returned to the villa. When she came out again, she had a tray with three more beers, three glasses with ice in, a jug of what appeared to be orange travesti ankara juice and a bottle of crème de cassis. After handing the beer to each of the men; she poured juice in each of the glasses, topping them up with the crème de cassis. She passed a tequila sunrise to Sally and placed one by her seat; when she turned to put one in front of the final seat, she stopped, frozen.Everyone looked at her and then followed her gaze as Jane stepped out into the pool area. Silence reigned. Suddenly Jane felt very self-conscious and hesitated. Seeing this John was out of his chair, crossing over to her almost immediately. He took both her hands in his and looked her in the eye.“You look fucking amazing!” He said so only she could hear.John could see her confidence return as her chin lifted and her shoulders went back. Jane pulled him closer and kissed him, long and tenderly.“Thank you,” she said as she broke off.Hand in hand they returned to the others. Sally and Lisa smiled as Chris and Peter raved about how stunning Jane looked and laughed about how sheepish they looked when their wives coughed.“To your last night and new friends,” John offered, raising his beer.They finished their drinks and set out for the club they were planning on spending the night. As they were walking down the road, Jane put her arm through John’s and pulled in tight to him.“I’m tempted to go back to the villa now,” she whispered.“Not feeling well?” John asked.“No, I…” she stopped when she looked into John’s grinning face.“You’ll just have to wait.”“Maybe I’ll have to grind on your leg while we’re dancing. You know, in the darkness of the club, sliding along your thigh. I might have to take my knickers off so you can feel how wet I am.”John remembered their conversations about Peter and Lisa, “That is all well and good, but if you cum without my permission I may have to take you to the beach again and put you over my knee.”Jane laughed, “Ooh, you are bad!”When they entered the club, Lisa and Peter went to the bar to get some drinks; while the others found a table. Sally went to the bar to help with the drinks and to guide the others to the table. Once seated Jane removed the cover-up and lay it over the back of her chair, causing a second round of gaping mouths. Sally put the drinks she was carrying down and walked around behind Jane; as she passed, she dragged her finger along Jane’s back.“Good job on the lines,” she remarked.Through the evening the couples mixed it up, dancing with one another. Sally and Lisa enjoyed dancing with John, not because he was better, just less reserved. At one point the women had chosen to dance while the men got some more drinks. John saw they were drawing attention from men around the dance floor. A few had approached them and been rebuffed, but the group that was circling them now seemed more persistent.John pointed this out to the others, both of whom acknowledged they had been watching. One of the strangers put his hand on Jane’s hip and that was enough for John. Without looking to Peter or Chris, John left his seat and walked straight toward Jane, who had pushed the hand off and turned to the man trying to get her attention.“Why are you dressed like this if you don’t want attention,” John heard him say.“I have all the attention I want, thank you.”By now, Lisa and Sally were standing on either side of Jane.“Bunch of dykes, are you?”John just walked in front of him, not even bothering to look, he put his arm around Jane and guided her back to the table. It was as he turned, he saw that both Chris and Peter had followed him across the dance floor. There was no further argument, the last group moved on to find easier prey, John did notice, however, that Jane was shaking.“Are you okay?” he asked her.“Uh-uh,” she muttered more than replied.This concerned John, who stopped and turned to look at her, “Are you sure?”Jane pulled John close and kissed and hugged him. She then put her lips next to his ear so only he could hear and said, “I am so fucking horny right now, I could almost bend over a table and let you take me.”John looked around quickly and asked Jane if she wanted to go back to the villa.Biting her lip, she said, “No, this is the night for them,” indicating the other two couples. Then she licked her lips and continued, “But when the night is over…”Jane kissed John again and pulled him into another hug only this time she forced her knee between his legs, rubbing her thigh along his groin.When it was all the way through, she whispered, “When you came over and put your arm around me, god John, I nearly came.” Jane shuddered, “When he just walked away…” she shuddered again.Jane then slid down his thigh, grinding herself against him. John panicked thinking she was about to faint as she shuddered harder than the previous times. He put his arms around her and lifted her up, but when she looked up at him, she was grinning. She rubbed her hand slowly over his crotch, feeling how hard he was, then took his hand and put it on his thigh.“Feel how wet I am,” she giggled. “Lisa,” she gasped, “told me about orgasm denial… oh, John.”John was still flabbergasted when they sat down again. Sally, who was sat next to him, noticed this and put her hand on his thigh.“Are you…” she started to ask, then felt around a little, she looked at the grinning Jane and smiled at her. “Are you okay?” Then to Jane, “Do you want to go back?”Sally whispered something to Lisa who looked at the young couple and started to grin too. After this, the atmosphere around the group changed. Sally and Lisa became a lot more high-spirited, Chris was smiling and sighing in equal measure and Peter was trying to look ankara travestiler stern but failed miserably. As for Jane, she clung to John like a limpet. While the other couples still swapped, Jane politely refused requests, dragging John up for fast and slow dances alike. Before the music had finished the group decided to head back for a final drink by the pool. After this, there were hugs and kisses all around and they all retired to their own villas.As they got into their villa, John pulled Jane into a hug and started to kiss her. As their tongues danced and played over each other, Jane popped the button on John’s shorts and let them drop to the floor. Once again, she brushed her hand over his groin, stopped and looked at him.“Commando! You dirty dawg!” she laughed.John reached under her dress and hooked his thumbs into the edge of her knickers and slipped them down her legs.“Beg pardon?” he said as he stood back up.He ran his hand up the inside of her leg, slowly, inching his way closer…Closer…Until…He…Jane was holding her breath as John did this.“What?”Her hands dropped to her side as John’s fingers moved to the front of her leg and carried on past her intended target. He raised his head and looked her in the eye with a glint in his and a grin on his face.“You really are a fucker!” she laughed.Jane stepped forward; John took a step back. When he had his back against the door, Jane pushed up against him and kissed him hard. John lifted the strap over her head and dropped it, the alcohol in their system made them both giggle as it dropped no further than her chest. He tugged at it gently before Jane took his hand and showed him the tape holding the front of her dress up. Slowly, he peeled the dress down off her breasts and let it drop to the floor.As she stood naked in front of him, he kissed her on the lips, then her neck. John worked his way down, kissing over her collar bone. His fingers were dragging over her skin, touching her ahead of his lips. As he was kissing her chest, he was playing with her nipples; when he took one between his lips that hand moved down and around her back. He moved to her other nipple and his hands moved down Jane’s body, front and back. As he reached her mound at the front, he started to rub her sacrum.Jane took hold of his wrist and tried to push it between her legs. John allowed this, pushing his fingers over her clitoris, along her labia, pushing up, parting them. When his fingers went over the entrance to her vagina, Jane shuddered in anticipation of him pushing into her. John pushed past and over her perineum; he smiled to himself when he heard her sigh. He pulled his hands away as her legs started to tremble.John stepped out from in front of Jane, then gripped her by the hips from behind before she could say any more. He pushed her to the door and let his hands push up her sides, continuing up over her armpits. He pushed her arms over her head, bringing them together so she was holding her own hands. John was kissing her neck as he did this, at the side, at the bottom, through her hair. When he started to drag his fingertips down her arms again, he kissed an ear and then the other. As they dragged down her side, he kissed her shoulders and then the blades.Suddenly Jane pushed away from the door, stopping him. She turned and took hold of the hem of his polo shirt and lifted it over his head. Jane pulled the curtain back and opened the door out onto the pool area. John had not seen her check through a crack in the curtains. Jane knew no one was out there, but John was nervous. She smiled at him and kissed him tenderly on the lips. As she did so her hand slid down his arm and took hold of his hand.Naked as the day they were born, is not correct, they both had a little more coverage since then, but they were as nature intended. Jane led John to the loungers that were by their patio area and got him to sit down. With a hand on his chest and while kissing him, Jane laid him back, before straddling him. She trapped his cock between them and slowly began to slide back and forth. As she did this, she stopped kissing him and sat upright looking at him. John reached for her breasts, but she took his hands and put them on her hips.After a minute or so of this her breathing was becoming ragged, she was swallowing hard. She slid forward and lifted herself a little, placing a hand on John’s chest to balance herself. Jane did not break eye contact with John as she took his cock in her hand and guided it to her vagina. After a day and night of frustration and teasing, she was ready for him, there was no easing in. Once the head was inserted, Jane sat upright, smiled at John and dropped until she could go no further.“OH FUCK!” she cried out.“Oh, John! Say yes!”“Err yes?”A grin spread over Jane’s face and her fingers dug into his chest, “Thank you, Sir!”John finally connected the dots, and with a grin of his own said, “You may cum.”The orgasm she had approached many times through the day, was finally allowed to wash over her. She grabbed John’s hands as her legs tensed, squeezing her thighs against his sides. Her back arched and her head dropped back as she let out her cry; after this first shock, she began to shake. Slowly she came back down from her high and smiled at John. Lifting a little and dropping down she released his hands so he could roam across her body.John heard the door open first and half sat up, Jane looked over to where he was looking and saw Sally and Chris exit their villa. John tensed as the couple approached, Jane took his hand again to try and soothe the beast.“Please, no closer,” he said.Chris put up his hands, but Sally smiled and took one more step before reaching out and putting her hand on Jane’s shoulder; this caused a shudder to run through Jane.“Do you mind if Chris and I join you?”“Fu…” John started, moving to get up.He was getting agitated now; Jane leant down, clenching her thighs and kissed him.