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It was 8:45 in the morning. I was just starting to give my guy a good fist thrashing as I fantasized about Kim. You see, Kim is a beautiful 25 year old, 5 foot 6 inch, below the shoulder strawberry blonde, with firm 36C tits, slender waist, tight ass and strong legs. She is also charming with an inviting smile and perfect complexion. She is the ‘hot cheerleader girl next door’, ‘neighbor you want to fuck’ type. I just love thinking about her. She makes me hard to this day. Kim and I talk a lot. She and I work at the same retail store while she looks for a new teaching job after being laid off and I look for work after graduating from college. She flirts and often invites me to “come over”. Married, but bored, she says “I’m stuck in a rut.” It was a beautiful sunny June day and at 8:46 I decided enough time alone. It was time to take action. I stopped my masturbation session and called her, but no answer. I expected she would be home and her husband would be at work. I got up, dressed and drove by the factory he worked at to be sure he was there and I headed to her house. She loves bahçesehir escort to sunbathe in the morning, you know, before it gets too hot and uncomfortable. As I parked in front of the house my heart was pounding and my cock was firm. I got out and walked the sidewalk that led to the back yard. As I rounded the corner of the house there she was nearly completely reclined on a lawn chair. I had not seen her in a bikini before. It was a beautiful sight. She was wearing a red with white polka dot string bikini. It looked real nice and by the lay of the fabric covering her pussy it appeared to be shaved bald. I love that. She looked up with a sly but surprised look and said, “Well Dave, Hi, I’ve been hoping you’d stop by sometime. Good to see you” I said, “Definitely good to see you too. Yeah, sorry about blowing off your invites, I’ve been a little busy with work.” At this point she said, “sit down and let’s chat for a bit.” So I sat down in an adjoining chair and we talked about college days, work, her life and how great she looked. She said she had to beylikdüzü bayan escort go in the house for a drink as she took off her sun glasses revealing her sharp green eyes. She slide one leg off the lawnchair, slow enough to give me a nice crotch shot of her soon to be devoured cunt before she slide the other leg off, got up and walked inside, leaving her towel and tanning lotion behind. What a beautiful view as I followed her. The house was a small, but a nicely kept and decorated home. Many large trees around yard, but the open landscape left most of neighborhood open to view. Inside was a nice kitchen, livingroom and bathroom. The living room had a couch near the center of the room and a large window about 10 feet in front it. Reclining chairs set on each side of the window and a television was on at far end of the room under the staircase leading to upstairs bedrooms. Once inside she got her drink, offered me one and walked into the living room, opened the curtain, turned and calmly said, “Ok Dave, now we can really talk. Do you remember escort beylikdüzü a few weeks ago as we walked down the aisle to the break room you quietly asked if I would ‘let you do me from behind’?” Of course I remembered, no answer was necessary, but I murmured “yes”. I thought she may be getting ready to scold me for being so forward or explain how she felt that was simply perverted and disgusting. We were friends, but it was hard to know how to explain our relationship. She was married afterall. “Well, at the time the questions shocked me, but since that day I have thought about it. I’ve thought about it a lot and the answer is ‘Yes,’ right now, if you’re willing”. With that I leaned in, kissed her mouth and pinched the string of her bikini bottom. She slowly pulled away which un-tied her bottom and let it loosely fall from her. She spread her legs slightly so the bottom gently flowed between her legs and remained in my grip. As I stood nearly paralyzed holding the limp fabric I could see her smooth pussy and nicely rounded ass were free. My god, what a sight she was, nearly naked and perfect in every way. No noticeable tan lines. Somehow she must have spent some of her sun time in the nude. Clean shaven and fresh, a real woman, a real woman three years my senior naked waiting for my cock to pleasure her. I began to reach in to rub her clit when she said ,“It is tight.