Jack’s New Daddy…

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Jack’s New Daddy…Jack was hanging out at the local park when he saw an older man walk into the bathrooms. Since he was cruising, he thought he would go and check it out after all he still had “daddy” issues to work through and he preferred to work through them with their cock in his mouth.Jack walked in and there stood a five foot seven, chubby white elderly male who was holding what Jack would describe as the sweetest piece of meat he had seen in years it wasn’t huge but what it lacked in length it made up for in girth. He swears to this day that it must have been at least a half inch thick with big hairy balls hanging down about two inches below his crotch, it was all he could do to keep from drooling since he didn’t know if the old man was there for the same reason. Jack licked his lips as his eyes met his future “daddies” and it was on before they could say a word to one another he was on his knees smacking that thick cock against his lips.“Don’t play with Daddy’s cock young man hiltonbet giriş swallow it.” Daddy told him to stop him from teasing it.Jack moaned louder and took it all in his mouth just short of his gag reflex luckily and Daddy pressed his hands against the back of Jack’s head to get it as deep as he could breathing heavier with each stroke.They fooled around for about fifteen minutes before someone else came in and disrupted their fun. Daddy whispered to Jack, “Follow me home I live a block away we can play all day and night there.” Without hesitation Jack was walking alongside his new Daddy glancing over at him every once in a while to take him all in. His shiny baldhead, his rough facial features and lips that looked like they could suck a Pontiac through a straw if he needed or wanted to do so and Jack was truly hoping that he did want to do that for and to him just as Jack wanted to do it for him.When they arrived at his house, they went into what looked like hiltonbet yeni giriş an average bedroom but it turned out to be a sex den filled with magical toys, more adult videos than you can shake a stick at and too many pictures of penises than one man should have on the walls.There were no windows in the room just a few soft lights that lit up when he flipped the switch by the doorway just bright enough for ambiance but not too much to overwhelm the mood of their passionate sex fling.Jack took his clothes off as fast as he could kneel in front of his Daddy waiting for his cock again. Daddy took his time first he took off his shirt, showing his chest full of hair to Jack, then his pants undoing his belt buckle, his zipper slowing lowered as Jack was practically begging for it.Soon he could see his gift waiting fully hardened inside his tight underwear pushing against them struggling to contain the full girthed member. His precum was dangling down and hiltonbet güvenilirmi Jack didn’t hesitate to get his tongue in it and taste that sweet juice yet again.“Slowly son, Daddy wants you to take your time this time not so anxious to get my cum do you hear Daddy.”Jack nodded as he took his cock inside his warm, moist mouth he could feel Daddy’s cock tense as he was clearly enjoying the feeling again. Daddy moved to the bed and lay down while Jack kept his lips on the shaft the whole time never losing suction as he was begging that cock to give up the juices it held deep inside.After about five minutes of sucking Jack’s lips were getting sore so he asked, “Daddy can you fuck me please?”Daddy didn’t hesitate at all he rolled Jack over put his ass up in the air as he spit, then slid his thick shaft deep inside Jack’s tight hole. Moaning softly at first then slowly working up a rhythmic moan as Daddy pushed in and out with his hands gently caressing his heart shaped ass, “That’s it take Daddy son, Daddy likes it when you fuck him so good.”Daddy rode Jack for a good hour before he finally pulsated and before Jack was able to pull off and turn around his load was inside of him. Jack stuck his fingers inside his tight ass to get a taste of the sweet cum his Daddy gave him.