Isolated with Tommy’s step mom 2

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Isolated with Tommy’s step mom 2I guess my first title was to long so I made it shorter.After making love for the first time in my life, Lora and slept in each others arms that night waking up only to make love again, but with me pulling out instead of adding to my cum already inside of her. I remember the first time I pulled out and shot my cum on her very fit yummy, she used her fingers to scoop it up licking it off her fingers. She said that it was the best tasting she had ever tasted. It made me wonder how many others she had done that with. The next time she took my cum in her mouth swallowing it all saying, if I kept this up she would have to go on a diet.I finally fell into a deep sleep only to wake hearing Lora yelling at someone. I jumped running to her bedroom only to see her slam the phone down and to begin to cry. I sat next to her naked body taking her in my arms holding her and rocking her in a attempt to comfort her. What had her so upset was a mystery to me other then me coming in her that is, but seeing her tears got me upset as well. Finally I said ” Lora what’s wrong, who was that who got you so upset? Can I do anything, to help with what ever got you so upset?”Lora turned to me and as I kissed her tears away she said ” Every fucking d**g store in town is sold out of the morning after pill, and only the 2nd one had condoms large enough to fit you.” Well I didn’t see what the problem was and I guess had a blank look on my face cause she said “Don’t you get it, I may be pregnant after I got carried away last night, and if I can’t get the pill that means either I get lucky, which I doubt will be the case, which means I get an abortion or have your c***d which wont go very well will it?”Lora looked down at my half hard cock saying ” Dam it, does that thing ever stop getting hard?”I said ” I’m sorry Lora but your not only the most sexiest woman I have ever seen but the one who I can’t get enough of. What can I say, I find you so beautiful and sexy at the same and I have always had a thing for you. I feel like I’m living a dream right now.” I thought about telling that I was starting to fall for her big time but I think that could scare her away from me.Lora got up and started dressing, once she had her bra and panties on I walked over wrapping my arms around her from behind, kissing her neck below her tiny ears. She pushed at me telling me to stop, but I held on kissing her some more plus giving her earlobe tiny little bites. She stop pushing at me and let me do as I pleased. She pressed istanbul escort herself back against me saying ” We have to wait until the d**g store gets my package here. Oh god, what are you doing to me?” As I slipped my hand inside her panties finding her little love nub making her groan.I turned her around walked her to her bed pulling down her panties as we went, as she hit the bed I went between her thighs finding her love nub with my mouth. As I make love to her with my tongue as I pushed my hands under her bra playing with her very erect nipples. I would bring her right to the edge then back off, then do it all over driving her nuts with the need to cum. Lora finally grabbed a hand full of my hair almost yelling at said ” If you don’t let me cum this time I’ll bite your cock off you little fucker, now lick me and make me cum NOW!” And cum she did, all over my chin and down my chest. I loved it.Just then the phone rang. Lora trying to catch her breathe reached for it answering in a short of breathe way. All I heard was Lora’s voice as she said ” Hello, Oh yes I was just working out, Oh yes, he couldn’t be any better then he was last night, Oh it’s a joy to have him here with me, [ as I started licking her love nub again ] OH, he didn’t do any thing, wrong, he did, everything, oh so well, I have to go. talk, soon bye.” coming as she hung the phone up. Lora grabbed my hair pulling me up from her honey hole saying ” That was your mother and I’m sure she could hear me coming as I tried to talk to her. Why would you do such a thing, I mean do you want your mother to know that I fucked her son is that what you want? Well is it?”I didn’t know what to say so I kept my mouth shut with a sad look on my face as Lora sat up bending down kissing me on the lips and licking some of her cum off my chin before saying ” We have to be careful, I mean yes you are of legal age but remember where I work, and if this got out that I’m having sex with someone still in high school, well the shit would hit the fan and that wouldn’t be good for me or Tommy would it ?” She went on saying what we did was the best love making she have ever had in her life and how she loved me for that, and if she was being truthful she didn’t want it to stop, but we have to be careful for now. Maybe someday it will be different but for now, well you know, and I did but, I guess I just wanted to let someone, anyone know avcılar escort I found a lover.Lora didn’t bother putting on anything more then a pair of sexy panties with her silk robe and for me, I walked around in my jockey shorts only cause Lora said I had to wear something, even if I was half hard most the day when we did do something like a 69er on the table after lunch or me going down on her as she tried to go up stairs. Then the knock came to the front door.Lora looked out seeing the RX Pharmacy van and a guy getting in it. She ran to the front door opening it to retrieve to bag left there. She looked like a k** in a candy store as she closed the door opening the bag. Her face dropped when she read the box inside. A sticker said sorry but we don’t stock much of this size, but well have more in a week. It also said a count 3. Lora said ” If I go by last night we will need this many every night. Hell I called every pharmacy in town just to get these.” She sounded so disappointed.I said “Well if we are careful can’t we wash them out and reuse them?” I have no idea if you could do such a thing as doable, but I was willing to try it if she was.Lora screwed her face up saying ” Well I guess we could try it, but just in case that I’m not pregnant maybe we should be careful with them.That night we used all three and Lora said for me the wash them out, so I did. I thought it worked well but they had some lube on them before which was washed off, so I went looking for something to use as lube as Lora slept. I finally got some vegetable oil putting it on the condoms before turning them inside out.We used one the next morning and it worked just fine. I just couldn’t believe my good luck to be here with Lora in my bed for two whole weeks. I really wanted to take a picture of Lora as she had one of her mind blowing orgasms, but she said that someone had taken pictures of her before and how she has no idea where those pictures are, and it upsets her just thinking about some stranger getting off on her pictures, so pictures are out of the question.We slowed down and that night we watched Porky’s on pay per view, and I laughed so fucking hard I just about pissed myself. I don’t mind being called meat anymore cause hell the guy looks a bit like me. Anyway after the movie we went to bed making slow passionate love. I mean I was starting to think that I never wanted any other woman in my life, as I slipped the condom on being careful not to damage it. I had Lora climbing the şirinevler escort walls she was so hot. Maybe taking right to the edge over and over again did it to her, but once the condom was in place she was all over me like a wild woman telling to fuck her hard, and that I was a real motherfucker for not letting her cum and teasing her like I did. I had her knees on my shoulders fucking her as hard as I could and she wasn’t being quiet at all, I mean I was hoping no one call the cops that some woman was screaming bloody blue murder. When I felt my balls getting ready when I told Lora screamed ” Fill me, give me your cum, shoot me full.” Well that’s just what happened, cause as I came it felt different, almost like the head of my cock blew up like a balloon, or something. I held Lora by her very nice ass as I slowly deflated inside of her. It’s something she enjoys feeling getting soft for some reason.I looked at Lora and the look of love on her face and said “Lora sweetheart if I’m not careful I could fall in love with you.” Lora smiled then blew me a kiss. I moved my hips back as I lowered Lora down and a look of horror came over her face. I didn’t understand until I looked down and seen the condom had ripped open, with every drop of my cum was against her cervix for the second time.Lora looked up into my face saying ” Oh my god, oh no, I’m ovulating today. Oh god if I didn’t get pregnant last time I sure the fuck did this time. What am I going to do, please say something! ” Once again I had no idea what to say, I mean should I say what I was thinking, that I would love for her to have my baby, I don’t think that would go good. And if I did say that she would think I did something to the condom, so it would fail. She started kicking her legs saying ” I need to go douche, let me up and get out of the way, please let me go.”I bent down kissing her nose her chin then as she tried to push me away as I said ” I love you Lora.” She got the same look as I seen after we crossed the border, like she was a deer in the head lights look again pushing me as hard as she could making move out of the way. I heard the water running and as I walked in the bathroom she held the douche in her hands crying, which made my heart break. I walked forward taking the bag from her, inserting it in her and was just about to squeeze when she stopped me.So here I am on my knees between Lora’s open legs ready to give her what she said she wanted, when she stopped me by lifting my chin kissing me and then saying ” It wont stop me from getting pregnant, and I think I’m falling in love with you too. Kissing me again as she held my hand pulling the nozzle of the douche bag out of her. I emptied the bag in the sink as Lora said ” Join me in the shower, I think we both could use a good hot shower about now.” After the shower and drying each other off we got into her bed falling asleep in each others arms.