It’s All About The Cum

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It’s All About The CumThis story came from:’s All About The CumI am often asked why I enjoy sex with men so much being that I am a happily married man with a great sex life with my wife. And it all boils down to one thing. Cum.For years when I was only curious about men and watching gay porn I would totally love watching guys eating cum for each other. That desire only intensified when I started eating my own cum. 4-5 times a week I would eat my own juice and I started to crave another mans cum. So when I finally acted on it and had the opportunity to swallow another mans load I was relieved to find that I absolutely loved it.I truly believe that men love cum way more than women. So many women just tolerate it or don’t swallow cum at all. But I have found the guys I have met started having sex with other men specifically because they wanted to eat cum for another man. That was my story. I believe men have the ability to worship another man’s cock and balls much better than a woman.My cravings for cum consume me every day. Over the years I have been pleasing men I have now created my own network of playmates so there are not many days I am not eating cum for another man. If you’ve read my blogs you know I have a monthly opportunity to be the center attention of a BBC group. That has been a phenomenal experience.But sarıyer escort there is also another experience that totally captivates me and that is serving a married man in a sexless marriage. They don’t want to get divorced because they have k**s and all stuff but they still have strong sexual needs that their wives do nothing to take care of. The look on their faces when they are cumming in my mouth is priceless and I swallow every single drop they will give me. I am probably what’s keeping their marriage together. lolI currently service 3 married guys during the week. Their house or apartment. Their office. Outdoors. They know that when they need to cum I am only a phone call or text away. All 3 know about each other but have never met another and I have sucked them all for about a year now. 2 of them also like to fuck me but 1 only wants his cock sucked.Recently one of them had an empty house for 2 days as his wife and 3 k**s went to his in-laws. He made a lame excuse so he wouldn’t have to go. Separately I asked each one of them if they would ever be open to letting me take care of all 3 of them at the same time. I thought they might want to remain private about our fuck sessions but I was pleasantly surprised when they all said they thought would be fun. We all agreed esenyurt escort to the use the empty house left behind when the wife was gone for a couple nights.When we all arrived we started pouring the adult beverages right away. We weren’t in a rush to get started fucking since we had the house to ourselves and knew we didn’t have time constraints. So the cocktails helped everyone feel more at ease with each other. Soon all 3 guys were comparing notes on their wives and families and then the conversation turned to how long each guy had been playing with me. The more they drank the steamier the conversation got.They asked me what I liked about it so much.“I love your cum,” I said.“What do you love about it?”“I love how each of you taste. I love how your cocks throb in my mouth. I love how you feel when you are cumming inside my ass. And I love swallowing as much cum as you will give me.”“Well I haven’t cum for a week so I’ve got a lot for you,” one guy said. The other 2 were in the same boat. When I asked how many loads each guy thought he could shoot they all said at least 2. I challenged them to 3. lol.“Why don’t we make a game of it,” I said, “if you guys are up for it.” They looked at me wanting more details.“If you guys promise to stay until each one of you gives me 3 loads I’ll promise you that I will stay avrupa yakası escort and do whatever you need to make you shoot 3 loads.”As I finished the last word one of them leaned over and kissed me. That’s another thing I have found about married men. They are open to anything including kissing another man. When I first started sucking cock I didn’t kiss men. But I had a man kiss me once and it was a total turn on. What turned me on about this night was knowing they way they kissed me…tongues deep in my mouth…wasn’t something they did with their wives.For the next 4 hours I got to enjoy their cocks in my mouth and ass. When each one as ready to cum I let them choose how they wanted to cum in my mouth. They decided the position. They decided if their cock would be inside my mouth or if they would jack their load into my mouth. When 2 of the guys fucked me it they did it bareback and fucked me in many different positions.When all was said and done I did get 3 loads from each one…well actually the guy that I only suck…he was able to cum 4 times. So I got 10 loads from my married friends who love using me but they understand how much I love to be used to drain their balls. Of the 10 loads 2 were in my ass and I got to swallow the other 8.It was an amazing night being able to help them forget about their wives. They know my mouth and ass are always available to them.So back to the original question of why do I love sex with men. Well, I love sucking cock and balls. I love making out with a man. I love feeling a nice thick cock in my ass. But there is nothing like the feeling I get when a man is pumping his cum into my ass or preferably into my throat.It’s all about the cum.