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IN TRANSIT!IN TRANSIT!It was a while in the planning, choosing a suitable evening, shall we choose a Friday or a Saturday, what shall we wear, arranging an overnight babysitter, planning the route and making sure we had enough pennies to have a nice evening. We’d promised ourselves another night out at X-tasia before Christmas. We’d been once before at the end of August and whilst we were both nervous had a good time even if it was just the fact that we were together alone. This time we had a better idea of what to wear or to put it another way what one could get away with, which was just about anything?Well with the c***dren packed off to my mums again Tree and I set about getting ready. I can take up to an hour in the bathroom on a good day. So with a Meatloaf CD in the boogie box a glass of wine and lemonade in my hand (not wanting to get tooooo merry as I had to drive) I was in semi heaven.Between us earlier in the week we’d decided to do something this time that we hadn’t done before whether it be a venture in to the Dark Room, a stint in the Tardiss or a soak in the Jacuzzi. We didn’t make a specific plan but chose to see where the mood took either of us. So I was well excited as to what the evening would bring.I’d brought a black Linen suit I really liked for the evening. The material is so light and unrestricting if I get a Hard On everyone will see it through these trousers especially if I’m dancing with someone horny. I’d also bought a grey strip shirt to go with the suit for this occasion or though I was pondering the idea whether or not to wear my black mesh top with the suit. It was to be a last minute decision, the shirt.Tree was wearing a pair of 5 inch heel boots she’d been breaking in, a PVC skirt I’d bought of the internet with black hold ups and a top made from a lacey material with no bra, if one looked between the pattern you could make out her great nipples. Worn under a coat it was safe enough to get from the car park to the club without the need to change. She looked dead sexy. I could get a stiffy just thinking about her.So we set off just after nine, it was pitch black, not a cold November evening but fresh all the same, invigorating, it kinda woke you up. Having been to the club once before, we blasted off down the A38 and towards West Bromwich. Once off the A38 the roads went through some rather rural areas. We weren’t exactly lost in that we were heading in the right direction but we didn’t recognise the surroundings. I didn’t want to lose any time and be any later than possible because of what we’d planed or not planed should I say!!I decided to step on it a bit and was getting a little frustrated that we weren’t making the progress I wanted. It was then that the car seemed to lose power and not respond to the accelerator, even the revs went flat and the car coasted to a halt. I tried the key several times but there was nothing. It wasn’t a flat like we had on the holidays this seemed more mechanical. No problem at least I was in the RAC now. So it might take them an hour to find us especially as we didn’t know where we were either. “Put the hazards on and I’ll walk back and try to find a road sign that’ll tell us what road we’re on and ring them. Stay in the car.” I told Tree. “… .Like I’m going anywhere dressed like this” she replied.I walked for what seemed like a mile and found nothing, so I headed back to the car.Tree was OK.”I’ll try in front of us, there’s nothing back there” I said.The only bit of traffic to pass me was a motor bike and about three white transit vans.I found a sign that said we were on Hillside Lane but I couldn’t get a signal on my mobile. So I made my way back to the car, stopping every thirty seconds or so to try again. By the time I’d reached the car I still couldn’t get a signal.I peered through the passenger window “Can you get a signal?” I asked Tree.”No” came the reply, canlı bahis “What are we going to do now?””I don’t know yet” I said “There aren’t any houses even I could go to.”Just then a white Transit van pulled along side.”Need a hand?” the passenger said.I explained that we’d broken down and that we couldn’t get a signal on our mobiles to ring the RAC.”Any chance you could give us a lift to the nearest pub?” I asked.”No problem, if you don’t mind sitting in the back of the van” he replied.I turned to Tree and gestured to that we’d got a lift.Reluctantly she got out of the car and made her way to the van.The back doors flung open and two other guys offered their hands to help us in.With the doors slammed shut the van set off.”I’m Paul” said one of the guys sitting opposite us, “This is Steve, pointing to his left,Dave in the passenger seat and Don driving.”Thanks” I said, “My name’s Steve too and this is Teresa.””… .You married then?” Dave said looking over his shoulder from his seat”Yes” we both replied.”That’s nice, any k**s?” Steve said”Two Zosia and Oliver 7 and 4″ Teresa replied.”Where you heading?” said Don.There was a silence.”We we’re going to a party at a friends” I said nervously.”Must be a great party, wearing boots like those” Paul said pointing to Tree’s feet.It was difficult to sit with any dignity in the back of a transit van and Teresa’s coat fell to the side revealing her shiny plastic skirt and the slit in it, high enough to expose the lace top of her stocking and a hint of thigh before the slit finished.”Are we far from the pub?” Tree asked noticing that her outfit had caught theirattention.”We’re in the wilderness out here” Paul said, “Miles from anywhere””We thought you were in some sort of trouble, we’d driven past you three times.”The road was rough and we were beginning to be thrown around like peas in a transit van.Tree’s coat fell open every time she tried to steady herself with every bump in the road..”Great top, you’ve got on Teresa” said Paul”Great outfit” said StevePaul slid across the van to Teresa side, “Can we see more of it?” he said placing his arm around her and peeling the coat from around her shoulders.”Steady on guys” I said “You’re beginning to scare her”.”Butt out” came the sharp reply from Steve.”We’ll get out now here is fine, thanks” I said.”No can do” said Don.” after all we’ve not been paid yet”Tree looked at me anxiously as Paul threw her coat to the front of the van.”Must be some Party you were going to” His hand feeling the material of the skirt.”I like this guys” he said offering them all a feel.Dave climbed from the front into the back and wedged himself between me andTeresa.”Yeh, see what you mean” he replied as he too stroked the skirt downward until his hand slid onto Tree’s knee”Come on guys!” I saidSteve put his hand on my chest and forcefully pushed me against the side of the van.”How much is this trip costing Don?” Paul asked.”Oh it’s quite expensive… .priceless one might say”Paul slid his hand up Teresa’s skirt and inside the lace band around the top of her stocking caressing her thigh as she struggled to cross her legs in attempted to repel his actions, but it was no use, he was far too strong.Dave explored the lace fabric of her top as he rubbed and tugged at the material.Paul undid his trousers and pulled out his stiffening cock.”Squeeze it Teresa” he ordered and her guided her hand to his shaft.”Do you like it?” he asked.Tree didn’t answer.”You do, don’t you?” Paul smiledTree began stroking him.”That’s nice” he whispered in her ear.Dave lifted her top up, his large hand smothered Tree’s breasts as he mauled them one after the other.Tree tried to hold back but couldn’t help letting out a slight moan with pleasure.”You stay there” Steve pointed at me.He then helped the other two reposition Tree to the middle of the floor.I watched them as they began to strip her. Pulling bahis siteleri her skirt down her legs and over her boots, hen the flimsy black G-string revealing her neatly trimmed and shaped bush.”You can keep the Boots and stockings on Teresa,” Dave said “But the tops coming off, and he ripped it apart straight down the front.She lay there helpless as Steve and Dave began kissing and fondling her tits, her nipples started to get harder and darker the more they sucked on them.She tensed up again.Paul had taken his clothes off straddled her leg and was kissing her inner thighs. I knew this would be driving her wild and if he ever got to her clit she’d melt.His erect cock resting on her shin.Don looked over his shoulder.”Hey save some for me you lot” he shouted and he quickly parked the van.He climbed into the back undressing himself and throwing his clothes in the front as he did so.Steve and Paul unbuttoned their shirts as Tree’s hands fumbled to find their cocks.”She’s lovin’ it” Steve commented.”She’s getting hotter too” Paul added.The guys were all naked now and were touching Teresa all over; eight handssmothered her body from head to toe.Tree fondled Dave’s balls with one hand and caressed Steve’s 10 inch erect cock with the other”Who’s gonna be first?” Paul said looking at me for an answer.They all looked towards me… “Well?””You can” I said nodding towards Paul.He laughed at the other three and nestled down between her legs and kissed her pussy.Tree’s body jolted, her hands behind her head determined not to participate in anyway. He positioned the tip of his cock at the entrance to her cave and slowly began to stroke her up and down toying with her clit. Tree’s body shook as her body began producing its natural lubrication in anticipation of the cock.”Come on and fuck me” She whispered “Do It”Paul smiled, and gradually the head of his big cock disappeared into her. Her pussy stretched around his girth. Tree thrust her pelvis towards his making sure he was folly in her. He was ever so gentle and slow with her as he slid in and out. His rock hard shaft soaked with her juices.The other three egged him on “Fuck her then Paul… .Come on!” He quickened his pace and the others cheered as Don and Steve grabbed a handful of Teresa’s tits each. As the pace quickened again Tree started moaning with pleasure even more, with every thrust the groans got louder. She grabbed Paul around the back of his neck and pulled him onto her. He kissed her neck as his body tensed up…… then the pair of them shook together as they climaxed simultaneously. The guys clapped at Paul’s performance.”Who’s next?” Paul said, again looking at me.”I’ll have Dave” Tree interrupted.Dave’s cock was the biggest of the four it must have been getting on for 11 inches when he pulled the foreskin back.Dave got ready and held Teresa by the wrists spread eagled on the cold metal floor.”Come on then” she said looking into his eyes “Let’s have you.”He plunged straight into her soaking pussy with no warning.Tree screamed, more with pleasure than pain and wrapped her legs around his back pulling her arse of the sweaty floor and digging her heels into his back.”That’s it baby” Dave grunted “God she feels good” and plunged into her again with such ferocity that they slid along the floor. He was a lot rougher and more forceful than Paul but she seemed to like it.Steve kneeled behind Tree to stop her sliding away and played with her tits as they bounced around.Dave was fucking her harder than ever now then he warned “I’m gonna cum” Tree braced herself her body wet with sweat and quivering as the orgasms shot through her. She let out a moan as Dave came filling her with his spunk. He fell back exhausted and the guys cheered again.Tree looked at me, there was nothing she could do and we both knew what wascoming next.”Your call Steve” Paul said, “We need an answer” He got dressed bahis şirketleri and climbed into the drivers seat and started the van and drove back onto the road.I looked at the two remaining guys, “Let Don have his go” I said reluctantly.Don was the youngest of them all; about 23ish at a guess and his cock whilst not the biggest looked the hardest.”I want you on top” he said as he lay on his back. His cock standing straight as an arrow pointing towards the roof.Tree stood up straightened her stockings and stood over him her ripped blousedrenched in sweat still hanging off her. She had to place a hand against the roof to balance herself in her boots and with the other she wiped her flattened wet hair from her brow.”Hold it there!” Don said looking up at her savouring the moment, “You lookfantastic!”Tree stood still for a moment then slowly lowered herself onto his stiff cock. He slid in easy. There she was squat on him not moving using the bumps in the road surface to conduct an uneven rhythm as she slid up and down his cock randomly. I sensed she quite enjoyed this one in a sadistic way, it was unpredictable and he was probably the better looking of the bunch with a firm muscular body, not yet exposed to years of late nights and gallons of lager. Steve and Dave held her arms out stretched from each side of the van, each cupping their other hand just below her breasts, every time thevan went over a bump her tits jiggled in their palms. Her nipples looked darker and more erect now than ever. After about 10 minutes of driving Tree felt his balls tense and she dropped to her knees engulfing his shaft up her pussy and he shot deep into her.”Thanks” he said as she slid off him.”Guess it’s your turn now” Tree said looking at SteveAnd he knelt forward.”Don’t worry I’m not going to fuck you after they’ve all been there, you can give me a blow job instead.””So thoughtful” Tree said sarcastically.She held his cock and started to wank him.”Lick my balls” He orderedTree duly obliged lifting his stiff rod out of the way.”Now kiss ’em”Again Tree was forced to oblige then gentle planted soft kisses up the length of his shaft to its head. She notice he was circumcised and spent time licking and kissing the smooth end, teasing and goading him before allowing him into her mouth. Her lips forming an air tight seal around his thickness and she started to swallow his length and suck him off at the same time pumping his shaft. Steve threw his head back in ecstasy; I knew what he was feeling. The warm saliva and her tongue swirling around his swollen glands. Tree pressed hard between his penis and arse on his Perineum thisbuilt even more tension in his cock, she seemed to hold him there in a state ofsuspended animation for about 30 seconds. When she removed her hand his body sank, he grabbed her around her head and he exploded in her mouth. Tree quickly withdrew trying to spit out what sperm she had in her mouth.”Great babe” Steve enthused his cock still twitching and spewing out cum.”Just in time” Don said as he stopped the van right next to our car. He threw Tree her coat. “If your mobile don’t work there’s a phone box about 100 yards up that road there.”I helped Tree out the van and we rang the RAC they were with us within half-an-hour. We sat in the car and talked about what had happened was it worth reporting it to the Police and getting in the papers and all the publicity and having to go to court if they even found the guys.Now that everything was OK Tree reflected on how good the huge cocks of the guys felt in her. She told me how they made her feel. Try as she might to repel them they made her feel good, horny and dirty, filled and complete. She enjoyed being taken and used for once. Having satisfied four guys in the space of an hour she felt some sort of accomplishment and satisfaction that lingered at the back of her mind. She’d done well.We were home within 2 hours just a silly little electrical wire had come loose.Tree had a good soak when we got in and drank about a bottle of wine. She finally came to bed and we snuggled up with each other and fell to sleep.