It’s Not Over

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Here’s another based on a gorgeous, blonde-haired bass player and a former friend. I wrote this one maybe four years ago. Hope you enjoy!



David was sitting at his desk and trying to work. It was kinda hard to concentrate with Hank Williams twanging in the background from his ex-girlfriend’s backyard. He had broken up with the chick that managed to bust up his relationship to Kendra, but he guessed Kendi didn’t know that, as she still did things to drive him crazy. He had to hire someone to get rid of the virtual garden of beer and soda cans around his house, courtesy of her throwing them at his windows every night. Also, she never hesitated to shine her high beams into his windows, which she knew made it impossible for him to sleep. He’s had to move into another room or go to a hotel to sleep.

For the most part, he managed to ignore it, thinking she’d get tired of it and eventually stop. Boy was he wrong. She had more staying power than he had in bed in his twenties. Actually, that was one of the things that attracted him to her in the first place. Besides being as bold and stubborn as he was, she was fierier than a blazing inferno.

He had met her after a show, and she was a lot of fun to be around. When she wasn’t busy, she’d travel with him, and kept him from being lonely on those nights after he and the guys rocked their way from one city to another. She never showed a jealous side, and said she loved him. He was her first, and she told him that if they ever broke up, she’d lose it. Damn, she wasn’t kidding or exaggerating. She was driving him nuts, or was trying to.

They split up when some blonde-haired tootsie kept coming around, and wouldn’t leave him alone. David tried to assure Kendi that nothing was going on between them, but apparently, the bleach-blonde bimbo kept telling Kendi that she and David were having an affair and that he didn’t love her anymore. They ended one night when she and David got into it, and nothing he said could convince her he was being true to her. They called each other a few names that he didn’t want to remember, and she held back from slapping him before she left. Before walking out the door she said, “You broke the wrong heart, baby. I’ll make damn sure you know that!”

But now, though, it was just monotonous, and had gotten old a long time ago. Was he really still worth going that insane over? He didn’t feel he was anything special. He was just a regular guy who liked to make music. Right now, though, she made sure to make it damned impossible to concentrate on writing, producing or arranging anything. This was just getting damned ridiculous!

He wasn’t sure he was ready just yet to confront her. They hadn’t spoken to each other since their last fight. When he thought she was just about ready to give up for the night, she put on some Garth Brooks and cranked it even louder. She had gotten complaints from other neighbors, but while Garth bragged about his “Friends in Low Places”, she just didn’t care. If it was going to annoy the man that broke her heart, she would keep at it for as long as it took. He had to put a stop to it, though; for his work if not his sanity!

Kendra was adamant that she was going to drive him out of his mind, if not out of his house. She wanted to drive a wedge between him and that skank that broke them apart. David was her first and only love. She didn’t care if it was immature, or irrational to do what she was doing to him every night. She wanted some kind of revenge, and was going to get it. She wasn’t going to just go away silently; even though she figured he wanted her to.

David just couldn’t deal with a confrontation; not when there was so much more on his plate. He’d just deal with it some other time. In the meantime, though, if he wanted peace and quiet to sleep, back to Caesar’s Palace it was. Much to her chagrin, Kendra saw his El Dorado and contemplated following him. As she cranked up her truck, she knew where he was off to. He always escaped to Caesar’s when he needed to think, but she didn’t know if he, maybe, changed his usual room. Besides, she couldn’t shine her headlights in those windows, and with the tight security and the Vegas party atmosphere, she couldn’t blast her “twanger” music neither.

If it were at all possible, she’d have shined the damned Batman signal through his window. She’d have tried almost anything just to grab his attention again. Pestering him at home didn’t seem to be working, and she really did miss the bastard. She wanted to talk to him, to fight with him; just look at him again even if only for a second. She’d have done almost anything if it meant bringing him out to see her. She couldn’t understand how things went so horribly wrong.

In abject defeat, Kendra sighed and drove on auto pilot back to her house. She hated giving up, but she was out of ideas, since he had found a way to escape her war tactic of “sound and light torture”. Tears flooded out of her eyes, and she realized, she really did miss tecavüz porno the two-timing bastard. He had tried so hard to convince her that he was being loyal, when he had so “obviously” cheated on her. Then again, she had never known him to lie to her about anything before. She had to face it; she had broken up with him, solely on the word of a bleach-blonde hussy who was known to have been jealous of their relationship.

As she dragged herself out of her vehicle and trudged into her house, she wiped away more of those damned tears. She lovingly pet her dog, Max, as he eagerly ran to her. At least he was loyal and still loved her. Even though she now realized she had jumped the gun, she wasn’t ready, yet, to admit that she was wrong. She grabbed a soda and decided to go to her studio to work on some tattoo flash. There’s nothing like adding on to your portfolio when you’re feeling down. Her heartache had at least one positive.

She was halfway into a new sketch when her tearfully blurred vision revealed familiar eyes were staring back at her. They were eyes that always held a smile just for her. Those eyes always looked at her with compassion, understanding, and love; even when there was a bit of anger behind them. Those eyes held a quizzical expression in them this time, though. As she looked at her new portrait of David, she faintly heard his voice asking her, “Why, baby? Why?”

She took a deep breath and had to get up from her desk. She stepped over to her opened window and breathed in the fresh air coming from the snow-covered mountains. The view she had of Mt. Charleston relaxed her, sometimes, and helped her think. She thought she was losing her mind. A picture can’t freaking talk! That’s ludicrous! Still, she couldn’t get that question out of her mind no matter how hard she tried. “Why?”

She started to wonder if maybe she was subconsciously looking for a way out of the relationship. She wondered if deep down, she was scared he would hurt her. The “confession” from that blonde woman was the perfect escape, and seemed to be her answer. Fate had stepped in and got her out of the situation before she became broken by the man she loved. She leaned her pained head against the cold glass of her window pane and shook her head. She knew that line of reasoning was even more absurd than the picture speaking to her.

The truth was, she had sabotaged her own relationship out of fear. It was just that simple. She was scared of the possibility that he might see “Blondie” and want her, so she ended things before he could. She knew David wouldn’t play around on her. He was the type that if he wanted someone else, he would end their relationship before starting another. He figured that playing games and beating around the bush were wastes of time. He was too old for all of that.

One thing Kendi could admit about David Brenner; he was nothing if not honest. He was straightforward, for better or for worse, and some people hated that about him. He didn’t sugarcoat anything for anyone, and sometimes, it really hurt. He didn’t keep friends very long, and very few people spoke to him anymore. He was mostly isolated, and it didn’t seem to bother him very much. It was almost as if he preferred it that way.

What people didn’t know was that it did bother him. It bothered him a lot, actually. He knew that he was abrasive, but he really couldn’t help it. No one had ever told him it was wrong to be honest. No one had ever said he shouldn’t tell people how he felt, whether they liked it or not. Being alone all the time and having his Las Vegas friends avoid him, even around the Holidays, hurt him to no end, though. He hated that no one had time to hang out with him anymore; at least they said they didn’t.

He lay on the huge, comfortable bed in his hotel suite after a long, hot shower, and sighed heavily. He remembered being in a similar suite at the same hotel with Kendra on many occasions. He would wine her, dine her, and make love to her until way past dawn. He missed her so much, and it was driving him mad. He wasn’t used to feeling that way for any woman. The thing was, she wasn’t just any woman; well, not to him.

She was feisty, yet sweet; wise, yet curious; worldly, yet unjaded. There was a lot that she had missed out on in all her years, and she was always enthusiastic about asking David about a lot of what there was to see and experience. When they made love, she wasn’t afraid to get a little adventurous. He was her first lover, and she knew that he could please her better than any other. He smiled at the memory of their first time together.

She was nervous, and rightfully so, as they kissed, touched, and moaned together in the candlelight. She was concerned that it might hurt that first time. David was “blessed” in a certain area, after all. When she was completely open and ready for him, she was pleasantly surprised to feel intense pleasure, and no pain. She was a little sore the next day, but it wasn’t something she couldn’t teen porno ignore. When she and David talked about it, he told her that it wasn’t really supposed to hurt, and they researched the reasons why together.

He had shown her so much, and took her to so many places. She saw how he produced music and commercials. She watched him practice his bass to the point that she learned to play herself. She even saw how he managed to keep up with playing for two bands while road managing one of the biggest heavy metal acts in history. In all honesty, she didn’t know how he managed to do all of that and stay sane. Anyone else would take a vacation in the psyche ward at some point.

When she stopped to really think about it, there was no way he could do all that and manage two women. When he wasn’t in the studio, he was on the stage. When he wasn’t in either of those places, he was with her. She squeezed her eyes shut as she sank into her warm, bubbling Jacuzzi. There was no way, though, that she could let on that she had figured it out.

After a while, he stopped denying that he had cheated. It wasn’t because it was true, however. It was simply because he was tired. He was tired of the arguments, the fighting, the accusations, and the distrust thrown at him. It got to the point for him that he went from saying “Baby, you KNOW that’s not true!” to saying: “Okay, if that’s what you want to believe!” He just got tired.

The words and coldness stung, and who wouldn’t be hurt by something like that? But doesn’t everyone get fed up at some point? Doesn’t everyone get tired of trying to argue their point to a virtual brick wall? At some point, a lie becomes the truth, wrong becomes right, and fantasy has become reality. You don’t know what’s real anymore, and the world closes in around you. It didn’t have to happen that way, but sometimes, a witch comes in and spreads her poison to kill the most beautiful garden, and smirks when the evil is done.

Kendi wanted to get David back, but knew there was no way to do that. He was with that whore now, and there was nothing she could do about it. She had handed him to the vulture on a silver platter. She would do what she could, though to make their union as miserable as possible. Neither of them would ever forget her; she would see to that. She would make sure that she would be imprinted on their memory for the rest of their lives.

She didn’t realize, though, that at that very moment, David was in his suite missing her like crazy. He wanted her more than anything. She had meant the world to him, and he was ready to give it all up just to be with her. He had all the money he would ever need, so he didn’t really have to work. He just did it to, basically, get out of the house and to avoid being lonely. He would stop, though, if it meant spending more time with the woman he loved.

David slipped into a dreamless sleep once his mind finally stopped working. He hadn’t bothered to cover up, or even turn off the lamp next to his bed. He just grabbed a pillow, and before he knew what was going on, he was waking up. When he awoke, he didn’t know whether it was day or night since the black-out panels in the windows were top quality. He squinted at his watch and it read 11:30, and when he dragged himself up to peek out the window, he saw that it was AM.

He couldn’t believe that he had slept through the night without waking up to snuggle beneath the warm blankets, turn the lights off, or turn his laptop on. He hadn’t been sleeping much lately, which obviously attributed to him passing out like he did. He just couldn’t believe that sleep actually came to him. One thing was still missing, though, and he couldn’t stand it anymore. He didn’t know how much longer he could sleep with half his bed feeling like a block of ice.

Kendi awoke to a dog lapping the dry, salty tears off her face, and a cat yowling to be fed. She dragged herself off the futon in her studio and plodded to the shower stall to rinse off the depression of the night before. As the hot water cascaded against her body, she couldn’t help but think about David. She could swear she almost felt his strong arms around her small waist; his lips caressing her skin as he let his hands explore her soft body. She leaned her head back as the water pelted her sensually, and she breathlessly purred his name.

Her fingers found their way to her aching lower region, and she couldn’t stop her hips from rocking into her eagerly exploring digits. She remembered how David would fondle her nipples and rock his hips against her to guide hers against his fingers, which felt amazing. When she finally reached her peak, crying out his name, as she always did, she opened her tear-flooded eyes to find that he wasn’t really there. He was in the forefront of her mind, flooding her memories with every part of him that drove her body to painfully crave his loving, and her heart to tenderly yearn his love. She hated him for making her love him so damned much.

When travesti porno she finally made it downstairs to feed her hungry dog and cat, she saw that David had snuck home sometime that morning. She studied him and when she turned off the part of her mind that resented him, she could see that he wasn’t eating the breakfast he had cooked for himself. He was poking at it like he did when he was bothered by something, and she wondered what that something was. His forehead rested against his palm, and when he slowly sighed, she felt the despair emanating from his heart into hers. Not knowing that the blonde whore was now a part of his past, she hated the bitch for not comforting him; for letting him sit there alone in agony.

Oh well, it wasn’t her problem anymore. She’d be right there holding him, and taking care of him had they not broken up. She shrugged, and opened the can of Fancy Feast for her cat, Symphony. Max was happy with his Blue Buffalo and tried not to chomp every morsel in one bite. Kendi didn’t feel hungry herself, so she just opted for a cup of coffee while sitting at her kitchen table. While she sipped the hot beverage, she noticed that David was throwing away his food (something he’d fuss at her for doing), and she knew something was wrong.

David felt Kendra watching him, but couldn’t bring himself to meet her gaze. He missed her a lot and wanted to get together with her. He wanted to talk things over and ask her where and why things had gone wrong. He wanted nothing more than for her to knock at his door and ask him what was wrong, so they could sort that crap out. He was too proud to be “the bigger man” and go to her first, which was something she knew about him. If he couldn’t find where he had done anything wrong, there was no way he’d offer up an apology; especially not first.

As dusk drew near, David slid away from his spot at the soundboards and rubbed his eyes. He had finally finished producing his latest project after many months of trying, and he was proud of the work. He made his way to his kitchen around 6 PM, right on schedule, the headlights flashed on through his window. Carrie Underwood gave him a serenade he didn’t want, and he suddenly lost the appetite he had worked up. He stomped to his living room and paced back and forth, wanting the madness to just stop. It had reached a level of ridiculousness that he couldn’t stand anymore.

At 8:15, he’d finally had enough. He angrily stepped into his sneakers, stormed out of his back door, and marched over to Kendra’s house. She was singing along with the Carrie Underwood CD for like the third time, and he couldn’t stand it anymore. Kendi was so into it, she barely noticed when the music stopped. When the silence finally permeated her senses, she opened her eyes with the full intention of seeing where the hell the music had gone. Instead, she was greeted with David’s beautiful, but completely annoyed honey-colored eyes, only inches from her totally confused green ones.

“David?” She asked, completely perplexed. After about a month of invading him with lights and music, she hadn’t expected it to ever work.

“What the hell is going on, huh? Why do you do this every night?” He asked with his arms folded to keep from grabbing her and attacking her with a kiss to end all kisses.

“I told you, Brenner,” she said with an air of defiance she hadn’t meant to express, “You broke the wrong heart, and I wanted show you that.”

“But every night? Haven’t you had enough yet? When does it end, huh?” He asked, trying hard not to look at those full lips he missed so much.


David stepped back, almost forgetting who she meant. Memory hit him, though out of nowhere, “Kendi? Me and her broke up weeks ago.”

Kendra’s eyes narrowed, “Don’t patronize me, David. That bitch comes here every day just to tell me how good you and she are doing.”

“She WHAT???” David asked, obviously in shock. “I told her things weren’t working, and threw her out of my house when she tried to move in on me! I haven’t spoken to the bitch in three weeks or more! I couldn’t stand her face anymore!”

“Then why’d you cheat on me with her, David? Why’d you leave me for her?” She asked, almost regretting the questions before the question mark fully rose from her voice.

“I didn’t, Kendi,” David said, his eyes, voice, and demeanor softening. “I told you I wouldn’t do that to you. I told you if we were having any kind of a problem, we’d talk first, didn’t I? I said we’d work things out first, remember?”

“Then why did you confirm it the last time we spoke?” Kendi demanded.

David closed then opened his eyes, and sighed, “What I said was ‘If that’s what you want to believe.’ Where is the confirmation in that? That wasn’t confirmation, baby. That was frustration.”

“Why didn’t you try harder to convince me, David?” She asked with tears flooding her eyes.

David caressed the tears off the soft cheeks he’d missed touching for the longest time, “I did. I tried, and hoped my word would be enough. When my word suddenly meant nothing to you, I’d had it. I was done. If my word was worthless… then so was our relationship at that point.”