It starts with a pat on the ass

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It starts with a pat on the assAn athletic friend of mine invites me over to go swimming in his pool and drink a few beers. Later, as I’m standing at the counter still wet from swimming, he walks up behind me and gives a playful little pat on the ass. I give him kind of a weird look and laugh it off, but he looks me straight in the eyes and states, “You like the way that feels and you know it. Why don’t you wear something a little more revealing next time you come by. As I’m laying in bed that night trying to get to sleep I reply the moment in my head. At the time, it just felt awkward to me, but I find myself reminiscing about it and what would have transpired if I’d have acted differently and not brushed him off. I don’t call him or come by for a few days. Stocking up on basics likes socks and t-shirts at K-mart, I pass the swimsuit section and see a rack of speedos and stops me in my tracks. I glance around to see if anyone is looking and then try to act casual as I flip through various sizes and colors. My heart begins to race and my hands feel shaky as I lift a simple black bikini from the rack and add it to my basket. I can barely look the young lady behind the register in the eye, as I fumble for my debit card. A couple of weeks later, I finally answer one of his phone calls and he invites me over to go swimming again. After some hesitation, I work up the nerve and wear the tight little speedo I bought, instead of swimming trunks. He doesn’t seem to canlı bahis notice as we swim and relax, but while I’m gathering my things and getting ready to leave he sneaks up behind me and puts his hands gently around my waist. I turn around in disbelief and find myself being kissed a man for the first time in my life – the stubble of his beard against my cheek, his hard chest and abdomen pressed up against me, his erection standing straight up against my belly. His firm hands tracing the outline of my wet speedo and my ass crack and lingering ever so slightly as they pass my anus, making little circles on the spandex. My knees tremble and my legs go weak, and fall to my knees, only to find his swimming trunks poking me in the face. I pull my head back and turn away, but he presses closer. I slowly nod no from side to side, mouthing the word, as I feel the head of his penis bumping into my nose, lips, eye and cheeks. I can smell the chlorine. I can smell sun tan lotion and I can smell the masculine scent of his privates. He reaches down and lifts my chin with his hand, so that I’m staring up into his eyes. He runs his fingers through my hair. He grips his cock and presses against my lips. I need more time to think about this. I’m not sure if I can go through with it just yet. I crawl out from under him, stand up and stumble towards the door. He catches me from behind as I try to open it and I feel his breath and then his nose and lips against my neck. I don’t bahis siteleri want to succumb to him. I’m nobody’s bitch. I bend forward ever so slightly, in a moment of weakness and he decisively shuts the door. Now I’m arching my back reflexively, breathing heavier and trying not to enjoy the sensation of his cock against my back side. He peels back my speedo about half way and slaps his hard cock on clammy cheeks. I’m cold in the air conditioning, wearing nothing but my damp speedo and I crave the warmth of his member inside of me. He grips me by the shoulders and steers my over to the edge of the sofa. He gives me a couple of firm spanks on the ass and pulls the speedo down around my thighs. “You should be ashamed of yourself for wearing this skimpy little speedo, what kind of a man are you? What did you think was going to happen, if you showed up at my house in that thing? The truth is that I hadn’t really thought through what would happen when I showed up in my tight speedo, at least not consciously. I certainly hadn’t thought about how it would all play out. I just knew I wanted to wear something a little sexier that day. Another spank, and he begins to slide up and down my buttocks and I can’t help but grind just a little. When our bodies first touched, I clenched my muscles a bit out of fear, and nervousness and, admittedly excitement. Now I begin to relax and open up. This is going to go further today than I’d expected, but it’s too late to turn bahis şirketleri back now. I’m covered in sweat and those speedos I wore to swim in earlier this afternoon are hanging around my knees. I’m bent over the arm my buddy’s couch, with my palms pressing down on the seat cushion for support. His sticky throbbing cock keeps sawing up against my ass and getting ever closer to entering. He dashes away for some lube and I collapse in the sofa, awaiting his return. I’ve given up the fight and I’m going to let him have his way. After laying there, eyes closed, for a moment, I feel his thumb enter my gradually with a little pressure and a little twist. His other hand caresses my back, my hind quarters, the backs of my knees and thighs and just behind my balls where there’s a hard knotch to play with. He methodically applies lubricant, working it deeper with his thumb, all the while caressing the skin of my balls with his fingernails. Our relationship is going to change after this episode. I’ll no longer be his pal, but his plaything. I might as well give up any pretense of masculinity and embrace my new role. I’ll don patterned bikini’s in feminine colors and prance around his house in floral print panties, but it’ll have to be our little secret for the foreseeable future. I’ll show up in blue jeans and men’s, that conceal my undergarments. I tell myself this will only happen in the privacy of his home on weekends, and occasionally after work on warm summer evenings, while the sunsets though the windows. Over time my jeans will get a little tighter and more form fitting as will my shirts. I find I enjoy being an object of desire and I seek to draw more attention to my form.