Initiation Rite

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I was hard, so so hard, so hard that it almost hurt.

The need was unlike any I had felt before, and I knew that it needed to be sated soon or else the need truly would hurt me.

This was definitely a most unusual initiation rite. I remembered our host Charles giving me a glass of wine at dinner, and thinking that somehow it seemed different even though it looked and smelled just like any wine I had had the pleasure to consume in the past. The other men and women drank a toast to me on being accepted into their small Sexual Adventures organization.

Toward the end of dinner was when it happened: Out of the blue, I felt a stirring within my slacks, and a blush of embarrassment began to color my face. While I did find the three women in the organization quite attractive and definitely looked forward to sharing various sexual adventures with them, the dinner was neither the time nor the place to be thinking about them in an arousing manner. It had been decided previously that because I was the first non-founding member, I and all future members should be subject to an initiation rite, and as my erection began to truly solidify despite my wishes at the moment, I knew deep in my gut that this was the initiation rite I had to endure.

At the end of dinner, it was confirmed when Charles announced that my initiation rite was in progress. “Larry will need to engage in sexual activity with someone which requires him to orgasm, and he must provide visual evidence that this has taken place.” Then, because he and the others knew that I was very much single at the moment, Charles purposely looked me in the eyes and said simply:

“Good luck!”

I had no idea where Charles (or perhaps someone else in Sexual Adventures) had bought the drug which had clearly been dissolved into my wine glass, but as I drove home at twenty-five over the speed limit so I could get my digital camera, I swore that if it was in my power, at some point in my life, I would do the very same thing to him – only I would first have him bound and forbid anyone from assisting him for several hours while his cock caused him great agony.

At last, I big ass porno exited the highway, thankful that there were no cops chasing me and hopeful that the anticipated speed trap cameras had not yet been installed along the highway. Two blocks later, I pulled into the driveway and rushed through the cold and the snow into the house, having a hard time putting the key in the lock because the discomfort was almost to the point of being painful.

I already knew who I would call. After all, a friend-with-benefits would likely be the most understanding person in this situation.

…but Jenni did not answer her phone.

My mind reeled as I slid the batteries into the digital camera. Who could I call? Who could possibly want to help me in this dire predicament?

A particularly painful throb caused my erection to pulse, and I grunted aloud, thankful that only the cat could hear me… assuming the cat was even awake, wherever she was hiding.

The phone rang, and when I checked the Caller I.D. screen, I was thankful to see that it was Jenni. “Thank goodness you called me back!” I exclaimed as soon as I picked up the handset. “Where are you?”

“Home, silly. I was in the basement putting away the holiday decorations. Are you okay?”

“Uh… no!” I took a deep breath, then grunted in pain again due to another hard throb within my slacks.

“Are you hurt?”

“Well… I’m hurting, yes, and not really in a good way. Can you come over right away, or can I come see you?”

“Absolutely.” I knew Jenni would understand. “I can be there in ten minutes.”

“Good. And, uh, Jenni, I…”

“What is it?”

“Let’s just say that, more than ever before, I need to fuck, bad, and I definitely can’t be…” I grunted again from another painful throb. “I can’t be gentle tonight. No way!”

“Okay…” She sounded skeptical, but she was coming, and that was all that mattered.

“Good! You have the key, so just come on in. And hurry, please! I’ll explain later…”

“Okay… and this had better be good!”

I undressed so quickly that I tore my shirt at the left big tits porno armpit, but I did not care. I just left my clothes in a pile on the floor by the bed, which I typically did only when there was also a woman’s clothes on the floor by the bed. Then I practically ran to the living room, my long and hard and thick erection bouncing and throbbing. The discomfort was very close to being continually painful, and I knew that it would only become even worse if Jenni did not hurry.

Somehow, I was able to concentrate long enough to turn on the digital camera and set it to video mode. Positioning the device atop the television, I pointed it at the sofa, and waited.

Far too long later, I finally heard Jenni’s SUV turning into the driveway. By the time she slid her key into the lock, the digital camera was capturing video and sound.

To say that Jenni was stunned to find me already naked would be a major understatement. Yet when she looked into my eyes, her expression changed from one of disbelief to one of consolation.

“You’re so aroused that it hurts?” I could only nod. “And you need me to give you relief?” My response was another grunt and my erection seemed to spasm violently.

She nodded toward the mantle behind me. “And you’re filming this because…?”

She had noticed – which did not surprise me, given that Jenni has always been incredibly observant.

“It’s an initiation thing, which is my I’m nearly in…” I gave a long, low groan. “Why I’m in pain now. That’s why I needed you to come so badly…”

“So you could cum and film it for your new group?” Jenni smiled and shook her head in disbelief. “I may as well be in a really bad ‘B’ movie.”

“No jokes, please. This is all too real!”

“Okay, okay…”

Thankfully, Jenni took off her coat. She was not wearing anything particularly beautiful: just an old college sweatshirt and jeans, both marked with dust from carrying the boxes of holiday decorations to the basement and setting them in their resting places for the next ten or eleven months. As she undressed, her old sneakers were kicked off to reveal blacked porno gray socks with a noticeable hole through which I could plainly see the big toe of her left foot. The baby blue bra and panty were somewhat old – I remembered when she had first modeled them for me some three years earlier, shortly after our college graduation.

I practically threw myself at her, seizing her with a strength I did not know I had within me. “It’s okay,” Jenni whispered. “I’m here for you now…”

Tears formed in my eyes. While I enjoyed having sex with Jenni, I had never wanted it to be like this with her.

“Take me,” she whispered. “Use me.”

All too soon, I was doing just that. I was not enjoying it at all, and the tears continued to spill down my cheeks as proof of my inner distress even as I fucked her ruthlessly, with no care for her own pleasure. I rutted into her from behind like a primal beast in heat, truly using her as I had never dreamed possible with someone I truly cared for deeply.

Ejaculation had never felt so good, but I fell upon her back and clutched her around the chest with my arms and sobbed into her hair, for my heart had never felt so heavy.


When Sexual Adventures next met the following weekend, it was with great reluctance that I went to Charles and handed him the evidence on CD.

“I don’t want it,” he said, politely refusing. “I don’t need it to know that you successfully completed your initiation rite.”

I breathed a small sigh of relief, for I really had not wanted anyone else to see what had occurred that night in my living room. It had been hard enough watching it again to transfer the video from the digital camera to the laptop and converting it to VideoCD format to make it easy for the Sexual Adventures members to watch it.

“Actually, Jenni herself told Monica.”

Jenni had told Charles’ wife!?!

“You are now a full member of Sexual Adventures,” he said with a pleased smile, extending his hand. With both reluctance and eagerness, I accepted.

“…and so is Jenni.”


And through the curtain separating the dining room from the kitchen stepped Jenni, dressed in a costume similar to that of a Playboy bunny. Her smile was seductive, and seeing her wearing bunny ears endeared her to me in ways I had not imagined.

This time, the stirring within my slacks was definitely warranted.